OK, So We Got The First “L” Out Of The Way

I would have preferred the “W,” obviously, but the Yanks aren’t going to win every game (aren’t I philosophical). And this one did have its happy moments:
CC’s early dominance.
Jorge’s homer.
Granderson’s homer.
Swisher’s at bat in the 4th when he worked the walk to extend the inning.
Jeter and Gardner’s double steal.
Cano’s two hits.
A-Rod’s double.
Knocking out Beckett.
Oh, and it was swell seeing Pedro again.
The game also reminded me how nauseating it is when the bullpen gives it up. Thumbs down to:
Chan Ho Park for looking like a different pitcher than the one at spring training.
Damaso Marte for picking up where he left off in the 2009 regular season.
Joba for not throwing with the kind of velocity he used to. (Where did it go?)
Also requiring a spanking were:
Brett Gardner for that crappy throw home (not even close).
Nick Swisher for letting Youkilis’ ball roll to the wall.
Cano for settling for a single when he might have had a double.
Jorge for allowing the passed ball.
Joe Girardi for not pulling CC when he was clearly out of gas.
The Yankees for not carrying another lefty (can you say Boone Logan!).
And then there was Steven Tyler singing “God Bless America.”
At first I thought we were getting a mother/daughter combo. But then “she” turned out to be “he,” and he made me appreciate even the dearly departed Kate Smith. Neil Diamond came next, and, well, I think I’ll just say that I wish him well in his future gigs at casinos and bar mitzvahs.
I’m actually glad for Monday’s off-day. I’m exhausted. As usual, Yankees-Red Sox led to compelling baseball and I was thrilled that the season had finally arrived, but we had a ripple effect from the earthquake in Baja before the game started. No damage here, just a few seconds of rolling, which unnerved me and made me and my neighbors feel kind of seasick.


  1. latinyankeerebel

    Hola Jane!
    Oh aren’t you glad it’s that time of ‘ear again, when our boys of summer come back from hibernating.
    I have to add to your positive things just one more thing:
    Jeets new haircut is sexy.
    And one more negative thing:
    I’m not very convinced with Granderson’s arm… or am I blind?
    anywho, I;m very happy we had that “L” coming out of our way, The “L” i’m waiting for is “Leader” in the in the American League.
    It’s just the first game of the season, so I’m gonna let it pass by, but from Tuesday on… oh, they better be careful. Ms. Nice won’t be here no more!
    Welcome back to baseball! :0)

  2. gy1680036@yahoo.com.tw

    Why not let A.Beltre defense on SS , M.Lowell defense on 3B ??

    So that the power of REDSOX will better !

  3. lenn23

    I don’t know but it seems to be a little early in the season for Yanks/Red Sox melodrama. I’m gonna treat this like an early-season loss to the A’s or Royals. Unless they get swept; then that will suck!

  4. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    That was painful to watch at the end, Jane but you’re right; getting the first loss of the season out of the way is good. And now a day’s rest before we go back at it. I think all in all it was positive in the beginning — C.C. started out well and the bats looked good. But the bull pen hurt us bad and the defense was less than stellar. Yeah, its early and Boston is no “lay down and die” team so I guess we should not be too surprised at the outcome. Instead of throwing out the first pitch I wish Pedro had come in as a relief pitcher – him we know we can hit. Anyway, the season is happily now well underway and we can enjoy it.

  5. scofid

    Girardi definitely stayed with CC too long this early in the season. I would have rather seen him depart an inning early with Joe bringing in either Mitre or Aceves. A disappointing loss, but fortunately it is just one game and means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully, the team will play…and pitch…better on Tuesday. Let’s hope that A.J. and Jorge are in sync with one another. I never thought that it would be painful to listen to Steven Tyler. As for Neil Diamond, I kept waiting to hear that voice which was so magical in the 70’s but it never appeared. That was a nice touch for the Red Sox to bring out Pedro for the first pitch.


  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Yahoo! Baseball is back!!!! We were doing our marathon drive back from South Carolina (6 AM – 10 PM). I was able to find an ESPN station just outside of Scranton/Wilkes Barre to listen. We stopped for gas and the rest of the family went inside to use the facilities. I was standing outside the car listening and when Jeter got up, I couldn’t help myself, I started chanting “Derek Jeter” and clapping. When he got that first out, I think I heard Jane going “noooooo!”

    Going through those hills there the reception was spotty, so when Jorge hit his home run, we knew the ball had gone deep and the outfielder was near it . . . then static. Finally we heard the score and knew he’d hit a homer.

    How sweet that Granderson got a homer for his first Yankee at bat! Hope that is just the beginning.

    I was able to listen to the end of the game with my handy dandy pillow speaker in bed. They kept the coverage on during “Sweet Caroline” and I was thinking “Why is John Sterling saying the words to the song?” Pretty bad, if you ask me!

    So it begins – thought we might have had them, but in Fenway, nothing is certain until the final out.

    It will be great to WATCH the game tonight. I left the beautiful perfect weather and great beach of the South Carolina low country, but came home to daffodils, forsythia, and BASEBALL!!!!!


  7. irishsoxkid19

    The Yankees did a great job last night. I thought that they would add onto that lead that they had, but it looks as though the Sox had their game faces on near the end!! About time too. Good luck in Game two. Yet another brilliant pitching matchup’s about to go underway!!

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    You’re all so right about Handsome Stevie…tell me, oh tell me…how does such an ugly man have such a beautiful daughter (meaning Liv Tyler)…?
    And speaking of ugly…just got off the phone with Jersey Bob, who, as Mr. Cynical, always gets perverse pleasure in our team’s bad efforts…”Dave — now, WHO gave up that passed ball last night? You know it — Hip Hip, Hor-Hay!!” Taters are nice, but…you can guess who he blames for the 9 runs’ worth of pitcher-pounding…and it ain’t a pitcher…sigh…
    Didn’t watch ’til the bitter end…when CC blew the lead in the 6th, it was already 10:30, and that was enuf…already exhausted from Too Much Basketball…and, after all, it is only the opening scene in a l-o-n-g show…
    Hope there’s no more Carole King moments for you out on the Left Coast, feelin’ the earth move…if you haven’t seen “2012” yet, you Californy-ans may not want to…!

  9. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    It’s a long season everyone! No panic yet, especially since the Yankees played quite well. CC was great until the 6th, and I agree that Joe should have pulled him with two men on and no outs. Cano looked good and I loved Gardner’s steal of home. Did he and Jeter practice that ahead of time? It was flawless!
    As for all the food on my menu yesterday Jane, we ate one meal for a late lunch, and then the pizza for a late dinner since the game didn’t start here until 8:00ish. I am training for a marathon, so lucky for me, lots of food is a perk!
    Go Yankees on Tuesday! Go AJ!

  10. Elizabeth D

    It was an exhilarating, incredible, typical Yankees vs Red Sox game. I thought it would be more of a starting pitchers’ duel rather than a bullpen duel, but Beckett just did not have his stuff last night. He left too many pitches up, instead of leaving them, and that worked for him during the Spring. We’ve got an off day today (thought I am watching every game), but I am watching every single game because it’s Opening Day! We’re gonna see another great game Tuesday night. I can’t wait!

  11. mikeeff

    i don’t know how Steven Tyler managed to crawl out of Greenwood Cemetary, but it wasn’t pretty. my brother ( who is in the know ) told me that he is “in treatment” and they let him out to sing there. so i guess I shouldn’t kill the guy.

    this was a classic fenway disaster. the minute CC walked pedroia i saw it all crumbling., if i could have called Vegas to make a bet, i would have. anyway. today watching all the other teams would have been a lot more fun if we had won, but i’ll get over it. GOOD AJ tomorrow please!

  12. cheshirecat9

    A roller coaster game indeed. I am trying not to be too upset since it is only the first game. Not working so far.

    The game did have its share of good moments so let’s just hope the bullpen gets it together soon so we can avoid loses like this in the future.

    Jane, I am glad the earthquake didn’t do anything worse then make you seasick.

    Let’s go AJ!

  13. Jane Heller

    Yeah, we’ll get ’em Tuesday, Meg. Hiccup. Have another. LOL.

    Yes, it’s that time of year when you’re back on the blog, Lillie. So you like Jeet’s haircut? It’s a little short for me. Granderson’s arm? He made a great catch in center. It was Gardner who didn’t throw the ball very well. Welcome back to baseball. I second that!

    I don’t know the answer to that one, gy, except that Beltre is a third baseman. And having Lowell on the bench just makes the Red Sox stronger.

    Len, we’ve been saying the same thing – that it’s early for the rivalry and we needed time to ease into it. But the schedulers had other ideas, so here we are. I admit it didn’t have quite the usual intensity for me, maybe because it was Game 1. I mean, I didn’t scream at the TV once. How odd!

    Dude did look like a lady, Mike. HAHAHA. Now I know where the song comes from.

    The quake only unnerved me, Peter. No damage up my way, thank goodness. I was sitting at this computer, blabbing on Twitter, when my desk chair started rolling left to right and I thought….Uh-oh. It’s not me.

    I really feel that way, Diane. We lost, it wasn’t the end of the world, and now we can move on. We got spoiled after the playoffs, winning all those games, so we did get the first “L” under our belts. CC looked great at first, didn’t he? But it was understandable that he’d run out of gas in his first real game. That’s why I was surprised Joe didn’t come get him earlier.

    Yup, he stayed with CC too long, Scott. But we would have all gone, “Meetray?” if he’d brought him in. And who knows about Aceves’ back right now; maybe it’s still “balky.” Or maybe Joe’s saving him in case A.J. goes south on Tuesday. Neil Diamond’s voice magical in the 70s? I admit to liking “Solitary Man,” but that’s about it.

    Melissa, that sounds like quite a journey but I’m glad you had sporadic coverage of the game. It was fun watching Jorge’s homer hit the pole. And it was very sweet to see Granderson go deep in his first at bat. He had such a big smile on his face. I breathed a sigh and said, “Maybe we’ll win this first one.” Oh well. It was not to be. Glad you’re back safe and sound.

    Congrats to you and the Red Sox, Holly. They never let up, as always. Let’s hope the starters for Tuesday stick around longer and it’s not another bullpen contest.

    Apparently, Tyler has more than one beautiful daughter, Dave. Liv is gorgeous but so was Chelsea, the one by his side last night. I can’t get down on Jorge for the passed ball, not really. Marte was all over the place and you could see Jorge’s frustration. And he did get us on the board with the homer. And yes, I could do without any more shaking and rolling!

    Robertson wasn’t good, Jeff, but Chan Ho was worse. The guy practically pitched for the cycle. Jeez!

    Beckett looked great in the first two innings, Steve. I was thinking he’d be really tough to hit and then – boom – he seemed to have lost command. But after he got pulled I did think about the contract extension. LOL. Anyhow, round one to you guys.

    Cano did look good, Kathleen. I sure hope he has a great season. Apparently, Jeter and Gardner pulled off the double steal on their own – it wasn’t a play Girardi put on. So kudos to them. You’re training for a marathon? Well, then eat up those carbs!!! When’s the race?

    Yup, another roller coaster ride, Elizabeth. Just like old times. I thought it would be a duel between the starters too, but maybe it’s too early in the season for them to be sharp. At least your guys got it done in the end and drew first blood! We’ll be back at it tomorrow night.

    I thought Tyler was in rehab, so that explains it, Mike. I hope he gets it together. Speaking of which, I kept hoping it wouldn’t be a disaster when CC walked Pedroia, but the wheels did come off after that. And please let the good A.J. show up tomorrow. Please please.

    It’s only the first game, cheshirecat. Just take the loss and move on! There were definitely positives to take away (none of them pitching related, however), so keep the faith.

  14. peggy3

    Hey Jane & fellow baseball fans…

    One down and 161 to go…..typical Yankee/Sox game ..over 4 hours and wild…

    Last year I made the trip to Baltimore for Opening Day. We lost which made for a LONG 3 1/2 hour ride home that night. As much as I hate losing to the Sox I don’t mind it starting out this way as long as the season ends the same way … :o). Cano was right not to try and stretch it to second where he would have definitely been thrown out as the ball was a rocket off that fence and played perfectly by Drew. By staying at first and not being thrown out at second only made Beckett work that much harder too. Cano makes everything he does look so easy he is unfairly labled lazy. I was watching the game on YES (thankfully). I have been hearing from many people how awful it was on ESPN and how every Yankee mistake was blown out of proportion. They were saying that Miller almost wet his pants when the Sox would take a lead ..lol. They also said the Yankees got no respect as the defending World Champs. I didn’t watch it so I’m just going by hearsay ….any comments from anyone on here who watched ESPN. I value the opinions of the baseball fans on here more than any other place.

    I hate the fact we have to wait till Tuesday for the next game. You get all hyped up and then you have to wait …
    AGAIN !!! I’ll be at Mickey Mantle’s with my Yankee Meetup group for the game on Wednesday …next best thing to being at the game…

    Beautiful day in NYC …hope it is where everyone else lives…ENJOY !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  15. peggy3

    Oh …Jane …I’m so happy a little earthquake can’t stop your blogging ….haha…

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  16. mikeeff

    i think jeff must have meant Park, robertson looked good i thought. well better than any of the other relievers. swish just tweeted about being ready to play tonight. didn’t he get the memo they were off today?

  17. Jane Heller

    I was watching on ESPN, Peggy, and Orel did say that thing about wetting his pants. Miller and Morgan were in shock. LOL! I disagree about Cano though. I’m not saying he wouldn’t have been out if he’d tried to take second on the play, but he didn’t hustle out of the box, he just didn’t. Maybe he thought it was a home run, but you have to bust it out of the box, even if you hold up at first. He even slapped his gloves together, like he knew he blew it. Mostly, I’m just thrilled with how well he’s hitting the ball so far this year. And I’m glad you’ll be back with your pals at Mantle’s. That’s as it should be and all is right with the world! And no, the earthquake didn’t stop me from blogging. HAHAHAHA!

    Swish just tweeted that, Mike? He’s probably delirious from that route he took to the ball that went to the wall.

    I thought Tyler’s glasses were an interesting touch, Paul. It was like he had to read a teleprompter to sing God Bless America.

  18. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Oiy!! You were pretty fair in your assesment. No, you were very fair. Good Luck this year Jane. I had to catch the beginning of the game in the car. After Grandy’s HR, I had to switch it off. I just couldn’t listen to John Sterling. He was making my ears bleed.
    ; )

  19. Jane Heller

    I heard John didn’t do much with Granderson’s home run call. I would have expected something like “It’s a dandy…from Grandy.” But apparently he did some show tune reference.

  20. lorcanmccormick

    Granderson looks great and Johnson looked meh, but on the whole, Jane your team is as scary as ever! Both teams are in mid-season form, which just has to make us believe the best is yet to come.

  21. Jane Heller

    I wouldn’t say the Yankees’ bullpen is in mid-season form, lorcan, but the bats were just fine. It’s a new season and we’ll find out soon enough what’s working and what needs tweaking.

  22. Jane Heller

    Buz, you’re back! Yeah, it was a roller coaster in California, literally. But no aftershocks up here today…at least not yet.

  23. lorcanmccormick

    That was Giradi’s fault. Marte? Seriously? It was like he wanted Youk to score. Also Chan-Ho-Park I believe will be cut by month’s end. Anyways it was a great game last night, vintage Yankees vs Red Sox. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


  24. Jane Heller

    I agree, lorcan, especially with Marte’s “cranky” shoulder. Don’t know about Park, since he was so good with the Phillies and in spring training.

  25. jojovanb27@hotmail.com

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

    Peggy was glad to be watching YES, and by the second inning I was wishing I had the option to switch over to ESPN. (The broadcast was only available on YES in Time Warner’s Albany market.)

    The same Michael Kay, who cries about games running too long, jumped on the bandwagon for instant replay when the first base umpire “appeared” to make a wrong call when A-Rod doubled off that runner on a line drive to third. It was a bang-bang play. The ump gets one look and calls it as he sees it.

    I appreciate the fact that the Yankee announcers were honest and admitted that the Boston runner looked safe, but Michael going down that “instant replay” road so early, just reminds me of what a pain it is to listen to him all year. It’s only game one and I’m already looking forward to Kay’s next vacation.


    You’re right about Brett Gardner’s throw being awful. I wondered which base he wanted to throw to. It looked like it was on a perfect line for a throw to third, but sailed as if he was throwing home. On the other hand, the double-steal was a thing of beauty. I hope they sit Brett tomorrow against Lackey, but I also hope he’ll get to start against ‘normal’ lefties as the year goes on.

  26. southernbelle

    Jane: We did start off with a few “L’s” last season, and look were we went! I’m not worried about the loss. I’m thrilled to have the Yankees back 🙂 I hope Park was just nervous…his stinkiness annoyed me.

  27. wirishrose81@yahoo.com

    I have to admit I was upset last night…it took awhile for me to fall asleep! I had to keep repeating “it’s a marathon not a sprint” and “there’s 161 more games to go”. However, I woke up in much better spririts (despite being tired) and am ready for Tuesday! Glad the earthquake didn’t effect you too much Jane!

  28. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    after spending all day, ok all weekend, waiting for the game, i am exhausted and unhappy and ready to divorce baseball. but i did cancel plans for tomorrow night in order to watch the game so i guess i’m come back from the ledge. really cc and his inability to throw stikes was hard, gardner’s throw made me wonder why i thought he’d be better in left field than damon. the whole bullpen being bad minus mo is disheartening. and now we have lester and lackey to face. last year i was away when they swept us, i think i’m wishing i was away now. ok, ok. i’ll try to breathe and repeat just one game, just one game, just….

  29. Jane Heller

    The double steal was a thing of beauty, jojovanb. I loved it – especially when Girardi said that Jeter and Gardner went on their own. Just good baseball. As for the announcing, it really is pick your poison. I’d take YES over ESPN any day, Kay and all, just because I like hearing “our” guys do games, no matter their annoying quirks. They aren’t parachuting in. They know the team, the players, the history.

    I’m thrilled too, Virginia, although I have to say I appreciate the off day. I had so much pent up emotion that it drained me! Maybe Park was nervous, but I doubt it. I mean, he pitched in the World Series and did just fine.

    Glad you woke up in better spirits, wirishrose. I think that’s the difference between the 2007 version of me and this one: I don’t let losses stay with me. Of course, I didn’t have that much practice last year because we hardly ever lost!

  30. Jane Heller

    I’m really happy that you brought yourself back from the ledge, Barbara! Your mantra is the right one – it’s only one game – so you don’t have to worry. CC will be just great, you’ll see, and Gardner had a really good game offensively. So hang in there and hope for an effective A.J. tomorrow night. And, yes, BREATHE!

  31. arizonacacti

    As I remember, C.C. did not have a great start to the season last year and ended up with a ring and looked great except for the yawning in the dugout while the Yanks were batting in the playoffs. Girardi will be all over the relievers and the no shows will be gone quickly I bet.

    I am excited about this season although I already miss spring training in my hometown, I will be on all the sports websites pushing your blog as I enjoyed your posts all last season.

  32. Jane Heller

    You’re right, arizonacacti, CC did get off to a slow start. Girardi said he wasn’t bothered by the relievers last night – “It was only one game,” he said – so we’ll see how he reacts if the problems persist. I do remember that LaTroy Hawkins didn’t last very long in pinstripes. Thanks for plugging my blog. That’s sweet!

  33. seindsfeld@aol.com

    I told ya, but you wouldn’t believe me! Opening day, lots of goofs, high score, the pitchers not settled in yet. Even with the Red Sox too. CC got tired around the 5th or so, kind of scary. But as for Joba, Michael Kay always says during that game in Texas when his shoulder got hurt, he lost his velocity. That’s where Hughes hurt himself too, strange, I wonder what those Texans put on their mound? 161 left 😀

  34. Jane Heller

    Strange about Texas, seindsfeld. But Joba looked awfully good tonight and we won our first of the season. Whew.

  35. enternight

    The Steven Tyler thing was just weird. Total “WTF” moment. BUT… it was great to see the boys again, great to see Granderson come through in his first at bat, not so great to see Marte and Chop give it up. But, all’s well that ends well, and we won today 🙂 ~Ana http://enternight.mlblogs.com

  36. Jane Heller

    It was great to see the boys again, Ana, and how sweet for Grandy to get that homer in his first at bat. Marte was less scary tonight (sort of) and Joba was a definite bright spot, as was Aceves.

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