Tonight’s Game Nearly Killed Me

I’m serious. I mean, how is a fan supposed to deal with up innings and down innings and pitchers who can’t pitch, followed by miraculous bottom-of-the-ninth home runs? How? All I know is this:
* My heart soared when the Yankees went up 5-0 in the first inning off Dice K. I figured, “Wow. We’re gonna crush them.”
* My heart sank when Hughes made it clear he wasn’t as sharp, aggressive or efficient as he’s been and allowed the Sox to climb back in it in the fifth.
* My heart soared again when Thames’s RBI gave us seven runs. Shouldn’t seven runs be enough to win a ball game?
* My heart sank again when Chan Ho Park was forced to come back for the eighth (having literally just been activated) and gave up not one but two shots. 
* My heart soared again when Vazquez, the forgotten pitcher, got Youkilis to strike out to end the top of the ninth. The crowd was cheering for him instead of booing him! Sweet!
* My heart jumped into my throat when A-Rod hit Papelbumkin’s first pitch into the seats to tie it up. It was clearly not the Irish jigger’s night, but A-Rod has been nothing but clutch.
* And my heart swelled as I watched Thames – Thames! – win it with his own two-run blast. Obviously, he’s well liked in the clubhouse because the players couldn’t wait to hug the guy and show him some love. And yes, I teared up, even when I watched the replay about 16 times, pie and all.
So you see why I said this game almost killed me. I just hope it didn’t kill any of the Yankees. If I wake up tomorrow and find out that Cervelli is our latest casualty because he got hit on the arm, I’ll be very unhappy. He and Gardner are about the most exciting Yankees in years.



    Sure its only a two game series and the Red Sox look more like the Stink Sox this year, but they can always make things interesting. I’m really glad Thames got pied, he needed that. It was funny seeing Arod run around for the helmet after the walky. But I almost lost my voice yelling about the bull pen. And I love Jeter, a lot, but in the 5th with Hughes struggling and they showed Jeter laughing with Pedroia after that ten pitch at-bat I was really peeved. I’m sure that really boosted Hughes’ confidence. Whatever Eiland said to Hughes before that 3 run homer, hopefully he forgets what it was. How about Marte though? Looked like he was in playoff form. Curious to see how many players Beckett will plunk tommorow. I wonder how CC will react when he’s on the mound this time 😉
    Maybe during these games you should have this around 😛


    once again i left before dessert and i missed pie. i gave up and went to bed and woke up in a poor mood because i thought we lost two bullpen games in a row. well wasn’t that a happy sight when i saw the front of the boston globe. i waited until 6:50 and decided it was close enough to 7 to call my dad (and the red sox husband was out of the house) to make sure he stayed for dessert. wow. i love pie.

  3. leafiz

    Normally I’d say being blacked out by MLBTV because they are playing the Red Sox is a bad thing, but since I could only monitor via gameday while watching old episodes of the x-files.. my heart was saved from having to be monitored itself! Although I do wish I could have seen those homers. What a nutty game!


  4. ooaooa

    What a game! You hit it on the head with the ups and downs. Loved seeing Papelbon squirm! Wouldn’t it be nice to see Beckett do the same?

    FYI, Cervelli shirts are the hottest sellers at the Stadium Store. They were out of stock Sunday. They sell as fast as they come in according to the clerks.


    Whew! That was quite the ride! But not unexpected – you never know what is going to happen in a Yankees/Boston game.

    This Yankees team has won games in so many different ways – gotta love that! And Gardner! Last year I thought he was just a hype due to his speed, but I am loving him.

    Barbara, I loved your comment “I left before dessert.” I think this pie tasted very sweet to Thames. has a replay of all the calls, from TV and radio and from the Boston side. I got tears in my eyes watching it. Thames couldn’t wait to get around those bases to celebrate.

    And Jane, you’d better take it easy my dear. It’s only May and your heart has to hold out until November!



    Oh, and by the way, looking at that photo of you in your swoon, did anyone ever tell you you look like Laura Bush?


  7. scofid

    Wow, what a game! Those two strippers…Aura & Mystique…are alive and well at the new Yankee Stadium! How great was it for the newbies (Marcus Thames and Javier Vazquez) to key the victory! A tremendous homer by A-Rod to set the stage the magic! That was fun. Let’s do it again!



    I got chills. Yup, I know, it’s just a ballgame in the middle of May.
    But let me ‘splain myself, Lucy…
    Unlike you & your fellow left-coasters, I’m much like Barbara. Couldn’t watch ’til the end…in fact, I couldn’t watch at all…we had company for dinner, etc., and after they left, well we’re addicted to “24” — and with my Closet Bosox Fan spouse, my only glance was an early 6-2 score. Oh goody! No worries, mate…right?
    But then, after 10 EST, got one more glance b4 bedtime. And now it’s 9-7, Bahston. Oh CRAP. Wha’ happen? Who cares…Jane will give me the blow-by-blow tomorrow…
    But then AGAIN…I go to bed early ’cause I get up early. At 4:50AM, I tune in ESPN’s re-broadcast. Cervelli has just (barely) doubled to open the 9th. Yeah, but it’s still 9-7, and it’s 4:52AM, ESPN cuts off their re-brodcast at 5AM, Pap Smear pitching, I know how this goes…he’ll nail this down, maybe we’ll get one run, BFD…and there’s Tex, with a hard-hit fly out. Okay, maybe not even that. And then A-Rod…BOOM! Wow!! Tied up, and it’s 4:55AM! Unlike Jack Bauer, “there’s still time!!” Then Cano’s out; hmmm…now wait, could Cervelli…? Nope — he gets HIT! And now I’m thinking like you, Jane, oh NO, not another one…but then, there’s Mr. Thames (“They call me MISTER Thames” now, a la Sidney P?) — BOOM #2!! Thank the Lord for replays!!!
    And to think — smearing Pap Smear’s record — sounds a lot MO like someone else we know & love…but it all evens out…don’t it?!

  9. raysrenegade

    Last night’s game sounded more like a ground attack on a foreign soil that a game played between two white lines. The great news there is no casualties, and everyone gets to live to fight another day.
    But these rivalry games just stokes the fires for the intense couple of days ahead for the Pinstripes. Beantown, those pesky Rays, then the cross-town rivals…Makes for a stress filled week, but sweet if they are followed by…..

    Congrats on again on your writing cuisine reigning supreme (as they say on Iron Chef). The following you have garnered over the past is simply amazing. I aspire to have even a slight percentage of the devoted fans you have attracted to baseball, and to your Bronx Bombers.

    Rays Renegade

  10. peggy3

    Hey Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans….

    WHAT A GAME !!!! I’m 7-0 so far this year at the Stadium. I was there last night and so was my good luck charm Met fan cousin. The Yankees never lose when he’s with me at a game EVEN when the Yankees played at Citifield last year and we went to two of the games..the Yankees won on his own turf He was beaming when the Sox went ahead but I told him …it’s not over !!! I called my daughter after the game and told her David was with me…she said… if I knew David was at the game with you I wouldn’t have worried about the outcome…haha.

    Apparently Hughes was throwing too many cutters last night …hopefully he learned his lesson….only Mo can throw all those cutters. Arod was like a kid ..pushing Robbie for the helmet. I love stuff like that but the thing I REALLY LOVE is PIE !!!! Yankee Pie that is …nothing is more yummy !!!

    I’m hoping to extend my winning streak. I have the game tonight, Tampa on Thurs and Mets Friday & Sunday (unfortunately my Met fan cousin won’t be there because he’s out of town ..but…he got me the tickets so I thank him for that). If my streak continues I could be 11-0 by the end of the week …. :o)

    The only thing left to say is ….GOOOOOOOOO YANKEES !!!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  11. peggy3

    P.S. A blown save and loss for Paps …can it get any better???
    Oh yeah …Beckett getting creamed tonight … :o).

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    Peggy, my dear…you’re a wonder…hope you’re still holding up…of course, games like last nite’s DO help…even if our poor beloved She-Fan is an emotional wreck…hey, she’s always got Santa Bab’s Paradise…!!
    Even Jersey Bob is happy…when I told him that Cervelli’s shirt is the biggest seller at the Stadium Store, I could hear his smile for miles…

  13. Jane Heller

    Crazy is right, A.J. Yankees-Red Sox games are always good theater, but this one took the cake…or should I say pie? Thanks for letting me know about the blog ranking. Much appreciated. And congrats to you on making the top 20.

    I was really happy for Thames too, seindsfeld. I’ve ragged on his defense and last night was moaning about Swisher not playing. My bad, obviously! It was Thames’ night and he took full advantage of the opportunity. Good for him. Jeter and Pedroia are always kidding around. I doubt Hughes even noticed it. He had bigger things to worry about – like his pitch count! Marte did look good. You never know what you’ll get from our bull pen these days.

    You gave up and went to bed, Barbara? You must have been blown away when you woke up and saw the score! Oh happy day, right? I bet you and Harold had a great celebratory phone conversation. Let’s hope for an exciting but less taxing win tonight. I don’t want the Yanks depleted before the Rays come to town.

    Courtney, sometimes it’s good to be blacked out, as you said. You didn’t have to suffer the ups and downs of what seemed like every pitch. Such a roller coaster. I kept thinking: I love this game/I hate this game/I love this game. LOL.

    I have no doubt the Cervelli shirts are selling like the proverbial hot cakes, John. How could they not? He’s the hottest player around right now, which is why I nearly died (again) when he got hit in the arm. I’m sure he’ll be sore, but hopefully bounce right back. I love having him in the lineup everyday, with Jorge DH-ing.

    And yes, absolutely right to bring up Gardner, Melissa. He’s been amazing. If he didn’t get on base in the ninth, who knows what would have happened. I used to appreciate his speed but bemoan his inability to get hits. Not anymore, not even with two strikes. I only hope he keeps it up! As for me surviving through the season, I’ll be fine as long as every game isn’t as crazy as last night’s! That woman in the pic does look like Laura Bush. LOL.

    Aura and Mystique are definitely alive and well in the new place, Scott. Good call. The Yanks are making new memories there as I knew they would. What a game, right? I felt so happy for Vazquez that he got the win after being passed over for the start. And Thames…so sweet for him in his return to pinstripes. A-Rod? How clutch is he these days? Such a turnaround.

    Wow. Dave. You should do play by play in the booth! Your rendition made me excited about the game all over again. (Sorry you have to get up so early btw.) Loved your “They call me Mister Thames” line. LOL. That was a great movie.

    HAHA, Jeff. If I’d been at a bar I would have thought I was drunk too. Just a nutty, nutty game. If you’d told me Thames would be the hero, I’d have said, “Pour me another one.”

    No casualties as far as I know, Renegade. Cervelli probably has a sore arm from Papelbon’s errant pitch, but hopefully it’s just a “contusion.” I only hope there’s something left in the Yankees’ tank for when we play your guys. We’ll need it. And thanks for the news about the rankings – and the lovely sentiment.

    Right, Peter. Better a win late than never. I’ll take it.

    Peggy! So you and your Met fan cousin were lucky charms yet again. Really glad you’ll be there tonight and, even without your cousin, for the rest of the week. I’ll rest easy, knowing your streak will probably remain intact. And very good news that you’re doing okay at the hotel. It must be nice to have these games to look forward to. Thanks for checking in with us as we’ve all been thinking of you.

    The chant worked its magic again, James! We should tell Javy we have his back. I, too, was prepared to accept the loss, but our boys rallied and showed us never to give up the faith! Yes, let’s hope we can give Beckett a nice welcome back to the Bronx.

    But they can still hit, Paul. That was the concern early on, and while their pitching has struggled, their bats seem to be alive and well. Scary.

  14. James Buxton

    When I arrived home yesterday I found Chan-Ho Park in the mound, and his two shots… My immediate reaction was “aw hell, the first game of the series and the bull pen blows it”, I can imagine all the mixed feelings you got watching the entire game. I was prepared to accept the loss, when Girardi brought Javi in. In that moment I was stuck to the TV and started to do “the Chant” (it worked!!). I think the next best thing was watching Papelbon and his “Stare” being pounded.
    Tonight is CC vs the guy with the “I love you video”, hope he gets pounded too.

    PS. It’s nice to have you back Pegg, I was worried about you.

  15. peggy3

    Awww..thanks James. You too Dave..

    I have to say it’s NOT too hard living in the hotel..having maid service instead of being the maid…lol. Also…nothing stops me from my Yankee games especially while I’m on a winning streak. I know it will end at some point since I have plenty of games left but I hope I can keep it going as long as possible. I’m happy the fire occurred during baseball season as it keeps me busy and not cooped up in the hotel. I’m just hoping they start making some progress on my home because I know after another few weeks I will be clicking my heels and saying “there’s no place like home”.

    Let’s hope we can sweep the Sox, the Rays and the Mutts (er I mean the Mets..haha).

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  16. James Buxton

    I hope you trow a big BIG party in your house Pegg. Let’s bring the brooms out just in case CC gets his no-hit stuff.
    The rays are going to be difficult, and the Mets, well, there’s no small enemy….

  17. thomasox

    Jane, I told you would feel right as rain, but maybe I should have said you would feel right as a migraine. At least you got tears of joy! Also, what you wrote yesterday– “anything can happen in these games,” revisited my ears the entire game. All I can say is, in Rocky’s words to Apollo Creed, “I don’t want a rematch”. And hope for a rain out tonight. See you in the recovery room for a beer.


    You’d be surprised what the pitchers see Jane, but you’re probably right, he probably was thinking about getting out JD Drew…which didn’t work out. But that was awesome Dave! Also, getting back to Melissa’s “why baseball is so cool” Javier Vasqueeze was 1-4. He was skipped for the second time for Hughes for his struggles. Hughes has been a Phenom this year 5-0. Vasqueeze had a great start his last outing, but still didn’t get the win. However, Hughes lost his pitches in the 5th. Vasqueeze ended up coming in relief after his demotion and got ONE person out. With Arod and Thame’s homers, Javier got the win. Ain’t that crazy?

  19. Jane Heller

    Right as a migraine, thomasox. LOL. I did say anything could happen between the Yanks and Sox but this game was just wild even by their standards. No idea what to expect tonight. None!

    Seindsfeld, the twist of Vazquez getting skipped over and then getting the win was exactly why we keep coming back to watch. Baseball has more plot twists than any prime time TV show.


    Jane, you need to tell your buddy John Sterling about Dave’s “They call me Mr. Thames” line because he didn’t have a home run line for Thames last night. Of course, maybe he was just speechless. (John Sterling . . . nah.)

    I watched the beginning and listened to the end, so I got to hear Sterling.

    Peggy! You keep up that streak! And when the maid is done with your room, could you send her to my house? Glad to hear you are doing okay. We’re thinking about you.


  21. Jane Heller

    You’re right, Melissa. Dave’s line would be a perfect Thames home run call for Sterling! But mostly I hope there are more Thames homers to call! Can’t wait to see what tonight’s drama brings.

  22. Jane Heller

    I always put myself through the highs and lows of ball games, Mike. It’s in my DNA. I wish I could detach but it’s not gonna happen.

  23. The Game Above All

    I was so sad when the Yanks won it. I couldn’t really grasp what was going on. I was just jumping up and down going into the 9th inning. And then Thames stepped up and smashed one out of left. *Tear*.


  24. jenshinrai

    There was only one thing that kept my hope alive: The Yankees’ ability to bring in late-inning dramas. They’ve done it last season so I hope it’ll happen again, especially having A-Rod in the box in the 9th inning. A-Rod is quite a master of that.

    We all know what happened. And that brought the Pie Man back to life. Love it, but it did hurt my heart too.

  25. Jane Heller

    The Yankees had an uncanny knack for late inning drama last year, jenshinrai. And last night they did it again. Wasn’t it great to see the Pie Man again?

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