I’m Still In Shock

No, I’m not talking about the fact that the Twins finally beat the Yankees in the Bronx. Minny’s luck was bound to change, and we ended up winning another series in any case. Plus, we got very good starting pitching from Mitre as well as a couple of innings from Robertson. I’m speaking, of course, of Mo. Was I having a nightmare or did he actually blow a save? Yeah, yeah. Joba started the mess and Tex misplayed that ball off his glove, but did Mo really and truly walk in a run and give up a granny?
I mean, the very idea goes against everything I know to be true. Like the sun rises every day in the East…
…And it sets every day in the West.
The traffic on the 405 Freeway is horrendous during the morning rush hour…
…And it’s just as horrendous during the evening rush hour.
LA traffic.pm.jpg
“Sex and the City 2” opens on May 27th…
… And I will be at my local theater for the first showing.
These are things I know to be true – just like I know that Mo saves Yankee games. Only today he didn’t, because it turns out he’s human after all. Sort of.


  1. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Oh Jane, I too am still in shock! The walk was bad enough, but I thought, ok we are still winning and Mo will pull through. Then the unbelievable!! I went to the grocery store afterwards and just walked up down each aisle in a daze. On the bright side, Mitre was great.
    Tomorrow, the Red Sox! Again! The next two games should perk up the boys. Go Yankees!!

  2. YankeeCase

    Ha! I just wrote about how the Robertson decision was the one that had all the makings of a ‘blow up in your face’ kind of move, NOT using Joba and Mo!!

    Oh Baseball… what a crazy game you are…

    (btw, the LIE here in NY would give the 405 a run for it’s money, day or night…)

  3. ooaooa

    7:30 pm, just got home from the game.

    Day started out great. Light traffic and great parking place left me right near gate 2. Beautiful weather. High point of the day ended up being the ceremony just before the game started. None other but JANE HELLER (the other one) made a presentation to Derek Jeter from Bank of America for the Turn Two Foundation. I will send you the picture I took if it is clear enough. The check is signed “Jane Heller”. When they announced her name I instinctivly cheered! I quickly looked at Suzyn Waldman in the radio booth and she looked saddened that she never met you for lunch.

    Sergio pitched very well. Joba wasn’t sharp and when Mo came in the crowd was electric. I never saw Mo walk anyone with the bases loaded before. When Kubel hit the homer, the Stadium fell dead silent. I never saw anyone hit a grand slam off Mo before. Kubel should probably retire after that shot. What else could he do in his career to top hitting a grand slam against Mo!
    Did meet the guy in row in front of us and he sold me his 4 tickets to 4th of July vs Blue Jays. I now have 8 tickets for that game. Wanna come?

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Why I love baseball:
    1- The Twins had lost 12 in a row at Yankee Stadium, but they won.
    2- Everyone was nervous about Sergio Mitre starting the game, but he had a quality start.
    3- Thames and Winn have done nothing at the plate, yet they started the Yankee offense today.
    4- Dave Robertson has been pretty poor, but he pitched very nicely.
    5- Joba has been very good, but he put men on.
    6- Mariano, with his 0.00 ERA had the ball in the eighth, but he not only walked a run in, he gave up his first grand slam since 2003.
    7- Winn and Pena, who haven’t been hitting well, both got on in the ninth.
    8- Mr. Clutch (Jeter), Gardner, whose been on a tear this year, and Teixiera our #3 hitter, all struck out.

    What I love the most about baseball? Teixiera is up with two men on and two out in the bottom of the ninth. Everything hangs on one pitch. If he hits a home run, the game is tied. But he strikes out and the game is over.

    I just marvel at this game. I mean really, if anyone had told you the facts of this game up to the eighth inning, there would be no way you would guess what happened next.

    As much as I hated the Yankees losing, I just love the ironic humor of the baseball gods.

    Oh my goodness, Mariano’s ERA is now 1.59!!!


  5. Jane Heller

    Kathleen, I totally relate to your walking around the grocery store in a daze. I went for my beach walk after the game and didn’t even realize someone’s dog’s leash had wrapped around my leg. I was thinking about Mo and not paying attention and almost tripped and fell! But yes, Mitre did a great job, so there was a bright spot.

    I thought the exact same thing when Robertson came in, YankeeCase. I was sure it was the wrong decision and yelled at the TV, “Bring in Joba now!” Wrong. Did you hear Mo after the game? He said he wasn’t as upset about the grand slam, because home runs happen, but that the walk was unacceptable. As for the LIE, I remember it well. I had a house in the Hamptons and used to drive there from the city on Friday afternoons. What a nightmare.

    OMG, John. “The Other Jane Heller” (as we call her in this house) was on the field with Jeter? And the check had her name on it? LOL. You have to send me a pic if you have one. It must have felt like somebody died after the grand slam. Even on TV there was a hush that fell over the Stadium. But I’m glad you scored those tix from the guy in front of you. Wish I could join you.

    I’m sure you felt better, hooksfan. That was some shot off Mo by Kubel and a big win for the Twins.

    Tex’s last at bat made me sick, seindsfeld. We went down in the ninth with Gardner, Jeter and Tex all striking out. It was lame. I kept hoping the offense would pick up Mo, the way he’s picked them up for so many years, but no. Now we move onto the Red Sox and Rays. I sure hope we can keep winning series.

  6. seindsfeld@aol.com

    There’s the oil spill in the gulf coast, there’s the war in the middle east, there’s fathom and bloodshed and chaos and inequality….but nothing is worse than Mo blowing a save, especially like that. I have to admit, I didn’t see it, but I did get the pleasure of seeing Teix’s last at-bat…how happy did Gardenhire look not having to face Arod again? You’d think the Twins won the ALDS on that strikeout. But I like Gardenhire, plus yeah, we won the series. These next four games are gonna be crazy.

  7. Jane Heller

    Melissa, can you hear me clapping? I am. That was a terrific summation of why this game keeps us coming back for more. Of course, you’re dangerously close to saying, “You just can’t predict baseball” and sounding like John Sterling. LOL.

  8. theheirloom

    “Shocked” is not the word I would describe Mo giving up the grand slam to Kube, Jane. It’s “stunned.”

    The bottom line is that Mo did his job. No one should fault him at all. That pitch just ended up in a trajectory for a shorter hitter to get under it.

    The worst part was the decision to bring in Mo earlier than you’d want him to just to clean up Joba’s mess. That’s a tactical error – but something probably felt was necessary considering the situation.

    Don’t worry, Jane, your Pinstripes are coming to the Warehouse District/North Loop in a week’s time. That should be interesting to watch.


  9. lenn23

    I think that first pic aptly sums up the collective reaction of the Yankee blogosphere. It was somewhere between a WTF or OMG! The walk was definitely the most wacky part of that whole situation. When that happened, then all bets were off. I’m hoping that this is all a result of Mo having so many off-days this past month. Well, the Twins had to win some time. At least it wasn’t during the playoffs.

  10. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Ouch. Out all day umping/reffing. Heard the final score…oh well, can’t win ’em all. Then I found out how…say WHA??
    Well, that’s why they call them “averages.” On the average, good hitters fail 7 times outa 10. And good pitchers give up a run every three innings or so. Then there’s Mo, who’s just ridiculous. But still…sigh…
    Oh, nevermind, time to regroup. Tough to win a two-game series, so Mr. Pessimist will settle for two splits (sort of). At least they’re at home, and somebody in the meat of the order should be a tad PO’d after our latest gagging…or so I hope…

  11. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    We were enjoying a family outing at The Bronx Zoo yesterday so we did not see any bit of the game, although we followed along by my daughter’s i-phone throughout. It was not until we got home that we learned how it ended…sad, but at least we took yet another series. And Melissa, that explanation about how unpredictable baseball can be was brilliant.

    Now, talking about traffic…our trip home from the Bronx was a zoo in itself. The ride to Nassau County, normally should take no more than an hour. We left The Bronx Zoo at a little after 5 and did not walk in our front door until almost 8. It was crazy. Mostly the delays were before and on the bridge but it was only one disabled vehicle with one lane closed for construction work. It was the most gorgeous day weather-wise and we had a great family outing but that was certainly balanced by the awful ride home and the loss.

    The Yankees have a rough week ahead of us — the 3 teams that are always the most dramatic games, regardless of how each of the teams are doing in the season. GO YANKEES!!!

  12. ladyjane303

    Sitting there yesterday, I lived through “the air was sucked out of the place”. Yup, it was a shocker in what was otherwise a very good afternoon on so many fronts. But, if Mo’s going to have a bad day, better against The Twins (hey, we still won the weekend series) than either of the next two teams walking into our house.
    Great recap, Melissa.

  13. Jane Heller

    It’s funny, Randy. So many agree with you about how Girardi should not have brought Mo in but rather left Joba in there. But I have to admit that I yelled at the TV, “Just bring in Mo already.” We Yankee fans are so spoiled having Mo clean up people’s messes that it feels like a given sometimes. Looking forward to seeing Target Field!

    I’m not so sure it was the product of Mo’s week off or the oblique strain, Len. He didn’t look rusty at all the first two times he was back. I honestly think it was just “one of those things” that happens. When he does fail, it’s usually in April, and since he was sidelined for awhile, it happened in May.

    Yes, time to regroup, Dave. Yesterday was yesterday. Now we face the Red Sox and Tampa. (I have sweaty palms already.) Both should be good series. Hopefully Hughes will keep up his great work and set the tone tonight.

    Well, at least you had fun at the zoo with your family, Diane. You missed the shock and awe of Mo. Sorry about the traffic though. That can ruin a nice afternoon.

    I thought you might be at the game, ladyjane. I “heard” the air being sucked out of the Stadium just by watching on TV. Must have been awful, like watching an accident or freak of nature! But you did see a good outing from Mitre, as you said, and it looked like beautiful weather. Gotta look on the bright side, right?

    I never thought he was a robot, Jeff, but I did think he was superhuman. Godlike. You know, because I endless blog about his “powers.” But I guess he really is human after all. Sigh.

    Yup, Peter. No Iron Man suit yesterday. And thanks, but I’ll let you keep Lidge. LOL.

  14. crzblue2

    Looking at that pic of Mo, I just wanted to say “Is OK MO!”

    The traffic on the 405 is ALWAYS bad, no matter what time you head to the airport. “IH8DA405” “IH8DA10”
    I had a wonderful time in San Diego when my Bums swept the Padres!

  15. thomasox

    I feel your burn, Jane. Our lowly Sox had Ramon Bemoaning Ramirez do it in four pitches the other night, so far out of the strike zone I thought it was an intentional walk. Anyway, after you kick us to the ground again tonight, you will feel right as rain. Am I even allowed to be here? Sorry. I loved the photo sequence!

  16. enternight

    Jane, “shock” is right … the thing is, though, I could never be irritated with Mo. I just kinda wanted to give him a hug. At least he got his share of “less than perfection” out of his system before the Sox and Rays, right?

  17. raysrenegade

    I am reminded of a tale my Grandmother told me once that one tart cheery can ruin a perfect cherry pie, but you do not stop eating your favorite because of one small nasty morsel.
    You still crave and learn to subdue the event as a alpha rythym gone bad. It is an anomaly and not the norm, so it should just wash away like water off a ducks back.
    Okay, that is enough cliche’s to last an eternity.
    If everything always came up roses, then Daniel Powter’s hit “Had a Bad Day” would never had been a chart topper.
    Mo will regain, refule and re-energize towards his supremacy, but if he doesn’t….can he at least stay mortal until Friday?

    Rays Renegade


  18. Jane Heller

    Congrats on your sweep of the Padres, Emma. I bet that made your trip down to San Diego extra fun. And yes, the traffic on the 405 is always bad, rush hour or not.

    Haha, Paul. Your scouting is impeccable as always. I think Mo will be just fine too.

    Lol! Your comment cracked me up, thomasox! Of course you’re allowed to be here. I didn’t see Ramirez’s infamous walk, but I bet it was tough to watch. As for tonight? Between our two teams anything is possible – and I mean anything.

    I wanted to give Mo a hug too, Ana!!!! That was my first reaction. I could never be irritated with him either. It’s unthinkable, no matter what he does.

  19. Jane Heller

    I love your cliches, Renegade. How can I resist the one about the pie? Yes, life will go on and Mo will be Mo and I’m looking forward to our teams facing off later this week – with trepidation!

    How cool does Mo look in those ads, thomasox. Really glad you found Cooperstown Cookies. They have great products for baseball lovers and they’re nice people too!

  20. thomasox

    Thanks Jane! And thanks for the Coop Cookies link: I think I just put 50 bucks worth of cookies, cookies?! in a cart.
    Also, Mariano is the classiest pitcher to ever play the game. I mean, is there any other player who could look that good in a Canali suit ad?


  21. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Some new new, Nick Johnson is having surgery. He’ll be out for a who cares amount of time. Granderson will still be out for half a month and Chan Ho I think is doing better, but here’s an interesting stat: Damon and Matsui aren’t hurt. It’s a fun thought.

  22. Jane Heller

    Well, seindsfeld, it’s a shame about Johnson’s surgery (I can tell you’re crushed), but maybe Cashman will go out and get another bat. More likely he’ll stick with a rotating DH. Granderson needs to get back soon!

  23. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Those of us who are fans of “Flight of the Conchords” would love Cash to get Jermaine Dye. If he could just get that “R” out of his name, we could have our very own “Brett and Jemaine.”


  24. angelsgirl012

    TBS actually had the game on that morning so I got to watch the game. I have to say once Mo came in I absolutely thought the Twins were going to continue their losing streak against the Yanks. However when he gave up that walk first of all I was a tad surprised because Mo doesn’t give out a walk that brings a runner in. And then that grand slam. W-O-W. Kubel has a knack for grand slams. He’s like Ethier 😛

    you don’t see that very often at all which is why the news gets all panic mode when that happens haha


  25. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Eh. Happens to em all. It happens to Trevor Hoffman a lot!!
    Long live the true King, Mo.
    (like that?)

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