What a difference a day makes. Tuesday night’s game was kind of a snooze, but tonight’s? I was on the edge of my seat every second.
From the first inning, it was clear that Phil Hughes had it going. He worked quickly, threw strikes, had good velocity, looked determined. The A’s batters went down, one after the other (well, except for a walk), and before I knew it, it was the seventh inning – and Hughes hadn’t given up a hit. Would he throw a no-hitter? Would he? My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty.
Into the eighth we went. Hughes got out #1. Big sigh. Then up came Eric Chavez, Oh, no! His stupid chopper back to the mound bounced off Hughes’ chest and he made it to first for an infield single. What a way to break up the no-no! Bummer!
The Yankees offense, by the way, wasn’t exactly teeing off on Ben Sheets. He gave up back to back triples to A-Rod and Cano (yes, triples!), and an RBI ground out to Posada, but that was it. So when Hughes started to falter in the eighth, the Yanks were only up 2-0. Joba allowed one of Hughes’ base runners to score for 2-1. I felt my throat close up at that point.
But the inning ended without further damage and the Yanks provided some insurance in the ninth (huge single for Gardner, scoring Granderson to put us up 3-1). Then came Mo.
Normally, I figure “game over.” But Mo – shockingly – gave up a single to Sweeney, then he hit Suzuki. He looked sort of annoyed by the whole thing and promptly got down to business. The A’s didn’t score, the win was preserved for Hughes and the Yankees’ consecutive series streak is now at five – which hasn’t been matched for the franchise since 1926.
Nick Johnson and Mark Teixeira still aren’t hitting, Randy Winn may never get a hit, and the A’s fans and their “Yankees suck” chant were obnoxious, but who cares. The night belonged to Hughes. He was brilliant.



    You forgot to mention HUGE’Ss parents were there too, which may or may not have been embarrassing. (He is only 23 or so). But I was so upset he lost it, especially since he couldn’t find it, and since it wasn’t even a real hit. And I agree with you about the Oakland fans saying Yankees suck after he lost the no hitter. I’ve never heard of that and seems to be sore losers so early in the season? But Mo just likes to make things interesting, what made you start calling him the God of closers since my dad calls him that too. lol Nick Johnson looks like he should be working at Walmart and Joba kind of looked like this today:
    All and all its a win! 😀

  2. rocklandyanks

    I never really understood why fans chant “Yankees Suck” whilst the Yankees are beating them about the buttcheeks. If the Yankees suck, then what does that make them?

  3. rocklandyanks

    I never really understood why fans chant “Yankees Suck” whilst the Yankees are beating them about the buttcheeks. If the Yankees suck, then what does that make them?

  4. Jonah

    Great outing for Phil Hughes – I’m stoked for him because he’s on my fantasy team! I hope he piles up on the K’s and wins, Jane. I can’t wait for the Yankees to come to Toronto in June – it’ll mean crowds of five figures! (High five figures, that is – not sure if you heard about the Blue Jays so-so attendance).


  5. devilabrit

    No hitters are supposed to be broken up by a clean hit, but there’s still plenty of season for Hughes to climb to the top of the Yankee totem pole… I like Phil Hughes, think he has a lot of potential to be better than he makes himself out to be, and at 23 he has plenty of time..

    Phillies Outside


    Being in NY, I caught the first couple of innings but then passed out. I woke up early and caught the whole 9th inning in the encore broadcast. Hughsie was obviously awesome – I wonder if Girardi would have let him finish the game if it was a true “No – No”. His parents were adorable, especially in the interview after the game ended. Mariano made it interesting but in the end, he got the job done. They need to give him a couple of days off so lets hope for some run scoring this afternoon. GO YANKEES!!!


    These west coast games kill me because I was out like a light and I didn’t get the game. (minor detail)

    But I tivo’d baseball tonight so at 6am I am watching while making my coffee. I was a total spaz and my husband said, “why are you worrying about the no hitter why don’t you just fast forward and see the outcome?” Duh. I guess I could have but I watched it as if I got to watch the game. I was screaming at no one in particular that if Joe takes him out I am personally going up to NY and beat the @#$% out of him….all 5’2″ of me! But the 8th let the air out of me (and Hughsie) and I could resume my morning coffee.

  8. yankeeholics

    I was watching with a friend, and we blamed Ken Singleton and Jon Flaherty for Hughes’ near miss-they jinxed the mono so much! After each inning, “and Phil Hughes has still not allowed a hit.” Stupid Commentator’s Curse…

  9. yankeeholics

    I was watching with a friend, and we blamed Ken Singleton and Jon Flaherty for Hughes’ near miss-they jinxed the nono so much! After each inning, “and Phil Hughes has still not allowed a hit.” Stupid Commentator’s Curse…

  10. James Buxton

    Again Phill was Huuuuuge, the kid is only showing maturity and great pitching stuff. I was remembering about our bids for a no-no, stupidly I never imagined Phill. Great game and great performance from a great Pitcher in the make (yes, he is still in the make!!), please please keep him for years to come.


    My, my…another series already won…I think we could get “Hughes’d” to this, don’t you?!?
    Ah, so close to No-No Land (and I liked how Yankeeholics re-posted their message to correct their typo — I was wondering “MONO” — WHO’S GOT MONO?! Oh; nevermind. And maybe the Third Time will be The Charm? (I’m channeling Bobby Vee…”pretty charms, pretty little charms…”)
    Common-Taters can be mo-rons, just like the fans. Don’t let that “Janquis Suk” stuff get to ya, people — just write it off to Jealousy, Envy, or the Deadly Sin of your choice…!
    Biggest thing I gotta keep chanting is, “It’s only April. It’s only April” — hey, for perspective right now, even the NATS are playing winning beisbol, and Pudge Rodriguez leads the NL with a .444 batting average — so it’s REALLY early — but I sure am liking what I’m seeing!!

  12. Jane Heller

    I didn’t forget to mention that Hughes’ parents were at the game, seindsfeld. I assumed everyone already knew it. And why would it be embarrassing? Harlan Chamberlain comes to plenty of games. So do the Jeters.

    I’ve never understood the Yankees suck thing either, rocklandyanks, particularly outside of Boston. Hughes had been pitching a gem. I say show some class and applaud, but I guess that’s asking too much.

    Jonah, I’ve been reading about the low attendance in Toronto. The Jays has been doing pretty well too. Maybe it’ll pick up when the Yankees come to town, but the crowd was sparse in Oakland for Tuesday’s game, but better last night.

    That “hit” was so lame, Peter. If Hughes had only found the ball after it bounced off his chest and thrown it to first, Chavez would have been out. But the road to no-hitters is littered with shouda couldas.

    I agree about Mo, Diane. We need to score a ton of runs today so there’s no need to use him. Somebody else has to step up because it’s only April and he’s 40 years old! There was talk during the game that Hughes’ pitch count was low enough that Girardi would probably have let him finish it out. Oh well.

    LOL, Peg!!!! Funny story about you and your hubby. My mother watches those encore broadcasts and talks about them like they’re in real time. I’ll say, “But the Yankees already won that game.” She’ll say, “They did?” At least today’s game is on in the afternoon.

    They definitely made the right decision, Jeff. Hughes is right where he should be in the rotation, and Joba is looking very comfortable as the eighth inning guy.

    All the commentators were jinxing it, Vig. The beat writers on Twitter were doing it too. They were saying we fans are silly for believing in jinxes! The nerve!

    Hughes showed great maturity, James. He seemed to have a plan out there and executed it. It reminded me of that game in Texas where he was pitching a no-hitter and got injured, only now he has much more experience under his belt.

  13. mikeeff

    I loved watching the reaction of his parents. they seem like really caring people. phil really looks like he’s growing into a dominant power pitcher. the fact that he’s filling out and putting on muscle while still at 23 says a lot to me. i think we have no idea of how high his ceiling might be. i know i sound like i’m rambling after a near no no, and maybe I am… but i’m excited about watching him over the next decade.

  14. Jane Heller

    You do know it’s early when the Nats are winning and Pudge is batting .444, Dave! But I’m glad for them. It must be miserable to be at the bottom of the barrel. That said, I’m glad the Yanks are off to a great start because we’ve experienced the opposite and it’s no fun.

    I keep forgetting Phil is only 23, Mike. He seems older than that, maybe because he pitches with such poise and maybe because I’ve been hearing about him for so long, coming up through the system. I hope he lives up to the promise. Staying healthy will be key. (And no, you’re not rambling. You just sound happy!)

  15. Jane Heller

    Hughes was the right choice, Jenn. And Joba belongs in the pen. So at least those questions have been answered. I know Tex will come around but he’s painful to watch right now.

  16. Jane Heller

    Yikes, kaiser. Scary indeed. The irony, of course, is that not that many of them show up at A’s games. Now that sucks.

    Hughes’ pitch count was nice and low, Paul. I think Girardi would have left him in to finish it up, had he not given up the hit, then the walk.

  17. thefreak

    Jane, let me first start by apologizing. It is MY fault that Hughes didn’t get his no-no. You see, living in NY – these west coast games are tough for me. I stayed up as long as I could. HONEST I DID! But I dozed off in the 7th. When I woke up I was the post game show. So once again, I will man up and take full responsibility for the never happening no-no. I’m sorry.

    Hughes is destined to have a no hitter. This is the second time in his short pinstripe carreer that he had flirted with one. Lets not forget the one he was throwing when he got hurt 2 years ago.

    As for Mo. He’s not quite as “lights out” as he use to be. But the man is up there in age in baseball years. So its to be expected. Plus he’s human, he’s allowed to slip on occasion.

    ok, gotta go. Its almost time to listen to the game and go for the sweep


  18. Jane Heller

    Mike, you’re sweet to man up and take responsibility for Phil’s no-no-no, but I think it was my fault. I shifted my position in my chair in the eighth inning. If I had stayed perfectly still, it would have worked out. lol. I do remember his near no-no in Texas, so I bet he’ll have other chances. Mo is totally lights out! He just got off to a funky start in that inning last night. Don’t even think he’s human! I’ve got today’s game on, and CC gave up 3 in the first. Ugh.

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