Good Works Can Also Be A Blast

The item on LoHud today about MLB’s initiative in fighting breast cancer (and CC’s participation in it) was excellent timing for a blog post of my own. Why? Because tonight I took part in an author panel to raise money for our local chapter of Planned Parenthood. The panel was called “Love, Laughs & Life As We See It,” and it was held at a gorgeous private house in the hills of Santa Barbara. Not a tough gig at all. Here I am with my fellow authors and our moderator sipping Cosmos. (Yeah, I’m the one who stupidly forgot to take off her shades.)
At the far left is Starshine Roshell. (That’s really her first name; her dad was an actor in the show “Hair” and named her after the song “Good Morning Starshine.”) She writes an extremely popular column for the Santa Barbara Independent and has collected the best of the columns in a new book. She’s also writing a TV pilot for CBS based on her life as a wife, mother and columnist.
Starshine's book_.jpg
Next to her in the pic is Jenna McCarthy. A former “shock jock” on the radio here in town, Jenna writes for tons of national magazines and is the author of hilarious books on marriage and parenting.
At the far right is Kate Schwab, who used to be head of marketing for Borders in SoCal but now has her own literary PR business. She was a terrific moderator, firing all sorts of interesting questions at us about the craft of writing. 
We also took questions from the guests, who had paid actual money to come and hear us speak. One of them approached me as the evening was winding down and said, “It’s such a pleasure to meet another female baseball fan.”
I smiled. “So you love baseball too?”
“Since I was a little girl,” she said. “My friends think I’m really strange to love baseball – it’s slow and boring to them – but I’d rather watch the Dodgers than do almost anything else.”
So…even at a fundraiser…on an off day for the Yankees…when I least expected to be talking about baseball…there was another she-fan. Perfect.
P.S. Here’s the nightly reminder about the Cooperstown Cookie Contest. Last chance to enter is April 11th at the stroke of midnight!



    That must have been a fun event. Hope you had a good turnout. One of our local radio personalities, Maria Garcia, wrote a book called “101 Ways to Torture Your Husband”. She was at a signing at a local Borders Books and I met her and got the book. Hysterical. The same Borders, In Westbury on Long Island, is having the famous oldies performer, Tommy James (of Tommy James and the Shondells) on May 22nd. Wanted to let Peggy know this because she and I share a love of classic music (secondary to our love of The Yankees, of course). And I’m sure Dave would love this if he would be in the area next month.

    Its pouring here in NY right now but its supposed to clear up. Hope the weather is good where the Yankees are set to play tonight…I hated not having a game to watch last night. GO YANKEES!!!

  2. ooaooa

    I’m putting it on the line everyday here in CT working to convert Met and Sox fans to Yankee Fandom. You have these golden opportunities to expand the Empire to the west and you’re drinking cosmos and reliving “Hair”. Have you lost your focus? For your pennance, repeat the phrase “I Live For This” twenty time each inning during tonights game. Hopefully the next time your in the position to perform a conversion you will be able to draw from the spirit of Yankees past and present. Good Luck!


    That looks like it was a fun gig! I wish I could have been there. You look like a glamorous celebrity in your shades, Jane.

    We had a friend take a family portrait a few years ago. It was outside. I wasn’t thinking that my glasses darken in the sun, but I was thinking that I had to keep my head up so my chin wouldn’t look all saggy. We had our dogs in the photo as well and my sons thought it highly funny that with my dark glasses and the weird tilt of my head, I looked like a caricature of a blind woman. They teased me that I was so inept I needed several guide dogs.

    We watched a DVR’ed Champions League soccer game last night. The last English team in the tournament (and our favs) Manchester United lost. We were a little down. When we shut off the DVR, the TV was set (of course!) to YES. The Yankees classic game was game 6 of the 09 World Series. So I stayed up to watch. And the Yankees won! ; – )
    It was great to see it all again. To see Matsui and Mo and remember all the great moments. Of course, I cried again at the end. Excellent!!!



    Jane — LOVE that picture. Looks like quite a gathering of writing near-royalty…don’t you look like the Woman of Mystery…what a blast it must’ve been to be in the crowd! Starshine indeed…well, I think it’s kinda nice…and it sure beats “River” or “Moon Unit”!!
    Melissa — sorry about United. My boyz are soccer fans — and there’s been some connection, of course, with “the Yankees of soccer” — didn’t The Boss sign some global cross-marketing deal between Man U and the Yanks??
    Diane — okay, you hooked me with the TJ reference. Would you believe that among my many ancient LPs is the “Crimson And Clover” one — on the back of it, there’s a copy of a letter praising Tommy & the Shondells for all their great shows as they toured the USA, backing their candidate — and it’s signed by — Hubert H. Humphrey…yes, that very namesake of the “HumpDome”…!
    Which gets us back to beisbol, sorta…let’s just hope our Bombers have a little ‘Crystal Blue Persuasion’ stored up in their bats for the sunny climes of F-L-A…

  5. Jane Heller

    Diane, Jenna has a book coming out in August called (I think this is right) “Till Death Do Us Part Is Way Too Long.” It’s probably right up your alley. Can’t say I was ever a fan of Tommy James or the Shondells, but it’s so cool that you and others connect over music, as well as the Yanks. As for the weather, sorry it’s raining there but the Yankees will be safe from the elements at the dear old Trop.

    I did lose my focus, John. Guilty as charged. I was just so taken aback that one of the women attending the function was a baseball fan that I didn’t try to convert her to our side. But “I live for this” 20 times an inning tonight? You’re quite the taskmaster.

    That’s me, Melissa. Glamorous celebrity. LOL. So you know how wearing shades in pictures can turn out – not good! But it was so sunny out on that deck at 6 o’clock last night that I didn’t even think about taking them off. Glad the Yankees Classic cheered you up after Manchester Union lost. It does help to go to Yankeeland whenever something bad happens – like taking a happy pill!

    It was sweet and unexpected, Ana. The women attending the event were so nice and welcoming, but I was sure there wasn’t a she-fan in the room until that one woman came over to me and told me about how much she loved the Dodgers. I was thrilled!

    It was such a good panel, Dave. The women on it were funny and smart and they kept me laughing – not a bad thing at functions like this. I really hope our boys come out fired up in FL tonight. The Rays are tough and aggressive, and they’re playing with confidence after such a great spring. Let’s get ’em!

    I KNEW you’d flip for Jenna, Jeff. She’s gorgeous and funny and…married with two little kids. So behave.


    Yes, Man U did sign a deal with the Yankees. But I haven’t seen much evidence of it this side of the pond – maybe there was more Yankee gear sold over there.

    Let’s hope the Yanks don’t get up to any Hanky Panky tonight. (That’s another Tommy James reference.)

    Just saw a story on the Huffington Post about a young woman pitcher who has signed to play in the minor leagues:


  7. ladyjane303

    You sure have some nice events out there in Santa Barbara. We need you to organize something here in NY again this year.
    Got to watch the boys win the WS again last night – YES has been doing re-runs of the the clinching games in the ALDS, ALCS and WS for the last 3 weeks. It never gets old, it never gets boring, and it keeps me wanting more of the same.

  8. Jane Heller

    We do have some nice events, ladyjane. Wish you could have come last night. One thing I wish we had here, though, is YES. I get most of the games but not the programming, so I miss Yankeeographies, the classic games, etc. It’s cruel and inhumane!

  9. Jane Heller

    Nope. Don’t get MSG, ladyjane. What I get are way too many West Coast Fox sports stations (I have no idea why there are so many). I love the idea of “The Lineup.” Let me know what they come up with for the hot corner and, of course, center field.

    So funny about the Cosmo, Jen. I hadn’t had one in awhile and they were much stronger than I remembered. All of us panelists were going, “Uh-oh. Are we drunk?” But I only had one, which was a good move. The food looked amazing – the event was catered – but I didn’t really eat because I didn’t want to get up there to speak with cheese between my teeth. So you see, you might not want to trade lives after all…

    You would have loved the panelists, Paul. Gorgeous and funny – a lethal combo.

  10. ladyjane303

    You probably don’t get MSG, either and that’s too bad right now. They’re running a series called “The Lineup” which ranks the top 10 and then picks the best all-time player at each position picking from all the NY teams (including the Dodgers and Giants). So far we have:
    C – Yogi (duh!)
    1B – Gehrig (double duh!)
    2B – Jackie Robinson (but the Yankees had 3 – count ’em 3 in the top 5 – Willie Randolph, Tony Lazzeri and my childhood fave – after Mickey, of course – Bobby Richardson)
    Next week the hot corner. Center field should be reeeeaaallly interesting.

  11. Jane Heller

    Melissa, thanks for the link to that HuffPo article. How cool that the woman will be pitching in the minors here! I wonder what would happen if she made it to the majors. Now that would be interesting, particularly in the locker room.

  12. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Just in this BloggerHood alone there’s a great many female baseball fans who write very good blogs. I think you gals make great fans.
    mike BTB

  13. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Mike. I think we make good fans too. People are always surprised when I explain that 50% of those going through the turnstiles at baseball stadiums are women these days. We’re into it with a vengeance.

    So sorry you had to cancel your trip, Peggy. Boo hoo is right. I know how much you were looking forward to it, but you have opening day right around the corner. (I still haven’t bought tickets for the Dodgers game on Sat. 6/26. I waited too long and now the prices on stubhub are insane, so I’m hoping they’ll come down as we get closer.) The ceremonies will be great, including the rings. I just hope they show it on MLB Network because I don’t get the YES programming.

  14. peggy3

    Boo Hoo for me ….I was suppose to be in Tampa this weekend for the Rays/Yanks series. Unfortunately due to personal reasons my friend had to back out. We are going to try and do a series with Tampa either in July or September. I hope it works. At least I have LA to look forward to …that’s one series I am REALLY excited about and hopefully will meet up with Jane for a game too… :o). Tonight I’m hoping Javy handles the Rays and gets us another nice win. I just found out that Javy’s bday is the same as my daughter’s which is 6/25 …Hughes is 6/24 and Jeter is 6/26. She certainly is surrounded by a lot of Yankee karma …lucky her. That’s why we are heading to LA …to see the Yankees play the Dodgers on her birthday. Can’t wait for that !!!

    Diane …thanks for the heads up about Tommy James. Is he giving a talk or is he singing? I’m hoping I can make it either way. If you are going maybe we can meet up and say hi.

    I can’t wait for Tuesday ..I’ll be at Opening Day …it’s going to be so exciting and I get to see Godzilla get his ring too

    Everyone have a great weekend …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  15. Jane Heller

    Hey, that’s great, Emma. No Dodgers conflict for the festival. You can go without checking scores every second.


    I guess it’s better than being named Aquarius 😛 Though, I guess that’s an okay name too. And yeah, Jenna is a superfox, though when I googled her Jenny McCartney came up….Sounds like it was a great time, got any pics of the mansion?

  17. Jane Heller

    Seindsfeld, Jenna told me she’s always being confused with Jenny McCarthy when people google her. She gets a kick out of it. No pics of the house, sorry.

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