Dropping Like Flies

I know. I’m overreacting. We beat the O’s tonight — welcome to Yankeeville, Randy Winn! — and I’m happy about that. CC going eight strong innings was sweet too. So was Swisher’s hot bat. But it was tough to see Posada go down with a calf strain, especially after he’d just recovered from his last encounter with Jeremy Guthrie. And I wasn’t thrilled that it was Joba, not Mo, who trotted in for the save in the ninth. So Mo’s side is stiff? Don’t they still make this?
With Granderson out for God knows how long and Chan Ho Park not making any progress, I’d really hate it if the Yankees were taken down by injuries. So hear this: NOBODY ELSE IS ALLOWED TO GET HURT OR SICK! NOBODY!
Mo said he could have pitched tonight but Girardi didn’t want to “push it.” I agree. Mo is like a priceless piece of art.
Actually, I think Mo is better looking than Mo-na, but that’s just me. Anyhow, the Yanks are right to be careful with him. On the other hand, we need him. So I hope a little rest will do the trick and he’ll be his old/young self in no time.
(Wow. He was even skinnier than Edwar Ramirez.)
What to make of the Yankees’ decision to skip Vazquez’s next start in Boston? Again, I think it was the right call — if his problem is mechanical. He can “catch his breath,” as Girardi said, and work on whatever’s wrong. If his problem is mental, however, the decision could make him lose even more confidence in himself. By all accounts, he’s a good guy who doesn’t complain, doesn’t have an attitude and just wants to pitch well. I hope his little hiatus is helpful to him. But as of now, he’ll be starting in Detroit, which means a bigger ballpark than Fenway, sure, but it also means he’ll be facing an old and painful nemesis.
As Joe Louis said, “He can run but he can’t hide.”


  1. alexcoast2coastbball

    I started to get worried when mariano wasn’t pitching the 9th too… like, really? Granderson, Jorge AND Mo in a few days? …but then i looked at CC, AJ, Phil and Andy’s respectable ERA’s and W-L… and i got really happy and realized everythings gonna be alright. 🙂

  2. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Girardi: “Vassy, we’re going to skip your start, you’ll pitch against Detroit.”
    Vasqueeze: “Oh, okay Skip…” (Vasqueeze walks away in dissapointment, suddenly he stops, a memory echoing in his mind) “It’s a grandslam off the bat of Johnny Damon!” (Vasqueeze goes in a fetal position and begins to shake.)
    Why did we get these guys??? Let me give you a list.
    Vasqueeze: Can’t pitch, would rather pitch with the going nowhere Braves. Nick Johnson: Can’t hit, can’t even walk anymore and looks like Oliver Hardy with his mustache. Granderson: Hurt for a month. Chan Ho Park: Hurt. See a pattern?? It’s all the NEW guys. Damon and Matsui are both having good seasons and Melky is struggling, but he’s on the Braves, so duh. Anyway, this Swisher shirt is beginning to smell, but I’m keeping it on. XD I hope Mo isn’t starting to show his age 😦

  3. cheshirecat9

    I’m a little bit worried. Not full blown panic, just a mild unease. Thank goodness our four starters are doing great Gardner’s stepping up has been crucial and I hope Cano continues his monster year. But Johnson needs to start hitting. Maybe his rally mustache will help.

    Anyway let’s just sweep the O’s and hopefully Jorge will be back by Friday.

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Please don’t hate me because I thought that the Yankees needed to stay healthy and then they all started dropping! I really didn’t mean to curse them!

    I’m not surprised about Posada. When one part of your body gets hurt, it can often cause problems with others. “The foot bones connected to the . . . ankle bone.” With Cervelli, I don’t feel worried. I love watching him!

    And I’m not worried about Mo. I think he is extremely smart about his body. He knows he is a key ingredient to the Yankee’s success. He probably would have pitched in October, but knows he needs to last the whole season. Rather than hurt himself in a game in May, that we were winning, he rested. (HA Jane, this really proves he IS God. “On the 7th day he rested.”)

    The decision to skip Javy’s start is a good one. Even if it is mental. It’s too easy to get creamed in Boston. Hopefully they can figure out what to do with him. Eiland and Girardi are both very good with pitchers. And Mo probably will help as well.

    And Joba looks great as a reliever.

    I was happy for Winn last night. (And for THE win!)

    Great picture of the young Mo, Jane. How adorable!

  5. peggy3

    Hi Jane & fellow Baseball fans..

    First…thanks to Jane, Melissa & Emma for the kind words regarding my comments from yesterday. It will be a few months but it will all work out. Thankfully life goes on (and I mean that literally …as it could have been much worse).

    With regards to life goes on …I went to the game last night
    and I’m now 5-0 for the season…Yipee !!! Hopefully the streak continues when I go again tonight. I’m going with my Met fan cousin who is a Yankee lucky charm. Every game he went to with me last year (even two in Citifield for the Subway Series) the Yankees won. He goes to about 4-5 each season at the Stadium with me. He had the same streak the year before so I’m expecting a win tonight too !!!
    He’s the kind of Met fan I like … :o)

    As for the game …the big guy looked great. Another terrific performance through 8 for him. I was sooooooo happy for Randy Winn. It must be hard to have been a regular player then hardly get any playing time and expect to perform. Little G has been hitting the ball so well …who expected this of him? We just hoped he’d get on base so he could steal a few and distract pitchers. He’s doing a great job so far and I hope he continues on the same path. Here’s also hoping Mo & Po just need a little break and are back doing their thing which will make us all happy.

    Seeing that picture of Mo …his son looks just like him. He was thin but he’s really that big a guy now. Seeing Johnny in that Detroit uniform makes me feel sad …I loved Johnny D in his time as a Yankee (not so much in his time as a Red Sox tho’ …lol).

    Here’s hoping for another big win tonight …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  6. peggy3

    *regarding Mo…I meant to type …he’s really NOT that big of a guy now ….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  7. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Juust enough. They’re getting some “nicks” (as opposed to Nick’s, or worse, Knicks)…but making it work against the O’s. And, at least for the moment, letting fans of the Carmine Hose know the feeling…how frustrating is for a Certain Team to beat you and not us…that is, for now…butt, not dumb enuf to ***-ume anything!!
    So — Nick J. looks like Ollie Hardy? Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into! Love the reference, though…
    The pic of Mo is amazing. A little scary. The pic of Johnny D is, well, a LOT scary…hate having to play them when Grandy can’t return the favor(s), but hey, that’s beisbol. What did Kenny (Not The Pitcher) Rogers say?” “…there’ll be time enough for countin’/when the dealin’s done…”

  8. mhugill@verizon.net

    Didn’t get to see the game last night – what music played when Joba ran out? I seem to see the games where we lose or Vazquez is pitching or is that the same?

    And Jane – the flies are gross!!!

  9. mikeeff

    what’s next with Nick Johnson? a gold thong? the “stashe” isn’t working. neither is the new number….

  10. James Buxton

    Neither would I survive without Mo Jane. I know it will happen; just don’t want to face it. I hope he gets well soon, especially for that series with the sox. I hate to see “The Stare” from Papelbon if we don’t get the sweet tune of “enter sandman” and the good vibe from Mo. Some day He’ll retire and will be the saddest day. Sorry for the fire Peg, all my best wishes to you.

  11. Jane Heller

    Glad you were able to turn your panic around, Alex. lol. The good news is the rotation – four solid starters is nothing to sneeze at. And we know this game is all about pitching.

    Well, it’s not all the new guys that are injured, seindsfeld. And Granderson may have been in a world class slump, but I’d never regret getting him. Never. So keep wearing the Swisher shirt and everything will be fine! Mo and Jorge are showing their age, but so will Damon and Matsui before the season’s over. Bank on it.

    A mild unease is a good way to put it, cheshirecat. Every one of these injuries requires a roster move (well, probably), but the positive thing there is that we have a deep farm system now. There are plenty of guys who can fill in. I like that.

    Don’t you love that old rookie card of Mo, Jeff? I couldn’t believe how skinny he was. Who knew he’d end up becoming Mo the Great!

    I don’t blame you for the injuries, Melissa. LOL. And while you’re right about Cervelli being more than an adequate replacement while JoPo heals, we do need another catcher so I guess we’ll be seeing our old friend Chad Moeller. Yes, Mo does know his body and is sensible about preserving it. What’s weird is how Girardi is still not every open about players injuries when he talks to the media. So strange. I guess it was the right decision to skip Javy in Boston, although what would have been the big deal if he’d lost a game there? I can see both pros and cons about this. And yeah, Mo was adorable. Still is!

    Peggy, your Met fan cousin is your lucky charm for the Yankees? Now that’s funny. Glad you’re bringing him with you again tonight. Little G has been amazing and such fun to watch. Hope hotel life is OK. Can you order room service every morning and have the insurance pay for it? How about a massage and spa treatments? LOL.

    Seindsfeld is right, Dave. Nick Johnson does look like Oliver Hardy, only a thinner version. Haha. Too bad baseball isn’t a comedy. He’s supposed to hit the ball! But he did hit a couple of hard liners last night – just at somebody. His time will come.

    Peg, I don’t know what music Joba came out to. Does anybody know? It wasn’t Enter Sandman, that’s for sure. It’s taken!

    Nick Johnson’s mustache isn’t a good look, Melissa, no matter what uniform he’s wearing. But if it brings him luck, he can wear it as long as he wants. Maybe he needs one of those necklaces some of the players wear. Or a four leaf clover?

    Or a gold thong! Of course, Mike. That should be next. HAHAHA.

  12. Jane Heller

    I’m glad you think the Yankees would survive the regular season without Mo, Paul. I just don’t think I would!

  13. raysrenegade

    This seems to be that point in the early season where some of the aches and pains seem to be hitting pitching staff around the AL.
    I actually like the idea you have an alternative to Rivera in-house right now if something crops up like this. Most teams have to scramble and find a solution within their ranks, but most of them do not rise to that occasion.
    Great that Joba did his job and all is safe and secure with Rivera.
    But at this point in the season, to me, it is not worth testing or pushing a guy if there pain is there.
    Too much baseball still left to play…And a lot more important games to save in 2010. One game without Rivera will not collapse the Yankees.

    Rays Renegade


  14. Jane Heller

    I can’t face the possibility of Mo not being our closer, James. Last week in Baltimore, Jen Royle of MASN interviewed him and said, “Rumors are you’re retiring after this season.” I nearly died. But he said, “Where did you hear that? I’m not planning to retire.” Whew!

    Thanks for the Joba music info, Peggy. So you’re not living it up at NYY Steak? LOL. You’re being a great sport about your situation and we all admire your spirit!

  15. peggy3

    Jane …

    Joba warms up to “Shout at the Devil” by Motley Crue …it’s much better than the song he used when he started. I forgot the name but it’s something to do with his Indian heritage. Wasn’t the type of pump up song you would want but “Shout at the Devil” certainly is ….

    I don’t use room service…I don’t like to take advantage. They do pay for any meals I have to eat out due to the fact I don’t have a kitchen. I should go to NYY Steakhouse one night …:o). So far I’ve been very conservative…I even park on the street so they don’t have to pay the $15.00 parking fee everyday. The hotel room is a fortune as it is …don’t forget it’s New York. I just love the fact I don’t have to clean or make beds …lol.

    James ..thank you for the good wishes.

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  16. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    You are a very nice person.
    A few things to keep in mind.
    1- You PAID your insurance premiums, they aren’t giving you anything.

    2- I’ve never heard of any insurance company who lowered premiums because they didn’t want to take advantage. ; – )

    I admire your honesty and integrity. Just remember you did pay for this, and you are entitled to certain things under your policy – no guilt attached!!! Now enjoy – especially the no cleaning part!


  17. Jane Heller

    Ah, a voice of reason, Renegade. One game without Mo isn’t a tragedy, agreed. And aches and pains aren’t the end of the world. I just hope the Yanks can avoid serious injuries. Granderson won’t be back for a month at least. That one hurts. But we do have a nice backup group in place.

  18. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Peggy — pardon my typical stupidity — I don’t even know what malady or affliction you are dealing with — but a person with your outlook deserves all the good wishes there are for recovery — hang in there, and Stay Positive!
    And, you know what, old-time music buffs out there? In my aging warped brain, Motley Crue may work for Mister C, but there’s a song that always sticks in my old noggin, because it’s ALMOST perfect…”Jingo” by Santana…it’s got attitude, tons of rhythm, piercing guitar, builds to a climax, and now, after 40+ years, I think I figured out what they all sing…maybe ’cause it’s in Spanish…?…
    “JO-BA BA
    JO-BA BA
    JO-BA BA
    Don’t they?

  19. James Buxton

    Peg, I totally agree with Melissa, you paid for that. Just enjoy.
    And for the Santana song, let me hear it and tell you what it says.

  20. Jane Heller

    I second what Melissa said, Peggy!!!! She’s very wise.

    Dave, Peggy’s house had a fire so she has to live in a hotel. We’re giving her the business about not getting room service. 🙂 Thanks for being the musical historian as always.

  21. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Mo was such a string-bean when he came up! LOL.
    Injuries? Please! Don’t make me laugh. ; )
    Welcome back. Glad your BDay was a smash. How ’bout a nice pair of Yankee Greats lists? visit.

  22. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Peggy, hopefully everything turns out okay, sorry I must have missed you say that before. And I want to clarify, I like Granderson too, even though he hasn’t produced as much as I would have hoped so far. I did want him too, I just meant it seems the new guys, or the new old guys are either struggling or getting hurt. Why did Cashman have to change things up after finally making a World Series team after nine years? I don’t think I knew Posada was as hurt as he was when I wrote the post, but you know what, if something happens to Pettitte and Jeter I’m blaming that Sports Illustrated cover!

  23. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    peggy so sorry to hear about the fire. it’s things like this make me think and why do i think baseball matters so much. and then i vow to be saner and it just doesn’t take. i am a crazy fan.
    i hope the injuries stop and the winning continues. i think we can be fine with cervelli for a while, it’s mo that worries me.
    with the sox this weekend, i hope that they are all better and i hope we win 2 of 3 and i hope my red sox husband and i get through the weekend without animosity.

  24. Jane Heller

    He was a string bean, Mike. I’m watching the game now and they said he’ll probably sit out until the weekend. And no, the injuries aren’t close to what you’ve experienced with the Mets.

    While I miss Damon and Matsui, seindsfeld, I would have grabbed Granderson, who’s a better fielder than Damon, has speed and can hit (his recent slump notwithstanding). Nick Johnson? I would have held onto Matsui as DH.

    Cervelli is having a great game tonight, Barbara. I love watching him. So much energy and enthusiasm. I know you’re gearing up for this weekend (or should I say dreading it). It must make for interesting conversations at your house!

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