With This Ring….

I have to admit I cracked up when I read this via LoHud tonight…

TMZ Sports
New York Yankees — About to Get Rocked

The New York Yankees better clear out some space in their jewelery boxes — TMZ has learned the team will be getting their World Series rings on April 13th … when they play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

We’re told the design of the ring is being kept a secret — but we can only imagine they’ll be even more ridiculous than the 2000 rings, which included 22 major diamonds.

I mean, not only did I figure that TMZ had something more scandalous to write about, particularly in an EXCLUSIVE. But I wonder who their source was: a guy from the Diamond District?

diamond engagement rings.jpg

Here’s the 2000 ring they’re talking about.
It practically defines “gaudy.” So what could the Yankees possibly do to top it? I don’t know. I have my own ring issues. I’ve had my eye on a certain diamond eternity wedding band from Cartier for a very long time. So in case my husband is reading this post, here’s what it looks like.




  1. ooaooa

    7 or 8 years ago I had the opportunity to actually wear an official Yankee World Series ring. During Spring Training we were in Bradenton to see the Pirates and the Yankees play. We were trolling for autographs near the visitors clubhouse and Rick Cerrone, Media Relations Director at the time, came walking by us. I said to him, “Rick, can I take a picture of your WS ring thats on your finger”? He said “no, I’ll take the picture of the ring on you”! He proceded to hand me the ring and take my camera. I put this huge ring on my stubby little finger. As Cerrone focused my camera he looked up at me and said “you’re a real jerk”. I said to him, “hey, you don’t know me well enough to call me that yet”. He then proceeded to inform me I had the ring on backwards. He took several nice photos of me with the ring on.
    A guy next to me whispered in my ear while I was wearing the ring that if I wanted to take off with it he would move quickly so I could run with it. Rather then tell him I couldn’t beat a turtle in a race I told him I valued my camera to much to swap it with Cerrone for his ring. He looked at me rather stangely. It was really a thrill to actually wear a real WS ring.
    Two years ago we went to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and I spent a while marveling at the WS ring display. Of course a ring like the one I had worn was there.

    My birthday is April 18th!

  2. Jane Heller

    He does read my blog, Austin. And when he saw the pic of the ring I posted he said, “Dream on.” LOL! Oh, well. I tried. So we’re both Taurus babies? Stubborn like bulls, that’s what we are, but extremely lovable!

    Funny story, John. I did a double take when Cerrone called you a jerk, even if you did have the ring on upside down. Do you remember in my book when I had dinner with John Sterling and I asked if I could try on his World Series ring? I put it on my scrawny finger and it nearly weighed me down. So heavy! I know these guys are big, but couldn’t they come up with a design that’s a little more tasteful? So your birthday is coming up too? We’ll have to have a collective celebration this spring.

  3. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Yeah, you’d think something less Jersey Shore would be more appropriate. And to think that two of you got to try on WS rings! I can’t believe Cerrone called you a jerk. And he’s the media guy? : – )

    Speaking of tasteless, I don’t like that they are handing out the rings in front of the Angels. Sort of “nyah, nyah.”

    Okay, cue the Twilight Zone music . . .
    My birthday is May 9th!


  4. Jane Heller

    May 9th, Melissa? Well, this explains a lot – we Tauruses stick together! A collective celebration is definitely in order. I don’t mind giving out rings when the Angels are in town. That way Matsui can get his at the same time, which is kind of nice.

    The players sure agree with you, Paul, because they wear them out wherever they go, it seems. That’s how I spotted Mientkiewicz in that Boston restaurant. I noticed his ring before I noticed him!

  5. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I’d forgotten about Matsui. (Well not forgotten about him, but forgotten he’d be in town). That would be very nice for him. Just think of the ovation he’ll get! The new Yankee Stadium will be rocking!

  6. wetfeet

    Jane my wifes birthday, our anniversary, and X-mas all come very close to each other. Near our first anniversary, I ran into a great sale and purchased her a gold watch with very nice diamonds for her birthday and a large dinner ring with 19 very nice diamonds for our anniversary. She was most pleased, and stated she couldn’t wait til next year to see how I topped this year. I explained she didn’t understand. The 19 diaamonds plus the mounting represented the gifts for the next 20 years, she stated that was not fair. I told her I could return the watch and ring and get her regular gifts each year. She chose the watch and rings, and my shopping was very simple over the next 20 years.

  7. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Well, to the victor go the spoils! We are talking about the Yankees, where everything is big and bold and over the top. Of course they need the biggest, gaudiest ring possible! More power to them!! I too am glad Matsui will receive his ring in person – I was actually bothered by the fact that he and Johnny wouldn’t be presented their rings in person. When will Johnny receive his? Do they mail it to him?
    Just a week until opening day! Yea!!!

  8. mhugill@verizon.net

    I have never seen a WS ring up close and in person.
    And I have never seen a player wear one either.
    I guess they just go into a case for display. Jersey Shore or not I think I’d have to put one on every now and then.

    Hey you guys does it count that I’m married to a Taurus?

  9. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Peg, like Austin’s wife, Michael and my husband, you obviously have great taste!


  10. Jane Heller

    Matsui will get a huge ovation, Melissa. Damon got a big greeting in Tampa today, so just imagine how the Stadium will be when the Angels come to town. Rocking indeed!

    Wetfeet, I think your wife made the right choice: take the loot and enjoy it. That’s what I’d do. But I’m sure you’ve given her some smaller gifts over the years, just not without diamonds in them.

    Good question about Johnny getting his ring, Kathleen. I guess they do mail them out to players who are no longer with the team….or else send them by Brinks truck. LOL. Isn’t it amazing that in one week we’ll be getting ready for Opening Night? I’m counting the days – and hours.

    It definitely counts that you’re married to a Taurus, Peg. You can join in the celebration by having him comment on the blog. Then we can all wish him a happy birthday by name. Or, if he’s too shy, we’ll just call him Mr. Peg!

  11. mhugill@verizon.net

    Oh Jane “Mr. Peg” ought to make him laugh!
    Rick is a fan of baseball because of me.
    He never cared before we met. Not a sports guy. Everything thinks he is because he looks like he would be.

    In fact while living in Seattle he decided to root for the Mariners during the play offs in ’95. We about divorced. 🙂
    I kept asking him what the hell he was doing rooting for the Mariners? He actually said to me, “I was just making it fun, playing devils advocate I didn’t think you’d get so upset if I was rooting for the other team.” He has since learned. Now when the Yanks play the Orioles he will surprise me with tickets for the trip to Maryland from DC. He even took me to NYC to see them play and he isn’t found of NYC.
    So I have forgiven him. Now he doesn’t read blogs, scour the papers, watch ESPN or any of the other crazy *** things I do. But now he understands it all and would never think to root for another team…….he wants to live.

  12. mhugill@verizon.net

    please excuse spelling errors Jane – I meant he isn’t fond of NYC. And I meant EveryONE thinks he is because of ….
    no spell check for the spelling challenged here.

  13. angelsgirl012


    i don’t know how i feel about this entry ms Heller….. i’m obviously not taking the joke very well because…..

    it’s bringing back nightmares!!! the horror!!!! 😀


  14. Jane Heller

    Hahahaha, Peg! So you almost divorced your hubby for rooting for the Mariners? Well, it sounds like he’s more than redeemed himself by getting you tickets to the Orioles-Yankees games and coming to NY too see them play, even though he’s not that big a fan himself. That’s true devotion. So we will celebrate his upcoming birthday. Here’s to Rick — Mr. Peg!

    Nightmares, Mimi? Not following. Are you talking about World Series rings or rings in general?

    I miss Matsui already, Jeff, but he seems to be right at home with the Angels (and reunited with Abreu), so I’m happy for him.

  15. angelsgirl012

    lol the first sentence of the TMZ article 😉

    “The New York Yankees better clear out some space in their jewelery boxes — TMZ has learned the team will be getting their World Series rings on April 13th … when they play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. ” why can’t they get them in Boston or something? tee hee 😉


  16. theheirloom

    I remember when World Series rings were simple. They only difference between them and a graduating class ring was a diamond (not a cubic zirconia) was incorporated into a WS ring.

    Please tell me they didn’t hire Jacob The Jeweler for this ring…


  17. theheirloom

    I remember when World Series rings were simple. The only difference between them and a graduating class ring was a diamond (not a cubic zirconia) was incorporated into a WS ring.

    Please tell me they didn’t hire Jacob The Jeweler for this ring…


  18. Jane Heller

    Duh! I’m so dense, Mimi. Of course you were thinking of the Angels having to watch the ring ceremony. I remember when the Yankees had to do the same in Boston. It hurts, but in a way I think it motivates the players.

  19. Jane Heller

    You do remember them, Randy? I just think of the rings as huge chunks of metal with diamonds on them. We’ll see what the 2009 version looks like!

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