Yanks Split Twin Bill With Tigers

OK, technically it wasn’t a twin bill. It was two games – a day/night doubleheader – but who cares. What the Yankees got today was really good pitching. I guess our group meditation for Javy yesterday worked, because he was waaaaaay better than in his previous starts, and he should have/could have won his start. Instead, it seemed as if the Bombers’ bats flew away.
Ramiro Pena killed us at the plate today, and Jeter continued to look out of sorts.
Getting back to the pitching, how amazing was Huuuuuughes in the second game? I mean, there was actually a debate about whether he’d work out as the #5 starter. Hello? The guy’s 5-0 with a miniscule ERA. He’s no rookie anymore, and he’s certainly proven he has heart.
I was worried the bats would still be AWOL, but thanks to a couple of steals and timely hits, the Yanks got on the board early. Then our old friend Phil Coke helped by serving up some meatballs (with an assist from a reliever named Figaro, who had no clue where the ball was going), and we ended up with my favorite of all things: a blowout.
What’s more, Joba pitched a strong eighth and Mo – yes, our closer who’s been on the shelf for an eternity – came in for the ninth and picked up right where he left off. And speaking of the God of Closers, I hope everyone got to watch the piece about him on ESPN’s E:60. If not…
Maybe I should just move to Panama. He might need someone to oversee his various charitable activities or work at his house, cleaning his pool, washing his car…
Never mind. So. The losing streak is over. Done. Goodbye. Of course, as always seems to be the case this season, every win comes with another injury. This time it’s Swisher. Seriously. Sore biceps? Don’t even start.


  1. Jane Heller

    The question is, seindsfeld, what shirt were you wearing when you watched the “W?” Whatever it was, wear it again tomorrow. Mo is an amazing person, especially when you see his humble beginnings. And yes, it was nice to see Golson get his first hit and for A-Rod to alert Mick Kelleher to save the ball for him.

  2. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I’d rather them win and have someone injured, then lose and no one injured…that’s just, what…130 more injuries??? But I actually watched this one and they won! So maybe I’m good luck đŸ˜€ And thank you so much for showing the E:60 with Mo, it really makes you shake your head at where he grew up and amazes me how he can still be so humble and modest. And don’t forget that Gold-something guy got his first hit, that was cool too.

  3. Michael David

    The Tigers really didn’t hit well the whole series. They left some guys on base in the nightcap including the bases loaded which doesn’t help. Porcello pitched the game of his life, though, to get the win in game one. Coke got roughed up , but for the most part has been very good for the Tigers this season. I knew it’d be a fun series with all of the former playes on each team.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  4. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    The video of Mo was great! Only Mo could capture my complete attention while making a cardboard glove!! He seemed so humble but proud of his beginnings. He and his friends had a true love for baseball!!
    I loved your comment about Mo giving up 7 runs and then striking out the side. Mo is one of my closers on my fantasy team, and if he had done that I would have gotten another save point! LOL!
    Tonight, CC vs. Verlander! Go Yankees!

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Javy pitched a nice game and that was encouraging. Huuuuughes was great. #5?? I’m thinking he’d be the ace on some staffs.

    It was nice to see Golson get his hit and I was glad that ARod noticed. He can drive me crazy, but he does seem to appreciate those important moments.

    Poor Figaro. I was actually hoping for the last out so he could get out of there. I felt really bad for him.

    And when they brought Mo in, I jokingly worried he might give up 7 runs and then strike out the side. He seems to work best under pressure. Two of the batters had never faced him before and now they have stood before God.

    Thanks for posting that video. He really is a zen master.


  6. ooaooa

    Video of Mo using a case cutter was very unnerving. I hope none of the Steinbrenners ever see that video. At one time (many years ago) I was a trained professional (grocery store stock boy) and accidents still often happened with case cutters.
    Going to Sunday’s game vs Twins. Left Field sec. 133 top row. I’ll be waving to everyone.

  7. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Now then, young lady, what did we just talk about yesterday afternoon?
    #1 — too hard to win 2 games in a day, even with the $eparation they make between them, for rea$on$ we can only gue$$. I blame the Red Sox — think they were the first cheapskates to have day-night doubleheaders…
    #2 — don’t underestimate that Porcello kid. He really IS a future ace in the making. Of course, we bring out his best…
    #3 — Happy-sad…at least we got a REAL outing outa Javy Krishna, who absolutely needs a nice, calm, quiet out-of-the-way place to pitch…I don’t care WHAT he says…maybe he can be our Canned Heat/Willie Nelson starter? (“On The Road Again…”).
    And that was fascinating, but yes, a tad scary seeing Mo with that sharp object. Like watching one of my kids…you want to not worry, and believe they know what they’re doing, but…?!?

  8. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I felt the same way about Mo and the knife and forgot to put it! At least I knew it was taped and he was okay.


  9. Jane Heller

    The Tigers didn’t hit well (or haven’t so far), Mike. But I think the pitching had something to do with that, just as Porcello had something to do with shutting down the Yankees’ offense.

    Yikes, Kathleen. Did I make a comment about Mo giving up 7 runs and striking out the side? I must be losing my mind, because I don’t remember writing that. Love the matchup between CC and Verlander, but it’s today, not tonight, weather permitting (supposedly it’s pouring again in Detroit).

    Ah, so it was YOUR comment about Mo that Kathleen was referring to, Melissa. Whew. I feel better now. Anyhow, yes, Hughes could be the ace of anybody’s staff right now. Such a pleasure to watch. I felt the same way you did about Figaro. I remembered a night at the Trop when Pinella was managing the Devil Rays and he left a kid reliever out there to get pounded. I felt horrible for that pitcher too.

    Mo is such a nice man, Jeff. Did you love how he handled that question from the woman who said, “Who are you?” LOL. Just a real gentleman. And no. Don’t want to trade him. Not even for Pujols!

    So funny that you noticed the case cutter and were worried about Mo using it, John (and Dave and Melissa too). It didn’t even occur to me. I was more mesmerized by his teeth! He’s got a really nice set of choppers, doesn’t he? Lucky you going to the game and having such great seats. Wave to us and enjoy your Lobel’s steak sandwich.

    You did say it would be hard to win both games, Dave, and that we’d probably split. I was very happy we got a good outing from Javy. Sure, he didn’t get the win, but I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief to see him pitch well, pitch quickly, locate, do all the little things.

  10. Jane Heller

    Thanks for posting that link, jojovanb. I don’t hate Boone Logan either, but the writer makes some interesting points. I have such fond members of Mike Stanton. Sigh. Graham Lloyd too.

  11. James Buxton

    Jane, I always considered Mo as an marvelous human being, it’s a bless to have so wonderfull person as our closer. I have to say I was crying when he got his 500 save. Javy has a very nice start and is in the right track. Huges, well, he was really good. I hope to see a ho-hit from him some day.
    Go Yankees!
    ps. Anybody knows how is Pegg??

  12. Jane Heller

    Paul, the Yankees wouldn’t have won those championships without him. It’s that simple. Others get more attention, maybe, but he’s the real weapon.

    I was crying too, James. It was just so exciting to see him get #500 and hear the crowd and see him teammates. A no-hitter from Hughes? Why not? He’s come close already! I hope Peggy is doing OK at the hotel. Peggy, if you’re reading this, we’re thinking about you!

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