The Rangers only made one error, according to the official scorer, but they played a sloppy defensive game, rain or no rain. That said, the Yankees 5-1 win belonged to CC. He looked as dominant through six innings as he did when he almost no-hit the Rays. I mean, nine strikeouts and zero walks in an efficient one-hour contest? 
No spectacular offensive output to talk about, but what I can’t help mentioning is Tex’s continuing struggle at the plate. I know. He’ll be fine. I’m not worried. I’m just perplexed. How does such a talented guy not hit in the month of April? What’s that about? And does he need help?
Yankees, do Tex a favor. Treat him to a consultation with a bona fide shrink. Maybe his April slump is rooted in something traumatic that happened during his childhood.



    Ahh what a great day all around, the Yankees won, Devils won, Mets lost…But this short called game made me think, maybe a way to shorten the baseball games is rain. Why not? After the top of the 5th, if the umps think the game is slowing down and becoming a snooze fest they can say “Boring Delay” or “Why is it taking you half an hour to throw a pitch delay” they talk about it, and call the game if they want. Sure it would be bad if the team you liked got the boot, but those are the new rules. As for Teix, I sure hope someone sends him a text message soon. Also Jane, I was wondering what you thought about this call when Cano hits a homer, instead of Sterling’s “Robbie Cano, don’t you know” “Cano, can go, all the way!” I made it up my self… πŸ˜€ 7-3!


    a win and the rain allowed cc to not throw many pitches and rest the bullpen. a good night for sure.
    as for tex it is nice to know that he will hit. so if we win without him now, we know that someday we will need him and he will deliver. i’d be upset if we were losing. i am a therapist so he is welcome to come to my office for help anytime that he needs.


    A win is a win, regardless of the innings…and giving the bullpen a rest is always a good thing. I’m not thrilled that Chan Ho Park (“Chopper”) is going on the DL but the new kid looks pretty exciting. My husband thinks they told Chopper he was injured so they could get a look at the new arm…its always a conspiracy in his eyes.

    Peggy – yes, the date for Tommy James is May 22nd. I’m jealous you are going to both games this weekend – I think its calendar weekend; isn’t it? We usually have tickets for one of the calendar games but we haven’t picked up any tickets yet for this season. It was so much easier when we had the Sunday home package, like at the old home. Ah well, I’m sure we’ll be there soon.

    Actually, Jane, I am a little nervous about Tex. I know he always starts the season slowly and has always come back big time. But his swings are just awful and I think there is something in his head that he needs to get out of there. Its clearly not physical, and I know he’s still thrilled to be in pinstripes, so he’s got to worth this out and soon. GO YANKEES!!!

  4. Jane Heller

    Yeah, seindsfeld, Joe West couldn’t complain about last night’s game. He would probably be totally for rain-shortened games. I, on the other hand, prefer to see games played to their natural conclusions! No offense, but I think Sterling should stick with his HR call for Cano. LOL.

    I thought the same thing about resting the pen, Barbara, especially now that Park is on the DL. Since you’re a therapist and Kay and Flaherty kept saying last night that Tex’s problems at the plate were mental, what would you recommend? Could we get him into your office for a little chat?

    Not good news, Mike. I hope they get the game in. And I know that Peggy, a BFF of this blog, will be there today so I hope she dresses for the weather.

    I hope Park won’t turn out to be injury prone, Diane. He had a hammy problem with the Phillies, but they said it was in a different spot. Just don’t want it to be a chronic thing with him. The thing with Tex is he does look awful at the plate, not just unlucky. He’s not even hitting the ball hard at somebody. So his timing is off, and it must be in his head since he works hard in the cage and all that. So weird, especially because it happens every year. Of course I wouldn’t mind if A-Rod got his first homer out of the way, but at least he’s been hitting.

    I cracked up when I saw that pic, Jeff. I was looking for a kid in therapy and getting nowhere, so I decided to look for little leaguers and found the Philly kid. Throws like a girl or what!


    so my dad and i were off to barcelona today but due to the volcano our flights were cancelled and we’re off san fran/oakland to see the yankees play the as instead. we just went on line to see about getting tickets and there are plenty available!
    ps perhaps i could counsel tex while i’m out there!

  6. raysrenegade

    Why is it every time I hear the Rangers name Tonto comes into my mind. It might be the basic fact that it takes two to make a mistake, error or even seem to go down in flames in the baseball game.
    It is never just the “pitcher” or “batters” fault but a convoluted expose’ of some players on some teams’ collective wiring getting screwed up and oddball plays seem to happen.
    Best thing is that no one got hurt, and there is no collateral damage. But then again, you at least got to finish your game even if it did take the patience of Job and the parting of the clay seas by the Umpiring crew to get it in….

    Rays Renegade

  7. wetfeet

    Well Jane it looks like my Rangers two horses lost a shoe on the way to the first 2 games, maybe they can saddle up one of our mules and make it thru and win the third game. Congrats on the wins

  8. Jane Heller

    So sorry your trip to Barcelona was canceled, Barbara, but I’m thrilled you’re coming to CA to see the Yanks! I wish you and your dad could take a detour and drive down to SB to see me, but at least you’ll be on this coast. While you’re at the games, please talk to Tex. I’m sure he’d be very open to whatever guidance you can give him.

    I didn’t think about the money part, raysfanboy. I was just happy the Yanks didn’t have to play in wet conditions and nobody got hurt.

    I wish your game could have been completed before the rains came, Renegade. I was watching the last couple of innings and wondering if it would end up deadlocked, and so it did.

    I know Tex will be fine, Virginia. He’s a slow starter. April is his worst month. Blah blah. But it can’t be fun for him. Poor baby must be tearing his hair out.

  9. Jane Heller

    Thanks, wetfeet. The Yankees got some great pitching today, which didn’t hurt at all. Back at it tomorrow.


    Man, rejected….I guess its good I didn’t tell you my other one, “Teix Mark’s the spot.” πŸ˜›

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