Prediction: Javy Gets Win #1 Tuesday Night

OK, so I’m doing some positive thinking here. I’m looking at a photo of Vazquez and repeating over and over, “You will pitch really really well against the A’s.” Here, you try it.
You will pitch really really well against the A’s.” Good. Maybe our group chant will help. It’s way to early in the season to panic about him, regardless of what happened in ’04 or in his first two starts this year. He knows how to pitch. He throws strikes. He’s not a kid anymore. He sounds like he wants to show everybody he can be a winner in pinstripes.
Is it me, or does Kim Jones sound like she’s paying condolences at a funeral whenever she does a post game interview after a loss?
Anyhow, Vazquez will be facing off against a young A’s pitcher named Gio Gonzalez – the lefty who came over to the A’s in the trade with the White Sox for Nick Swisher. Small world, right?
Gio (love the name – sounds like a type of electric car) was the White Sox’s #1 prospect and is said to have a “devastating curveball.” But take a look at his arm during his delivery.
It’s going backwards. Or something. If I were a Yankees batter, I’d work the count and figure that the ball won’t be going anywhere near the plate. But since I’m only a fan, I’ll keep looking at Javy’s picture and chanting. “You will pitch really really well against the A’s.”


  1. Jane Heller

    You’re famous, seindsfeld! They used your home run call for Tex! Yup, the A’s could be trouble, but then the Yanks are pretty scary right now. Should be a good series if the weather holds (supposed to rain this week here in CA). Doesn’t Kim sound like someone died in that interview?

  2. angelsgirl012

    Hmm… he’s quite handsome.

    Uhhhh just a little random side note there 😛

    She does sound a little bit sad haha I guess she was trying to be fair and respectful. His history with the Yankees aren’t very good is it? Hopefully he redeems himself!

    A’s are surprisingly doing well at the moment so hopefully “HE WILL PITCH WELL AGAINST THE A’S HE WILL PITCH WELL AGAINST THE A’S!” 😀


    Kim Jones always gets on my nerves but naturally I support women in the role of sports broadcaster. Nancy Newman, for example, does a very professional job.

    I will chant with the group but I don’t want to put any added pressure on Vasquez – as a team, they will score sufficient runs to get a win out of this evening, whether or not its a “W” for him. And as things seem to have worked so far this season, the hitters will get used to the young pitcher in the first couple of “at-bats” and then they will knock him around. GO YANKEES!!!

  4. cheshirecat9

    Ha! That’s funny that you said that about Kim Jones. She used to really annoy me because of that tone she uses after a loss. I like her style the rest of the time, though so I guess the Yankees will just have to keep on winning. YOU WILL PITCH REALLY WELL AGAINST THE A’S. YOU WILL PITCH REALLY WELL AGAINST THE A’S.


    Yes, oh yes…luv that Group Positive Thinkin’ Stuff…
    Hopefully, being 3000-some miles away from Noo Yawk will help Javy think he’s back in Atlanta, and relax him, or something…don’t know much about how he pitches, but one thing I do know is that I were a pitcher, I’d luuuuv all that foul territory in Oakland’s ballpark…where foul pops go to die!!
    And the Captain has one special memory there too, of nine years ago, and a certain Giambi brother?
    So let’s Javy A Little Faith, like She-Fan sez…dance a Javy Negila, if it helps…Javy Nice Day…Javy Nuff 4 Every 1…hey, that would make a nice final score…ya think?!

  6. Jane Heller

    Excellent chanting, diamondgirl. I know you have a vested interest in the Yankees beating the A’s, so maybe our collective positive thinking will do the trick.

    The same is true for you, Mimi. Diamondgirl is for the Mariners and you’re for the Angels, so all together: The Yankees will beat the A’s tonight!

    I think Kim mostly asks good questions, Diane, and she actually speaks in complete sentences, which some of the sideline reporters don’t. I just always laugh when she approaches players who’ve stunk it up and she takes on this very somber tone. I hope our hitters can figure out Gio – early and often. They do like fastballs and he’s known for his curve, so that raised a red flag for me. Fingers crossed.

    My sentiments exactly about Kim, cheshirecat. Mostly, I think she does a very good job. Very good chant. I can hear you all the way in California.

    Well, I suppose he could get booed by A’s fans, Jeff, but I’m hoping that a change of scenery will make him forget those boo birds in the Bronx.

    According to that video, Dave, Javy wasn’t nervous, doesn’t mind the booing, is only having mechanical trouble. We’ll see. But you’re right about that ballpark. Plenty of foul territory and hard to hit homers, which he does have a tendency to give up. So he couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere except that it’s supposed to rain. I will Javy A Little Faith. 🙂

  7. crzblue2

    I love the name GIo too! We used to have Giovanni Carrara wtih us a few years back. We called him Gio. And that is a weird what he does to his arm. So it will Javy and Gio!
    Keep the chant going but please to rain!

  8. Jane Heller

    I can’t tell if Gio really does have a weird delivery, Emma, or it’s just the picture. I guess I’ll see later tonight. It’s raining here right now – lightly – so maybe it won’t make it up to the Bay Area until tomorrow?

  9. James Buxton

    (“You will pitch really really well against the A’s.” + the chant from mimi) x all of us doing it all day long = Javy # 1.
    I have a lot of faith on him. Please go along with the chants…
    Gio looks like a great kid, but since we’re Yankees fans, let’s keep the chants. Great idea Jane.

  10. Jane Heller

    I already did my Don’t-Boo-Javy dance, Paul. If he wins games, that’ll put an end to it – maybe as early as tonight.

  11. wetfeet

    Well our horse lost a shoe, our mule buckeled under the load and after the third game we are going to take our lame donkey and limp home. P. S. It is ok if you want to pound OAKLAND it will make it easier for us to catch-up! Congrads on the win. Just keep in mind you have to play the RANGERS next at our home park, we will keep the heat turned up for you, We would not want you to get cold when you visit TEXAS!

  12. thefreak

    Have the Yankees seen this kids before? If not, they don’t do well against left handed pitchers they haven’t faced before. Now I’m not saying the bombers won’t win. But I think they will have to knock the starter out first and attack the bullpen.

    Javy will not get the win. But at least he won’t get the loss either.

    I don’t like Kim. I use to read her blog, but that snooty bitch never respondes to me so the hell with her.



    Javy: you will pitch really well against the As. I javy good feeling about it!

    Kim Jones is a wee bit annoying, but not any more than any other reporter that asks the dumb questions. (“How did it feel when you caught the final out of the World Series?” “What did it mean to you that your team just won the biggest game in its history?”) Her “funeral voice” is funny though!

    All the pitchers look alien when they are pitching. Pettite also has some crazy photos. In this one he looks like his head was put on his body backwards:

    I read somewhere once that the reason there are so many rotator cuff injuries is that it is the part that keeps a pitcher’s arm from flying towards home plate at 90 mph. Ouch!

    PS Granderson has a new post on his blog and YES, he does write it himself.,235241

    What’s with Martha Stewart? Sheesh. Maybe Arod will go out with her: she IS a blonde celebrity.

  14. Jane Heller

    The Yankees love hot weather, wetfeet! So turn it up for when we get to Texas.

    I doubt they’ve faced Gio before, Mike, since he’s pretty much a rookie. Not sure. I always worry when it’s a new guy they’re up against, but as you say maybe they’ll knock him out and attack the pen. And Javy WILL get the win! So I guess if I don’t respond to you on this blog, you won’t like me either? Sniff.

  15. cookie4

    Jane, from your mouth to G-d’s ears as they say… I WILL be chanting in Maryland…
    As an aside, does it bother anyone else that in the Yanks postgame interviews you can’t hear the question from any other reporter EXCEPT Kim ? I KNOW it’s a YESNETWORK show, but come on…ALL of the questions are interesting and knowing the question makes understanding the answer much easier !

    As far as the A’s go, they are a quick, opportunistic team, so I hope the Yanks’ defense stays strong. Here’s where the infield guys will appreciate Texiera.

  16. Jane Heller

    I love that Granderson was at Target buying stuff for his apartment, Melissa! (And very cool that he writes his own blog.) He sounds like such a down to earth guy. I’d be more than happy to be his personal shopper though, as well as real estate agent, restaurant guide and anything else he needs in his transition!

  17. Jane Heller

    Oops. Just saw your comment after I’d already hit “submit,” Cookie. I agree that it would be helpful to hear the questions from other media people in those YES post game shows. Good point! So the A’s are opportunistic? Then you’re right; our defense needs to be crisp…and Javy needs to pitch well. (More chanting.)


    Wow! Did everyone hear that the President of the Colorado Rockies was found dead in a hotel room. He was only 48 years old and they said it was believed to be natural causes. He looked healthy by the pictures I’ve seen. That’s horrible.

  19. Jane Heller

    I heard about it this morning CA time, Diane. Former football in great shape – and only days after his pitcher threw a no-hitter. I guess he had a medical condition no one knew about or expected. Very sad.


    I can’t believe so many people think Kim Jones is annoying, I think she’s great. I’ve always wanted her to call a game with Michael Kay, but if she sounds like this after a lose, I don’t think I’d want to hear her through a whole bad game, it’d be like her giving a eulogy for 3 hours. But how do you do the “Don’t-Boo-Javy dance” I think we should all do it too. Also I meant to say before, watching a pitcher pitch in slow motion is one of the most disgusting things. Since their arm goes in every direction at once. lol

  21. Jane Heller

    I don’t think she’s annoying, seindsfeld. I just think it’s funny how her voice goes all funereal when she’s interviewing somebody after a bad game – or, as you say, a eulogy. You’re right about pitchers motions. It’s a miracle they don’t all need Tommy John surgery.


    I’m late to the chant, but “Go Javy, Go Javy, Go Javy”! The pundits on XM 175 have him winning tonight because he is as far from NYC as he can get!! He needs some positive reinforcement, and he shouldn’t get booed in Oakland.
    How about the Bosox? It is almost too pathetic to even tease a Bosox fan. It is like kicking a person with a broken leg who has fallen on the ground. It’s no fun! Now they know how WE usually feel this time of year!!!!

  23. Jane Heller

    Javy’s just about to pitch the first inning, Kathleen. So here we go. LET’S DO IT, JAVY! The Yanks staked him to a three-run lead, so he should be feeling confident.

  24. Jane Heller

    Well, three runs is a good start, Brendan. Trouble is, he doesn’t look comfortable with his fastball…yet.

  25. Jane Heller

    No, seindsfeld, I don’t. lol. And he’s doing really well tonight, so we might just want to hang onto him.

    Good thought, Viz, but Gio is now out of the game so no granny for Tex. At least not yet. Javy is looking great through 4.

  26. YankeeCase

    Wow, that’s not a good road to head down… Chanting may lead to an upswing in OCD behavior since he did actually win tonight. According to a real study, and not some arbitrary number I might have made up, OCD leads to an approximately 168% increase in superstitious ticks and holding of breath.

    Before you know it, you’re holding your Robinson Cano card in one hand every time he’s up with men in scoring position, dipping Oreo’s in milk with your toes, while crushing Boston Baked Beans with your free hand.

    And don’t forget the obsessive Cheerios eating once the Yanks get to the bullpen, doing jumping jacks until you get that double play when an opposing batter reaches first, slapping yourself in the face with a wet (and possibly moldy) kitchen rag to help A-Rod hit two home runs including a grand slam in the final game of the year so he finishes with a 13th consecutive year at 30/100, and of course playing Enter Sandman on Guitar Hero on your other TV every time Mariano enters the game for a save (for a save only. doing so when he’s just getting some work in is just ridiculous!!).

    Ha, not that that’s anyone I know or anything…

    Just, you know, be careful.

    But yes, you can thank me for Alex’s numbers last year.

  27. Jane Heller

    YankeeCase, I think the obsessive Cheerios eating is my favorite. Slapping myself in the face? Not so much. Very funny stuff.

    Aren’t we all a little OCD when it comes to the Yankees, Cookie? I know I am.

  28. cookie4

    YankeeCase, I think I love you ! Your OCD behaviors (not that I am assuming those behaviors are yours !) are fairly close in irrationality and irrelevancy to my own ! What a team we made last year, huh ?

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