Ron Gardenhire Must Hate Playing The Yankees

Who can blame him? Wasn’t today, like, the Yankees’ 12th consecutive win against the Twins? And doesn’t it seem as if every move Gardenhire makes backfires on him?
Anyhow, what a brilliant performance by Pettitte, who would have had a shutout if not for Boone Logan. (Can’t wait till Chan Ho is back with the team tomorrow.) And how about the defense behind Andy. Just stellar. As for the offense, it was good to see Jeter hit the ball like we know he can, and those shots by Tex and Posada are probably still traveling.
Glad to see Swisher in the lineup, even if he wasn’t 100%. He’s still a better option than Randy Winn. Will the Yankees sweep tomorrow? Not too optimistic with Mitre on the mound, but when it comes to the Twins anything is possible. We learned that lesson in last year’s ALDS.



    Great Game! Fabulous Andy! That ball Tex hit was HUGE! I’m so loving my guys right now 🙂 Let’s hope Mitre is ok tomorrow – can he be worse than Javy?! We need another sweep to make up for the Tiger fiasco.
    Did you see the Jay-Z/Eminem interview made the MLB TV bloopers? LOL!
    Go Yankees! Kathleen

  2. Jane Heller

    What was really great about Tex’s homer, Kathleen, was that it came after he fouled off a bunch of pitches, right? An excellent at bat for him. Now onward to Mitre…with fingers crossed that he’ll give us innings


    very fun game. all the games are fun when we get great starting pitching and lots of offense not to mention great defense. my question is why detroit was so tough on us and are rolling over for the sox? ok i should just be grateful that we won another series regardless of mitre tomorrow, andy’s elbow seems ok, swisher was able to play, nobody else got hurt, the defense was awesome, the hitting seems to be coming around and thanks to good info from melissa and you, i am reminded that we rock at home. i am grateful to be a yankee fan.


    They won Jane, with no injuries, except Gardenhire’s pride. The twins had the same record as us and were in first place, and everytime the Yanks make them look like a AAA team. They see the pin stripes, and everything starts getting blurry. It’s a huge sigh of relief that Teix-Rod has finally gotten in the groove. Arods face was hilarious when he didn’t get the half-a-foot-from-a-home-run and then Posoda gets his XD Nice picture of the four infielders, Jeter looks pretty squished.

  5. Jane Heller

    I knew you’d like this game, Barbara. It was perfection, except for Robertson/Logan. As you say, we got great starting pitching, great offense and great defense. That’s a lot of “greats.” One reason the Sox are beating Detroit is they didn’t have to face Verlander like we did. But we need to just keep winning series and we’ll be more than fine. Swisher may not play tomorrow, apparently, but we’ll have Chan Ho back. Progress.

    No new injuries, seindsfeld. And I read that Granderson is starting to come around. Who knows why some teams match up well (or not well) against each other. The Twins are a very good team and yet we seem to have their number, the way the Angels used to have ours.

  6. Jane Heller

    I was glad the Yanks were cautious with Andy, A.J.. He’s not a young kid, so the extra rest won’t hurt him. He looked very strong today, in fact. I’d feel sorry for the Twins if they weren’t such a good team. They’re always a threat, despite our record against them.

  7. Jane Heller

    Mimi, your guys beat us silly last time, if I remember correctly. But if you think the Yankees are torturous, I’m good with that. LOL.

  8. ooaooa

    It’s 7:30 am. Leaving for the Cathedral in the Bronx in about an hour. Hope there’s gas left in the Yanks tank for another victory today. I’ll give you the full report Monday. See Ya!

  9. heartruss

    I know what you mean about Chan Ho. When our relief pitchers came off of DL, our bull pen immediately became better, especially Jeff Weaver and Kuo.

  10. leafiz

    i’m looking forward to another winning game today! i sprained my ankle badly this week and the only good part about it is that while i’m laid up, i can watch the yankee games! otherwise, i’m rarely home on the weekends.

    oh, and it’s my birthday today.. i’d like to request a closer game where mo must save the game and homeruns by swisher and jeter. is that too much to ask?

  11. Jane Heller

    The defense was especially good yesterday, zkonedog. Without some of those plays, I don’t know if Pettitte would have had a shutout. Looking forward to another good one from our teams today.

    John, you’re probably getting settled in your seats at the Stadium as I type this. Here’s hoping you get to see a terrific game and maybe even some autographed baseballs? Looking forward to your report. I know it will include a review of that Lobel’s steak sandwich!

    Good to know, Cat. Chan Ho got off to a rough start this season, but his injury created a big hole in the bullpen. It’ll be great to have him back and it’ll mean less pressure on the other guys.

    Ouch, Courtney! So sorry about your ankle. How in the world did you do that? And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have something nice planned, even though you’re stuck with your foot up. I bet the Yanks will win one for you today, just like they came through on my bday.

    The Yanks aren’t clicking yet, Mike, although Tex and A-Rod are starting to turn it on. The problem now is the bottom of the order with Thames and Winn.

  12. Jane Heller

    I thought of Nathan when A-Rod hit his granny the other day, Paul. He must have thought, Glad it wasn’t off me.

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