Since We Face Rick Porcello First…

…in tomorrow’s doubleheader against the Tigers, I thought I’d do a little due diligence on the kid. I remembered his fight with Youkilis, of course.

Clearly, he’s not shy about plunking guys. But given our mounting injuries (Aceves! No! Who’s next?), I really hope he keeps the ball away from the Yanks or I’ll charge the mound myself.
(Tell me I’m not the only one old enough to remember Morganna, the kissing bandit?)
Anyhow, what I didn’t remember about Porcello was this.
Yeah, he was a phenom before he hit the big time. But here’s the good news. He’s 2-and-3 this season with a 7.50 ERA. We can do this…if Vazquez gets it together. So let’s all think positive thoughts about our Javy. Right now. Come on, people. 
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    Aah Jane I do remember the kissing bandit. But I did forget those horrible shorts. 🙂

    You are terrific to have such optimism I am not there yet this season. It feels different to me and not in a good way.
    But at least we didn’t find A-Rod sleeping in the clubhouse like Griffey!



    Jane, I remember Morganna! She was so much fun to watch, the look on George Brett’s face is priceless! Ahh, the good old days, now if you run around on the field during a game you get a taste of taser.

  3. Jane Heller

    You don’t have optimism, Peg? It does feel different, but maybe that’s because of all the injuries. Don’t forget how thrown we were when Wang went bust and the Yanks were trying to figure out who would replace him. We’ll be fine. You’ll see!

    Morganna was part of a more “innocent” time, wasn’t she, vwurzbach? Nobody was particularly worried about security and she was a little out there but harmless. And the players seemed to get a big kick out of her. Now, as you say, it’s all about getting tasered!

    Sorry to hear Porcello has been off all season, Jeff – not! I hope the Yankees will take advantage.


    Ahhh, Morganna…yup, you KNOW I remember her…! And I seem to remember a similar pic of Clete (former Yankee) Boyer getting the Morganna treatment when he was an Atlanta Brave…and somehow, ol’ Cletis became a prodigious HR hitter down in Hot ‘Lanta…a connection?
    Awright, fun’s over, down to beisbol biznezz. The good thing/bad thing about twin bills is that it’s hard to either sweep or get swept…but maybe since it’s hostile territory, and Javy Krishna is involved, I’ll settle for that…
    And Jersey Bob has been singing the praises of Porcello for years now…’cause he’s a Jersey Boy from Seton Hall Prep, and why isn’t he a Yankee, and blah blah woof woof. But Our Bombers better be ready, ’cause he CAN pitch…

  5. Jane Heller

    I didn’t remember the Clete story, Dave. Too funny that he started hitting for power after his encounter with the Kissing Bandit! I know Porcello has talent, but looking at this year’s stats – and Jeff’s comment – I’m not feeling so scared of him…at the moment.

  6. Jane Heller

    Yes, she’d probably get tasered, Paul. Or at the very least dragged across the stadium in cuffs and thrown in jail.

  7. crzblue2

    haha I remember Morganna, in particular I remember her at Padre games back when the Padres played at the other park. I also remember the girl that went on the field wearing a Fernando baseball shirt and kissed him on the cheek.

  8. rrrt

    I remember Morganna as well. Would she get tased today? She’s not particularly threatening-looking, unlike our own drunkards here in Philly. Dressed that skimpily, there’s very little room left to hide any weapons, though her massive breasts might qualify as such.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts


    Jeter texted me saying they didn’t hit in the first game because they miss Nick Johnson too much. 😛
    I know OF Morganna if that helps. 😀

  10. Jane Heller

    Those were the days, Emma. Kissing a player was considered fun and the TV cameras weren’t afraid to show it.

    HAHA, Sue. No room to hide weapons. Excellent point!

  11. raysrenegade

    You had to pull the buxom ancient blonde card…Sigh!
    But I do remeber the woman who used to weebble like a wobble, but never seemed to fall down from her frontal load.
    I will leave it at that!
    Porcello is one of the young turks who will be patrolling the mound for a long, long while.
    I respect him more since the Youkilis incident, and he surely will put one in your ribs if you deserve it.
    To answer Sue’s question…If she got tasred today, it might result in spontaneous combustion of the silicone nature….Or be a poor young teen’s dream segment….both have me shivering.

    Rays Renegade

  12. Jane Heller

    Ah, so you remember the buxom blonde, Renegade. She did have “dimensions,” didn’t she? Porcello handled the Yankees with ease today. Ugh.


    Well one game down :(, the second going well so far 🙂 (2-0, 6th inning, Phil his wonderful self!).
    I remember Morgana’s shorts – I had a pair of those! So 70’s! Javy wasn’t bad today – 2 hits. Our bats were silent, though. Maybe still tired from the Sox? Who decided we needed 17 games in a row? This will make men of our team! LOL!
    I started your book “An Ex to Grind”! I am enjoying it very much! Either in this blog, the “Confessions” book, or the book I am reading, you are so witty! I so enjoy your writing!!
    Did you see the 4th inning in the 2nd game where Michael Kay and Kenny interviewed Jay-Z and Eminem? Turns out they will be doing concerts together at Comerica Park and then Yankee Stadium in September. I got a real kick out of the two interviewers “knowing” all about the two rappers!
    Enjoy tonight’s game! Kathleen


    Just finding your Blog Jane, and haven’t laughed this much in a long time. Will be tracking from now on for sure. Looks like the boys have rebounded quite nicely in the second game, though we’re still not hitting for power.

  15. Jane Heller

    So glad you’re enjoying An Ex to Grind, Kathleen! Now pray they make the movie so we can all go see it and compare it to the book! I enjoyed tonight’s game a lot – especially after we broke it open. I do love blowouts. And yup, I did see Michael Kay’s interview with Jay-Z and Eminem. LOL. Eminem isn’t exactly chatty, is he.

    Welcome, sfoperator! So nice to have a new reader (and laugher). The boys rebounded beautifully tonight. So much for the losing streak. Maybe the power will pick up when they leave the cold weather.

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