The Yankees Are Doing It All

When I lived in Florida, there was a guy who came around after hurricanes and hauled off downed tree branches, repaired leaky roofs, fixed whatever needed fixing. The name on his business card? Johnny Do It All. Today, the Yankees filled that job description with their second consecutive win against the Rangers. How?
* Fantastic starting pitching by A.J.

* Killer speed and timely hitting by Gardner.

* Home run power from Jeter and A-Rod (congrats to Alex on #584).

* Offense by Posada (congrats to JoPo on career hit #1500).

* Terrific plate discipline by Swisher and Johnson.

* Excellent relief work by Marte and Joba.
The win was a total team effort and a pleasure to watch, because it really did have a little of everything. Sure, I wish Tex would get hot already, as I wrote yesterday. And it wasn’t a pretty outing for Aceves. But Texas came into town sizzling and now they’ve already lost the series. I don’t really know what a buzz saw is, but I bet the Rangers are feeling like they’ve run into one.
Will the Yankees sweep on Sunday? Better get the broom out just in case.


  1. raysrenegade

    Only thing messy about that game was the 3-run bomb given up to Nelson Cruz, who is making people forget Josh Hamilton this year in Texas ( not sure if that is good or bad…yet).
    Interesting sidebar:
    The Rays are now 1/2 game back with tonight to play…You could go to bed either a game in front or tied with the Rays. Never would have imagined that after the first series against these two teams at the Trop.
    And the next games are a two game series in the Bronx in mid-May. Already getting fun.

    Rays Renegade


    That buzz saw pic made me spit out my water it was so funny. Anyway, yes, that Yankee game was great smooth clean, (okay maybe with a pimple) but it was as professional as it gets. As I type this I’m watching the circus game that is the 19 inning Mets Cardinals game. This is ridiculous. The player that hit a grand slam yesterday was pitching to the pitcher that gave up the grand slam a little while ago. Tex did have a hit though didn’t he? Congrats to A-Rod, and Jeter, man, maybe Tex should find out what he’s eating.


    it is fun when we are clicking on all cylinders.
    we wish you could come meet us at the game on oakland! we’re hoping to see cc in the day game on thursday. reports will follow.

  4. scofid

    It might be a bit premature to bring out the broom, but it has been a very nice series for the Yankees. I am amazed at the stat that the Yankees haven’t won the first four series of a season since 1926. Let’s hope this great start keeps going. Now, if we could only get Tex started. I am going to see the Yankees in Oakland on Wednesday night. I think Phil Hughes is on the mound. I am looking forward to it.


  5. Jane Heller

    Uh-oh. Sorry to hear about the Dodgers’ loss, Cat. I’ll have to stop by and read about what happened.

    Yes, I lived in Stuart, FL for seven years, Austin. My husband and I wanted to escape the cold northeast, so we settled in FL before heading west to CA. I met wonderful people there, but the hurricanes were not fun. And by the way, the only time I think about the Astros is when I read a comment from you and visit your blog. LOL.

    The Rays sure have been on a roll since the Yankees left town, Renegade. You must be loving it. Should be a very exciting series between our two teams the next time around.

    Tex did have a “hit,” seindsfeld. It was a broken bat infield single – not exactly a hard liner, but I’m sure he’ll take it. Too bad it didn’t lead to more. He still looks lost at the plate. I can’t believe that Mets-Cards game. It went 20 innings!!!! So funny that the buzz saw pic made you do a spit take.

    Very strange record about not winning the first four series since ’26, Scott. But as Girardi said, while getting off to a good start is better than not, it’s how you finish that counts. So excited for you about the Oakland game on Wednesday night. I can’t wait until the Yankees come to our state and the games will start at 7 pm!

  6. Jane Heller

    Barbara, I wish I could meet you there too. I should have planned ahead for the series in Oakland. I’m kicking myself. But I have to be here next week, so it’s not possible. Yes, please do report in. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  7. crzblue2

    My work sells the tickets they cannot use back to the employees for like half price but I know a few have put their names in the hat. They have 4 tix in the field level visiting side but they are not dugout seats.

  8. lenn23

    The best thing about this game is that I was able to see it! Finally, to see a Saturday afternoon game not on Fox. I don’t think the Fox blackout is completely dead, but this is a great start.

  9. Jane Heller

    Emma, I’m hoping to go to the Saturday Yanks-Dodgers game but haven’t bought the tix yet. The prices on stubhub are insane, so I’m thinking maybe they’ll go down as the game gets closer?

    I know, Len!!!!! I was expecting a blackout yesterday and was prepared to live without seeing the game. Then there it was on my Extra Innings package via the YES feed. I was elated. I swear I’ll never understand how the blackout system works, but for once it was in our favor.

    Not sure the Yankees will sweep, given the Rangers’ potent lineup, Peter. Those are good hitters over there, so Andy needs to contain them the way CC and AJ did.

    I hope you’re right, Jeff. You must be exhausted after that Mets-Cards game. TWENTY innings? Joe West must be furious.

  10. Jane Heller

    First of all, cookie, welcome! It was great “meeting” you on Facebook and I know everybody will enjoy your comments about our Yanks. You raise an interesting point about Tex, but since there’s so much precedent for him being a slow starter in April I think it’s just his usual funk. As for the blackout rules, thanks for clarifying. Any improvement is much appreciated, although someday I hope they lift their restrictions altogether (I’m probably dreaming).

    I’m afraid I’ll jinx them if I start bragging about how well they’re doing versus the Sox, Paul. You know how superstitious I am. Besides, now it’s the Rays I have to worry about!

  11. cookie4

    Has anybody commented about the possibility that Tex was more injured at the end of spring training than he would like to admit ?
    He got hit on his elbow a couple of days before they broke camp and while he seemed to come back with a couple of hits just before the season started, perhaps he is having some difficulty (either physical or mental) as a result. I haven’t read anything about that but I was just wondering…

  12. cookie4

    The blackout rules for the FOX broadcasts have changed this year (for the BETTER). Apparently, if they have a 4 p.m. game, any east coast games that start BEFORE 1:05 E.S.T. will be shown on the home feed (i.e. Yes) but NOT on the Extra Innings package. That works for me !


    Jane, What a great start for us! And, to use a “Star Trek” analogy, we are still only on impulse drive, not Warp drive yet! A-Rod (yea) hit his first homer and we are still waiting on Tex (we still love you!). If we can do so well without the two of them at full power, imagine later in the season! (Sorry about the “Star Trek” comment – my kids just finished watching the “Star Trek” movie on DVD :)). I feel so good about this season, and about Andy starting today!
    That Mets – Cards game was a doozie! And Joe West complained Yankee – Bosox games go too long! I bet the Cards feel like your saw picture! Kathleen


    Our team has been unstoppable in every aspect of the game. We haven’t started this well since the Roaring 20’s — I know that we always say, “its not how you start, its how you finish” but this has got to be a tremendous ego boost for all the players; young and old, pitchers and hitters, stars and stripes. Okay, I don’t know what “stars and stripes” meant, I just needed a third phrase to close out. Boy, do I need Mariano!!! LOL.

    Did anyone happen to watch the Mets game yesterday? I tuned in in the bottom of the 8th and man, I couldn’t turn it off. There were so many bad moves by both teams from the 8th inning until the 20th inning and it was insane how they had to have a couple of regular players pitch in the last few innings. It was a crazy game but I really enjoyed it.

    The American League all in all is a much better group of players than the National League. There were so many running errors and the hitting was really terrible. I’m sure the pitching through the first seven innings on both sides must have been incredible to keep it a 0-0 game but some of the subsequent pitchers were not that good (several times they loaded the bases with nothing to show for it). Again, I don’t see this happening in the American League.

  15. Jane Heller

    A great start for us, Kathleen. Andy’s laboring a bit today so far, but no score. Hope our bats do some mashing. I didn’t see Mets-Cards, but it sure sounds like it was a doozie!

    Stars and stripes. LOL, Diane! We all need a closer like Mo in our lives. As I said to Kathleen, I didn’t watch the Mets and Cardinals but I wish I’d seen it. What a waste of a start by Santana. Well, by both starters. Would that kind of a sloppy game happen in the AL? I think so. We’ve had some wild ones ourselves.

  16. cookie4

    If Ramiro Pena and Cervelli are now offensive threats the Yanks must feel like they are living another dream season !
    Good to see Tex’s bat wake up and his defense just continues to amaze.

  17. cookie4

    Pitching and defense… and a bit of timely hitting… ALL GOOD !
    10 errorless games… Now the Rays have to lose some…
    And a well deserved day off (for ALL of us).
    See ya on Tuesday.

  18. cookie4

    Good all around game… Pitching and defense (10 errorless games ?) and a bit of timely hitting…
    Now we can ALL take the day off tomorrow…whew, I’m exhausted !
    Now the Rays have to lose a couple…
    Think I’ll have a celebratory drink…
    Go Yanks.

  19. Jane Heller

    Absolutely, Cookie. That hit by Pena was huge. (Who needs Jeter? Just kidding.) And so good to see Tex smash one into the seats – he looked so relieved – and his defense was superb. Great win today. Andy was dandy. No day off for me. I blog 360 days a year.

    The Yanks are off to a great start, Mike. And your game last night? Oh, man. You must have been going nuts watching that. Congrats on coming out on the “W” side.

    Andy was so impressive today, Kathleen. He really gutted it out after a somewhat shaky start. And the offense? Just wow. Glad I put the pic of the broom in the post!

  20. cookie4

    Oops…sorry for repeat…didn’t think the first post went through… (or maybe I’m just doubly excited… 🙂 )

  21. Jane Heller

    Tex hit his first homer of the season today, Elizabeth, so at least he has that monkey off his back. I haven’t checked the scores. I guess Lester didn’t have a good outing?

  22. angelsgirl012

    Siighh they stole a page from the Angels .. in fact it looks like they stole an entire chapter! 😉 Just joking. We’re off to a pretty slow start and it’s a bit discouraging. Hopefully when the Yanks are on our turf we redeem ourselves!

    Ahh Sweeps feel good don’t they? lol Texas is a good team they’re definitely going to be competing later on in the division

  23. angelsgirl012

    Siighh they stole a page from the Angels .. in fact it looks like they stole an entire chapter! 😉 Just joking. We’re off to a pretty slow start and it’s a bit discouraging. Hopefully when the Yanks are on our turf we redeem ourselves!

    Ahh Sweeps feel good don’t they? lol Texas is a good team they’re definitely going to be competing later on in the division

  24. Jane Heller

    I have no doubt that the Angels will kick it up another gear, Mimi. They always manage to bedevil the Yanks, so next weekend’s series should be a good one. And yes, sweeps are excellent when you’re on the winning end!

  25. Jane Heller

    I didn’t get tickets this time, Cookie. The drive down to Anaheim is about two and a half hours (without traffic), and this is a particularly busy week for me, writing wise. Also, Angel Stadium is not my favorite ballpark — well, except when I went to see the Yanks in the ALCS last year. Now that was fun.

  26. cookie4

    I can imagine it was great fun. I got to go up to NY to see the 2nd game of that series (the one where AROD tied it up in the bottom of the 9th off Fuentes). It was a miserable, cold, rainy evening and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more !!! Saw Jerry Hairston slide into home at 1 a.m. What a great way to end the game.

  27. cookie4

    I was EXHAUSTED but ecstatic. It was great to see the Yanks beat their perennial nemesis and I think Arod finally lost the “choke” label after that game.

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