Suddenly, The Yankees Are A “Grey’s Anatomy”  Episode?

grey's anatomy.jpg
It’s only two days away from Opening Night, and we have casualties? What kind of nonsense is that? First, there was Aceves’ “balky back,” which is supposed to be better but still.
Then came Cervelli’s hammy – also reportedly better but not 100%.
Then there was news of Jorge’s stiff neck. He always seems to get stiff necks, so why can’t he just sleep on some decent pillows?
Then Marte announced that his shoulder was “cranky.” (Possibly, it’s because of the tattoo.)
Then the already fragile-as-glass Nick Johnson fouled a ball off his knee in today’s game against the O’s — the last real game of spring training. Wouldn’t you know?
And then the unthinkable: MO HAS A COLD.
I knew he wasn’t right when he came in to pitch and walked a guy. Of course it was because his nose was stuffed up and his head felt like it would explode. What other explanation could there be? Poor thing. If I were in Tampa, I’d rush over to Steinbrenner Field and bring him a bucket of this.
I hope Girardi makes all the healthy players suit up for tomorrow’s game against the minor leaguers wearing this.


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I see the injury bug has made it’s way from Flushing, over the Cross-Bronx Expressway, and showed up at River Ave.
    Welcome to my world.

  2. scofid

    Yikes, there is definitely a bit too many aches and pains heading into Sunday’s game. I hope that Nick Johnson’s knee recovers quickly. The oddsmakers have been very kind to the Yankees this year, but they definitely need health on their side. If we find Kei Igawa in the starting rotation at any time, we’ll know things are looking grim! Here’s to good health…and the number 28! 🙂


  3. 26andcounting

    Funny post Jane! It’s disappointing to see all of these injuries flooding in right before the season starts.

    However, you did forgot someone…

    From Chad Jennings (Lohud) a few days ago:

    “Girardi went to check on [David] Robertson during the game because he saw him shake his leg. He wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. Turns out, Robertson’s shoes were hurting his feet.”

    Oh boyyy 🙂

    ~ Leah

  4. Jane Heller

    At least the injury bugs listed above aren’t season-threatening, Mike. So I really can’t complain. So far (shhhh- no jinx), they sound like non-DL situations, unless Nick Johnson’s knee or Marte’s shoulder are more serious than I thought.

    Health is the key, Scott. So true. You can have all the talent in the world, but if it’s sitting on the disabled list, what good is it? And if we have to see Igawa, I hope it’s because he’s suddenly figured out how to retire major league hitters!

    I remember that item from LoHud about D-Rob, Leah. Thank God it was just his shoe and not a hammy or something. We need him to be as effective as he was last season.

    HAHA, Jeremy. It’s always a surprise to me when Mo has the slightest illness because he takes such great care of himself. But a cold is just a cold, and I’m sure he’ll be fine – sorry!

  5. devilabrit

    They’ll be flying into JFK by way of a regularly scheduled flight and utilizing the coach portion of the plane for the journey, this should assist them to a healthy jump start…. and that bowl of stuff for MO… okay I’ll reserve comment in case readers have weak stomachs… 🙂

    – peter
    Phillies Outside

  6. travelingbballbabes

    I am too excited that Opening Day is upon us. Hearing about injuries is all a blur to me. I am so happy that I don’t even care anymore that the Yanks are kicking it off at the dreaded Fenway. I’m just thrilled that they’re back in action!

  7. Jane Heller

    I’m excited too, Serena. Trying to clear the decks today so I can devote myself to watching the game tomorrow night with zero interruptions. Easter dinner? Fagetaboutit.

    You win, Paul. The Mets cornered the market on injuries last season, and the Yankees’ ailments aren’t as serious, with the possible exception of Nick Johnson. Not sure about that one.

  8. Jane Heller

    Barbara, it sounds like the injury report improved today. Jorge played in the futures game and Cervelli and Johnson have been cleared to play tomorrow (I think). Only Marte is still “cranky.” Well, and I assume Mo’s cold is under control. I’m going to follow your workout lead and take a long walk this afternoon with a friend. Five miles should do the trick and get me nice and relaxed for tomorrow night. It’s almost here!


    i am counting the hours and trying not to worry about the minor injury issues and starting at fenway. i am so excited i feel a bit hyper. it meant a good workout at the gym, a hike, and hours of cleaning–including dusting every item in the yankee shrine.
    i went to a spinning class earlier in the week and had to suffer through sweet caroline aka the red sox anthem. i restrained myself from shouting out that as a fan of world champions new york yankees i had no interest in hearing that song and just pedaled harder and thought of the swisher commercial. then they played the Who song that used to be what paul o’neil had as his music when he went up to bat and i pictured the stadium and felt much better.
    28 hours and counting!


    I’m Baaaaaack!!! Computer problems again and very busy. The team stayed healthy throughout spring training so it was bound to happen all at once. But like you said, Jane, the updates are mostly positive.

    Our starters look good and for the most part we look good defensively as well. I can’t wait for the season to begin tomorrow even if it has to be in Boston. And tomorrow is also a big day in our family – My husband turns 60!!!

    Happy Holiday to those who celebrate and Happy 2010 season and 28th World Series Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Jane Heller

    Hey, Diane. First of all, a pre-birthday greeting for your hubby. I hope the Yankees give him a present with a “W.” I, too, think we’re in good shape to begin the season, stiff necks and cranky shoulders and all. I hope CC can shake off his mediocre spring and pitch well tomorrow night. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    I definitely think Cervelli needs you to be 100%, Virginia. He just doesn’t know it. Isn’t it time you wrote him a letter explaining your feelings? Except how would you explain that you love Mitre too? LOL.

  12. southernbelle

    Jane: These little injuries gave me a few scares, but luckily the boys will be okay for the big day tomorrow.
    To make Cervelli 100% better, I think he needs me to massage him….mmm….see that little diagram you put up got me excited…Now I have images…in my head….ooh…Jeez Jane why do you do this to me!!!!


    None are huge problems, could be worse, i.e. Joe Nathan. But still, I just wish they’d trade Nick Johnson all ready, wasn’t there a minor league player traded for a bunch of bats one year? The Yankees could always use more bats. Jorge should sleep on decent pillows, that’s great 😀

  14. Jane Heller

    Yeah, they could be way worse, seindsfeld, and Joe Nathan is the perfect example. I felt sorry for the Twins when I heard about him. You sound so down on Nick Johnson. Give him a chance! He could knock in a bunch of runs if he stays healthy.

  15. Abby

    Marte’s shoulder isn’t the only one “cranky” in Yankee Universe. These injuries are making me, and a lot of other Yankee fans, cranky!
    Abby @

  16. Jane Heller

    The injuries are mostly all better, Abby. Not to worry about that, except maybe Marte. I can’t tell if he was just wild last night or if it was because of his “cranky” shoulder. Glad to see you have a blog here!

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