Notes From The White House

Such a busy day for me before the Yankees even got to the East Room.
Just kidding. I don’t have a purple cardigan sweater with buttons like that, although I do have a pinstriped shirt (well, a pinstriped jersey). Anyhow, I know the Yanks have been to the White House several times, but it never gets old. I was teary eyed throughout the whole ceremony this afternoon. How could I not be when the event provided moments like this, where the President got to shake the hand of God?
Other observations:
* Where was Hank Steinbrenner?
* Why was Phil Hughes the only one wearing a gray suit?
* Who were all those people chanting “Hip Hip Jorge?”
* Why were Marte, Cano and Cervelli chewing gum?
* How many times did Obama mention the White Sox?/Don’t we already know he’s their #1 fan?/Did he burn the Yankees jersey right after everybody left?
* Did A-Rod feel uncomfortable meeting Obama, after the Prez called the revelations about his PED use “depressing” last February?
* Why did John Sterling get to stand right smack in the middle of the players?
* Couldn’t Biden have been allowed to say something nice about the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees?
* If the Yankees win again this year will they let bloggers go to the White House next year?
* How jealous am I of this kid?
Derek Jeter183429--350x600.jpg



    Some answers/opinions to your observations:

    * Ramiro Pena, Joba Chamberlain, among a few others, wore gray suits too. They all looked out of place in my opinion.
    * The rumor is that Nick Swisher started the Hip Hip Jorge chants. Don’t quote me though.
    * I found myself yelling at my computer when I saw Cano, Cervelli, and Marte chopping away. The gum chewing as got to go.
    * Yes, Obama will burn the jersey, but he’ll save Jeter’s autograph and frame that.
    * I would have like to have seen Biden talk about how disappointed he was not to see the SWB Yanks win their championship.


  2. Jane Heller

    You’re so right about the gray suits, Leah. And I overlooked that Tex wore a brown one. Not a good look at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Swisher started the Hip Hip Jorge chant, but maybe it was one of the NY congressmen!

    So Kay made a big deal of Obama not singling out A-Rod, seindsfeld? I don’t get YES programming, just the games, so I didn’t hear anything about that. All I know is that the Prez mentioned four people by name: Mo, Jeter, Tex and Jorge. And, except for Mo, it was about their character and charitable work. And yeah, Cano is always chewing. I guess I should be glad he didn’t blow a bubble during Obama’s speech! Let’s go Yankees against the O’s.


    That does look like you Jane, is that photoshop?? XD I didn’t even know it was on TV, but from danksy’s answers, maybe the young guys didn’t know they had to dress up? I think Cano must have bad breath, he’s always chewing on something. I heard on the Michael Kay show that Obama left out Arod’s name from something, but I forget what he said, but apparently it was kind of controversial, to Kay at least. Who is that kid anyway, is that his bodyguard or what?
    Also, I was thinking of changing Vasqueeze’s nickname to Vasnooze since his outings are starting to get a bit dull with his struggles. Hey, Vastruggle! Well, I’ll work on it. Let’s hope those O’s get a couple L’s ;D


    Yeah that must have been what it was about, the charitable work and such, and I guess Kay was upset Obama didn’t mention him, since Kay loves Arod…a lot…not that there’s anything wrong with that XD

  5. ooaooa

    Kevin Long and Tony Pena were also chomping away on the gum. Not cool! Your pal Suzyn got her puss right up front also. Who were all those “others”? Must have been front office people I guess. With no Yanks last night I flipped between the “Dancers” and Josh Beckett getting bombed by the Jays. Both provided much visionary pleasure on an off night!


    Very, very nice…and Thank You, Melissa, for providing that link to everyone! A real treat. Usually I forget, and all I get to see is the 10-second bite on that nite’s news…
    Yeah, they did look like wooden soldiers, but it’s been awhile, so forgive ’em for not knowing the protocol…and, speaking of suit color…wouldn’t it have been COOL if EVERY player showed up in a pin-striped suit? Just a thought…
    And now, as we refocus, it’s Back to Biz tonite at Camden Yards. Totally agree with you, Jane — this is no sweep — no matter how many Yankee fans show up, it seems to psych up those O’s, regardless of record — I keep razzing Son #1, the O-lover: why does your team give my team fits, but lie down like dogs against Bahston? Well, given that they DIDN’T get swept in Beantown, I would really beware…but maybe that’s just me…

  7. kaiserthegreat

    I dig that he’s a White Sox fan and that he’s not especially quiet about it. Yes it’s only sports, but it’s very un-politician-like to actually have an opinion.

  8. Jane Heller

    I saw Suzyn right up front next to Lonn Trost, John. They made it like a class picture – tallest in the back, shortest in the front. I admit there were a few I didn’t recognize, but it was a fun to watch. As for the gum, are they that orally fixated that they can’t go ten minutes without chewing on something?

    Mo looked as smooth as silk, Melissa. He was dressed perfectly (luckily he has that endorsement deal) and smiled appropriately, and I was so proud, especially when Obama singled him out – twice! Thanks for the link.

    You must have enjoyed the event, Jeff. Obama made sure to stick it to the Yanks about 2005 and his/your White Sox winning it all. Very cute.

    Yes, back to biz tonight, Dave, although the Yanks are having lunch today in the Senate dining room and doing more hanging out with DC people. I hope they re-focus for the O’s, who are definitely no pushovers. That team scores runs! Markakis gives me nightmares.

    I love that Obama is a real fan, kaiser, not just a politician who says he loves a team to win votes. He makes it very clear he loves his White Sox.

  9. Jane Heller

    A-Rod didn’t get tackled by the secret service as far as I know, Paul, but I guess there’s always a chance that the feds flew down from Buffalo and took the opportunity to question him about Dr. Galea.


    thanks Melissa 😀 I noticed Jeter looks so uncomfortable. Is it because he ate some bad sushi beforehand? He didn’t like Obama’s jokes? Because he had to stand next to Arod who wears too much cologne? That was very cool.

  11. Brett

    I thought it was funny how often Obama mentioned the White Sox too, especially during a ceremony meant to commemorate a team roughly 13 hours away (I honestly have no clue if this is correct) from Chicago. But hey, can you blame him? He has to give the North-Side fans something to cheer about, doesn’t he?

  12. Jane Heller

    Actually, Obama was giving the South Side of Chicago something to cheer about, Brett. It’s the Cubs that play on the North Side. I appreciate that he’s such a WS fan and doesn’t hide it. I’d be the same way about the Yankees if I were the president!

    No problem hijacking the comments, kaiser. That was a great story.

  13. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Did Ma’Pinstripe Waldman yelp “OH My Goodness!!” ?
    Did Michael Kay bring his soap box with him?
    Did the Secret Service tackle that President guy when he tried to touch The Mo?
    Do you think Hal even told Hank?
    How long before we read about Hank going out on a bender (think Jimmy and Billy Carter ~ LOL)?
    Did the Yanks Asst. GM start the JORGE chant before or after she heckled the President of the United States of America and Leader of the Free World and future Emperor of the New World Order?
    Did Randy Levine remind the Prez their House was better?
    Do you think Obama and Jeter…Tweet?
    Was that Biden heard in the backround saying the Yankees suck?
    How long before Michelle reads txt messages on Obama’s BlackBerry and she has to save his life by smashing in his Secret Sevice tinted limo windows?

    Hi Jane!


    i love this blog even if it didn’t fix javier. by the way why did shilling have to rip him? shilling can’t stop being in the spot light. ok back to my point. you can’t make yankees win and i’m having a hard time with our games of late but at least there is kinship. and there are always good links. thanks melissa for the link. i just saw the two second clip and sound bites but would have never thought to find the whole ceremony.
    awaiting consistent hitting and bullpen, barbara

  15. Jane Heller

    I don’t know the answers to any of those questions, Mike, but maybe you can save them for when the Mets take their turn at the White House. Oh wait. That date is still to be determined. 🙂

  16. scofid

    Maybe we should go back to Washington and start Tuesday all over again! Yikes! The bullpen was dreadful, and the overall play pathetic. Wasn’t the other team winless at home this year? Very disappointing…


  17. Jane Heller

    No, I guess I can’t make the Yankees win, Barbara, but I’ll never give up trying. And remember – we’re spoiled. For awhile it felt like we’d win every game. That won’t happen. You know that!!!

    Very disappointing, Scott. Such a sloppy game that I’m reluctant to write a blog post about it. But I guess I’ll have to.

  18. raysrenegade

    Maybe the Yankees should have consulted the Red State Blue State boys before embarking towards the hallowed halls of the White House.
    Surely Alan and Jeff could have made a nice color-coordinated patchwork where the field players and the pitchers all wore different out fits, with maybe the relievers having pinstriped hankie popping out of their jacket pockets.
    Gum chewing when meeting the man with the ability to destroy even New Yankee Stadium with the push of a button might not have been a clever option.
    But at least they did not bring gloves and try to adjust President Obama’s pitch delivery for his next turn on the mound.
    But in reality, even if they did everything right, and proper, and by the book…..Someone, somewhere would of found fault somewhere along the lines….It is just the nature of thing to knock the top tier.

    Rays Renegade

  19. Jane Heller

    No, at least they didn’t bring gloves, Renegade. lol. And, aside from the gum, they were perfect gentlemen. I was very proud of them.

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