All Hail CC, The Conqueror!

At first I thought….Uh-oh. He’s getting people out but he’s throwing a lot of pitches. And then, before I knew it, he hadn’t given up a hit. Was it possible that he would shut down the Rays completely – the same team that had mauled us the night before?
Clearly, this was a different game altogether. The deeper CC pitched, the better he pitched. Didn’t he and Cervelli have a nice rhythm? Meanwhile, the Yankees kept scoring. Cano, Jeter, Tex (he finally got hot!), A-Rod, Gardner – everybody seemed to contribute in one way or another. But how about the defense! I was so proud of our infield, in particular. I mean, they did everything they could to keep the no-hitter going. People talk about A-Rod’s hitting (congrats to him on his 1,000th hit as a Yankee), but he made some plays at third that were just stunning. And Tex. Seriously. How did the Yankees even win a game with Giambi at first?
CC was four outs – four measly outs! – away from history when Kelly Shoppach lined a single to left in the 8th. So much for the no-no, but what an entertaining, well played contest. The Yankees were on the happy-face side of the 10-0 blowout, my favorite place for them to be.
Apparently, CC treated everybody to a round of drinks after the game to celebrate.
Yikes. See that blonde next to him? I guess I might as well just come out and admit it: it’s me. I can’t remember what was in the glass I’m holding, but it was really delicious. And in case you’re wondering what I said to CC, it was: “Just get them all back to the hotel at a decent hour, so they’ll be ready to beat the Rays on Sunday afternoon and win the series.” He promised he would.
P.S. Last call for the Cooperstown Cookie Contest, which ends on Sunday at midnight. If you like cookies and haven’t entered, you’re missing out.


  1. yankeesfan27

    Tim McCarver tried jinxing David Cone and Wells during their perfectos and it didn’t work. Cursing doesn’t mean anything.


    Yea CC!! Yea Tex!! Yea Yankees!! That’s the way to win! I am not disappointed at all with the no no-no. The boys were awesome and the game was so satisfying.
    Hey yankeesfan27, I’m glad you said there is no cursing a game! Don’t we cheer for a great, incredible team? 🙂
    Hey Orangebird, no statistical evidence for jinxing! Everything is a probability, as in what is the probability the Orioles will win the Al East (answer, 0!).
    Go Yankees and see you all tomorrow! Kathleen

  3. Jane Heller

    Yes, yankeesfan27, I’m in California. I was just kidding about being in the picture. 🙂 I heard McCarver talk about how jinxes were just a figment of our imaginations and how broadcasters can’t influence the course of a baseball game. True enough, but some of us are superstitious in spite of ourselves.

    Sorry, Jessica. But you must have been entertained by Friday night’s game, right?

    Yeah, awesome, Orangebird. But this is a Yankees blog.

    You missed a good one, seindsfeld. CC was the star, but Tex had a great game too – certainly his best of the season so far. I’m sure Vazquez is eager to get back out on the mound and show everyone he was worth trading for.

  4. Jane Heller

    Hey, Kathleen. Sorry the order of these comments gets scrambled on the blog. No idea why. Anyhow, GREAT game for CC. I was on the edge of my seat about the no-hitter, but just seeing him pitch well and getting the decisive win was plenty for me. Everybody played so well. Let’s hope A.J. brings home another victory tomorrow!


    I missed the game! was at a party, but it was fun and so was hearing CC do so well. And Tex! He sent a lot of text messages today I heard. What a great day. Plus the Mets lost to the Nationals, so it was double good. (My whole family doesn’t like the Mets FYI) XD I’m hoping Vasquez was watching and says to himself “Oh yeah, that’s how you pitch to an American League team.” cheers 😀

  6. enternight

    How good was everyone today? I actually got to watch it today … my mom and my little brother were visiting me at school, so I was crashing mid-day at a hotel room with a TV …and it was so awesome to watch. CC is the man. I’ve been saying since December that he’s going to win 21 games this year — if he gets off to a decent April and then goes on to be “late season CC” like he always does, I have a good shot at being right!

  7. yankeesfan27

    Well, I am happy now that CC lost the no no bid in the 8th. As it turns out, Girardi was planning on taking out Sabathia regardless of the result of the Shoppach at bat. Girardi already had it in his mind that Shoppach was the last batter.

  8. bklyntrolleyblogger

    The good ones always get stronger as the game goes on. Nice job by him. Because starters are rapidly becoming half game specialists these days, we should appreciate performances like CC’s a little more. He didn’t reinvent the curveball, it’s just these kinda outings are becoming increasingly rare. I think a starting rotation should start being called the Initial Pen Guys. Oh, and last time I checked, they don’t serve cranberry juice in glasses like that. Was Gardner the designated driver? He’s not 21 yet is he? LOL just kidnn

  9. yankeesfan27

    BKLN Trolley Blogger: LOL. Never thought about it that way. When Andruw Jones came through with the Braves at age 19, they won some play off series, so he musta had to go to another room to party with some sprite and coca cola instead. 😉 I guess Ramiro Pena is probably under 21, though I don’t think any others are besides the Sept call-ups. Gardner is 26, Robertson is 25… those are really the only guys who appear under 21.


    Great outing by CC. As staff ace, part of his job is to help the team win after a loss, and he certainly did that!

    The whole team played well. What can you say about a game where the only bad moment was poor base running by Nick Johnson (can you really call it running with him?) when they were ahead by 8 runs. He is the only guy on the team who can make Teixiera look fast.

    Cano hit with men on, Tex sure came out of his slump. Great stuff.

    Best moment of the game: (Virginia will love this!) The smile on Cervelli’s face after he hit his double. I love his enthusiasm.

    As for the jinx aspect: Yeah, we all know that it physically isn’t possible for the announcers to change the outcome of a game. But what’s the fun in that? Not mentioning a no hitter is part of the lore – part of the magic. It’s just plain fun, so put a sock in it McCarver! We need magic, lore and traditions!

    Okay, am I the only one who is watching a game and doing something superstitious to help the outcome, only to realize it’s “Yankees Encore” and the game actually was played several hours earlier? ; – )


  11. Jane Heller

    Really glad you got to watch the game in the hotel, Ana. And yah, CC is the man. I think you’re right and he could probably win 21 games this year, but I get the feeling that personal victories don’t mean that much to him. He’s such a team guy.

    Yes, CC would have come out after Shoppach, yankeesfan27, but the suspense of whether he’d throw the no-no was so much fun while it lasted.

    So true that starters should be called “the initial pen guys,” Mike. Very apt. It’s so rare to see a complete game these days, let alone eight innings, which is why guys like CC and Halladay are so valuable.

    Everybody did play well, Melissa, except for that Nick Johnson gridlock thing on the bases. He’s slower than Tex and Jorge put together. Also, at the time I thought Granderson should have slid into home instead of going in standing up, but on the replays it looked like Shoppach did such a good job of blocking the plate there wasn’t much Curtis could do to score. Cervelli was just adorable with his little fist pumps whenever CC would get out of an inning. I love his enthusiasm too – and he called a great game. As for the jinxing, I agree 100% that not mentioning a no-hitter is just part of baseball lore. No, we can’t control the outcome of the games, but it’s fun to believe we can. So McCarver needs to stop trying to take away Santa Claus!!! (Since I don’t get the Encore games, I don’t employ any superstitions, but if I did I probably would!)


    Walked by the computer on my way to get settled in for the game and decided to see what’s up here on the blog. I have to say I am most wondering about that damn monkey carrying the dog. Where the hell was that? I am so wondering what that was about.

    ….back to the Yankees. Yesterday while watching the game our neighbors were apparently outside on their back deck. Our homes are very very close. They heard us collectively moan when that damn hit occured and spoiled CC’s no hitter. They actually called us to see what the hell we were doing over there. They had a whole ‘nother scenario playing in their head. That made us laugh. Bottom line, we won, and they came over to drink with us.

  13. Jane Heller

    Love that story, Peg! I’m glad our neighbors are too far away to hear me yelling at the TV during the games, or they’d think I was abusing my husband on a daily basis. As for the monkey and the dog, I don’t have an answer. I just grabbed it off google. 🙂

  14. yankeesfan27

    Peg, I am HAPPY CC allowed the hit, because I would have been TICKED if Joe had taken out CC before the no no was over…. Shoppach was CC’s last batter no matter what.


    B.T.W. Jane, is there any way you could add my link onto your blog list? I would greatly appreciate it 🙂 !!

  15. theheirloom

    Jane, a few observations about the photos…

    The first one, isn’t that a Cleveland Indians cap next to him?

    In that last photo – it appears CC was trying to duck out, or was he?

    Seriously, it was a better outing for CC this time. The Shoppach hit got the best of him, but if he didn’t get that hit, Girardi would let him go complete instead of calling for the bullpen in the ninth.

    Then again, we’re not Joe. 🙂

  16. Jane Heller

    Will add your blog to the links list, Christiaan.

    Yup, Randy. Good eye. That first pic of CC is from his Indians days. I thought it was a nice portrait. He looks so mellow, doesn’t he? As for the second, I think he wasn’t ducking, just listening intently to “me.” LOL.

  17. Greg

    I feel bad. Right when I got home from work, I turned on the game and the first full AB I watch, was the Kelly Shoppach single to to break it up. 😉 That is really a true story.

    It would have been nice to CC get the no-hitter, though, if he was wearing any other uniform. Haha. Just joking around


  18. Jane Heller

    Hi Greg. Well, too bad you missed the suspenseful part of the game. From about the sixth inning on, it was nail biting time!

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