At Least It Didn’t Come To This…

Nope, Girardi didn’t have to call on Swisher to pitch this time around, but the Yankees did take a beating at the hands of the Rays tonight. For some reason, the Trop has been the scene of several lopsided defeats over the years, as if the word “Devil,” although expunged from the Rays’ identity, still makes appearances there.
Actually, tonight was a tale of two pitchers. David Price was great for them. Javy Vazquez was awful for us. Well, let me amend that. Vazquez was great until the fourth, when all the wheels came off.
Suddenly, he couldn’t get anyone out, and the result was eight runs in five-plus innings. How does a pitcher look so good for three innings and then fall apart? Or is it just that the opposition “figures things out?” I don’t know, but I’d prefer it if Vazquez doesn’t make a habit of pitching performances like tonight’s.
And another thing. I’m not wild about Marcus Thames platooning with Gardner. Thames covers left field about as well as I would.
Back at it tomorrow against the Rays with CC on the mound. It’s a Fox game, so it’s unlikely I’ll get the broadcast here in California. (Booooooooo!) But I’m figuring the Yankees will rebound, just like they did after dropping the opener to the Red Sox. Hoping, anyway.
P.S. And now for the nightly reminder about the Cooperstown Cookie Contest. Deadline is midnight on April 11th, people!


  1. scofid

    Aaaarrrggghhhh! On the bright side, tomorrow is a new day and CC is on the mound! I definitely think we’ll see a much stronger and more typical CC than we saw on Opening Day. Best of luck to us! 🙂



    That was a pretty upsetting game. I don’t think Vasquez can be totally to blame. Like you said, Jane, his first four innings were excellent and the defense behind him was less than stellar. I loved watching A-Rod’s triple and scoring on the bad throw to third. He really is brilliant on the bases. I also love when the games include being able to listen to Tino and Paulie — two of my all-time favorite Yankees. At first we were very disappointed that Girardi left Vasquez in so long but this early in the season it was probably the right thing to do, not only to give him hours but to see how he reacted. The comeback almost worked; Jeter just does not have the word “quit” in his vocabulary. And finally, I agree that today’s game will be like game 2 against Boston and with C.C. starting I think we’re in pretty good shape. GO YANKEES!!!


    Here’s hoping Javy can figure out how to keep those wheels on, because he looked pretty good before that. Price was amazing! Can’t blame the Yanks bats.

    I also loved listening to Tino and Paulie. One of them said what a great baserunner ARod is, you sort of over look that with the power, etc. He really is a complete player.


  4. yankeesfan27

    Diane- the reason Vazquez was left in so long is because the only Yankee loose was Mitre, and Girardi was trying to make it so Mitre would only come out of the bullpen to start an inning. But as we all saw, his plans were foiled, and Mitre still had to come in mid-inning.

  5. Jane Heller

    Best of luck to us is right, Scott. CC needs to take command! If I remember correctly, he was pretty good last year pitching after a loss, so I hope he follows suit today.

    Can’t blame last night on the catwalks and cowbells, Jeremy. David (Vincent – haha) Price was mostly responsible. He handcuffed the Yankees bats. That said, Vazquez was the pits.

    Diane, A-Rod’s triple (I like to think of it as an inside-the-parker, never mind the error) was fun to watch – the only bright spot in an otherwise dreary game. Pitching aside, the Yankees always seem flat and listless after playing the Red Sox. They need to cut that out! I didn’t get Tino and Paulie (I heard a lot of complaining on Twitter about Tino – while everybody loves him, they don’t love his broadcasting skills), and was stuck with Tampa’s TV crew.

    I think CC will be able to handle the Rays today, Peter. Well, I hope so anyway. The Yankees need Tex to start hitting.

    I do blame the Yankees’ bats, Melissa. Price was dominant, no question, but we’re not getting any production out of our #3 hitter. I know he’ll come around as he always does, but it’s frustrating to watch. A-Rod’s base running does get lost in the shuffle. He was so quick when he was younger but he still has terrific instincts and can run, in spite of the hip problem.

    Yup, Girardi’s plans for Mitre were foiled, yankeesfan27. Sergio pitched well after a tough start, and he ate innings, which was great.

  6. Jane Heller

    Paul, I don’t think Vazquez’s issue is handling New York. I think it’s handing the AL East – a very different story from either his stints with the Braves or White Sox. That said, I’m hoping he had one bad start and will rebound next time out. If not, we’re in big trouble.


    Well, at least Boston lost, too. Neither the Yankees nor the Bosox seem to be able to win the game after one of our series against each other. Unfortunately, the Rays are in our division so it is imperative that CC take them out tonight.!
    A-Rod’s pseudo homerun was fantastic! Our batters are doing fine. Hopefully Javy pulls it together the next time, but I agree he looked fine at first. I was impressed with his pitching into and out of trouble in the 3rd. It remains to be seen how he handles the crowd at Yankee Stadium.
    Here’s to hoping that you can see the game today! Kathleen


    Well I didn’t get to see the game last night but I was keeping up with the scores. Jeez I am hoping it was nerves….but who am I kidding?

    Today it’s on Fox so I’ll get to watch it just not listen to it. Joe Buck’s constant chatter makes my ears bleed. Thank God for the mute button.


  9. Jane Heller

    Did Boston lose too, Kathleen? I didn’t check the scores this morning. I really do think there’s something to the rivalry flattening out both teams for their next series. Strange. Loved A-Rod’s “homer,” and Vazquez remains a question mark. Hope I at least get to HEAR the game today.

    I don’t know if it was nerves, Peg. Vazquez said after the game he was too focused on trying to keep runners from stealing when he was pitching from the stretch and that the problem is “fixable.” Sure hope so. I agree about Buck and McCarver. Maybe it’s a blessing I won’t get the game.

    The Rays had a great spring, Jenn, and it looks like they’re keeping the train moving into the season. And yes, I’m glad Swisher didn’t have to pitch. It was a blowout, but not THAT big a blowout.

  10. raysfanboy

    Yes, that was quite a game last night. Good stuff. I was at the game last year when Swisher came in, and it was really frustrating to see him dominate our Rays hitters. Maybe it is good Swish stayed on the offensive side of the ball last night! Of course, I am sure that CC will bring his A game tonight, so it should be fun to watch.

  11. Jane Heller

    You were there when Swisher pitched, raysfanboy? That must have been a hoot – except when he struck out….was it Gabe Kapler? Anyhow, great performance by Price. What a find for you guys.


    With Tino’s announcing, you just have to think “It’s Tino” and then you enjoy it. If you’re expecting Vin Scully, you’ll be very disappointed. Sort of like the Scooter – I loved listening to him, but he was not your typical announcer.


    Michael Kaye mentioned on the broadcast that Teixiera said he always gets off to a bad start, but if you look on the back of his baseball card, you can see that things end up all right. I’m not concerned about him.


    I know Tex will be the great player he was last year. And, don’t forget, he is the reigning Gold Glove 1st baseman. His amazing defense can more than make up for the lack of early season offense.
    Whenever the games are on Fox or ESPN, I mute the sound and listen to John and Susan on the radio. I would much rather hear, “It’s a text message from Teixeira” or “It’s Cano, dontcha know!” At least I don’t have to hear about every little mistake we make or the “veiled” negative comments about anything Yankees. Especially how big our payroll is, blah, blah, blah! Or what a “horse” CC is!
    Here’s to a great victory today, and Go Yankees!

  15. yankeesfan27

    arthur.kathleen: Agreed about Sterling. Although I like most of his radio calls, especially the “It is high, it is far, it is gone”. Although I am not loving “Curtis, can you get any Grander, son?”

    I hate the World Series on FOX. Being the only Yank fan in the house, I told my family how Fox and ESPN never saying anything nice. For instance, they barely even mentioned Ryan Howard striking out EVERY TIME he came up. But of course, he was commended for that 2 R shot against Pettitte in the middle of game 6. Imagine if that was A-Rod. Being a Yankee fan is a no win situation. If you lose, for instance, to the BoSox, they mock us because we have the highest payroll and whatnot. But if we win, they say “Oh, it is early in the season”. They so easily forget they have the second biggest payroll. And they sign people to extensions after the luxury tax is paid, so they don’t have to pay it. 😡

  16. Jane Heller

    My only problem with Tino as an announcer, Melissa, is that I can’t understand him half the time. He talks really fast, which kind of defeats the whole purpose. I want to hear what he has to say! But maybe he’ll improve as the season goes along. I’m not worried about Tex’s slow start either, except to say the Yankees didn’t really get going until he did last year, after A-Rod came back.

    Tex’s defense has been huge for us, Kathleen. No doubt. Maybe he could just tell himself it’s August instead of April???? Will go on MLB.TV now and see if I get the audio from John and Suzyn today.

  17. yankeesfan27

    Oh, and if I am correct, Swish was our best pitcher based on ERA last year. So maybe he would be good on the mound 🙂 …. he missed his calling. And striking out Kapler, how embarrassing that must have been for Gabe.

  18. Jane Heller

    Yankeesfan27, the national networks love the Yankees because we bring in big ratings. But the announcers, for the most part, harp on the payroll. But my biggest complaint about Fox and ESPN is how they refuse to keep the camera on the game. We’re constantly bombarded by shots that have no relevance. Just stick to what’s happening on the field, people! And yeah, Gabe Kapler must have hated that Swisher struck him out.

    Your fault, Virginia? I’d better go see why.

    They definitely would have been better with Swisher pitching, Jeff. Not a good night for Vazquez.

  19. yankeesfan27

    Did anyone see Obama throw out the opening pitch for the Nats? Not only did he insult them by wearing a ChiSox hat, he proceeded to throw the pitch with absolutely ZERO accuracy. I remember when Bush came out for the 01 WS. What a throw he made.

  20. yankeesfan27

    And he tipped his cap to the fans as he walked off as everyone booed him (for the hat or for health care…. you make the call :] ) which was humorous.

  21. Jane Heller

    I don’t think it’s good form to boo any president, yankeesfan27. Nothing humorous about it to me.

  22. yankeesfan27

    Granted, but as a fan of baseball, usually you DON’T sit there and wave your cap when people are booing you. For instance, when AJ Burnett went 7.2 IP scoreless against Boston last summer, he was taken out mid inning, and people were so thrilled with what they saw, he tipped his cap. If he had done that after giving up 8 runs in 5 IP, fans would hate him for a while. While I agree about not booing presidents, I found that snippet funny.


    Hurray!!! Tex just got his first hit of the season!!! And of course the fox crew is talking about the catcher instead of Tex. I hate games that are not on YES. C.C. is killing today and our bats are doing much better, especially now that they’ve seen this pitcher a couple of times. Looking good.

  24. Jane Heller

    Yay, Robbie! A no-doubter HR, yankeesfan27. Loved it.

    And good for Tex, Diane. I bet he feels a lot better. I’m watching on Fox too, but I’m kind of blocking out everything they say. CC is looking amazing. (No jinx.)

  25. yankeesfan27

    Tim McCarver is a dumb***. He just said that pitch counts are 100 percent nonsense, and that Price won the game because he pitched 7.2 IP instead of 7.0 IP. That either makes him stupid or he has no trust in the Rays pen to hold down a 7 run lead for 2 innings. Remember Price gave up a run in the 8th.

  26. yankeesfan27

    What a play by Shoppach. Why didn’t Granderson slide? Gardner has 2 hits today. Right now he is my everyday LFer except against Jon Lester, Johan Santana, and David Price.


    Let’s hear it for CC and a no-hitter! Let’s hear it for my guy, Mark, for saving it! Go Yankees!!

  28. yankeesfan27

    Awwww….. McCarver said that Teixeira deserves a gold glove every year. How nice of him to finally say something nice.

  29. yankeesfan27

    Don’t say that word Arthur.Kathleen! Don’t curse him like the FOX guys are trying to do. 🙂


    Yankeesfan27: I am a statistician (that is really true). I don’t believe in curses 🙂 LOL!! That said, CC will be fine!! And Mark does deserve a gold glove every year! I am on pins and needles right now!!! And walks don’t count (just happened. there is the response to my previous comment!! LOL).

  31. Jane Heller

    Well, yankeesfan27 and Kathleen, it was a great, great game. I really thought CC would get the no-no, given all the amazing defensive plays by our infielders, but he rebounded beautifully from his rocky start in Boston. More later in a new blog post!


    C.C. actually looked relieved. Just think, to get credit for the “no-no” he would probably have had to throw about 130 pitches or more. I think all in all he’s better off; you saw how quickly they pulled him. And Robertson certainly has my vote for a big part of our future. I know they pressure was off him having a double-digit lead but still, he would not have wanted to give up the shut out after how exciting that game was so he still had a bit of pressure on him. Anyway, a nice win and another very long game. I guess that happens when we have that many hits. Lalalalala!!!

  33. Jane Heller

    Do you really think he was relieved, Diane? I just got the feeling he was CC being CC – yawning in the dugout during the game, looking like it was no biggie. He’s such a laid back California guy it’s hard to tell. But he did throw a lot of pitches and if he couldn’t make history, I’m glad D-Rob could preserve the shutout. (That first pitch balk made me nervous though.) Anyhow, so much fun to watch. Lalalalalala!


    This is kind of late, since after that amazing game today but, man I sure am glad Vasqueeze is back. Mo said he was a confident, more mature, hard nosed pitcher then he was last time, and you know what, I think the god of Closers was right. Any normal human pitching 3 great innings and then suddenly giving up 5 runs in the blink of an eye might have teared up, but Javier just kept giving up more runs! What a great guy. (Well yeah its his first outing back, but if he does the Time Warp he better be traded 😛 Also, Price did an amazing job.) 2 out of 3 in a series ain’t bad though, I’ll drink to A.J. for some luck 😀


    Also, seeing Swisher pitch made me laugh, since I remember he got the first recorded strikeout last year…maybe he should pitch again, since the end result? 😀

  36. Jane Heller

    Come on, seindsfeld, we need to give Vazquez a break. It was only his first start of the season. Yes, it was frustrating to watch him lose it, but I’m not willing to give up on him after only one outing. So drink to A.J. and hope he delivers us a win tomorrow. As for Swisher, I bet Gabe Kapler isn’t laughing about being K-ed by an outfielder. LOL.

  37. Jane Heller

    Of course I remember it, seindsfeld. I can still picture the look on his face getting rung up by an outfielder!

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