Triple Play!

I know. That’s a lot of A-Rod, but he started the play and it was fun to watch. I’d never seen one in real time. And it was extra satisfying since Suzuki was the unlucky recipient and he’d hit a three-run shot off CC in the first inning. The guy just feasts off Yankees pitching.
CC was all over the place – six walks? – but he only gave up four runs and ended up throwing a complete game. If the Yankees had mustered some offense, not counting the solo shots by Thames and Tex, he could easily have squeezed out a “W.” Instead, their winning streak, like all good things, came to an end.
Actually, I’m not crying at all. We won another series. Tex looks like he might be waking up from his April slumber. A-Rod is playing a nifty third base. Nick Johnson didn’t break a bone playing first base. We didn’t have to use Mo again. Life is sweet.



    so after two great games in oakland, my dad and i went to see the game live. we were so excited that it was cc pitching. the weather was great. it was great to be with my dad. public transit was smooth to the ballpark. we bought great tickets on the day of the game (that doesn’t happen where i live–boston–or where i grew up–ny). there were tons–probably half–yankee fans. the triple play was thrilling. however, cc in inning 1 and the offense were not thrilling. i kept chanting we won the series, we won the series over and over. the a’s fans chanting yankees suck i did not enjoy. i have been told to ignore this kind of statement when i hear it in boston but i often reply “but we don’t suck”
    great news about the movie. we will go see it for sure.

    I have been going to Yankee Stadium since 1936! and I had never seen a triple play. Now I have and I will remember that a lot longer than the loss. I saw Allie Reynolds pitch his second no-hitter of the season so I feel quite fortunate.
    Now I’d like to see a few more World Series chanmpionship banners.


    I didn’t see the triple play, (though I have seen the solo-game-ending-triple-play, think it was against the Mets) but Nick Johnson is tripley bad. I will keep bashing him until he stops looking like Bozo the clown with a bat. I don’t care if he walks, I wish he’d walk back to the Nationals. (He was on that team for a reason) Jeter I think will struggle because of him, and Teix and A-rod will think they have to pick up the pace. Jeter had that MVP season because Damon was so good. I look at Nick Johnson and in his face it’s like he’s never seen a baseball before. A 10 year old could draw a walk. We need hits. People on base. And now he’s trying to be more aggressive so soon his strikeouts will be more than his walks. I know we’re 11-4, but sooner or later this guy will be completely useless. Btw, that is way too much Arod XD

  3. James Buxton

    Love the A-Rod pictures, and I don’t care about the loss unles the Red Sox win. Somethig troubles me Jane… Why the hell was Dallas Braden shouting to A-rod and kicking and doing fuss over the dougout? Since I didn’t watched the game, Im clueless.. anyway, the yankees got a series win!! Barbara, so happy you were ath the game with your dad!. Harold, I envy you for all the games you saw…

  4. Jane Heller

    You must love when CC pitches now, Virginia, since Cervelli seems to be his catcher. A loss is much easier to take when you’ve already won a series and things are going well.

    Barbara! And Harold! A double comment! I’m so glad you got to see a game in nice weather, even if we did lose. And you got to see the triple play in person too. Very memorable. Glad to know there were a lot of Yankee fans there with you to counteract all those silly chanters.

    Sounds like I need to talk you off the ledge about Johnson, seindsfeld. He’s off to a slow start but he’s not the only one. I agree that his strikeouts are troubling, but I think he’ll be on base much more often than not. And I don’t see him hurting Jeter. What’s hurting Jeter, if anything, is the fact that he’s been swinging at first pitches.

    Oh, James. That Braden-Arod thing was ridiculous. Braden had an absolute tantrum after A-Rod ran back to first from third on a foul ball hit by Cano and trotted across the infield, over the mound, apparently. Braden got very territorial and shouted at A-Rod, “Get off my mound,” like Clint Eastwood in “Gran Torino.” He acted like a whiney child, even insinuating that there would be retribution. I hope the A’s come to NY this season so the fans can give Braden a lovely reception. 🙂

    Yup, Scott. If the Yanks can keep winning series, I won’t mind if CC has a so-so game here and there. I’ll be interested to see how the Yanks do against the Angels too. That stadium used to be our house of horrors, but hopefully the demons are gone!

  5. scofid

    Well, as the saying goes, 2 outa 3 ain’t bad! If the Yanks take 2 of every 3 games the rest of the way, I’ll be a very happy guy! 😉 The triple play was tremendous, but it wasn’t like it was Ichiro Suzuki running to first base! Now that the Yankees have finally figured out the Angels, I am anxious to see how they’ll do in Anaheim. It should be a fun series!



    Barbara and Harold,
    I’m so glad you got such a lovely day and to see the triple play in person!
    I noticed on the broadcast how many Yankee t-shirts, hats and jerseys the crowd had on.

    If you heard the pitching stats from the last two games, you never would have guessed which one was CC. Very unlike him, but I’d rather he had an off day in April in the last game of a series we’d already won, than in September in a close pennant race (if there will be one – I hope not – don’t know if my heart can take it!). On the post game the announcers were acting like it WAS late in the season and the Yankees should be worried.

    As for Suzuki’s home run, it was almost worth it just to see the smile on the fan’s face who ended up with the ball. He looked like an older gentleman who’d seen a lot of baseball, but his smile was like a kid on Christmas.



    Well I know Teix is having a slow start, but he had an MVP season last year, so I’ll cut him a break. Slumps can snowball, and the #2 hitter is pretty contagious. You’re right though, I am on the ledge, with Nick Johnson, about to throw him off lol 😛

  8. thefreak

    I made it home just in time to see that triple play. THAT WAS AWESOME! I’ve never seen one in real time before. It sucks they lost but was still a good play.

    I think that “mound”incident was a little over dramatised but hey, we need something to talk about right?



    Well, now…
    That’s over & done with. Any chance I had of paraphrasing Meat Loaf was conveniently scooped by Scott (besides, Mr. Loaf’s already got a Yankee-beisbol connection with that OTHER song, by the dashboard light) — So, for something different (and ONLY once), I’m going to mock-quote a song that Mr. Braden (or is that Brayin?) was singing last night…emphasis on “mock”…
    “Hey! YOU! Get Offa My Mound!!
    A – Rod! Can’t you hear my sound?
    A’s — who — bark like a dog pound!
    (Don’t hang around, Braden — two’s a crowd…)”
    That was, to put it mildly, rather Bush League. But so what; consider the source. Somehow, methinx the Yanks will remember…hope he starts a game in Yankee Stadium, and likes to use a rosin bag…maybe our groundskeepers can concoct a SPECIAL one for him…you know…sorta like that Whitey Ford Atomic Balm…and switch bags between innings? Anyway, it’s fun to imagine…no worries, mates!!


    Barbara and Harold, what a special event that game must have been for the two of you. Baseball was one of my big connections with my dad and I have many happy memories of those days with him. Wow! Seeing that triple play in person must have been amazing.

    Dave, your song references are always so funny. You make my day.

    Jane, you and I said we wanted Mariano to have a rest but we didn’t mean by getting a loss. You are right, though, we took the series and that’s more important. I know that C.C. walked too many batters but he truly only had one bad inning. For him, even that’s a lot but he was pretty solid the rest of the game so I’m not too worried. Onward and upward. GO YANKEES!!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Yeah, Melissa, CC’s walks were very surprising. Not typical for him at all. Were the announcers really panicking on the post-game? That’s hilarious. I was stuck with the Oakland TV feed, so I missed it. Nice about the fan who got the home run ball.

    Nope. Not too much A-Rod for me, Mike.

    Hang in there, seindsfeld. Nick will come around. Have faith!

    I didn’t mention the A-Rod/Braden dustup in the post, Jeff, but now I realize some people don’t read the comments and my responses, which did discuss the incident. My feeling about it is this: A-Rod very likely didn’t cross the mound in order to disrespect Braden (i.e. on purpose), that Braden totally overacted (e.g. like a 2 year old) and that A-Rod could have diffused the situation by simply ignoring it rather than making a crack about Braden’s low status on the totem pole.

    Over-dramatized is right, Mike. I can’t believe it made the headline on Yahoo last night and today. I know A-Rod is a lightning rod, but come on.

    The triple play happened so fast, Sue, that I was really grateful to see the replays. What did we do before we had those?

    I’m sure the A’s will remember, Dave. I don’t know about the Yanks, who would probably prefer to brush it off. I do love your Whitey Ford rosin bag idea. Now THAT would be the best revenge!

    See response to Jeff above, Paul. Were you familiar with this so-called “unwritten rule” of baseball?

  12. James Buxton

    I have some ideas for a “lovely reception” but I’m sure the fans will give him a nasty time. Hope he starts some day and fell a lot of “unwritten rules” of the Yankee stadium and specially from the fans. I hope AJ gets anoter win, or at least another “pie”


    I got to hear the triple play in the car. Suzyn & Jon did a pretty good job of filling us in on the last one, June 1968 [Dooley Womack(P), to Bobby Cox(3B), to M. Mantle(1B)] but Jon never gave the radio audience a clue as to whether yesterday’s play was close at first, or if they got the Suzuki by a step or more. Jon did tell us Robbie Cano is the ‘best in the league’ on the catch and throw at 2nd base, so as a listener, I had to assume that the play at first was close enough for that to matter.

    I still haven’t seen the triple play or A-Rod’s route across Braden’s mound, but in the A-Rod vs. Braden matter my guess is that our guy was more at fault than their guy. Unwritten rules aren’t really rules, so it’s no big deal if A-Rod inadvertently violated a code that exists in Braden’s mind. My problem is with A-Rod’s comment, “I’ve never quite heard that, ESPECIALLY FROM A GUY WITH A HANDFUL OF WINS IN HIS CAREER.”

    If Alex never heard of it, that’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. Why add anything about the other guy’s number of wins or time in the league?

    Dear Alex,

    You’re regarded as one of the greatest players in the game. Don’t act like a punk, at least not while you’re wearing pinstripes.

  14. Jane Heller

    Yes, we were happy Mo got a rest, Diane, but we were hoping for a blowout win, lol. CC? Not so bad. I don’t worry about him. Onward and upward. Actually, southward to Anaheim. Here’s hoping we pick up where we left off against the Angels.

    I’m thinking good thoughts for A.J. tonight, James. I’d love to see him get the no-hitter that CC and Hughes missed!

    At this point, jojovanb, I don’t know what to say about the A-Rod/Braden situation. I think Braden overreacted but I take your point that A-Rod should have risen above it. Instead, he added more fuel to the fire, instead of dousing it.

  15. Jane Heller

    Oh, you’re sweet to do that, Emma. I was assuming the tix wouldn’t come through, but I appreciate your trying!


    Yeah, ARod did seem to add fuel to the fire.

    jojovanb- You didn’t miss anything with ARod’s “trip to the mound” on TV. No one could figure out what was going on. None of the TV announcers knew what the fuss was.

    As for instant replay – this may ring a bell with some long-time fans: “Instant replay, replay, replay.” What a thrill it was when it first came out!!!!


  17. Jane Heller

    Melissa, I cannot believe how much coverage the A-Rod/Braden story is getting. It’s still the #1 story on my Yahoo home page. If it involved anybody but A-Rod, I doubt we’d be hearing about it for this long, if at all. Instant replay, replay, replay. A big thrill for sure. I used to be afraid to turn away from the TV in case I’d miss something. Now I know it’ll be shown again, again, again!


    I read Braden’s comments in the paper, why didn’t he just pee on the mound to mark his territory? He does make some points but sheesh, get over it. Btw, I heard Nick Johnson has started to sleep walk (get it, cause all he does is walk?) 0 – 19 😀

  19. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Braden’s comments in their entirety were kinda cool I think. Too bad he doesn’t have any cash in the bank though. I like that old style spirit. Even I have to admit this time around ARod was just a victim of being ARod. But there is something to it. ARod knew what he was doing. Still very amusing though….. …and Hughes ~ I always thought he was the more polished one between him and Joba just because of the difference in minor league innings under their belt. Things seem to be going swimmingly for the Bombers. But every morning the Rays are still there.
    : O

  20. Jane Heller

    Hahaha, Matt. Fooled you!

    Mark his territory. LOL, seindsfeld. I’m really hoping your favorite Yankee gets a hit tonight. So far nobody’s hitting except A-Rod.

    Things aren’t going swimmingly tonight, Mike. At least not in the early going of this game I’m watching. The Angels struck first off A.J.

  21. raysrenegade

    The real cool thing about a triple play is it involves total team effort and not one person can take credit beyond providing an excellient start, middle or end to the play.
    It is an immediate confidence raiser to the defensive unit and smashed the other team’s confidence like a sharp hat pin poked into their bellowing balloon….litterally blowing their scoring chances to pieces.
    It is a beautiful thing to watch performed on the field and should be relished because it is as rare as the individual player’s cycle or a No-hitter.

    Rays Renegade

  22. Jane Heller

    It was very cool to watch, Renegade, and as I said above I was grateful for replays so I could see it again. Unfortunately for the Yanks, it didn’t galvanize the offense and they couldn’t use it to launch a comeback.

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