Hell Hath No Fury…

…like a woman scorned.

Which is what I was tonight: a woman scorned by Major League Baseball. I know, I know. MLB hosts this blog and for that I’m very grateful. But come on. All I wanted was to watch the finale of the Yankees-Angels series – to see the special tribute to Jackie Robinson, the first start of the season by Phil Hughes and anything else that was going on in the Bronx. Was that too much to ask? Apparently.
I rushed home and turned on the MLB Network, which was supposedly televising the game.
No game. I checked the clock to make sure I had the correct time. Still no game.
I flipped over to the Extra Innings baseball package, which I purchase every year through my cable provider in order to get Yankees games.
MLB Extra Iinninga.gif
No game. I browsed through every channel just in case I missed something. Still no game.
In a panic now, I turned to my computer and signed in to MLB.TV; I’d bought a premium subscription so I’d be absolutely, positively covered.
No game. What appeared on my screen instead was a black out message, along with an invitation to “watch” the game on Gameday Audio. Thanks anyway.
I ended up getting my visual images from my buddies on Twitter, while I listened to John and Suzyn via my iPhone – an exercise in futility since the audio is on about a 5-minute delay. Oh, and did I mention that when I called my cable company to complain, they said, “Have you tried KCOP-TV, the Fox affiliate that broadcasts the Angels?”
“Yes,” I said. “They’re showing ‘Dragnet.'”
I’ll stop whining except to say there was no reason for me to be blacked out. I don’t live in New York and I don’t live in Anaheim. I’m simply a fan who wants to see my team play baseball, which is why I ponied up for the MLB Network, the MLB Extra Innings Package and the MLB.TV Premium subscription. In other words, I was all MLB-ed up with nothing to show for it. (And no, I can’t get DirecTV; I live up in a canyon where a dish would blow off my roof on a regular basis.)
OK, about tonight’s game…What a wonderful tribute to Jackie Robinson and his legacy to have the Yankee named after him not only present Rachel Robinson with a dozen roses but to smack two homers off Scott Kazmir?
If Robinson Cano keeps up his torrid hitting, he’s in for a monster season – and so are the Yanks. It was great to see (sorry, I mean hear) Phil Huuuuughes notch his first win, only giving up two runs. The six strikeouts were sweet. The five walks? Not so much. Excellent offensive night for Jeter, Granderson (two triples!), A-Rod and Thames. Those zeroes for Tex? Not very thrilling. The relievers delivered after Hughes was pulled, but I was hoping Joba could finish the Angels off. Instead, Girardi called for Mo who got the save (naturally) but who shouldn’t have to clean up messes on a nightly basis.
janitor mopping.jpg
The Yankees have now won every series they’ve played – each one against a contending team. Not a bad way to kick off 2010….which leads me to my last topic of this post.
2010 Baseball Guide Cover.png
I just got my copy of Paul (aka The Prince of NY) Lebowitz’s annual baseball guide. Paul may give our Yanks a hard time in his comments here on the blog, but he knows what he’s talking about. Somehow, he keeps track of every player, manager, coach and front office honcho in the major leagues and writes coherently about all of them. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense overview of the 2010 season, complete with predictions, his book is a must read. Take his remarks about the Yankees pitching staff. He’s a Mets fan and yet he still manages to say the following:
* “C.C. Sabathia is one of the best pitchers in baseball; he’s clutch and will be a big winner and Cy Young Award contender in pinstripes for years to come.”
* “It’s when the games are biggest on the large stage that Pettitte shines. No one can ever be concerned that Pettitte isn’t going to give his all at any point; nor do they need to worry that he won’t battle his way through the toughest situations.”
* “When ‘Enter Sandman’ comes blaring over the speakers at Yankee Stadium, the game’s over. The fans know it; the players know it; and most importantly, Rivera knows it. He’s the best. Ever. End of story.”

What does he predict for the Yankees as a team?
* “The Yankees are too good, too deep and too powerful to be anything less than a playoff team….The subtraction of Damon and Matsui will be mitigated by the presence of Johnson and Granderson and the continued rise of Cano….The Yankees will roll to the division title over the depleted Red Sox.”
Does Paul think the Yankees will win another championship in 2010? Well, I can’t give away the ending, can I? Check it out for yourself…if you dare.


  1. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Geez, that almost sounds like a sports fan’s worst nightmare. Check the TV, nope, Computer? Nope…that sounds like a lot of dough you’re shelling out for not getting what you want. That’s so weird a Yankee game blacked out though? My New Jersian mind can’t comprehend it. That is pretty funny about the Dragnet though, I had to laugh, sorry πŸ˜€ But what a great start for Hughes, maybe his nickname will be HUGE, since Vasqueeze might be struggling for who knows how long. And I’m happy for Cano, maybe having Melky in another league has helped him. And of course they had to put in Mo, since he is the only player who actually has #42! I wish they’d all wear 42 every game, seems to give them all an extra jolt. πŸ˜‰ Btw, I saw on youtube you had some interviews with Julie Chen, that’s so cool, since I’m a fan of Big Brother πŸ˜›

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I think I like it when you express your anger : o
    I’m a little conflicted. I wouldn’t with-hold baseball from my worst enemy. But the fact a Yankee Fan didn’t get to watch their team for just one night kinda pleases me. There ought to be a law banning John and Susyn from polluting my air space.
    Aahhh…I’m just cranky cause I’ve been home with the flu for 3 days. Cano has been a monster so far.
    mike BTB (cough cough A-cheww)

  3. italianyankeefan@gmail.com

    Haven’t commented in awhile, but I still read you faithfully. πŸ™‚
    I just thought I’d let you know that my mother, who lives in San Luis Obispo and has MLB Extra Innings, also didn’t get the game, so I got to hear her complain (rightfully so!) about it tonight when I called her. So, if misery loves company, you weren’t alone. πŸ˜‰

    I choose to get Extra Innings through DirecTV specifically so I can get the YES Network (or MY9–both Yankees coverage), but I’m not so sure that even if you were able to get DirecTV that you still wouldn’t be blacked out. I’m in Ohio and get blacked out when the Yankees play Cleveland, but I at least have always been able to watch a local channel. What does surprise me is that you (as well as my mother) were blacked out even through MLB Network! That’s just beyond ridiculous.

    Anyway, I was given this link to catch the games if all else fails. I haven’t used it yet but plan to on Saturdays because of FOX rights. http://www.atdhe.net/

  4. crzblue2

    That is so terrible that with all you purchase to be able to watch your boy and you STILL can’t get to watch it. At least I would have expected the local channel to pickup the game for the Angels. They should not put you thru this. You have every right to complain.
    But at least your team won! and congrats tu Robinson Cano and all your boys. My boys won too!

  5. scofid

    Ah yes, life as a “distant” Yankees fan. It can be very challenging at times to watch games. I would have liked to have seen the crowd’s positive reaction to Hideki Matsui’s home run. Another great Jackie Robinson kind of day! πŸ™‚


  6. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    I’m sorry to hear that, Jane. Must have been so frustrating. Hope they iron out their issues so you don’t miss any more games.

    Granderson was amazing. He has had 2 or more triples in 5 games — I don’t know what other current player can say that. He is a bright runner and quick on his feet obviously.

    And Robbie Cano – what can we say?!! Obviously it was poetic that it happened on the day MLB honored Jackie Robinson’s contribution to the sport. When Cano was a rookie I ran out and bought his rookie card because I felt that he was going to be the next Mantle. I still think this is going to happen and I hope this is the benchmark season. GO YANKEES!!!

  7. ooaooa

    What better reason to move back east. Your mother would be delighted! When I go to Maine, I use XM radio to get Yanks. Isn’t that an option out there? Way to many pitches being thrown in these games. Umps need to be shown where the knees and letters are and be told to call them.

  8. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    your night sounded totally stressful. mine was the opposite. i somehow didn’t realize that the yankees were on mlbtv until my red sox husband said when i walked in from work, you probably want to watch the game, i’ll go eat dinner in the dining room and you go eat what i cooked in the tv room. and he meant it. no guilt just joy. so i saw 2 homers by cano and 2 triples by granderson, 2 hits by jeter and thames. and both starting and relief was good by me giving up just 2 runs. and my dad wasn’t home so i left him 2 messages. and went 2 bed happy.

  9. Jane Heller

    It WAs a sports fan’s worst nightmare, seindsfeld. Everywhere I turned, no game….well, except for WCBS. So it wasn’t as if I couldn’t hear what was going on, just not see it. Anyhow, it all ended up OK since the Yanks won. Very happy for Hughes (he just needs to stop throwing so many pitches) and Cano. Yes, Julie Chen interviewed me twice when she was hosting The Early Show on CBS. She was really nice.

    The blackout thing is utterly ridiculous, A.J. In the old days, I could understand (sort of) why they’d keep local viewers from watching, thinking it might keep them from actually going to the game. But I’m in California. What sense does it make to keep me from seeing a game in NY? Conversely, why keep me from seeing the game of a California team that’s playing in NY?

    My posts always have more “juice” when I’m angry, Mike. Sorry about your flu. Feel better so you won’t be as cranky.

    So your mother in SLO was blacked out too, italianyankeefan? I wonder why they picked Central California to black out. We have absolutely no connection to SoCal sports networks or teams. So ridiculous. Anyway, misery does love company so thanks for letting me know. Tell her I feel her pain. Also, thanks for the link. I’ll give it a try.

    Yes, at least they won, Emma, so that was a nice consolation. Glad the Dodgers did too.

    I thought it was interesting that the crowd cheered Matsui’s homer, Scott. If he’d hit another one, would they have cheered that too – especially if it had cost us the win? Not so sure. It’ll be fun to see what happens when Damon comes to the Bronx.

    I don’t expect any of the issues to be ironed out, Diane. I just have to learn to live with this whole blackout stuff. How great is it that Grandy is getting all these triples. We’ve been waiting for a player to get on base regularly AND be fast, and now he’s here. And Cano has just been tremendous. I was upset to read that Chan Ho Park pulled a hamstring yesterday. Sure hope he won’t have to go on the DL.

    HAHA, John. My mother would be so happy if I moved back to NY. But those winters….ugh. It’s all a tradeoff – snow or missing some Yankee games? I guess I made my choice. And yes, way too many pitches thrown in that game. We’ve talked about Hughes, but even Joba threw too many, walking the leadoff guy instead of just mowing hitters down.

    I figured Costas and Kaat would be great, Jeff. Ah, the agony – and the irony. You get too many Yankee games; I don’t get enough. Life isn’t fair!

    Sounds like a perfect, stress-free night, Barbara. Your Red Sox fan husband is exhibiting some very fine traits. I think I’d hang onto him, despite his taste in teams. πŸ™‚

    Oh, that’s right, Mike. You were THERE. So you had awesome seats? Glad you saw a win – and a great game to boot.

  10. mikeeff

    wow the way they soak us for money with mlb tv, extra innings etc and then this happens. it’s infuriating. and just a great game to boot as well…cano, hughes- such a treat+ we had awesome seats courtesy of a great friend. anyway, looks like rain here for tonight shades of 2009…

  11. peggy3

    Good Morning Jane & fellow baseball fans…

    This is one of the MAIN reasons I’m never leaving NY…I would go nuts if I couldn’t go to the games and especially if I couldn’t watch the games on TV. I have the Stadium nearby to attend games and YES to watch EVERY game …thankfully !! Not to mention I LOVE NYC and everything
    it has to offer which is PLENTY !!

    Well …I’m 2-0 so far this week and I’ll be there Sat & Sun so I’m hoping for a 4-0 record for Opening Week (AJ & Andy better not let me down). Weather isn’t promising on the weekend so I hope they get the games in. I love Matsui but I’m not giving him an ovation when he gets a homerun against the Yanks. I didn’t get that at all ??? I want him to excel against every team EXCEPT the Yanks. Hughes did ok for his first time out and I’m really loving Robbie. He just seems to have much better discipline at the plate this season (nice extra work by K-Long with Robbie). Maybe giving him that 5 spot was a big boost in confidence…at least I certainly hope so. He’s always had monster talent he just had to find out how to reign it in. I wore my new Granderson shirt last night and I’m happy I did …nice play at the plate and those two triples…Go Grandy. I just LOVE this team … :o). I also got a glimpse of Chad Jennings (Lohud Blog) on the big screen which caught him off guard and I must say ..he’s a cutie.

    I’m doing a SUN dance to get rid of the rain this weekend (after all I do have a bit of Cherokee in my heritage). Everyone enjoy !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  12. peggy3

    P.S. to Diane …

    I saw your comment on the previous post. If I can I might still try to get to see Tommy James. I have so many family functions coming up the next few months aside from games. I’ll let you know as it gets closer …I think you said it was 5/22…right?

    Enjoy the weekend …Let’s sweep the Rangers !!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  13. Jane Heller

    Obviously, Peggy, you are the Yankees’ lucky charm. Maybe you could go to every single game? I bet it was fun to see Granderson put on a show last night. And yeah, Cano. He even walks once in a while. I sure hope the rain holds off and they can get the games in this weekend. Have a great time and bring us back some wins, please!

  14. James Buxton

    I know how you feel Jane. Where I live there is only ESPN or FOX Sports. Did I mention I live in Mexico City? Here there is NO Baseball at all, just the few games these two broadcasters (pay tv of course) decide to transmit (who wants to see the marlins vs the reds when is Yankee Baseball going on!!!). My sympathies are with all of you who get blacked out. Game day is a terrible, but viable option. I’ll try the option of italianyankeefan. The game was great. Hope none of you get blacked out tonight.

  15. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Dragnet? Really?? With Jack Webb, or the newer guys? Who cares…we got back on the “W” track…!
    Sorry that you got shut out on all counts, Jane — but, as I’ve learned to say over these many years, I’d rather miss a a game that we won than watch every inning of a loss. Multiply that by an exponent in the playoffs, of course. But it’s an interesting quandary, to be sure…
    Hey, speaking of Jack Webb (all the good baseball stuff has been very well stated already)…did you know he was married to Julie London? As in blonde bombshell “Cry Me A River” Julie London? I guess there’s no accounting for taste; next thing you know, Yankee fans will be married to Red Sox fans…what’s this ol’ world comin’ to?

  16. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    I had noticed in mlb.com’s advertising that they referenced having available all 137 Yankee games being broadcast by YES. Your problem from last night leads me to believe you’ll have the same issue every time games are being broadcast by MY9, because that was the situation last night. FOX games are also among the 25 games not being broadcast by the YES Network, but I expect you’ll get to see most of those, unless they’re showing one game to the east and a separate game to you guys out west.

    In the past, I think MY9 usually did one game a week, and generally that’s been Friday nights with a few others thrown in every now and then. Whatever the problem, I hope you find an acceptable solution. I’d suggest coming down from the hills and finding a bar with directTV, but I know those hills have winding roads, so you’d better bring “The Mister” along as your designated driver.

  17. Jane Heller

    So you’re in Mexico City, James? Then I can hardly complain about blackouts. I’m glad you have Gameday at least, along with ESPN and Fox. Here’s hoping tonight’s game vs Texas is a good one for our guys.

    So true, Dave. I’d rather miss a good win than watch a bad loss (or any loss, for that matter). I’ll try to remember those words of wisdom the next time this happens – and I’m sure it will unless I move back to NY! Julie London? Now that’s a name from the past. Didn’t she do ads for Marlboro?

    What would you do without me, Paul? You’d have to find some other Yankee fan to pick on. πŸ™‚

    MY9 games used to factor into blackouts for me, jojovanb, but last year I was able to get those too. Maybe there’s a separate subscription to the YES games, but I’m done paying extra for baseball. Enough is enough. Next time I’ll opt for the bar idea. There must be one around here that would show Angels games instead of just Dodgers. And yes, I’ll bring the mister as my designated driver. LOL.

  18. Jane Heller

    Sue, maybe someday the blackout rules will be lifted. They make absolutely no sense to me either. But somebody must think they’re a good idea.

  19. 201028

    What a shame…you missed a great game….most entertaining game to date….and against a competitive team albeit they are last in the standings but have Hideki and Abreu…two ex Yankees….homers, triples, doubles…a little of everything from the best team in baseball!! Yankees in 2010!!

  20. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    Julie London marrying Jack Webb was an early version of the Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett mismatch. Ms. London took a step up when she later married Bobby Troup, but it was a baby-step.

  21. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Ahh, Miss Julie…she was one of those truly underrated singers from the ’50s…smoky-sensual, in looks and in sound…give a listen sometime, gentle readers…but I do digress, don’t I…? She also acted for several decades…played the role of Dixie McCall in the old ’70s TV show Emergency! And I betcha you’re dead-on right about those cigarette commercials…
    Oh…yeah…beisbol…let’s keep those Big Texas Bats from getting too comfortable with our short porches & our N.Y. jet-stream, pleez…?

  22. Jane Heller

    At least I heard the game, 201028. But I sure would have loved to have seen all those homers, triples and doubles! Sounds like it did have a little of everything.

    Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett, jojovanb. I forgot they were even married. And they said it wouldn’t last.

    I’d have to look it up, Dave, but I’m pretty sure I’m right about the Marlboro ads. Or maybe it was a different cigarette? I’ll google her and see what comes up. And yes, please, let’s keep those Texas bats from going deep. Nelson Cruz is on fire right now.

  23. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    i just read the comments of today and was rereminded of atdhe.net and am so thankful. i was following the game by game day. which is a very weird way to follow the game but living in boston i only see the games on espn, fox and mlb so i’m very used to listening to static and following on game day. so now i’m happily watching the game on atdhe. thank you.
    i love this winning 2 of 3 of each series.
    i hope we continue to win each series. this year could be fun

  24. unclemikenj

    It could be worse, we could be stuck in a rain delay, without the Scooter to keep us company.

    Oh, wait, we are. At least it will be official (5-1 us in the 6th) if it’s called.

  25. Jane Heller

    Winning series is the best, Barbara. Well, I guess sweeping is better, but I won’t be greedy. Tonight we won via a rain delay, but I had the feeling the game was ours anyway. CC was awesome.

    No Scooter to keep us company tonight, pach. He would have been highly entertaining. But I’m happy they called the game, we got the victory and Joe didn’t have to tax the bullpen.

    So you understand the predicament, YHH. So frustrating, right? Thank God for WCBS, so we can listen to the games at least. The 42s on everybody’s unis was a little confusing, but I liked the message it sent: that all men are created equal.

  26. Yankee Hater Hater

    That usually happens to me sometimes. MLB network wasnt showing it for me, and neither was the YES network. Usually what happens in my area is they cut out the local CBS in my area and replace it with downstates “MY 9”. But its usually somewhere, even if I have to go through every. single. channel. one. by. one.

    …all else fails? AM radio. Theres no reason a major league team wont get broadcasted, especially if you live anywhere near LA.

    Or if you suffer from mind-numbing desperation. Fire up a video game and play the game yourself…though setting every single players number to 42 might prove to be a bit time consuming…


  27. angelsgirl012

    oh goodness! What a crazy morning? afternoon? i forget lol for you! At least you got some sort of the game πŸ˜€

    this was a pretty depressing series for me haha. I truly loved seeing Matsui get his thanks though. That and Jackie Robinson Day were pretty special πŸ™‚


  28. Jane Heller

    I’ll never understand the blackout restrictions, Mimi. I should have been able to get the game on the Angels’ local Fox channel. Oh, well. I did get to hear everything and was grateful for that.

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