Rocky Road

I wish I meant the ice cream. What a putrid trip to Detroit. Except for the outing by Hughes and Vazquez’s improved performance, what’s a Yankee fan to talk about? The boys looked flat and tired and just-plain eager to get home and sleep in their own beds.
CC labored today and the bottom of the order was overmatched (I actually laughed watching Golson’s knees buckle on those swings and misses at Verlander’s curve balls). And I won’t be sorry not to see Miguel Cabrera for awhile. Total Yankee Killer.
Bad trip aside, here’s the truth of the matter – the Yanks continued to win series for over a month, even with all the injuries piling up, and the party had to end sometime.
So let’s look on the bright side. Mo is fine now. Posada’s back. Swisher’s injury doesn’t sound serious. Chan Ho is getting ready to return to the team. Gardner and Cervelli have been revelations. Joba is where he belongs in the pen. Tex is coming around. And, of course, Cano is off to his best start in, like, ever. What I really, really want is for Granderson and Aceves to get healthy. Nick Johnson too, although I haven’t heard a word about him since he left the Yanks in Boston. Is he still breathing? Anyone?


  1. swanton7

    Jane, great blog as always. With the exception of Hughes and vasquez, it was not a great series. I’m going to the game Saturday so at least they are gettin the losses out of their systems before then! Lol. Gret stuff!!


    That’s funny, because I DON’T want Nick Johnson to get healthy. I think he’s still sleep walking, he was last sighted somewhere near Quebec. Anyway, not a very good series, except for Hughes. It’s just the guys that haven’t been hitting still kind of aren’t and the guys that have been hitting are slowing down as is baseball, so it’s catching up to the team. Plus, our starters can’t have great outings everyday. Maybe Detroit put something in their food? Secretly I’d rather JoPo stay out a few more games cause I like Cervelli XD But on another note, the Celtics won the series against the Cavs :/ time to take off this green shirt, what was I thinking? Also, since you want Sarah Jessica Parker playing you, as a Movie-Fan, having her playing a writer, who writes a blog and books, you don’t want people thinking they’re coming to see Carrie Bradshaw and Sex and the City 3, to find out it’s about the Yankees. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. How about Kate Beckinsale? She’s hot 😀


    There’s no place like home! But we have some tough opponents in this home stand.

    The guys at LoHud seem to have taken on my “Little Miss Sunshine” persona and have a list of ten good things about this road trip.

    Let’s hope the weather warms up and the Yankee bats do the same. This is a good team, they had a great April and were bound to have a lull. I’d rather it be now than in August or September.

    Nick who? Personally, I’m not a big fan and would rather see some of the regulars DH and have Cervelli and Pena play.

    Jane, your picture of the Yankee players’ bedroom cracked me up. Could you imagine if that were true???


  4. ladyjane303

    That’s the girl – look for the upside. We’re still in so much of a better place than we were last year at this time, and there’s lots to be pleased about. I’m with Mel – Nick J. who? Don’t miss him at all, and I certainly don’t miss that Miley walk-up music at the stadium. Cervelli behind the plate and Jorgie as DH works fine for me. BIG series coming up with the Twins, Sox and Rays. We have to get some of that mojo working again, and I’d like to see the captain get out of his funk. By the way, that show The Lineup finally got to centerfield this week. In a very close split decision (honestly, I thought they were going to put 2 players out there) Willie Mays got the nod over Joe D.


    All right…who put together the Yanks’ May schedule…Theo Epstein? Or maybe a cabal of Mets fans in the MLB front offices…what do YOU think…Paul?? Well, you just gotta play the cards you’re dealt…and hopefully not THOSE Cards — at least, not yet…!
    Nobody said it would be easy (or did they? Yeah, some of the Preseason Pundits did, trying to put the whammy on). But we’ve had some Hopeful Sings from the young ‘uns, and if we can just squeeze out some more Good Old Pitchin’ …?
    BTW — how did you manage to get Old Pineapple Face in today’s blog? Never expected to see HIM — but you never know on any given day!! Hope that Latinyankeerebel is looking in from Panama…unless they censored the pic…!

  6. Jane Heller

    Thanks, swanton. So you’re going on Saturday? Lucky you. You’ll get to see Andy Pettitte, and I bet it’ll be a great game for us. Have fun!

    The movie I’m writing is very loosely based on the She-Fan book, seindsfeld. The heroine isn’t me (not an author or blogger, in other words). I guess I should change my profile description up at the top of the blog. Thanks for reminding me.

    The Tigers played great baseball in that series, Mike. No doubt about it. Kelly particularly impressed me on defense, since I hadn’t seen him before. And Bosch can really hit the ball.

    I laughed when I saw the Yankee bedding, Melissa. Apparently, you can buy all sorts of sheets and pillowcases and duvet covers – all with the logo and some with pinstripes. Think of the dreams you could have on that bed! Yup, we’re about to face tough opponents, so being at home is nice but no guarantee.

    Well, ladyjane, it looks like there’s a lot of anti-Nick Johnson sentiment here today. Nobody wants him back? I do – if he’ll start hitting. I think it was too early too write him off. But I haven’t heard anything about his wrist other than the inflamed tendon and cortisone shot. If he ends up needing surgery, Cashman needs to go out and get a bat. I just don’t see Jorge as the regular DH, not yet anyway. So Mays won out over Joe D? Booooo.

    Should have thought of that, Jeff, but he seems to be on the wagon – a model citizen – which is great for the Tigers and not so great for the rest of the league.

    Agreed, Jenn, although my favorite flavor is Jamoca Almond Fudge. 🙂

    Yeah, Theo must have had a hand in our schedule, Dave. That rascal. I’m not sure how Pineapple Face got into the blog. LOL. I wrote the words “Yankee Killer” about Cabrera and started looking at mug shots. I saw Manuel’s and said, “OK. You’re it.” And up he went.

  7. dasha02

    haha was reading the blog with my mom and that Noriega pic scared her, not a good memorie to bring back for a panamenian her age hahahaha…

    we’ve been losing but are like 1.5 game behind… Hughes has amazed so far. finally the management came to sense and put him there and Joba in the pen.. thanks God for opening their eyes…

  8. Jane Heller

    Sorry the pic scared your mom, dasha02! My bad not thinking of Panamian fans like you! Btw, I hope you were able to see the ESPN piece on Mo in Panama. If not, it’s up on my previous post. Hughes has been fantastic. I hope he can show the same dominance throughout the long season.

  9. Jane Heller

    I figured you’d be gushing over Cervelli, Virginia. And good news for you: he’s the starting catcher tonight! Let’s hope some good home cooking will be just what the Yankees need.


    I told my family about your comment about the Yankee bedding and we all had a good laugh thinking about Jeter going to sleep in that every night. My one son thought Swisher would probably go for it.



    oh…well, I still stick by my actress choice, or Kate Hudson! Maybe it’ll bring her and Arod back together. But that reminds me, I have to read your book. Any car chases and explosions? 😛 (just kidding)

  12. angelsgirl012

    Rocky Road yuuuuuuuuuuuummmm not good Ms Heller not good! I have prom in 2 weeks and i need to get in shape lol. So easy for me to just buy gallons of Rocky road and eat my math troubles away 😀 :D..

    anyways! Rocky road for the Angels too but it’s okay. Detroit is doing pretty well especially Verlander. We got our butts kicked by him TWICE 😦 Ouch

  13. Jane Heller

    You have your prom in two weeks, Mimi? That’s cool! What are you wearing? Sorry the road has been rocky for the Angels too. Verlander is nasty!

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