A Tale Of Two Pitchers

Theirs was sterling.
Ours was highly breakable.
And that was basically the story of tonight’s loss. A.J. looked fine in the first couple of innings, but then he did his traditional Fenway Fall-Apart routine after having pitched great so far this season. Homers by Swisher and A-Rod (congrats to Al on tying Frank Robinson) were about all the offense the Yanks could muster against Lester. What else is there to say about the game? Oh, I guess I could rag on Marcus Thames for his adventurousness in left field – and for arguing the strike zone so vociferously that Girardi had to come out to defend him and then got tossed. And I suppose I could question why A-Rod and Jeter were pulled for the scrubs early; I was surprised we threw in the towel.
Mostly, I’m just happy the Yankees won yet another series. Yes, I would have loved a sweep so that I’d been able to use the shot Melissa emailed me earlier in the day. Well, what the heck. No point in it going to waste, so here it is.
What to make of A.J.’s aversion to Fenway? I can’t say I blame him. I wouldn’t want to pitch there either. But that’s his job and he needs to figure out how to do it. Oh, wait. No, he doesn’t. Not until October anyway.


  1. raysrenegade

    Anytime a pitcher loses a game against a divisional foe, I always see it as a -2 moment. Meaning it will take two wins during the rest of the season to make that loss carry less weight and less dangerous notions later in September and October.
    But what was really worse is that AJ had his foot on the Red Sox neck and took their tap-out or “mercy” pleading, then got socked in the jaw by his opponent.
    Did not watch the game because I am not a huge fan of the Miller,Morgan and mumbling of Orel on air.
    I agree with a comment made by someone on Twitter that maybe there should of been a moment of silence all game long for Ernie Harwell so we did not have to hear the ignorance of the ESPN “three Stooges”.
    As of tonght’s televised game I am renaming the network the Ear Splitting Pretensious Numbskull (ESPN) network.
    The real offcial keepers of the game are dropping like flies.
    We truly need the next generation of great braodcasters to hurry up and arrive before we switch to the mute button and listen on the radio.

    Rays Renegade


  2. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Well I didn’t see the game. I had to see Amazing Race, The Pacific and Treme, but the score sort of lessened my interest too. We won the series, that’s all that matters, Rays lost again, and I can finally take off this shirt. People were beginning to give me money on the street thinking I was a bum (just kidding). Hope everyone had a good Mom Day and this was my gift to her, it’s hard to read in some places, but enjoy! 😀

  3. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    If AJ had to have a bad game, this was an okay time to do it. We’d won the series and the Rays had already lost. But still . . .

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to hate those numbskulls (great new name for ESPN, Renegade). It’s sort of the Joe Morgan Appreciation Society. And John Miller is as good as McCarver at beating a dead horse.

    I think tonight and Wednesday are on ESPN again. SIGH.

    I hope somewhere out there are some young broadcasters who have listened to the best and want to emulate them.

    And Thames. Oh my, it was . . . interesting watching him play left. Though we had very strong winds this weekend and if the wind in left was anything like what we had, it would make the ball do funny things.

    Let’s hope we can tame the Tigers tonight!


  4. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Oh-kayy…just dropping in to echo some prior comments, and second some emotions…
    Take 2 outa 3 anytime, esp. Up There in The Unfriendly Confines…it was too ridiculously good for two games! And yes, ’twas Bad A.J. who showed up, but as long at it’s a Healthy A.J., I’ll take my chances on Good/Bad.
    And wow, it musta been windy all OVER the east this weekend. Had to ref soccer and ump softball, and all I could think of was (a) it was like being out on a boat, right before a storm, and (b) ol’ Stu Miller, SF Giants, Candlestick Park, ’60s, literally gettin’ blown off the mound. So…if you think Marcus & the big leaguers had problems, imagine the Jewish Mens’ Leaguers on a Mother’s Day morning!!
    And thirds…speaking of Miller time…agree with Jane totally that Jon Miller has a great face for radio, meaning of course a great voice and greater presence. Less is more.
    Now let’s hope we can avoid any Motown paybax by certain individuals…not feelin’ good about this, but they will have to come to NY too, and we WILL get Grandy back…sooner or later!

  5. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    It probably was “throwing in the towel” but on a cold, crummy night when we already have taken the series, I’m okay with Derek and A-Rod being pulled and letting those young guys get an at bat.

    Thames certainly had some adventures in leftfield, but that wind would have made it tough for anyone out there. I think Joe should buy Marcus a dinner just for giving him a chance to get thrown out of the game and enjoy the warmth of the clubhouse two hours before everyone else – except AJ.

    On that Thames strikeout, it looked like Marcus and umpire Tim McClelland were just talking about where the pitch was. I walked out to the kitchen and when I got back to the TV I heard someone had been thrown out, but didn’t know it was Joe until they showed a replay of the animated discussion. Joe probably went out to keep Marcus from being ejected and then decided this would be a good night for an early shower. He was right.

  6. Jane Heller

    I wouldn’t call it fun, Mike.

    I totally agree, Renegade, that baseball needs a new crop of announcers who can call a national game well – not an easy task. People forget that these guys have to “helicopter in” and cover games that are targeted for a wide audience that doesn’t watch their local team on a daily basis. I’m in the minority here, I know, but I like Jon Miller on the radio a lot. On TV he’s annoying, but when you’re in the car, with the radio on, he knows how to paint a visual picture as well as almost anyone. And I don’t think he’s biased, as some are at ESPN. He was fired from Baltimore for not being enough of a homer there after all.

    Yes, you can finally take off the shirt, seindsfeld! Put it in the laundry and find another one to wear for our series against Detroit. But please watch tonight, because we need you. Amazing Race does not! Fun Mother’s Day card. 🙂

    See the above comment to Renegade about the ESPN guys, Melissa. Miller does beat a dead horse, but I’m telling you he’s so much better on the radio. And, as you may remember from my book, he was extremely nice to me when I met him in ’07, so I can’t help sticking up for him. Yes, it was windy out there at Fenway, but Swisher managed to catch the ball. So did Gardner. Left field is tricky there, no question, but Thames hasn’t looked good at Yankee Stadium either.

    Yes, things are back to normal, Jeff. LOL. The bad AJ showed up last night. I hope the Good AJ makes a swift return.

    I’m sure there was thought given to the injuries, Paul, and it wasn’t all that bad an idea pulling them early. I just missed their bats when they would have come up in the order. One last gasp and all that.

    Thames looked like he was more than “talking” about where the pitch was, jojovanb. He seemed pretty steamed, which was why Girardi came out to break things up. But yeah, why not get into that warm clubhouse early if possible. It looked pretty cold and windy out there. Brrr. When I was there in September of ’07 the weather was like that and the vendors came around with hot chowda!

  7. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Hi Jane,
    Yes, I did remember that Miller was nice to you, so I do have a soft spot in my heart for him. I have heard him on radio, but the reception was terrible (“Two men on . . . ” “Hey jude, don’t make it bad, ta. . .” “And the inning is over.”) He is much better there.

    I know a lot of people don’t like John Sterling and Suzyn, but they actually have a lot of quiet time in their broadcasts, which I appreciate. You hear the crowd and it makes you feel like you’re there.

    And yes, Thames is NOT a good fielder. The wind just didn’t help last night.

    Siendsfeld, we’ve also been watching Treme and the Pacific. We just DVR them and watch when it’s an off day. ; – )


  8. mikeeff

    a couple of things- the 2 vases- BRILLIANT.
    i loved that this happened ( if it had to happen) after we’d won the series. nothing is more enjoyable to me than watching the yanks play that last game knowing that the series is in the bag- very relaxing.
    I didn’t mind that Girardi threw in the towel- i was glad in fact- with that cold weather i definitely didn’t want to see a pulled hammy in a game that was almost completely out of hand. i must disagree with paul when he says that the game wasn’t out of hand.

    thames in LF is a nightmarish adventure. see you tonight!

  9. Jane Heller

    I’m imagining the Jewish Men’s Leaguers and laughing, Dave. Glad you and Thames both survived the wind. LOL. I’m not exactly looking forward to Motown for four games. It’ll be nice to see Johnny but not if he kills us. Same with Ajax. And I never enjoy seeing Verlander!

    John Sterling is another one who was nice to me, as you know, Melissa, so I have to stick up for him too! In general, I’d say radio broadcasters are more tolerable than the TV guys. Or is that too big of a generalization?

    I wish I could have been as relaxed as you were, Mike. If I had to take 2 of 3, I would have preferred to take the finale, to leave us with a very upbeat feeling and them not so much. But I’m being ridiculously picky. Of course I’m happy with winning the series. It’s amazing how well this team has done so far. And as far as throwing in the towel, I never think games are out of hand if we’re five runs down at Fenway, especially against a bullpen, not Lester. But I understand the rationale of protecting our valuable assets.

  10. James Buxton

    Sorry for the absence, it was a horrible week. The good thing is we got a win from the sox… I’m really not familiar with the “Three Stooges” from ESPN, but it’s not an easy endeavour to call a baseball game, let alone a Good baseball game. Here we have a lot of “analysts” who claim ton know The Game, and once I caught one saying: “Let’s hope Barry Bonds is clean, otherwise the Commissioner will have to reinstall Roger Maris & The Mick as the holders of the record at 61 home runs” I called the station and give him a lesson in baseball. Anyway, Go Yankees!

  11. Jane Heller

    Sorry about your horrible week, James. I think everybody has been going through stuff. Just a weird time. Did the announcer really say that????? I’m glad you contacted the station and called him out. Disgraceful!

  12. James Buxton

    Thanks Jane, I hope this week will be better, My blog is abandoned…..
    The Pic of “The Sweep” really made my day.

  13. Jane Heller

    You stopped blogging, James? If so, I hope you’ll pick it back up at some point. We can always use another Yankee partisan here.

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