I Almost Don’t Know What To Say

I said “almost.” I wouldn’t be writing this post if I’d been rendered completely speechless by today’s 14-3 drubbing of the Red Sox, but I’m still kind of stunned by the Yankees’ offensive outbursts the past couple of days. I mean who is this guy anyway?
We’ve all enjoyed Cervelli’s energy and enthusiasm, both behind and at the plate, and he’s fast for a catcher too. But five RBIs today? Seriously? Wasn’t he called up to the bigs because of his defense? He didn’t hit much at all in the minors. So is he just a case of a kid who’s maturing at precisely the right time? Or has Kevin Long worked some hitting coach magic on him? Either way, he’s so much more than Posada’s understudy the way Molina was.
Teixera‘s three homers? Less surprising than Cervelli’s barrage of hits but no less awesome. I mean, Tex is a big star who always busts out in May and is doing what he was brought to the Yankees to do. But still. The guy was a beast today.
CC? He battled. He could have won the game if Mother Nature hadn’t intervened. He wasn’t perfect but I always feel secure with him on the mound.
A-Rod? No, he hasn’t been belting homers lately, but timely hits/walks/stolen bases? You bet. For a slugger, he sure can run.
Pena? How about his key double and great play at second today. I was so glad to see Cano inserted in the lineup as the DH, but Pena is such a valuable asset.
Swisher? Was it taking off the extra weight in the off-season? Making a conscious decision to focus harder on the job? Eating a few of Tex’s granola bars? All I know is he’s contributing in ways I never expected this year. And we got him for Wilson Betemit.
Gardner? I used to groan when he came to the plate. Now I can’t wait to see him in the on-deck circle because the chances that he’ll get on base and then steal are so much greater right now. Who doesn’t love having him on the Yankees? Especially with Granderson on the DL.
Joba? Good to have him in the pen where he belongs. Period.
The bad news about today’s game was, of course, watching yet another player go down. When I saw Aceves‘ foot slide during his delivery, I thought he had pulled a calf muscle or hammy and expected him to be lost to the DL. But it’s his back, so a few days of rest should do the trick. The problem is who pitches in his place? Mitre is starting for Pettitte. Park is on the DL. Robertson has been looking like someone who needs a demotion to Scranton. So who’s our long man tomorrow if A.J. falters? Can we put out an all points bulletin for Brett Bombko?
Well, I said I didn’t know what to say, but apparently I was wrong. The Yankees will do that to me. They keep getting hit with injuries and keep winning anyway. Pretty amazing.
Oh, one last thing. Can somebody please ask Fox to replace Buck and McCarver? They were particularly annoying today – from the discussion of whether the word “doves” is plural for “dove” to the miracle that is Dustin Pedroia. Thank you.


  1. yankslove4life

    Hi Jane! I love reading your blog posts every day 🙂 It’s amazing how well the Yanks have done these passed two days! I’m lovin’ Cervelli and the offensive explosion!

    And I agree 100% that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver should go. I wanna turn on the radio when they broadcast. Let’s hope no more major injuries come upon the team.

    — YanksLove4Life

  2. Jane Heller

    Crazy last two days indeed, A.J. We’ve been so lucky that the injury bug hasn’t taken us down. I just hope we can get out of Boston without any more casualties and that Posada and Mo, at least, will be fine now. I’m guessing Mo will be rusty, not having worked in a week, so maybe we’ll see him tomorrow.

    Hi, YanksLove4Life. So glad you’ve been stopping by. I’m loving Cervelli too and can’t believe how he’s producing for us. I thought about muting the sound on the TV and listening to the radio broadcast instead, but there’s a delay and it gets me all fouled up, so I suffer through Buck/McCarver. I think they’re even becoming tired of each other.

  3. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Jane! This shirt is like the monkey’s paw, it gives good fortune, but there’s always a consequence! I don’t count Nick Johnson’s injury, is there really a difference if he’s there or not? Teix-Rod are busting out, Swisher is still hot, Cano seems fine and Mo can pitch, he just hasn’t been able to. I love Cervelli, I like Winn (has to learn to run the bases a bit better though) and Thames and I’d just like to thank Beckett for giving the Yankees extra incentive on how brutally to beat the Boosox. My family has always disliked Buck and Tim a great deal, they’re insanely boring and whenever the Yankees are winning they sound as excited as watching mold grow on bread. Muting is fun. If you didn’t hear, the three homers Teix hit is the first since 1927, by Lou Gehrig!

  4. Jane Heller

    Oh, the shirt. That’s right, seindsfeld! It’s exactly like the monkey’s paw. But we’re going great even with the injuries, so leave it on!!!! I don’t love Winn. I wish we had somebody better. But he seems to be turning it on a bit, so maybe I just need to be patient with him, especially since he hasn’t had much playing time. Buck and McCarver are insanely boring – that’s the perfect way to put it – and yes, I did hear about the Gehrig/Tex thing. Impressive, huh?

  5. raysrenegade

    The minute I sawBoston OF/RP Jonathan Van Every heading to the mound it reminded me of the Rays Yankees game early in 2009 when RF/RP Nick Swisher came in at Tropicana Field and struck out Gabe Kapler.
    I saw that Van Every also got a K on trhe day, but the thing that stood out to me actually bounced off the LF light tower and back onto the field.
    To say Mark Teixeira hit the snot out of that ball is a bit….well, light. He hit that ball so hard I am surpised it did not become oblong and its path out of Fenway Park.
    Lopsided win and agame gained on the Rays since we finally lost another road game…But isn’t it funny the only two teams that came into the game on huge winning streaks( well, not us now) are in the same division?

    Rays Renegade


  6. dorgal218

    Never in a thousand years would I have guessed the Yankees scoring that many runs in two games against the Sox in Fenway. Cervelli’s been unbelievable – I love to watch him run!

    McCarver & Buck? They sounded absolutely bored with the entire gig. I don’t usually watch Fox broadcasts because of the two of them, but yesterday even they couldn’t annoy me, and I found I’m getting good at tuning them out.

    What a great season this has been so far, and the fact that they’re doing this while key players have been slumping or injured is the best part of it. The second best part of it is the contributions from secondary players.

  7. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    so happy we won the series but i still don’t really enjoy most yankee red sox games. too tense for me, too tense in my household. and now too many injuries. is there some elias record for days in a row with injuries? yesterday the skies were getting dark and it started pouring where i live so was going crazy with wishing them to get through the 5th and cc was moving way too slowly and then it started pouring at fenway so i feared we wouldn’t get the win. then i went out for dinner and came home and it was still going on. i gave up the tv (to the sox fan who i can’t watch with and who has given up watching yankee sox games anyway) and listened on the radio and remembered how i handle the tension. i started knitting to the game and we kept scoring and all was well. so it felt like some crazy never ending game that takes up all day and night.

  8. phillies_phollowers

    See, told ya Tex would be ok…lol 3 homers? WOW. And as for Fox, I cannot stand those guys…been praying for years that they’d fall on their heads or something and be unable to work. No such luck….yet. I still hold out hope.


  9. autmorsautlibertas@hotmail.com

    Buck and McCarver displayed their anti-Yankee bias when they repeatedly defended Beckett’s plunking of Jeter and Cano as “accidents” then attributing C.C.’s beaning of Pedroia as retribution. How do Buck and McCarver know what the state of mind of either pitcher was? Fools.

  10. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    What a difference a year makes! We couldn’t touch Boston the beginning of last season and now they are a wreck. Cervelli and Teixiera were amazing. And I agree with you about Gardner – it’s exciting to think what he’ll do.

    Sometimes you watch games and when you see who is on deck, you sort of groan because you think it almost guarantees an out. That isn’t the case with this team. Right now it’s the relievers who need some help, but hopefully they’ll straighten out.

    The weather here was great, but windy, so we listened to most of the game on our outdoor speakers. With the rain delay, we got to watch the end. I think Buck and McCarver were talked out by then, so it wasn’t so bad – I think I only said “Shut up Tim” once or twice. Buck said something like he was tired of listening to his own voice and he figured we must be tired of listening to him as well after so long. I said “Buck, we’re tired of listening to you after one batter.”

    My friend sent me something her husband said:

    Tim McGarver, “As any baseball player knows, homeplate is 17″ wide…”

    Her husband, “about the same size as your big mouth!”

    And I was chuckling about the cosmic sense of humor that gave the game an hour and a quarter rain delay. Must have been in honor of Joe West.


  11. ladyjane303

    You know I’ve been on the road this weekend and following best I can on Twitter and thru the web. Knew about the injuries – unreal. Knew about Friday’s HBP’s – boo. Not sorry I missed the Fox game – can’t take those two. What I didn’t hear about was CC plunking Pedroia – and that I’m sorry I missed.

  12. southernbelle

    Jane: OMG I just can’t get enough of Cervelli ♥ I wish he could just play everyday…I really do. The team has been so awesome lately. I hate Buck and McCarver so much. I think the best part of yesterday’s game was in the 3rd inning where the two idiots shut up for the moment of silence for Harwell and Roberts. Couldn’t the tribute be for the whole game?

  13. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Jeff, don’t speak to soon. Remember last year the Yanks were 0-8 against the Sox until late in the season.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of you: those who are moms, and to those of you who have moms. Special wishes to Jane’s mama – the queen of she fans.


  14. Jane Heller

    I thought of Swisher pitching at the Trop too, Renegade. And he and Van Every did get a strikeout. LOL. So you guys finally lost a game. Wow. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen! I guess Ben Sheets tossed a good one. Looks like we’ve got a battle on our hands – if the Yankees don’t keep losing players to the DL.

    Sorry the Dodgers got blanked, Emma. But I’m hanging on to our runs. In fact, I kept thinking, Could we save a few for Sunday’s game? I would have been perfectly happy with 10! Good luck today.

    Dorgal, the secondary players have really been responsible for this surge. We wouldn’t be winning series without them. They’ve risen to the occasion and done what had to be done. Now with Tex mashing again and A-Rod getting his hits, things are looking good. (I say this cautiously, know how quickly the situation can change, injury wise.)

    I was surprised they were able to resume play, Barbara, given how hard it was raining in that fifth inning. (So bummed that CC couldn’t get the win.) In fact, I thought maybe Aceves slipped because of a wet mound, but I guess he’s been having chronic back problems. I do remember he was down for awhile during spring training. It must be so tense in your house when these games are going on. I don’t know how you do it! When the games are over, do you kiss and make up? LOL.

    No such luck on Buck and McCarver, Jenn. I guess MLB likes them. Or Fox likes them. Or their mothers like them. Who knows. All I hear from other fans are complaints!

    I could not believe how they carried on about the plunking, aut (I’m shortening your name – sorry). McCarver said Beckett’s plunkings and near-plunkings were “much ado about nothing” because the bases were loaded. Hello? Did he not see that the guy was having a meltdown, mentally as well as with his command? And where were all the Bob Gibson stories yesterday when he started in on CC for his “unnecessary” plunking of Pedroia? Such a hypocrite.

    Actually, what you said about how we couldn’t touch Boston early last season worries me, Melissa. What if we switch places and it’s the Yankees who start strong and the Red Sox who have a great second half? I shudder to think about that. So I’ll focus on all the good things. The only person who makes me groan when he comes up to bat is Winn. He just looks like an easy out.

    Sorry you’re having to miss the actual games, ladyjane, but thanks to Twitter and blogs you can be pretty up to date. Yes, watching CC throw one at Pedroia’s butt and having Pedroia just turn and trot to the first base was a nice piece of business. It was like, “OK, message sent. End of story.” Travel safely!

    I don’t know, Jeff. People are saying the Red Sox are done. But it’s only May and they’re bound to make changes and bounce back. I never count them out. Lester goes today and he’s always tough.

    Wasn’t that silence a beautiful thing, Virginia? Not only was it the right gesture to Harwell and his memory, but it was a relief for all us fans! It was such a pleasure just to hear the sounds of the game and the crowd with absolutely no blathering! And yes, Cervelli is something. Wow.

    You took the words out of my mouth about speaking too soon, Melissa. See my comment to Jeff. I take nothing for granted this early. And HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you and to all! I just called my mom, who was about to go to NJ and see her grandchildren and great-grandchildren this afternoon.

    I think A-Rod can function with just about any bulls-eye, Paul. As the Sox fans kept chanting “steroids” or “A-Roid” or whatever they were saying (do they do that for Ortiz too?), I wondered how he could concentrate at all, but then he got a hit and I had my answer.

  15. vwurzbach@optonline.net

    Here, Here on the Buck/McCarver observation! I groan when I see that the Yanks are playing on Fox. McCarver’s obvious bias against anything and anyone Yankee is so apparent, you can see it with the naked eye. We get it Tim, you don’t like the Yankees!

  16. Jane Heller

    I groan too, vwurzbach. Not only is their coverage overheated at times, but McCarver’s “in my view” is almost never my view!

  17. mhugill@verizon.net

    I agree with the whole post Jane but the last comment I must comment on.
    They don’t for a NY minute try to hide their disdain for our boys. And my God Buck – he yammers and yammers. When he said yesterday that we must be sick of hearing him (game going on so long) my husband and I yelled YES YES YES!!!
    We muted some of the game and when they had the moment of silence hubby and I said, If only it stayed that way.
    OKAY I lied I have to say something about Cervelli. As a woman I think he’s a cutie which doesn’t hurt. As a NYY fan I am thrilled that he is growing like this. Man he is impressing the hell out of me this year. I think when Jorge is gone we’ll be okay. And that makes me feel better.
    Now if we could get some more pitching……..

  18. Jane Heller

    Numbnuts. LOL, Peg. I remember when Buck said that line about how we must be sick of hearing him. I had the same reaction you and your husband did. The best evidence that Cervelli has become a major presence on the Yankees is that I read comments on Boston.com yesterday suggesting that Cisco should be the next player to “get drilled.” I consider that the highest form of flattery for a Yankee.

  19. mikeeff

    my question didn’t go through before— i’m curious what your mother thinks of Gritty Gutty ( BG ) and wish her a happy mother’s day from one of her fans ( me)

  20. Jane Heller

    I’ll have to ask her, Mike. She was running out the door to my nephew’s house when I called this morning but I’ll speak to her again tomorrow. She never mentions Gardner (although she pines for Melky), but I think that’s just because she’s still getting to know “the new Yankees.” I’ll tell her you said HMD. So sweet.

  21. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Happy Mother’s Day to All. I agree with Barbara – I really don’t look forward to the many games we must play against Boston. There’s always drama and, win or lose, there’s something you wish didn’t happen. In theory, I would gladly have lost the series instead of getting all the injuries we experienced over the last two games. That being said, I did love how handily we beat our enemies. Their defense is just terrible. There are some hits that would never have happened if the roles were reversed and we were in the field. It was also thrilling to see Tex and A-Rod’s bats waking up when they are clearly going to be needed. We can’t be taking a 2 run lead into the 7th inning because there are some definite questions on the bullpen’s strength. I’m happy the series ends tonight – I’m ready to move on. GO YANKEES!!!

  22. Jane Heller

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, Diane. Hope your family is feting you in style. The injuries have been upsetting, no question, and dim the euphoria we’d normally feel after big wins. But seeing Tex come alive at the plate is a beautiful thing. A-Rod too. And yes, there are questions about the bullpen. Like who will pitch in long relief and middle relief? No clue how it’ll work out.

  23. bklyntrolleyblogger

    McCarver started doing Mets games in 1983. He was great then. But for a long time now…I’m with you. Please! No Mas with McCarver.
    and the BoSox…this experiment in pitching and defense is looking like the “everyone is a closer” bullpen experiment from years back. The trade deadline will definitely be buzzing in BeanTown I think.

  24. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Hey Jane and all, hope you’re having a fun day, I just wanted to comment on a funny quote by Jonathan Van Every, the outfielder/Pitcher (with a name like that shouldn’t he be a Count or something?) He said Derek and Teix took advantage of him, which reminded me of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZrUNj_1HYA (You can turn it off after the first 5 seconds) I think all the Yankees took advantage of the Blahsox, 24-6 in two games? It’s almost an understatement.

  25. Jane Heller

    Van Every said Jeter and Tex took advantage of him, seindsfeld? He must have been kidding around. After all, he did get a strikeout from Gardner and I’m sure he felt good about that. Love the video. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favorite movies.

  26. Jane Heller

    Which players do you think Boston will be going after in a trade, Mike? A bat? A DH? Should be interesting since Ortiz and Lowell are such fan favorites there.

  27. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Braden pitches a perfect game and his grandmother says “Stick it, A-rod.” My husband’s comment? “Nice family.”

  28. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Okay, I’ve read the rest of the story. Braden’s mom died when he was a senior in high school. His grandmother raised him. After the game, he kissed his mom’s wedding ring, which he wears around his neck. Makes me weep. I’m glad for him.
    PS If anyone acted the way ARod did toward one of my kids, I’d probably tell him to stick it also!

  29. Jane Heller

    Have to disagree, Melissa. All congrats to Braden and I’m sorry he had a difficult childhood. But his grandma was out of line. She should have been celebrating her grandson’s happiest moment in baseball and kept the rest to herself.

  30. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    You are right. And Braden brought it up again the other day as well. The classy way would be to just let it be.

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