The Cisco Kid Strikes Again

Somehow, Francisco Cervelli always makes the most of his starts. He may be the Yankees’ backup catcher, but is there anybody who doesn’t think he could be the #1 catcher on some other team? Yeah, he’s young, but he does stuff that other catchers don’t….Like run. What a concept. Hit a triple? No problem. Lay down a bunt? Piece of cake. Chase a foul ball into the dugout? Easy. 
(Love Tony Pena ducking.)
No, it wasn’t as daring as this.
But it was entertaining just the same. And I don’t know how Cisco can concentrate with that big helmet on his head. It would be like me trying to write this blog looking like this.
Speaking of backup personnel, how about Pena as the backup shortstop and Gardner as the backup center fielder and Joba as the backup closer. They all did a great job. Sure, A-Rod worked a bases loaded walk, but the A-list guys were basically no shows in the offense department tonight. Here’s who did show up though: AJ. Can we please have a hand for his spectacular seven-plus innings?
He may have been inconsistent last season, but so far he’s looking like a potential 20-game winner, along with CC, Andy and Huuuuughes. To sum up, Tex and A-Rod aren’t doing squat and yet the Yanks are still winning series. It’ll be scary for the opposition when those two get their act together.


  1. A.J. Martelli

    Awesome night and a great performance by Cervelli. Call the cops because he stole the show! Awesome catch (and you’re so right–not as daring as Jeter’s dive!) Burnett was great too (insert round of applause!) Great work as usual, Jane. I really hope Tex and A-Rod pick it up, but you’re right; when they get going, the other teams are going to be having nightmares!

  2. latinyankeerebel

    So I haven’t been on here for a while. But I have no life. Work during the day. Classes at night. Sleep during weekends. Yankees in the seconds I have to breath. That’s my so called life back home. I got to watch the last few innings of the game, my dad was gushing about Cervelli. He adores him. I think he’s an awesome player. I said last year and I will say it again. If he follows Jorge, he will be Jorge and beyond. If God permits he will be part of our Next Generation Yankees.
    Wow. That makes me feel old. Really old.


    I was gonna make a Great Gazoo joke about Cervelli’s helmet, but since he’s had two concussions, I guess it’s not so funny. What a game! Our pitchers have been outstandingly amazing (except one) Can you believe their records and great ERAs? (except one) Each one looks more and more dominant than the next! (except one). Like Jeter always says, good fortune in baseball doesn’t last so we have to take advantage when it’s there. Hopefully Teix-Rod will wake up! Great pic, what is that woman wearing? A virtual reality helmet? XD


    First, let me reach out to Peggy…I can’t believe what you are going through…and to be so positive even in the face of the upheaval this undoubtedly caused. I see your point that it could have been much worse, and you are right about the insurance being a big plus. But many people would not be as mentally and emotionally upbeat as you. Hats off to you.

    Now to the Yanks. Wow, they are really plugging away and finding ways to win, mostly behind awesome pitching. AJ didn’t let the little glitch early in the game get to him and he settled down and did what he needed to do. And Cervelli – amazing. The Cisco Kid Is A Friend Of Ours…okay, I’m leaving the music to Dave again.

    The news has said that Vasquez is disappointed that he’s missing a start but I hope he takes something from it that he can use to get back to where we know he can be. Today is beautiful weather in NY for an afternoon game – let’s get out the brooms. GO YANKEES!!!


    jane you get great pictures to illustrate the point! like i said yesterday we are in good hands with cervelli. i think mo being out any length of time is really the only problem not only because he’s mo and nobody else is but then joba isn’t available for the 8th so the bullpen is shorter. i think we are fine without granderson because the back up outfielders are fine. so all good health wishes to mo and hope for this amazing pitching to continue. it sure is fun to have 4 incredible starters.


    Nice game. That Cervelli sure can run (and hit, and catch). I would like to have a mike on the pitchers to see what he says when he goes out to the mound. Both AJ and Aceves had wry little grins on their faces as he walked away.

    And he and Pena also do good works:
    “Next to the computer picture in Cervelli’s locker was a hand-drawn picture and a note of thanks from a girl who gave it to him on Tuesday after he visited a hospital with Pena, who started at shortstop on Tuesday.” (from the NY Times)

    That picture of you in your big helmet cracked me up. I thought it was funny that Cervelli ditched his helmet as he was running for the triple.

    AJ was great.


  7. peggy3

    Hey Jane & Fellow Baseball Fans…

    THANK YOU soooooooo much to all my blog buddies for the
    kind thoughts and words. It truly is greatly appreciated.
    Living in the hotel isn’t that bad. The biggest inconveniences are not having a full kitchen (I do have a microwave and fridge) and not having a DVR (that’s a killer as I love to tape all the pre & post game shows as well as the games). I guess I will survive and I can catch a lot of it on the computer as well as my favorite shows…I’m watching Castle as I type … :o). All is well and life goes on.

    Now for the important stuff …..I went to the game last night and so far this season I’m 6-0 !!!!! I LOVE the Cisco
    Kid. His enthusiasm is just so much fun to watch …he gets so excited every time the pitcher does something good. He’s just so adorable (especially those eyes !!!). If Javy
    can get it together and join his fellow starters on the winning track this team is going to be SUPER scary especially if Tex & Alex start playing to their capabilities.
    The Kiddie Corp. has been terrific…stepping up to the plate and mound and doing the job. The farm system has given us some darn good players in both attitude and skill. I don’t want to hear how we buy players because you just have to look around to see how many guys we have who came up through the system …Jeter, Mo, Andy, Georgie, Robbie, Hughes, Joba, Little G, Robertson, Ace, and so on …
    I wonder how many other teams have so many home grown players …I bet it’s not that many if any. I loved our team last year and I’m LOVING it this year. Let’s get a win today for the sweep and then on to Boston to kick some butts.

    Have a great day all….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  8. ladyjane303

    I said it before, I’ll say it again: I’ve seen the future of the Yankees and his name is Cervelli. Love this kid! Such a pleasure to watch, and his post-game interviews are a hoot. And thank God for the bottom of the order and the starting rotation (-1) who are just great right now.
    Peggy – I so admire your upbeat attitude. So many of us get bent out of shape by little changes in routine, but you seem to be managing. Hang in there.

  9. peggy3

    P.S. Jane …I told you my MET fan cousin is the Yankees good luck charm…. :o)

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!


    Oh-kayy, ladies & others, but only because you asked…
    “Cisco Kid, he IS a friend o’mine!
    Cisco Kid, he IS a friend o’mine!
    He’s so frisky, Sado — ride the pines!
    He’s not risky, Yankees — drink the wine!
    The Orioles had us pinned down, one to naught
    A.J.’s error — gone down, one to naught
    Cisco comes out blastin’, holds the fort
    Bunts and chases pop-ups — O’s fall short…”
    That’s all I can muster on short notice. Except to say — Peggy, keep on keepin’ on — we’re all with ya, and lovin’ your attitude…


    With his day-to-day contributions handling the staff and coming through with big hits in the middle of the order, Jorge Posada may be the most under-appreciated Yankee on the roster today. That being said, I hope Joe has seen the perfect chemistry between Cervelli and AJ, and that he quietly makes Cisco AJ’s battery mate.

    Don’t make a big announcement, Joe. Just keep it low key. Even take a look at the schedule and let AJ and Jorgy work together against second-division clubs, but never two starts in a row. However, when you need AJ to be at his best, find a reason to rest Mr. Posada, or have him DH. Your team and your fans will love you for it. (Well, at least this fan will.)

  12. Jane Heller

    A.J., your namesake did it again. He’s having a terrific season so far and I don’t have to hide my eyes anymore when it looks like he might have a meltdown. lol. My only question is WHEN will Teix-Rod pick it up?

    Lillie, you are hardly old so don’t think that way! Sorry you’ve been overwhelmed with non-Yankee stuff though. I hope being back in Panama has some rewards? If Cervelli follows Jorge, what happens to Montero? Does he get traded? Would hate to see that.

    I don’t know what that woman is wearing, seindsfeld, but whatever it is looks really heavy and uncomfortable! And Jeter is so right about grabbing the good fortune while it lasts. So we should all enjoy this ride because there’s bound to be a rocky patch ahead. Yeah, the players call Jorge Sado, but his fan name is JoPo – at least it is here. πŸ™‚

    I’m sure Vazquez feels horrible about getting skipped, Diane. I don’t blame him. In some ways I think the Yankees are making too big a deal about Boston. So what if he gets creamed there? Is it really better for his confidence to get skipped? I’m just glad it’s not my decision to make. In the meantime, let’s get a win today. I’m ready!

    Barbara, you make a good point about the bullpen being shorter without Mo. Now we don’t have an eighth inning guy. I don’t trust Marte, and Aceves almost blew it last night on that LONG fly ball (I thought AJ was having a stroke when he watched it fly out to the warning track). But it sounds like the injury isn’t serious. Let’s hope.

    LOL, Jenn. Was that you in the pic?

    You’re right, Melissa. The pitchers seem all charged up after Cervelli goes out to the mound to talk to them, so I wonder what he says. Probably tells them a joke, although I can hardly understand him in his post-game interviews. His English is hilarious. Loved the Times article telling about his trip with Ramiro to the hospital and the girl he met there. And yeah, it was a riot when he flung off the helmet as he was running for the triple!

    Pena not only ducked, Jeff. He kind of crumbled up in a ball, as if he was thinking, Please don’t hurt me. So funny.

    Hey, Peggy. So good to hear that the biggest inconvenience so far is not having DVR. Seriously, it sounds like you’re doing great. Having almost lost my house in the wildfires here and trying to prepare myself for the fire season to come, I can appreciate what you’re going through. Now, onto the Yanks. Can you please bring your Met fan cousin with you to every game????

    Love Cervelli’s post game interviews, ladyjane. He makes me laugh no matter what he says. And where would we be without the bottom of the order right now? Sure, the starting pitcher has been great, but Gardner, Cervelli, Pena have been remarkable. Swisher too. I kind of like him batting second.

    CC and AJ do seem to enjoy throwing to Cervelli, jojovanb. But Posada’s bat is just too valuable not to have him as the everyday catcher. I do think Girardi will “rest” JoPo more often though and probably accomplish exactly what you’re suggesting – without making a big deal out of it.

  13. Jane Heller

    Dave, good one! Now you have me humming that song, and I never even liked it! Maybe you have a future as the Yankees’ personal lyricist.

  14. Jane Heller

    I don’t know the point of it either, Paul. Maybe it’s a video game/virtual reality/3D thingie? Shows how plugged in I am to that stuff.

    Bleh. Sorry about Kershaw, Emma. That must not have been fun to watch.

  15. peggy3


    I will be there when the Yankees play the Dodgers and I’m hoping my streak is still intact … :o). I have quite a few games between now and then so we shall see. I’m taking my daughter and her fiancee to the 6/25 game in LA which is her bday. We always spend bdays together at the games when possible…my bday is 6/3. I’m hoping to meet up with Jane for the second game on that Saturday. Would love to say hi to you too if you are going to be at any of the first two games. It should be a fun series …I’m looking forward to it.

    I’m watching the game right now and we are winning 2-0 courtesy of the Nicks …Johnson & Swish. Here’s hoping we win it !!!! Go Andy !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  16. Jane Heller

    Peggy, we absolutely will meet up at that Saturday game in LA. I’ve got my tickets so we’ll exchange seat locations and be sure to find each other and say hi. Today’s game is looking good so far. I’m optimistic but would feel better if you and your cousin were there!

  17. Jane Heller

    I figured he was just kidding, Cat. Sorry it didn’t work out, but I couldn’t leave out my friend Denise so I had to pass on his wonderful baseline seats. And yes, I love how well our backups are doing!

  18. stonebutch99

    I’m glad your Yankees are doing well. I’m hear to whine about the Astros again. Here I go…making the Astros cross your mind once again. πŸ˜‰ They are on their second 8 game losing streak of the season. Carlos Lee has went an entire month without a homer. We have no *meat* of the order… it’s more like tofu.

  19. Jane Heller

    Whine away, Austin. That second 8 game losing streak doesn’t sound good at all. I’d be depressed too. I do love your tofu line though. πŸ™‚

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