Will Granderson Be The Next Big Thing?

Now that the worst kept secret is out — that Curtis Granderson will be the Yankees’ starting center fielder, not Brett Gardner — I began to ponder his possible greatness. I always loved watching him play when he was with the Tigers and coveted him for the Yanks. Yes, I was concerned about his ability to hit lefties, but he’s come around recently and his work with Kevin Long may just be paying off. So the question is…will he become the next beloved Yankees center fielder, following in the tradition of these guys?
Tough acts to follow, no doubt about it, but Grandy seems like such a team player, doing whatever’s been asked of him and showing an eagerness to perform at a high level. I just have a sense that he’s going to be a fan favorite for a long time, which, of course, means he’ll be the subject of one of YES’s Yankeeographies. In the meantime, there’s this.
I hope he gets off to a great start on Sunday night at Fenway by lining one into the right field seats, plus making a leaping catch in center. But no pressure, Curtis! Honest!


  1. Jane Heller

    I would really love for Granderson to do well on the road trip, so he won’t feel as much pressure when the Yankees open at home, A.J. He seems like a real pro, but New York is an adjustment for anybody.

  2. enternight

    What I’ve learned about Curtis Granderson:a) He plays great defense and hits for power, b) He writes children’s books, c) He would probably help your grandmother cross the street, d) He’s beautiful.I’ll invite you to our wedding, Jane.~Anahttp://enternight.mlblogs.com

  3. steve_t

    Given the top of that lineup, it’s hard for anyone to be the next big thing in NY. Granderson seems like he’ll fit in well and the pressure’s off him offensively, considering his place in the lineup. Still think Damon was a better choice, if only for his bat, but that bridge was burned.

    Steve T.

  4. peggy3

    Hi Jane & fellow bloggers ….

    Only time will tell about Grandy but I’m loving what I’ve seen so far. As I referenced in an earlier entry ….Jeter and Grandson playing together is a doubleheader of class & integrity….not to mention a lot of skills too. I can’t compare him to the Mick because in my eyes he’s incomparable but I think he can and will become a fan favorite very quickly. He has a smile that lights up a room and hopefully his skills will heat up the Stadium. Go Grandy !!!!

    I received my tickets to Opening Day. YAY !!!! I can’t wait for them to raise the flag and get their rings. I’m happy Matsui will be there to receive his too. It’s going to be one heck of a day ….World Champion New York Yankees ….

    Two more days till Opening Night …I hope we kick some Boston butt… :o). I”m sooooooooo excited …

    Happy Easter & Happy Passover AND Happy Start of
    Yankee Baseball !!!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!

  5. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Peggy — all I can say to you today is AMEN to ALL of that! So great that you’ll be there to “represent” the She-Fan Blog too…details details later, if you please, & thanks!
    As for Grandy — hey, if he’s just the next Very Good Left Fielder in da Bronx, carrying the baton from Hideki and Johnny D — that works for me! But it IS exciting….
    Matter of fact — if Grandy can be as good as his former Number 14’s in New York — and by that, I mean Lou Piniella and Moose Skowron — that REALLY works for me!!!

  6. Jane Heller

    I’m sure I’ll like him, Randy. You’ve seen a lot more of him in the AL Central, so if you think he’s a good addition to the team I believe you!

    HAHAHA, Ana! I will gladly attend your wedding. Congratulations in advance, Mrs. Granderson. I hope you and Curtis will have many happy years together.

    Well, I meant the next “new big thing,” Steve. The Yankees do already have “big things.” Losing Damon’s bat will be tough, granted, but Grandy is a big upgrade over Johnny on defense. And let’s not forget Grandy hit a bunch of homers at Comerica last year – not an easy place to do it.

    Oooh, Peggy. Opening Day. You’re so lucky to have tickets. I get chills just thinking about what the ring ceremony will be like. (They’d better show it on TV!) You must give us a full report. In the meantime, have a wonderful Easter weekend. I know you’ll be watching on Sunday night no matter where you are.

    Grandy is playing CENTER, Dave. For now, anyway. What we need to do is hope that Gardner can figure out how to hit the ball and get on base – otherwise his speed is of no use except as a pinch runner. If he can’t get it done, then we’re stuck with Winn/ Thames in left, and they just don’t do it for me.

  7. ladyjane303

    She-Fan world will be well represented opening day. I’ll be there, too (with Gayle of course). We’ll be sitting in Swisher country but will be able to get a good close-up of Grandy, too. I think he’s going to be better than just fine out there and at the plate. Seems like a real class guy all around. Looking forward to seeing what he has in store for the Bleacher Creatures during roll-call. 2 days and counting – can’t wait!

  8. thefreak

    I do not disagree with you that he will be a fan favorite. But he won’t be in the rankings of those fine gentlemen in the pics above. Those guys were born and bred yankees. Grandy is one year shy of 30 which may put him in his prime, but unless he retires a yankee and lights it up the entire time he’s in DA BRONX! He won’t reach the status as Joe D, Mickey, Murcer and Williams.


  9. Jane Heller

    I had a feeling you and Gayle would be there on the big day, ladyjane. I sure wish I could be there too. Maybe you’ll get another crack at Mo and take a pic! I hope Grandy has been coached in roll call etiquette and does something cool when they chant his name. I’m getting psyched just thinking about that game!!!

    So true, Mike. Those guys were born and bred Yankees, and Granderson was “acquired.” But if he performs well – particularly in the postseason, should we be lucky enough to get there – his status will be assured. And yeah, let’s get this show on the road already!

    LOL, Paul. I’m just giving the guy something to strive for.

  10. Jane Heller

    No, it’s not wrong that you want Granderson to slack off for 17 games. LOL. Sorry about the April Fool’s trick. Will head right over to your blog and take a look. Happy Good Friday.

  11. raysrenegade

    I like Granderson’s style of play even when he was playing in the Tiger’s gear.
    Guy is a gamer, which might be what the Yankees need in 2010. And he has a different type of bat combined with his power options.
    I actually thought this was the best move by the team in the off season. Funny thing, Granderson plays exactly like Randy Winn did several years ago here in Tampa Bay, and will be a pleasant surprise because he has the jets to go and get ball hit deep into the gaps in the air.
    I just want him to slack off for 17 games a year…Is that wrong?

    You missed my great April Fools Day trick..Even had the M’s background on the blog. But it is Good Friday now..or is it?

    Rays Renegade


  12. jojovanb27@hotmail.com

    Another Nick Johnson Injury:

    Nick is day-to-day after fouling a pitch off his knee in the first inning today. I hope Johnson is ready to go Sunday night, but I wouldn’t mind have Grandy in the two hole for that opening game.

    Welcome to the rivalry and get rid of any butterflies early.

  13. Jane Heller

    Nick Johnson. Gaaaaah. I’ve been watching the game, jojovanb, so I saw him come out after fouling the pitch off. Maybe they’ll just keep icing the knee and he’ll be okay for Sunday. Fingers crossed.

  14. bklyntrolleyblogger

    …(BTB is aghast at the attempted pictoral quodlibet speculating how C.G. will stack up against said former NYY CF’ers) ; )

    He seems like a real team player Jane. He should fit in very nicely with this crew. The way this whole Granderson to Yanks-Damon to Detroit 3 card monty worked out still has me a little bemused. You would think Yankee Stadium will play to Grandy’s strengths at-bat. I wouldn’t call it a disturbance in the Force, but something doesn’t jive with me.

  15. Jane Heller

    I had some nerve comparing Granderson to those icons, didn’t I, Mike? A girl can hope. I agree that Damon’s offensive strength was perfect for Yankee Stadium, but his glove wasn’t. I guess it was time we had someone who could catch the ball out there.

  16. seindsfeld@aol.com

    Cool video, though I think CC forgot Granderson was on the team during the interview until the end lol :P. When I heard he was coming to the team, I was really excited too, but even following Damon will be tough I think, Damon was great for the spirit of the group last year and a perfect #2 hitter. I’m wondering what Sterling’s home run call will be for him, “A Grand Smash for Granderson!”??

  17. Jane Heller

    He does seem like a class act, Mike. I’m looking forward to watching him this season.

    Following Damon will be tough, seindsfeld, but hopefully Nick Johnson will do a good job in the #2 spot in the lineup. And Granderson’s glove should help to make us forget about Damon. As for Sterling’s HR call? Hmm. Grandy is dandy?

  18. angelsgirl012

    oh my JaneQ Grandy just hit a home run just now! Amazing how the coincidence is šŸ˜‰

    I’m such a big fan of his! I always was and I hope that he is treated well by the Yankees and the fans of New York! He’s such a respectful, classy and educated fellow (his parents are both school teachers). He also does a lot for the community… he even mentioned how his organization is going to continue to help kids in Detroit even though he’s moved on. That’s great!

    Hope he has a good season šŸ˜€ Looking good so far!


  19. Jane Heller

    Loved that homer, Mimi. I was so happy for him. He does seem like such a classy guy for all the reasons you mentioned.

  20. yankeesfan27

    Jane, Granderson must be a fan of the blog, because as you predicted, he rocketed one into RF in his first at bat, then went on to jump the wall in CF to rob whoever was up of a double.

    Oh, and has anyone heard John Sterling’s Home run call for Granderson? It is awful . “Curtis can you get any Grander…. son?” Dumb.

  21. Jane Heller

    He heard me, yankeesfan27!!!! I was so excited when he hit one out in his first official at bat. The catch was great too. And then he goes and takes Papelbon deep in the finale of that series. Not too shabby. I’m hoping John Sterling will amend his Grandy HR call as the season progresses.

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