Our Chanting For Javy Worked!

Clearly, all Vazquez needed was for people on this blog to chant something, like members of a cult.
He had a high pitch count, but was otherwise impressive over five innings, only allowing a run. But Girardi brought him back for the sixth (why?) and Granderson and Cano let a ball drop between them (why?), and Suzuki hit a two-run shot that was probably the result of Javy thinking: I should be out of this inning. But he pitched well enough to get the win and he did. As for offense, the first three runs were cheap ones thanks to Gio Gonzalez’s control problems. But then came A-Rod.
I think that ball is still traveling. By now it should be somewhere over the Pacific, heading for Bora Bora. Boone Logan made sort of a mess of things in the seventh, loading the bases. But Joba came to our rescue in that inning and the next.
Marte walked the leadoff batter in the ninth. Girardi immediately pulled him for Mo, even though it was a non-save situation. I love seeing The God of Closers, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t love when the other relievers force him to be his own set-up man. And am I missing something? What’s the point of having Mitre on the roster if Girardi never uses him? I suddenly feel the urge to post a pic of Sergio, just to remind myself of his existence.
The good news is the Yankees continued their winning ways. It was cold in Oakland. They were jet lagged. Jeter was coughing. But all is well in Yankeeville.


  1. devilabrit

    Isn’t it scary though that what was once a town where you had an expectation of at 70-30 percentage of a win and then you realize this year that team is actually doing very well, something is out of alignment in the universe….:-)

    Phillies Outside

  2. thefreak

    Was my prediction spot on or what…….. I said the yanks don’t do well against leftys they’ve never seen and they get 3 runs in the first. I said the Yanks will get the win but Javy won’t. And Javy DID get the wind. MAN I’M TIRED OF BEING RIGHT ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! lol

    It was a good game last night (I made it til the 6th then went to bed). Nice to see/hear my man Joba (yes I have his jersey) do what we expect him to do.

    Jane, you like interacting so I know you’ll respond to the blog posts. As do I. Add that to the fact that your a yankee fan and one helleva blogger and THAT is why I’m here.


  3. ladyjane303

    Tough being on the east coast when the games are on the west coast. That was a kinda-long, kinda boring game and I fell asleep around the 5th. Glad to wake up this morning and see the W, especially for Javy.

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I guess we’ll be chanting once a week then!

    My handy dandy pillow speaker is great for the West Coast games. I fell asleep really quickly, but woke up to hear Sterling say “The Yankees win!” (He didn’t warble last night.) Dozed off, heard on the recap that Teixiera got a double, so I fell asleep with a smile on my face and had sweet dreams!


  5. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    Thank you, you added two hours to my night’s sleep. I fell asleep when we were up 6-1. Then woke up at 4:20 with YES still blaring on my TV and showing the encore presentation. I saw umpire Ed Rapuano take that shot to the mask and the trainer tending to him and while that was happening something went wrong with Time-Warner’s digital signal and I lost YES.

    YES was still available on the regular cable feed, and by the time I got there I was seeing that ball drop between Granderson and the infield, which was followed by Suzuki’s home run. The encore broadcast cuts things out anyway, so I wasn’t sure if the batter who got that bloop hit was the one who fouled the pitch into Jorge and Rapuano’s mask. The only thing I heard was Ken Singleton saying there was a thirteen minute delay while Ron Kulpa went downstairs and dressed to get behind the plate.

    Anyway, my reason for thanking you is that I checked here and got your game recap and once I knew the outcome, I was happily back to the land of Nod shortly after 4:30AM EDT.

  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Oh Jeff, those boo birds are NOT true Yankee fans, just “Yankees-come-lately” fans. They’ll be off booing and wearing some non-team colored hat for someone else soon enough.

  7. kozmo

    Javy was overall good, and it was good to see him fan 6–although it contributed to a relatively high pitch count (98 through 5, 107 in all) for 5 1/3. I do hope that the booing segment of Yankees fans–unquestionably smaller than the blanket implication in Jeff’s comment, given the broad outrage among Yankees bloggers and commenters that it sparked–abates from this. Curiously, Javy got booed at home for a statistical start (5 1/3 IP, 6 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 4 K, 100 pitches) relatively similar to what he provided last night (5 1/3 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 6 K, 107 pitches). Perspective matters; so does a lead from good offense.

    Speaking of offense, A-Rod blast was something, especially on a cool night. What a rocket.

    Five straight; all is good–and that’s with Johnson and Teixeira struggling at the plate.

    Jason from The Heartland

  8. James Buxton

    Well, he got the W, we got a chant and a very good vibe here in your blog Jane. It would be nice to have some time to “The Chants” every day Javy starts (and wen somebody is not doing well). After all we are Yankee Fans and the “interplanetary good vibe zone” of the universe is on our side.

  9. dschaub@gpo.gov

    “Javy Krishna, Javy Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Javy Javy…”
    — now why didn’t I think of that? Leave it to you, o sage She-Fan, to come up with the right incantation (or at least inspire one)…!
    Welcome back, Senor Vazquez. Now, like you say, if we can only get Certain Hitters back on track, not to mention Certain Relievers (and yes, please, I’d like to sample the Meat Tray again — he is a handsome lad, so say you other she-fans out there in the ether) — so perhaps he’ll pitch handsomely as well.
    And yes, when it comes to Good Luck Talismans — Jane, you already know of my Wall of Fame in the basement at home, festooned with Yankee items, including many action figures still in their packages — Babe, Joe D., Mickey, Yogi, Reggie, Jeet, Bernie, etc. — well, just last weekend, I hung up one that I got last summer, then misplaced and forgot — some pitcher named Chamberlain — let’s hope the mojo keeps workin’!!

  10. Jane Heller

    Peter, maybe it’s just early here in CA as I’m reading your comment, but I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. If it had to do with the Yankees winning as opposed to getting off to a slow start, I’m cool with the universe being out of alignment.

    Yeah, your prediction was right on the money, Mike. LOL. Joba looked really, really good last night – almost like the Joba of 2007. He came in with bases loaded, took care of business, came back out for the eighth and took care of more business. Very efficient. And you bet I like interacting. You guys are my buddies!

    It was more than kinda boring, ladyjane. It was a downright snoozer – even for me on the west coast. All those walks just made the game take forever, plus the delay over the ump change. It wasn’t pretty, but at least it resulted in a “W.”

    We might have to try the chant again for Javy’s next start, Melissa. He looked better last night but not ready to fly on his own, without our input. His velocity wasn’t there and there were two DPs that got him out of jams (both well fielded by him). And yes, Tex had a double. Slowly, he seems to be coming out of his funk.

    Are you suggesting that Cardinals fans don’t boo, Jeff? ‘Cuz I seem to remember reading just the other day that Holliday got booed in St. Louis. Am I wrong?

    Happy to help, jojovanb. Normally I love west coast games because they start at 7pm here and I can actually get in a full day of work before I settle in. But last night was a chore. Ten walks? Joe West would have been appalled at how the Yankees worked counts. Things got a little hairy when Boone Logan was in with bases loaded in the seventh, but Joba really did shut the A’s down. Whew.

    Jason, you’re so right about perception. Javy was good enough last night – no more, no less – and yet the fact that Girardi pulled him in time for him NOT to get the loss was important. I would have been happier if he’d pulled him after the fifth – before Cano/Granderson did their two stooges act and Suzuki went deep. But he got the win and the wrestling belt from the players, so maybe it was a confidence boost for him. That blast from A-Rod was huge. Wow. I’m glad he’s on our side.

    I don’t blame you, lrkaserman. It was long delay. Hope the ump is OK. All you missed was Boone Logan getting flustered by a Jeter miscue, Joba being superb, Marte not throwing strikes and Mo being Mo.

    Javy Krishna. LOL. I didn’t even think of that when I posted the pic, Dave. Clueless, right? The Mitre thing is strange. Girardi had Aceves warming when it looked like Javy might not get out of the fifth. But no Sergio. Has he vanished? What purpose is he serving if not to pitch in long relief of a pitcher who might be tiring in the fifth? I think your Joba talisman is working!

  11. Jane Heller

    Yeah, think about it and get back to us, Paul. Mitre is there because….

    Yay, we got the good vibe going, James. I sure hope the universe is on our side, but tonight’s another night. I’m leaving the “W” up to the players. lol.

  12. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    I’m so happy our chant worked! I didn’t see any of the game as it started after 10:00 east coast time and I was already sound asleep. I’m looking forward to some afternoon west coast games.
    Should we do a rain dance (win-dance) for Phi Hughes? I think he will do well tonight against Ben Sheets. A-Rod and Tex seem to be awakening, and woe to all other teams! It’s almost scary how good we are now and what our potential is for the rest of the year. I LOVE IT!
    Go Yankees!!

  13. cookie4

    I am curious about what OCD behaviors “YankeeCase” has planned for Phil tonight. I kinda wonder what he was doing with his other foot while the bean crushing, oreo-dipping and baseball card holding was occupying his hands and foot.
    Anyway, I predict Phil will throw pills tonight. The boys need to get him some runs early, as they did for Javy. I also like the weekly chanting idea. This is obviously a very spiritual group !

  14. Jane Heller

    A very spiritual group, Cookie. HAHA. We try to get our boys a win no matter what it takes. I’d love to see Hughes have another good start tonight. He really needs to throw strikes and not nibble. I do not want to see walks!

  15. southernbelle

    Jane: Oh, I just knew my Javier would win last night. Something told me he would. Congrats to him! Jane, are you okay? You miss Mitre? That doesn’t sound like you. Haha, but that’s fine with me…seeing his pic is always a pleasure 😉
    I GOT MY COOKIES IN THE MAIL!!!! They are deeeeelish…and the tin is adorable. Thanks for that opportunity Jane!
    I’ll try to do my regular blog tomorrow.

  16. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I thought maybe me calling him Vasqueeze would have a negative effect, but he did pretty good. I think he could have finished the 6th, but when the umpire got hit, he was standing on the mound for about 10 minutes while the ump got his marbles together. It started making me aggreviated and I knew once he got back to pitching he’d give up a homer. I know he was over 100 pitches, but still, if the umps want to shorten the game, he should have realized he was seeing stars and just switched places. But Joba as superman? Who could have seen that before the season 😛 Btw, I like Boone Logan only because he has a cool name. 😀

  17. Jane Heller

    Kathleen, you didn’t miss a very exciting game. I was nodding out and it wasn’t even late on the west coast. Yes, let’s do a victory dance for Hughes. I love that A-Rod and Tex are waking up. That homer A-Rod hit last night woke everybody up. It was a rocket. I’ll be interested to see how Ben Sheets does, given all the Hot Stove talk about him this winter.

    I didn’t say I MISS Mitre, Virginia. I said I didn’t understand why he’s on the roster if Girardi doesn’t use him! He’s your baby, not mine, but I’d like to see him get a chance to pitch. So glad you got your cookies!!!! Enjoy them. And give one to your Yankees loving grandma.

    I don’t think it was the delay over the umpire switch that caused Javy to give up the homer, seindsfeld. I think he was out of gas, plus the dropped ball between Cano and Granderson didn’t help his concentration. I love the name Boone Logan too! There were a lot of cool names last night, including Travis Buck.

    I agree, Mike. He was staying away from his fastball for sure. He says he’s still working on his mechanics, but that was a little troubling.

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