* “CC Needs The Adrenaline”

* That’s what Girardi said about CC’s rather abysmal outing against the Braves today (5 runs over four-plus innings). The truth is CC hasn’t been good all spring. I’m glad he’s been working on his mechanics and getting himself in shape…
…but when does he actually start pitching well? The season starts in, like, FIVE DAYS.
“When the bell rings, CC will be ready,” the Yankees skipper told John Sterling during tonight’s radio broadcast. 
Okay, so what Joe is saying is that CC will somehow be able to sweep away the cobwebs, pull himself together and turn himself into the guy who led the Yankees to a World Championship…by Sunday night. I certainly hope so. Maybe he does need the adrenaline that comes from pitching a game that counts, as opposed to a bunch of exhibitions. I guess we’ll find out.
I suppose I should weigh in (speaking of boxing analogies) on the Pat Venditte episode today. I’m all in favor of pitchers using whatever natural abilities they have to get hitters out, including the use of both arms.
If Venditte, the ambidextrous wonder, proves he can retire batters from both sides, then he’ll advance through the Yankees system and become more than a novelty act. That said, he made me wonder about other possible permutations of pitchers. Like could there be a guy who pitches with his eyes closed?
Doesn’t seem to be a problem for Hiroki Kuroda. How about a pitcher who literally turns his back to home plate?
Hideo Nomo did it. So did Luis Tiant before him. And how about an insanely high leg kick? I need to go all the way back to Juan Marichal for that.
What we’ve never seen is a pitcher who practically pokes his eye out with his kneecap when he winds up to throw the ball – and who has a dance named after him. Oh, wait. Yes we have.
I know. I posted this clip a few months ago. My apologies. I can never get enough of it.


  1. bgalaxy@verizon.net

    i hope cc just needs a real game but he has pitched so poorly it has made me worry. i know spring training doesn’t matter but still. then again his last start of the regular season when i was hoping he would win his 20th, he was terrible and i worried about him in the post season and that worked out ok.
    the night before last something strange happened to your blog. i assume you know this but my dad and i both got something weird and not the real thing.
    last night i drove home ridiculously happy listening to the pre game show. i even got happy hearing the pregame traffic report. it just felt so much like the real thing and i am so completely looking forward to my nights being filled with yankee baseball.

  2. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Yeah, it IS worrisome…you can NEVER assume that pitching excellence just automatically carries over to next season… CC, AJ, Javy, who-eva — just hope they get The Kinks worked out (“Tired Of Waiting For You-oo-oo”) — oops, sorry, wrong kinks — tell CC “you really got me,” you well-respected man, and leave me never, all day and all of the night….(oh, just STOP it)…!
    Barbara — thanks for your comment about “something strange” — Monday midday, I could NOT get into the blog either — some weird blue & white screen came up, and it looked like it wanted you to go into Facebook or Twitter or some other gleep-glop-blork electronic whizbang something, which I just can’t do, esp. from home…so Jane, we do hope you know what that was all about…
    One last comment — that M.B. Dexter-Russ pitcher, Mr. Venditte — really neat to see, but Jersey Bob sez he throws in the low 80s, and gets hammered both ways…sigh…let’s please hope not…!

  3. jojovanb27@hotmail.com

    Joe Girardi talked about Venditte during last night’s TV broadcast: drops down from the left side and comes over the top as a righty. Joe talked about his glove having two thumbs and he said he kidded Venditte about his name being printed on both of the thumbs.

    I scrolled back up to get a look at the glove. I wonder if batters will start to take offense at the obscene gesture his glove seems to make when he uses that sidearm lefty delivery?

  4. Jane Heller

    Just a general note: Sorry to all who tried getting onto the blog the other day and found a “non-page,” for want of a better term. My webmaster was tweaking my web site and she flipped the wrong switch or something (you can tell how technically savvy I am). But thanks for letting me know – it was jojovanb who first gave me a heads up – and please do alert me if there are any other glitches.

    Barbara, you’re right about CC not pitching well in the game when he could have won his 20th – I wrote about that the other day – but it turned out more than all right. A good sign. I just wouldn’t mind if he had blown batters away in his last spring start.

    I hope that’s true, ladyjane. He can have as many bad dress rehearsals as he wants as long as Opening Night is a huge success!

    I think Pat Venditte will be interesting to watch, Dave. As you say (or Jersey Bob sez), he doesn’t have much velocity from either side, so he needs the gimmick of being ambidextrous if he’s going to fool hitters.

    HAHAHA about Venditte’s glove, jojovanb. But I don’t think that’s what the batters will be worried about. They’re still trying to figure out “The Venditte Rules.” (And we thought the Joba Rules were complicated.)

    Good to know, Jeff. I remember he got creamed early last year and everybody was panicking (including me, of course). But he became the ace of the staff in short order.

  5. Jane Heller

    LOL, Israel! Somebody photo shopped Ortiz’s head onto that body! If I had those skills, I would have put CC’s there.

  6. cheshirecat9

    Hi Jane. That picture of “CC” eating that burger cracked me up. Also enjoyed the reprise of the El Duque. Good stuff!

    I am not worried about Sabbathia. Even if (god forbid) he stumbles out of the gate on Sunday I think his track record is pretty solid.

    Can’t wait for Sunday! I am trying to think of a good blue drink to make for the people I invite over to watch the game. I am not a big rum fan so I am thinking it will have to have vodka and blue curacao. But what else?

  7. Jane Heller

    A good blue drink, cheshirecat. Hm. I’m probably the wrong one to ask, since I’m a wine person, but maybe someone else here has some ideas. The main thing is you’re having people over to watch the game. Sounds like fun.

    See that, Paul? You should have tried some of those tricks. But would you have played for the Yankees? Or would that have been unthinkable?

  8. Jane Heller

    You must be happy about Mitre’s performance last night, Virginia. He’s not having an icky spring at all, which should guarantee him the job of long reliever/spot starter. And yeah, that burger and the guy eating it are huge!

  9. Jane Heller

    Yes, he did, Sue. And Yankee fans (including me) were in a panic. According to Jeff, he’s a known slow starter, so I guess I shouldn’t worry. I see Halladay actually gave up some runs today. Shocking!

  10. kaiserthegreat

    Marichal was pretty cool, but Kuroda gets my vote, even if he doesn’t have a statue yet! (Or does he?)

  11. Jane Heller

    I remembered that Marichal had that high leg kick, kaiser, but when I saw the picture I couldn’t believe it was THAT high. Amazing pitcher.

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