Has Pettitte Been Drinking From The Fountain Of Youth?

He was absolutely spectacular today in the Yanks’ 7-1 win over the Angels. I mean, eight innings with eight K’s and zero walks? So what if he’s showing a few gray hairs. OK, more than a few. Maybe someone will get him a box of this.
All I know is that he pitched like an ageless wonder and it couldn’t have come at a better time, given the Yankees’ modest two-game losing streak and the prospect of facing the same Pineiro who stymied our offense recently. The good news there was that it wasn’t the same Pineiro. This version got hit early and often.
Everybody (almost) contributed offensively, with Cano, Swisher and Cervelli deserving special mention. And then there was Brett Gardner, batting second in place of the injured Nick Johnson. (I was snarky on Twitter; I said Johnson hurt his back because he finally swung at a pitch. Bad me.) Gardner was a revelation, not only playing his running game but spanking the ball. Would it be a stretch to hope he develops into the kind of #2 hitter some of us have been missing?
Well? He’s got more speed. He has a better arm in left field. And he slaps hits around, like Damon does. He doesn’t have Damon’s power, but maybe that’ll come. In the meantime, he was fun to watch today. Doesn’t he kind of look like Damon here?
Also worth a mention was Marte. Nice job, Maso or whatever nickname Girardi has given you. Up next? Vazquez. I’d really like the Yankees to win this series, which means that Javy will have to hold up his end. Or, if he falters, it’s possible we could see Mitre…unless he really has gone missing.
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  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I missed the whole game, I saw Clash of the Titans (btw I thought 3D sucked) but man oh man is Andy a Titan or what? He might as well use Medusa’s head freezing this hot Angel’s team. Ever since we played the bosox, angels and rays they’ve been winning, a lot. Maybe we just make them better? ;D Vasqueeze you can do it!
    I didn’t know the new post would come so soon lol XD You took my fountain of youth line! And great jab at Nick Johnson, it made my day. Funny how he gets “hurt” and we win 7-1? I guess that’s just how baseball works. My dog was put to sleep this morning, so I’m glad the Yankees won one for her. This one’s for you Max :’D

  2. Jane Heller

    I’m so sorry about Max, seindsfeld. Tough day for you, I’m sure, so I hope the Yankees’ win made it a little easier. I still think Nick Johnson will be an asset, if he stays healthy long enough, but I saw what Gardner is capable of in that #2 spot and was dazzled.

  3. pooh7_76@hotmail.com

    I went to the game today, and sat in a Yankees friendly section. Thank God. Angels fans can be so annoying. Constantly reminding us how the Angels are the only team with a winning record against the Yankees. Big deal. That and their one World Series is their only claim to fame.
    Onto to the game. I have to admit Andy worried me in the early innings. He was the lucky recipient of some great defensive plays, but he seemed to settle down as the game went on. Cano was perfection. He makes it okay that Tex is colder than ice cream right now. I’m liking Gardner more and more every day. Anyway, let’s hope Vasquez has a good game tomorrow. I want to start rooting for him so the pain of 2004 can finally be vanquished.

    P.S. I recently purchased your book “Confessions…”. I loved it. It was interesting reading it a few years since that season ended. I must admit I laughed so hard at times I snorted. Thanks for the great read.

  4. angelsgirl012

    Pettitte pitched a beautiful game! I was super impressed! It was disappointing and there were times where I was quite angry but oh well. Things happen. The offense could not hit his breaking balls AT all. They just looked completely silly! Hopefully they will do better tomorrow with Kaz.

    Best of luck tomorrow afternoon!


  5. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Jane, that game was so awesome! My husband and I were talking about it hours after it was over. Andy is an ageless treasure, that’s for sure! And Brett was fabulous! I hope we never lose him.

    I am hoping that Andy stays in the game another few years so he can get to 300 wins and be guaranteed to get into the Hall of Fame. Do you or any of our blog friends think he will make it in without 300 wins? I would hope so, with 5 WS rings. What does a pitcher need to do to get in?

    The CHANT starts now: GO JAVY, GO JAVY, GO JAVY!!!!

  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    You know how everyone says “It’s Manny being Manny.” Yesterday Andy was being Andy – picking the team up with a strong pitching performance after a loss (or two). How many times has he done that???

    We listened on the radio and Suzyn said she was talking to Cervelli after the game and said something about Pettite. Swisher was nearby and said something like Pettite was like a fine wine. Then he said no, he was like a Cadillac, when he hit 70 he was better than ever.

    And who is leading the team in RBIs??? CANO! Yes, he can(o) hit with runners in scoring position! 13 RBIs in 17 games.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Max, seindsfeld. Sounds like you loved her a lot and gave her a great life.


  7. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Andy has been a thrill all month, Jane. I think his E.R.A. is like 1.35. And going 8 innings as well. That’s consistency. Even if he was a little shakey in the beginning, its his pitching style that allows his teammates to be so effective defensively. And Cano – 4 for 4; right? Wow.

    Its never easy to lose a dog – its like losing a child, in my feelings. You did the right thing by putting her out of her misery.

    Let’s hope that the Yankees win today so we take yet another series. Maybe you should talk to Vasquez in the cafeteria, Jane, just in case.

  8. southernbelle

    Jane: I like seeing Brettiboo do well. He finally has a definite place on the team, and he’s living up to being an everyday player. I hope this keeps up. And for Javier, I hope he can get another “w” today.
    Seriously…where IS Mitre? I’m starting to get worried….

  9. Jane Heller

    Pooh, I’m so glad you laughed so hard you snorted while you were reading my book! LOL. That’s just the reaction I was hoping for – seriously – because I meant the book to be entertaining. Thanks for sharing your experience. And lucky you that you were at the game yesterday. You saw a good one. Yes, Andy did benefit from some terrific defense, but he always seems to find a way to take advantage of them and settle in. Cano=on fire. Wow.

    Andy was tough on the Angels hitters, Mimi, which was an interesting turn of events since Pineiro had been just as tough on us his last time out. I’m looking forward to today’s finale.

    I don’t know what to say about Andy’s future, Kathleen. I think he feels that as long as he’s healthy, he’ll keep playing. But he takes it one year at a time, which is smart for a guy at his stage of his career. Let’s see how he feels as we go deeper into the season. If he gets through it without injury, he could give it another shot in 2011. And yeah, here it goes: “Pitch a gem, Javvy, so the Yankees can win this one!”

    Funny about Pettitte and Cervelli’s take on the wine/Cadillac, Melissa. I’d go with fine wine myself. So Sterling was taking about Mitre too? I think it’s becoming clear that he’s a phantom presence on the roster right now. I can’t imagine how he’s supposed to stay sharp if needed. And yeah, Cano. RISP is no longer a problem!

    Consistency is the perfect word to describe Andy, Diane. We can always count on him, even when he doesn’t have his best stuff. Yesterday, he was brilliant – such a pleasure to watch. The defense has been outstanding too, as you mentioned. (Hope I didn’t just jinx it.) If Vazquez doesn’t get it done today, I will definitely have a talk with him in the cafeteria. Count on it.

    Maybe Mitre is taking a leave of absence from the team, Virginia, and they’re not telling us. Or maybe he’s been kidnapped by a band of pirates and is on a ship in the Caribbean. At this point, anything’s possible.

    I’d love to see that happen, Paul. I just don’t know if Girardi intends to play him regularly. Today, for example, he’s sitting in favor of Marcus Thames.

  10. enternight

    How about that Brett Gardner? I mean, Andy was brilliant and I love to see him pitch this well, but the consistency from him is something we’ve come to expect (are we spoiled? I think so). It’s been so much fun watching Brett the Jett tear up the basepaths, though. I believe he’s leading the league in stolen bases as of today and making quite the case to be viewed as a valuable every-day player.=)Anahttp://enternight.mlblogs.com

  11. Jane Heller

    Brett the Jet was awesome, Ana. Too bad he’s not in the lineup today. But maybe he’ll pinch hit later, once the Angels make a pitching change?

  12. Jane Heller

    What was sweet about that game, Emma, was that the old timers did well but so did the kids (Gardner, Cervelli, Cano). A perfect combo!

  13. scofid

    Well, you wee right. We saw Mitre. I don’t know what it is going to take to get Vazquez back in the game. He looks like a shell of the pitcher who played for the Braves last season. Of course, if the Yanks traded him to Atlanta, he’d probably win the NL Cy Young. Maybe he is just one of those guys (ala Ed Whitson) who just isn’t cut out for New York. Andy is definitely continuing to build upon his Yankee legacy. I hope that this can continue to be a season to remember for him.


  14. Jane Heller

    Yes, we finally saw Mitre, Scott. He’s alive! Vazquez couldn’t throw his fast ball and was stuck with all those junk pitches that didn’t fool anybody. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s hurt, like he was at the end of ’04, and isn’t telling anybody.

  15. raysrenegade

    Got to tell you honestly here.
    The one Yankee I always look forward to seeing come to the Trop is Andy Pettitte, not to pitch but because he is a great guy and does possess that special something that you want other players to learn, clone or inject themselves with….It is called a kid’s mindseye to the game.
    Always see him clowning around laughing and talking in the outfield during BP, and on the bench during games.
    Maybe it is just respecting the game that has gotten him that “fountain of Youth” formula everytime he hits the Gatorade cooler….

    Rays Renegade


  16. Jane Heller

    Well, you also look forward to seeing Joba now, Renegade, because he did promise to show you his WS ring. 🙂 But I hear you on Pettitte. He does seem to be a good guy, and I can see how the other players respect him.

  17. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I thought last year, as I do this year. The Yankees will go as far as Andy takes them. It’s not a slight on anyone else. It’s just the way it works out. The One and Two of opposing staffs are a wash – of course, some come out cleaner than others. That’s where Andy comes in. If he dominates the #3 or #4 guys, that’s how they cruise. Andy is the known variable. Hughes however NICE(!) is still the unknown variable. We don’t need to get Javy in this. Andy makes the “totter”, “teeter” if you get me..?

  18. Jane Heller

    He’s incredibly important to the team, Mike. If he stays healthy, they’ll be OK. So yeah, I get you. 🙂

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