Dealing With Catwalks

Okay, no. I don’t mean that kind of catwalk. I don’t even mean this kind.
cat walking2.jpg
I’m talking about all that stuff on the ceiling at Tropicana Field.
During today’s 7-3 Yankees win over the Rays, Longoria hit a pop-up that the Yanks thought was a foul ball, the Rays thought was a fair ball, and the umpires thought was….Who knows that they thought; they looked befuddled.
giradi and umpires.jpg
No matter. Despite A.J’s shaky first inning, during which I muttered some very uncharitable things at him via the TV, combined with the Yankees’ inability to hit James Shields early, it all turned out just fine. I really must learn to have more faith in my team.
A.J., as we all know, has a tendency to unravel when things go badly, but he came back strong and ended up pitching really well through seven. Not even the catwalk business upset the rhythm he had established with Jorge, his new BFF.
(I think Jorge and I wear the same shade of nail polish, by the way: OPI’s Funny Bunny.)
Back to the game. Once again, we got the offense when we needed it – again off the Rays’ pen. A-Rod…JoPo…Swisher…Granderson…Cano – clap clap clap for them. Not so much clapping for poor Tex, who went 0-for-4 on his birthday.
He even had a little glaring match with Pat Burrell, who slid into first base as if he were trying to break up a double play. But, again, no matter. The Yankees have now won back-to-back series against division rivals and head home for Opening Day on Tuesday. Has everybody entered the Cooperstown Cookie Contest by now? If not, you have until midnight.


  1. raysrenegade

    Just so we can stop the catfighting early. According to the Tampa Bay Rays 2010 Media Guide page 33, and I quote: “Batted ball that is not judged a Home Run and strikes a catwalk,light, or suspended object in fair territory shall be judged fair or foul in relation to where it strikes the ground, or is touched by a fielder. If caught by a fielder, the batter is out and runners advance at their own risk.”
    I know there will be a few mass discussions on that play, but that is our “home field advantage” much like a short porch in Rightfield has his advantages for a mostly leftie Yankees line-up some nights.
    I sat there and argued this same passage with a few Yankee fans even after pulling out the Media Guide and trying to explain it, but some people just love to argue even if it doesn’t come to a logical point.
    It could have been a defining moment in the game, but B J Upton hit the next ball high into the infield and ruined a perfect controversy…The nerve of him.

    Rays Renegade

  2. devilabrit

    Every team has it’s benefits of home field as RR said thats the Rays… not so much today though…

    Home opener Tuesday… ours is tomorrow at CBP both should be good for a few runs me thinks…

    Phillies Outside

  3. Jane Heller

    The rule is the rule, Renegade. I’m not arguing the call. I’m just saying that the umps, the fans and the guys doing the broadcast on TBS were confused. It’s not a play those of us non-Rays fans see every day. No controversy at all. Just a point of amusement.

    Good luck with your home opener tomorrow, Peter. I haven’t checked the weather forecast for the northeast but I hope it’s nice. And yeah, given the way our guys have been swinging the bats, the games should be fun although, in our case, the Angels are always a tough opponent.


    I don’t know still seems like a pretty circus like rule. The Ray’s are a good team and need a decent stadium not a three ring circus.


    And how about that catch Granderson made that the umpire said hit the ground first? That would almost make me want to vote for instant replay. In the end, a win is a win and we looked good. I’m happy to see Burnett not depending on strikeouts – as the broadcast team said, it kept his pitch count down. And it also keeps the players on the field more alert and more likely to make good plays. I’m not sure I truly understand the reasoning behind bringing Mariano in. Its too early in the season to worry about him getting enough work. I understand that he has a day off tomorrow but why bring him in at all when it was not a save situation. Anyway, happy with the first road trip and looking forward to DVR’ing the home opener so we can see the ring ceremony — do we think there was any intention to have Matsui’s team there so he could get his ring in person?

  6. Jane Heller

    The Rays are a very good team, cdaidayank, and I think they’re planning on building a new stadium in a few years. But they’ve still got a lease on the Trop and they’d need to get approvals, money, etc. Lots of local politics involved, as we know from the palace in the Bronx.

    Ooooh, that catch, Diane. Grandy was really dandy today. I thought he caught the ball. But he didn’t argue and neither did anybody else. A.J. was efficient and his stuff was nasty – just the way we like him – and you’re right about the players being alert and playing great defense behind him. When I saw Joba coming in, I figured Joe would bring in Mo too. Why not give them some work to keep them fresh? I didn’t mind it. I HOPE I’ll get to see the ring ceremony. I only get the actual games on YES as part of my cable package, not their other programming, so they’d better show it on MLB Network or something. As for Matsui being there, I think it’s just a coincidence. MLB plans the schedules well in advance, so they couldn’t have known he’d be with the Angels this season.

  7. Jane Heller

    This first week on the road has been intense, Leah, so I could use an off-day. We fans need to ease into the season, just like the players. 🙂 And I’m really looking forward to the opener on Tuesday. Then it’ll feel like the season has truly begun.

  8. theheirloom

    After reading Rays Renegade’s description from the team’s media guide, I am so glad my local team no longer plays indoors – feigning weather, of course! But, those catwalks? And, no Tyra judging them, either! (OOPS, wait, wrong catwalk…)

    In that photo with the umps, Joe looked amazingly calm – but, rather stern. Those catwalks again…

    Well, Tuesday, it is! And, a much needed rest at that!


    Jane, my drink helped AJ! doesn’t he usually struggle in the early innings? Btw, that is a very cute cat picture. And can you believe it, not only the catwalk thing, but also Granderson’s great catch that was called a hit? And no argument? It’s funny during the playoffs people were going crazy about the horribly bad calls the umps were making and it’s nice to see they left off from last year…or could it be because of what Jeter and Mo said about Jerry West’s comments? (conspiracy theory) Could it be the umps need built-in-binoculars? What’s so hard about the umps having walky talkies to ask some guy with a replay, “Did he catch it?” “Or, did that really hit the 2nd catwalk’s 4th beam to the left of homeplate?” Anyway, great game, excited about the opener 😀

  10. scofid

    We started both series in the hole, but rebounded to take both. An excellent road trip, and it sets the stage for a tremendous Opening Day at Yankee Stadium. Let’s hear it for the rings of the 27th World Series Championship, with a hope that this road leads to #28! Go Yankees!


  11. ladyjane303

    Actually, I think Posada’s nail color is your basic Liquid Paper white, but Funny Bunny sounds a lot funnier. So looking forward to opening day tomorrow. The rings, Matsui, Andrew Eugene Pettitte on the mound and a first chance to see Grandy up close. I hear that someone very special will be throwing out the first ball. I’m going, but I’m also DVR’ing – don’t want to miss anything.

  12. peggy3

    Hey Jane & fellow bloggers …

    I love the pictures you come up with …the catwalks had me laughing …especially the kitty one. It amazes me how you find all these great pics. To make Dave proud ..I’ll quote Carly Simon …”Nobody does it better”. That’s why I love this blog…always brings a smile to my face… :o).

    How ugly is that fake grass at the Trop shown in your pic?? It’s truly that ugly in person too …I’ve been there quite a few times. That place is just horrible for baseball but I will say that I did appreciate the fact that it was nice and cool after waiting on line in 98 degree weather. I guess being indoors with that heat is an evil necessity. When I went to see the Yanks/Marlins last year it was HOT and I was wishing I was at the Trop. It’s too bad they can’t build a glass dome so you can at least let the sunshine in and get the feel of a true day game. One really nice aspect of the Trop is their HOF…it’s really done well and I enjoyed it very much. I definitely could do without the cheerleading that goes on at Florida games tho’ and the darn cowbells. Very minor league IMO. Marlins are much worse than the Rays…they have female, oversized male & kid cheerleaders. The games had the total feel of the minors. The worst part of all …Yankees only one ONE of the three games I attended vs the Fish…ugh !!!

    I’m happy to see the Yanks getting off to a nice start and I
    only hope it continues. Tomorrow is Opening Day and I’ll be there ..I’m so excited !!! Saturday night after the game I’m attending a private art showing in honor of the Yankees to be held in Soho. Game first, dinner and Yankee Art Exhibit…a good day from beginning till end (especially if the Yankees win)…

    Have a great day all …let’s hope the boys keeping taking each series on the way to 28….

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  13. Jane Heller

    You jinxed CC, Matt? Nah. It was my fault. When Shoppach stepped in I said to myself, “Uh-oh.” Just had a feeling.

    Randy, you must be so excited about Target Field. From what you’ve posted on your blog, it looks like a great place to play baseball – no catwalks!

    A.J. Usually has one bad inning, seindsfeld, but if he gets past it, as he did yesterday, he settles in and can be so tough. He said after the game that he didn’t think his stuff was that good. It sure was good enough! As for the calls, I thought Granderson’s catch was clean, but over the course of a season we’ll see plenty of questionable calls, and they’re just part of baseball and tend to even out.

    I absolutely love that we won both series against such tough teams, Scott, especially after dropping the first games. And now the rings…and the opener. The Angels won’t make it easy, but it’ll be a great day no matter what. Sure wish I could be there.

    I like the challenge of playing at different ball parks with their individual quirks, Mike. It does keep thing interesting. Yup, really loving Granderson.

    Oh, ladyjane. I’m so excited for you and wish I could be there tomorrow too. Where are your seats? I think you said right field, Swisher territory? Can’t wait to hear about your experience!!!

    Jeff, Jorge’s not a diva. He was a good soldier sitting out those postseason games last year. Can he be a hot head?You bet. I wouldn’t want to piss him off.

    I was surprised that Maddon let Choate pitch to Jorge, Paul. That felt like the ball game right there.

    Peggy, thanks for the kind words. You’re always such a ray of sunshine here. Speaking of Rays, I’m sure that if you asked their fans about getting a new stadium, they’d be in favor of it. But in the meantime, they seem to have built another good team with outstanding starters. It’s their bullpen that looks shaky. (I’m with you on the cowbells, but I can’t stand rally monkeys and homer hankies either.) Wow about the Yankees art show and dinner – plus you’ll be there tomorrow. You sure do make me envious. Have a great time and give us a full report.

    Good luck to your Rangers, wetfeet. Looks like Vlad is thriving in his new uniform.

  14. Jane Heller

    Poor Tex is right, Sue. Not a happy birthday but at least the Yankees won and I’m sure he felt good about that.


    losing the first game of a series usually makes me crazy but if we lose the first game of each series and we win all of the series, i’ll be ok. ok more than ok. last night i thought i should write in the score for the cookie contest but i was already in bed so hopefully my prediction of 5-3 won’t come to pass. all i care is that we win.
    i am so sad that i feel too guilty to miss work so i can’t watch tomorrow’s game. i want to see the ring ceremony, the raising of the flag, i want to see the lovely andy throw a dandy. i want to see curtis look grand in pinstripes. i want to see swisher do something swisherlishish (?), ok i want to see pie. hopefully there will be good highlights when i get home. have fun all of you who get to watch.

  16. Jane Heller

    Congrats on the win, Peter. And now onto the Yankees opener, as you say. We will know very soon who’ll be eating cookies!


    I was actually surprised that I remained as calm as I did when AJ got off to that rough start…something told me it would turn out ok! Can’t wait for Opening Day tomorrow and the ring ceremony although I’ll be catching it on DVR later on in the day. On a different note I just wanted to remind everyone (if they haven’t already) to go over to and vote in the Honorary Bat Girl contest. Voting ends tomorrow. Personally, I voted for a friend of a friend , Dina to be the Yankees Bat Girl but no matter who you vote for all of their stories are truly inspiring!
    Happy Opening Day everyone!

  18. Jane Heller

    Thanks for reminding us about the Bat Girl contest, wirishrose. Such a great cause and a clever way to involve people. I hope your friend of a friend wins! Happy Opening Day Eve. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  19. Jane Heller

    Sorry you didn’t get in on the cookies contest, Barbara, but tomorrow should be a great day. I don’t know if I’ll get to see the ring ceremonies, but I sure hope so!

  20. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I don’t mind the Trop one bit. I like baseball quirky-ness. Sorta harkens back to the old ball parks.
    Happy Opening Day and Ring Day…..or should I say Morning for you?

  21. Jane Heller

    It’s morning here as I’m watching Opening Day, Mike. I sure wish I could be in NY right now. Sigh.

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