Getting Up For Josh Beckett

On the eve of the first game in yet another Yankees-Red Sox series, I was feeling a little tired of The Rivalry. Seriously. Not only do we play them tomorrow night for what seems like the millionth time, but with some of the old Red Sox antagonists gone — Pedro, Schilling, Trot Nixon, Kevin Millar — I began to wonder if I could muster the same old feelings. You know the ones I’m talking about. They look like this.
Now that the Yankees are coming off a championship and have already won this season’s opening round at Fenway, I’m not quite as crazed as usual. I mean, David Ortiz pals around with A-Rod during batting practice. Mike Lowell always seems pleasant enough. And what about how Jeter jokes with Pedroia and Youkilis; the three of them act like brothers, for God’s sake.
So what’s to get all worked up about? The fans at Fenway and their “Yankees suck” chants? Even that’s so yesterday. I’m telling you, I was sitting here wondering how to psyche myself up for tomorrow night and then I lit on Boston’s starter for the game: Josh Beckett. Yesss. There’s no one I enjoy watching the Yankees beat more than the Beckster. So, for anyone reading this who’s having the same sense of malaise that I was, check out this video. It was made by a love struck Red Sox fan named Hillary. Pay particular attention to the shot of Josh with the deer. Well, the puppy one’s cool too. Anyhow, just try and watch this and then tell me you don’t want the Yanks to hit, like, 20 homers off this guy.


  1. mikeeff

    that was just what i needed to get pumped up. though i could only take 44 seconds of it. i hate that fat aging punk. and yes, there is no pitcher i like the Yankees to beat more. even more than pavano, but maybe we shouldn’t go there.

    my favorite tweet about tonight’s sox angels game came from jay destro– “i bet youkilis hates dice-k” i literally lol’d

    and how about those halos? could they be more hapless? how did we lose 2 games to them?

  2. ooaooa

    Now you got my blood flowing! I have intense dislike for Beckett who I, like Mike, call a punk! Also Pedroia who I call a twirp and Youkolis who I call Yuck! I also had a name for Ortiz but you got to go easy on the guy, after all, it wasn’t his fault the GNC store in the Dominican led him astray. As early as it is, a series win in Boston will be a real blow to the Beantowners. Sox fans in Connecticut have been silent this season. I have had a difficult time finding any to feast on. I sometimes review tapes of my past conquests just to stay sharp!


    Good thing I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, or I might have lost it. Bleeeh. Beckett, Varitek and Pukelis give me three reasons to just hate the Red Sox.

    Watching the video I kept thinking that covers like that are what drove Elvis to drugs.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see tonight’s game. Fortunately, it’s because I’m going to see West Side Story on Broadway. So hopefully, while I’m listening to “Tonight, tonight won’t be just any night” the Yankees will be proving that!



    I guess I’m different, that didn’t pump me up so much as make me nauseous. A love tribute to Josh Beckett? Seriously? These are the good looking guys in Boston? I mean we have Jeter, Arod (i guess) Cano, Teix, JoPo (minus the ears?) Mo of course, but Beckett? Yelch. I can’t believe you left out Manny Ramirez, he was the Yankee killer! Luckily they always seem to hit well against Beckster, so it should be a good match up with both teams doing well. Seeing them under Toronto is a lot of fun though! 😀

  5. junojen

    Hi, Jane! Here we go again… Nice video. Maybe the girl likes guys with knock-knees? I know it’s hard to get excited about a rivalry when one of the teams is down and out. That’s kind of how we felt about the Yankees the past few seasons. It all goes in cycles. One good hit batter or a brawl will spark things up. I’m just sayin…


  6. cheshirecat9

    I got through 20 seconds of the video before I had to stop it. I want this man defeated. I also can’t stand Youkalis’s batting stance. Just looking at that guy makes me angry. I want blood. I want humiliation. I want to be three more games up on the Sox by Monday.


    Grrrrr. It doesn’t matter when or where. Just seeing that goateed goat gets MY goat. I’m still fuming about 2003; how did the Bombers EVER lose the WS to a @#%^#%$#$ expansion team like FLORIDA — oh yeah, the goateed goat. But even that should NOT have been enuf. Then there’s 2007; one title for the Hoseheads should have done it for the next 86 years, except for — oh yeah. Goateed goat. Who does he think he is, Jack Sparrow? I’d like for one or more of the Core Four to strike a symbolic blow, as they’ve been there thru it all. Maybe then, the King will stop spinning in his Graceland grave…

  8. Jane Heller

    I wondered if anybody would watch the whole video, Mike. Guess not. 44 seconds would mean you missed the pics of the goat and the puppy. Your loss! lol. But you bring up the Halos and, hapless as they may be, the Sox have to be feeling a lot better about things. In any case, I never, never take their bats for granted, especially at home. Which is why we have to score some runs off the Beckster.

    A series win would be sweet, John, and we’ve been racking up plenty of them. But I count on nothing. I am now in full nervous mode after I wrote the post last night. Maybe I should follow your lead and watch replays of past conquests.

    LOL about Elvis, Melissa! Sorry you’ll be missing the game, but “West Side Story” is an appropriate substitute. Two warring gangs. Hmm. Maybe Jeter and Pedroia will be Tony and Maria.

    I left out Manny, seindsfeld, because while he certainly was a Yankee killer, I never felt animosity toward him. Instead, I always got a kick out of him for some reason. Yes, we have hit well against the Beckster at times, but he’s been known to silence the bats too. That homer A-Rod hit in extras last year was against Tazawa after Beckett had shut us down, for example. I hope we can do better tonight. And Hughes needs to keep us in it.

    Jen, so funny that you bring up Beckett’s knock knees. I’ve never seen anyone else mention it but I always think about it when I watch him! The Red Sox are hardly down and out, given their sweep of the Angels and the fact that it’s only May. But a brawl? Oh, no. I don’t think I could take it. We both have enough injuries to our players.

    Only 20 seconds of the video, cheshirecat. That’s even shorter than Mike’s 44. HAHA. Sounds like you’re already fired up and ready to go. I can’t stand Youkilis’ batting stance either. It’s the tush wiggle that gets me.

    You’re rooting for the Yankees in this series, Jeff? I just did a spit take of my tea while I read that and now it’s all over my computer. Thanks a lot!

    I wouldn’t mind if a member of the core four did some damage tonight, Dave. Jeter’s due for some heroics at Fenway. But then I’d be fine with anybody striking a blow tonight. Anybody. Anytime. Even if it’s in the fourth hour of the game and Joe West is going nuts. Just do it, Yankees!


    these are the thoughts i had watching the video:
    i don’t want to watch this. why i am watching this? well it’s on jane’s blog so i must have a point. this person is crazy. to be in love with him is crazy. ok maybe not crazy if it was an andy p video i’d be enjoying it. i don’t like beckett and don’t get me started on lackey or papelbon.
    and then it dawns on me i don’t have to watch the whole thing.
    i too am sick of yankee red sox. enough already. no good comes of it. i am either unhappy and teased or around someone who is a bit unhappy (he’s not as crazy as me) and won’t talk about it.
    yankees, please win 2 of 3 and no more injuries.

  10. Jonah

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this (as a Blue Jays fan), but go Yankees! My rationale behind this is it would really silence my good friend Movie Mike, since he considers himself a member (sigh) of Red Sox Nation. And I’d like the Red Sox to fall behind Toronto a little more this weekend.


  11. heartruss

    Is this girl Hilary serious? The music is enough to make a person nauseated. I watched about 10 seconds and couldn’t figure out what is appealing about him enough to put together this slide show. Now if someone wants to see a gorgeous man, look at Dodgers hero, Andre Ethier, triple crown holder right now, That’s power, talent and good looks. Jane, you saw him in person.. What do you think?


    I tried Jane, I really did, but I can’t watch anything to do with The Red Sux for more than a minute…and THAT’S pushing it. Please tell me when they referred to him as “hot” that they meant his pitching…there is absolutely nothing attractive about him.

    I’m hoping for good things this weekend but The Yankees playing Boston is just too exhausting…for the fans even more so than the players, I think. My husband and I are going out to see a band perform (they are friends of our) tonight so I’ll see the game but not hear it. I think Game 1 is going to be the best of the weekend. Then I’ll catch Saturday’s game before heading to The Tilles Center at C.W. Post (where the husband in “An Ex To Grind” was coach) Saturday night to see “Cabaret”. And Sunday of course is Mother’s Day — I have no idea what my daughter and husband have planned but I’m sure it will include some time spent on our Yankees…GO YANKEES!!!

  13. southernbelle

    Jane: I can’t believe I made it through the whole video! I was waiting and waiting for some sort of…I don’t know….attractive picture of Beckett. I didn’t see any. Seriously, I don’t know WHAT Hillary sees in that guy. She really needs to get out more….maybe if she walked into Yankee Stadium she’d up her standards on what a guy needs to be attractive…
    And I agree with everyone that that song was….nauseating at best.

  14. Jane Heller

    I love following the way your mind works, Barbara. It’s cool the way you share your thought process with us in real time. I’m glad it dawned on you that you didn’t have to watch the whole video. lol! On one hand, I’m sick of Yankees-Red Sox. On the other, the games are like car accidents and I can’t look away. I’m only happy when they’re over and we’ve won.

    Well, maybe with your support, Jonah, the Yankees can help out the Jays and take some games from the Sox. I have to say, the Jays have been playing well so far. Seems that every time I check the scoreboard they’re beating somebody.

  15. Jane Heller

    So you only lasted 10 seconds, Cat? HAHA. Andre Ethier is definitely a player to make a video about. He’s hot! But as my mother always says, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Diane, good for you that your weekend isn’t planned around this series! You actually have a life – what a concept. I love that you remembered where the ex in An Ex to Grind was a coach, by the way. Hope you have a fantastic time at all your activities, especially mother’s day.

    Virginia, you watched the whole video? You win some sort of prize. Seriously, if I had something cool to give away, you’d be the deserving recipient!

    I think you’re right, Paul. It’ll be a good test of where both teams are at the moment.


    I couldn’t possibly forget your connection to C.W. Post, Jane. Not only was that one of my top 5 favorite Heller books, but my husband works there and my daughter is in her first year there. Its an awesome place. I certainly hope that they think of filming on the campus when they shoot that part of the movie. And maybe you’ll come to NY for the filming. That would be great!!!

  17. raysrenegade

    I can tell you in total honestly even when he was within 200 miles of my home town and I could have watched Josh Beckett play for the Florida (should have been Rays) Marlins, I have never, ever thought anything remotely nice about Mr Beckett.
    Totally consider the guy a case of scurvy with a rotten orange on top. Not because he is a number #1 starter, but because he is arrogant at Papelbon even after getting lit up for three homers.
    Might be that little devil sitting on his shoulder who reminds him all the time he was not the First Pick in the MLB Draft, or wanted by the penny pinching Marlins becuase his paycheck would have been as big as his head.
    He is just the kind of guy you hope gets hit by a car, then the next one, then the next one….But then, I do not like anyone who wears a red “B” on their cap…

    Rays Renegade

  18. Jane Heller

    Yes, let the games begin, Mike! I hope our teams at least give us a good show.

    Matt, I would love it if the Yankees were the Red Sox’s daddy this weekend, but who knows. The game starts in about 20 minutes so I’m in countdown mode!

    I didn’t realize your connection to C.W. Post, Diane. So interesting. You bet I’ll be there if they ever shoot the movie on location. Now please just let them make the movie!

    You hope Beckett gets hit by a car, Renegade? Wow. Tell us how you really feel. LOL. Sounds like you’ll be rooting for the Yanks to win this one.


    Jane I think some of the Yankees read your blog, can you believe this?? I still don’t trust the bull pen but sheesh, what a meltdown. 😀

  20. angelsgirl012

    josh beckett can be very scary. Poor water coolers. Their only purpose in life is to serve you cool gatorade or water to quench your thirst and they get treated like punching bags.

    Sometimes I wait to see if he has a bad game and guess how many innings it takes for him to explode. Emotion means a lot of passion right? Passion… is good. Yes? 😉

  21. Jane Heller

    What a meltdown is right, seindsfeld. Really strange game.

    Beckett was kind of weird tonight, Mimi. First he looked unhittable. Then he looked like he was having a tantrum. Emotion is great. Petulance is not.

    I still think the BoSox can score a lot of runs, Peter. They just didn’t do it tonight, thanks to Phil Hughes. But no idea what was up with Beckett.

  22. devilabrit

    Tonights score tells it all, sorry could even get past the first 10 seconds of the video…. Beckett was always one you’d want a ton of runs off when he was a Marlin playin the Phils….

    The way the BoSox are this year I am not sure any excitement could be gathered no matter who they played… the O’s swept the godsake…LOL

    Phillies Outside

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