You Know Things Are Going Well When…

1) The Captain gets sick…
…and his last minute replacement knocks in two runs with a single.
2)  Tex, The April Slumper, goes deep for the first time this season. Talk about getting rid of that monkey on his back.
3) Rangers manager Ron Washington compares Brett Gardner to this guy.
ichiro suzuki.jpg
4) Pettitte and Mo pitch like it’s 1996.
5) Nick Johnson doesn’t so much as put his bat on the ball (he either strikes out or walks), but the Yankees still manage to sweep the Rangers.
Will life always be this charmed for Yankee fans? Of course not. The trip to California could be treacherous for our boys. And no, I’m not referring to earthquakes, wildfires or mudslides. I’m not even thinking about Coco Crisp, now with the A’s, even though he could walk right up to Javy Vazquez on Tuesday and pull one of these.
I’m talking about…Actually, I don’t even know who’s on the A’s anymore so I’m not sure which players to be afraid of. I do know that Chad Gaudin and Edwar Ramirez have donned the A’s uniform and will be getting their World Series rings this week. 
I wonder if Edwar is eating. I really hope he hasn’t lost any more weight.


  1. angelsgirl012

    hahaha πŸ™‚

    Yeah! The Yankees are doing well as of late. A lot of people are predicting the yankees are going to go all the way again. I know it’s still early for those kind of predictions though πŸ™‚



    With Derek having that head cold and Ramiro PenΓ  driving in the go-ahead runs, I was wishing I had a Wally Pipp picture to forward you. Not that any of us would recognize Mr. Pipp anyway, but the story of his headache was a big reason (along with relatively good health) for why I never called in sick for the first twenty-two years of my career.

    I still have a pretty good attendance record, but I’ve changed the reason. Now, I go to work because I don’t want the boss to find out how easily the company could get along without me. πŸ™‚

  3. James Buxton

    This was a delightful weekend. Our Boys are doing an excellent job (the sweep to the Rangers was a feast). I’m just waiting for a win from Javy. Talking about greatness, the no-hitter from Ubaldo Jimenez was a thrill. Will we be able to see a no-hitter or a perfect game from one of our starting pitchers in a near future? (CC was sooo close). I hope the rhythm issues from Javy are over and the winning streak goes on an on; it also helps when the Red Sox are losing.

  4. Jane Heller

    Yes, too early to predict, Mimi. I’m too superstitious anyway. But a great start is more fun than a slow one. That much I know.

    Funny you mention Wally Pipp, jojovanb. Someone on Twitter brought up his name for the same reason. None of us is indispensable but I don’t think Jeter’s job is in jeopardy. πŸ™‚ Is it really true that you didn’t call in sick for 22 years? You’re a regular Iron Horse!

    The no-hitter was very exciting, James. I didn’t see the game, but it was quite an accomplishment for Jimenez and a first for the Rockies. Nice. As for the Yankees, I bet CC will come close again – and succeed. I’ve always thought A.J has no-hitter stuff, so if he stays healthy he has a shot. Meanwhile, I just want Javy to get a win!


    Texas Rangers had the best ERA and were above 500 coming into this series…if this is any inclination, the Yankees this season will be scary good. And what? The Mets lost again? And the Red Sox got swept? I’ve gotten used to the Yankees slow start, hopefully they won’t have a slow finish. But geez, Pettitte is drinking from the fountain of youth. This west coast trip will be an interesting early test since usually they have struggled out there. Teix Marks the spot! woohoo! πŸ˜€


    Another amazing victory all around. And Andy going 8 full innings!!?? That’s incredible. A sweep followed by a day off before starting the west coast road trip are good things. Looking forward to continued consistent performance.

    After the Yankees victory, I went to see a soft ball doubleheader at a local park where two friends played. They won both ends — 35 to 2 and 26 to 5. Crazy games.

  7. ooaooa

    The boys are in your court (neighborhood) this week. I am confident you will make them welcome. Are you going to a game?

    P.S. Haven’t heard how you miss Damon anymore. Granderson and Gardner are doing just fine!


    My dear departed Grandma had an old country expression that went: “Everything’s lovely, and the goose hangs high.” Well, that about says it for the first two weeks, eh? Now, if our relief corps can keep channeling the Goose, as in our HOF’er Mr. Gossage, than that’s alright with me…!
    But when we wend our way westward, well…it’s so true…’tis usually a true challenge for the Bomber Boyz. Jane’s Jet Lag? Plus we easterners can never stay up late enough to watch — well, maybe if the hockey team of your choice has just finished an OT playoff game…and you’re still wide awake…?
    Hey, Diane — fun to learn about your softball-watching exploits. Slow-pitch, I assume, and mercy rules too…that’s what I umpire this time of year…but no fun to be on the wrong end of that stuff (nor to be umpin’ it)!!

  9. Jane Heller

    The Rangers came into town very hot, seindsfeld. And I guess we should consider ourselves lucky we limited Nelson Cruz to that one homer, since he was on such a tear. Pettitte does look like he’s been drinking from the fountain of youth, with the addition of incredible maturity as a pitcher. He’s able to turn things around when his mechanics aren’t working and not panic.

    LOL, levelboss. Poor Edwar. I hope we don’t swing and miss at that crazy pitch of his.

    Consistency. That’s the word, Diane. As long as we keep getting good performances from our starters and don’t overuse the bullpen – AND continue to play good defense – I think the success will continue. Oh, and it wouldn’t be a terrible thing if the two Nicks started hitting. Congrats to your softball playing friends. Sounds like fun.

    Thanks for the link, Melissa. Who knows if Curtis had the time to write the blog himself, but no matter. It was smart and heartfelt and I just love the guy! We’re so lucky to have him in pinstripes.

    I agree, Jeff. I think Washington was overstating things just a tad. But Gardner was messing with the Rangers’ heads all weekend with his speed, so I know what he meant. He was essentially calling Gardner a pest.

    Yes, the boys are in my state, John, and I’ve already invited them over for dinner on their way south from Oakland to Anaheim. Funny that I haven’t had a single RSVP from their traveling secretary. Oh well. The bad news is there’s a forecast for rain here – rain in April just doesn’t happen! – and I’m a little worried about the Oakland games. Hopefully, the weather guys are wrong and the storm will stay in my area. Damon? Yeah, I still miss him. I’m sure it’ll be sad when Detroit comes to the Bronx. But I’m happy with “the G Boys.”

    I know the west coast games are a pain in the butt for east coasters, Dave. Who can stay up that late? But for me they’re heaven. I can actually get some work done and then watch at a civilized 7 pm! Hooray!



    The 22 year thing is basically true. I took days off for funerals and when my kids were born, but no “sick days.” I had a couple of flu bugs during those years, but they happened to hit me on long-weekends and once during a planned vacation.

    My reward came when that employer “no longer needed my services” and gave me a 6-month severance package.

  11. Jane Heller

    How convenient that your flu bugs attacked you on long weekends, jojovanb. (Not so much on the vacations.) And after all that time you put in, you were given the “we no longer need your services” bit? Sheesh.

    Agreed, Paul. But as I said above to Jeff, Washington’s team had just been victimized by Gardner’s ability to get on base and wreak havoc with the defense.

  12. Jane Heller

    I hope he feels better too, Cat. He insists he’ll be able to play tomorrow in Oakland so I bet he’ll be in the lineup. He doesn’t like to miss games at all.

  13. Jane Heller

    Fantasy baseball really does make people root for players they wouldn’t ordinary root for, Austin. So funny.

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