And So It Begins…

The Yankees flew north today, prepared to fight for another championship.
All the talk about whether Joba should start or relieve, whether Johnson should bat second instead of Granderson, whether Vazquez will be better the second time around, whether the Yankees will be weaker without Damon and Matsui…none of it matters now. The roster is set. The team is ready to go. I am ready to go.
Actually, I haven’t decided if I’ll resort to the lucky pizza for tomorrow night’s game. It’s only Opening Night, not the World Series, so probably not. On the other hand, it was really, really good.
PIZZA GM. 4.jpg


  1. mikeeff

    “none of it matters now. The roster is set. The team is ready to go. I am ready to go.:

    that sums it up perfectly- i’m so sooo excited


    happy opening day to everyone. just over 12 hours! everything is different today. for the next hopefully 7+ months, life is different. i am hoping for great pitching and timely hitting. i am hoping that by repeating we are the world champions in my head i will be able to handle defeat. i am hoping for more joy.

  3. devilabrit

    The best thing of it all is that everyone is even at the moment and we really don’t know what to expect, it’s just so much fun to see it all unfold… but I would go easy on the lucky pizza, after all it’s along season, maybe something a little more healthy as a lucky food could be sort out…:-)

    Have fun watching the game tonight…

    Phillies Outside


    What’s on that pizza? Looks like everything 😮 I’m ready too, I can’t decide if the off season went fast or slow, but it definitely had a nice vibe being the champions again. Hope it’s another good season 😀

  5. steve_t

    Here we go again, Jane. I’m kind of disappointed that it’s Yanks and Sox right off the bat, but at the same time it’s hard to complain about it. I’m watching with friends tonight and bringing the lucky baked ziti. Looking forward to a great 2010 season.

    Steve T.

  6. peggy3

    Good Morning Jane & fellow bloggers…


    I won’t be eating Pizza, Jane ..I’ll be enjoying a wonderful
    Easter Dinner with my family but as I had said previously we will be eating EARLY so that everyone can get home in time to watch the game tonight. I’m so excited !!!

    I thank God for the all my blessings …my daughter, my family, my friends and as Joe D. said …for making me a
    Yankee fan … :o)

    Happy Opening Day to all baseball fans ….good luck to
    your respective teams but just that little bit more to My Yanks !!! On to Championship #28 !!!

    Play Ball !!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  7. ooaooa

    Pizza on Easter? Ham, Kielbasa, Babka and scalloped potatoes are more like it. Had my Yankee Easter pin on my sports jacket for church this morning. Stopped to pick up rye bread on the way home. Girl in bakery is a big Sox fan. Wished her luck as a belated April Fool joke. Told her I’d let Sox win 8 in a row early anytime with same as 2009 results. Changed into my road grey jersey when I got home. All is ready on this front. Let the games begin!

  8. irishsoxkid19

    Pizza? Ok, guess that’ll work. Try the Hawaiian one though!! It is amazing. If you haven’t yet, that is. Looking forward to tonight’s game as well. Beckett vs Sabathia… What better way to kick off the 2010 season?!


    Happy Opening Day Everyone! Happy Easter, too!!
    I will be enjoying ham, cheese potatoes, asparagus, and sweet potato pie earlier in the day, and then onto lucky homemade pizza for the Big Game!
    I already have on my 27th World Series Winners t-shirt, bought beer brewed in New York City, and I am ready to go! I look forward to blogging after the game.

  10. mikeeff

    agreed jeff- i’d like to see brett gardner pick up youkilis, drag that punk into the OF and shove his head into the green monster…

  11. Jane Heller

    Here’s to a fun season for you too, Mike. Thanks!

    You think I should go with pizza, Cat? By the way, I just looked on StubHub at the prices for Yanks-Dodgers on that Saturday in June and they’re INSANE. $200 to sit in the upper upper deck?

    Happy Opening Day to you, Barbara. My husband and I were out for dinner with friends last night and he said to them, “Say goodbye to Jane for the next six months. You won’t see her.” LOL.

    Enjoy the game at your grandparents’ house, Brady. Happy Easter to you too!

    You’re so right, Peter. This is the moment when all things are possible and we’re all full of hope for the season. In some ways I wish we could freeze time. As for the pizza, maybe if I put broccoli on it? LOL.

    That pizza had mushrooms, sausage and (on my half) spinach, seindsfeld. It was gooood. For me the off-season felt very slow. But now that Opening Day is really here, it feels like only yesterday that we were all talking about the actual games.

    Me too, cheshirecat! Let’s hope the season is filled with exciting games…and a nice little gold trophy at the end.

    Yup, here we go again, Steve. All the joy and angst will come right back as soon as the first pitch is thrown. So baked ziti is your lucky game food? I guess that means you’ll be popping Tums too. LOL.

    Happy Easter to you, Peggy, and good move having an early dinner with the family so everybody can go home and watch the game. And yes, we are lucky to be Yankee fans. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

    John, you’re too funny with all your run-ins with Sox fans in Connecticut. So you’re decked out in your road jersey already? I love it. I’ll be throwing on the Mo jersey and hoping it brings the boys luck.

    Happy Easter to you, wirishrose! Here’s to #28 is right. It all begins tonight.

    Hawaiian pizza, Holly? Nope. Never tried it. It probably has pineapple on it and I’m not big on that. CC vs. Beckett should be quite a matchup indeed.

    That’s a lot of food in one day, Kathleen! I’m full just thinking about your menu. I love that you, like John, are already suited up in your jersey. The beer’s a great touch too. Can’t wait for the game to start and will certainly be blogging after it (hopefully in a good mood).

    The third pizza-related blog, Jeff? That’s hilarious. I guess pizza has become the “event” food of choice. And yeah, a fight would be interesting, but they usually happen after the two teams have a few games under their belt and have had time for slights to fester and boil over.

    HAHAHA, Mike. Little Gardy dragging Youk around. That’s like having Edwar Ramirez be the “enforcer” last year.


    It’s clear that we are all anxious for tonight’s beginning. I’m remembering how the season started against Boston last season (0 – 8!!!) and we all know how THAT season ended. Newsday had a season opening pull out section today that was really well-done. The center page was a fun section on the best baseball nicknames. And under staff picks, 5 out of 7 picked The Yankees to take the AL East – the other two gave them the Wild Card. Overall, only 2 of the 7 picked the Yankees to repeat for #28. What do they know?!! I know we will miss Matsui and Damon, especially in the post-season, and there is some concern about the overall age of our team. But I think we are ready to go and the team energy and chemistry seems as strong as it did last year. And we all know how well that went. So, when is Jeter going to get his pie in the face? Happy Easter to all who celebrate and Happy 60th birthday to my hubby!

  13. Jane Heller

    You think we’re all anxious for tonight’s game, Diane? LOL. It’s like everybody’s just killing time until the first pitch. The Newsday section sounds interesting. But only 2 out of 7 picked the Yanks to repeat? Bah, humbug. Tear the thing up! I, too, can’t wait to see Jeter get his first pie. How about in the Stadium opener! Happy Easter and give your hubby a big birthday hug from me.

  14. crzblue2

    Well Jane! Now I am starving and got to see what I have for Easter. No pizza though, we had that yesterday.
    Now we play for reals!
    Happy Easter!
    Happy Opening Day!
    Let’s all try to stay healthy!


    I had it backwards, Jane. 5 of the 7 reporters said The Yankees would repeat.

    My husband’s family chipped in and got him a big, flat screen, hi def TV for his birthday. We set it up and were enjoying the game until now – Boston tied it up in the bottom of the 6th. C.C. was pitching beautifully and then all of a sudden he lost his placement – I know its early and we can come back but we were cruising before now and it really looked like it was going to be an easy win. Yeah, right…in Boston!!! This is going to be another long one.

  16. Jane Heller

    Peggy, this game has been great so far (no jinx). I know you’re watching and enjoying every minute.

    Isn’t it great to see baseball on TV, Mimi? Seems like only yesterday we were watching, but now it’s a new season. So exciting.

    Happy Easter and Opening Day to you too, Emma. Yup, these games count from now on. And no pizza for me tonight. I went the chicken route.

  17. Jane Heller

    Much better, Diane. I’m glad to hear the majority picked the Yanks, although right now the pen is looking like you know what. How cool that your hubby got a big screen for his birthday. At least you’re watching in style, no matter what happens. (We’re in the 8th right now.)

  18. wetfeet

    The score was 7 to 5 Yanks winning and I was signing in to say congrats, when I saw Cho Han “there she goes out of the” Park, was pitching, well I warned you! When Cho Han is pitching you had better have every thing you could throw at the TV out of your reach! I hope for you, the Yanks pull out a win!

  19. Jane Heller

    No congrats, wetfeet. Chan Ho had a great spring but it sure didn’t carry over into tonight. The wheels came off after that. But the TV is safe. Nothing was thrown!

  20. Jane Heller

    The Yankees come into each season with crosshairs even when they haven’t just won a championship, Renegade. They’re the team everyone wants to beat. Yes, the Yanks and Sox will battle it out, but the Rays will be there too, I have no doubt!

  21. raysrenegade

    Nothing like that first step onto the ballfield to begin a new MLB season.
    New York comes into this first game with a huge set of crosshairs on their chest for 2010. The Rays went through the same process in 2009, and the minefields are laid out already.
    With 17 distinctively different Red Sox/Yankees battles in 2010, you know that to the ultimate yearly series winner gets a huge advantage towards winning the AL East crown.
    I guess the best thing to say is to quote my XX beer guy…”Stay thristy my friends”.

    Rays Renegade

  22. SLY

    What an awesome first game of the season. Why does every Yanks/Sox game feel like postseason game? I am elated the grand game of Baseball is back. Normalcy has returned to my life.


    The Three Bs

    “The 200 French Fries”

  23. Jane Heller

    You’re so right, Shaun. Every Yanks/Sox game does feel like a postseason game. I guess it’s partially because of the media hype but also because the games always seem to go down to the wire. Last night was no exception.

  24. Jane Heller

    It was delicious pizza, Mike! Maybe not “traditional,” but I wish I’d had it last night instead of the Wade Boggs chicken.

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