The Old Guy Did Better Than The Young Guy

Is 47 the new 24? It sure felt that way tonight against the Phillies. I mean, Jamie Moyer? Seriously? The guy gave up one hit and struck out six in six-plus innings. Hughes wasn’t terrible by any means, but what a show Moyer put on. He made me think the Yankees were hasty in allowing these two 47-year-olds to slip out of the rotation.
For all I know, Whitey Ford could still pitch six innings of one-hit ball.
So what if he’d have to stop after every batter and take a few deep breaths (okay, and some smelling salts). Don’t people say you can never have too many arms? Why not bring back every single member of the Gray Haired Brigade and see what they’ve got?


  1. mikeeff

    that last pic is priceless. hey you know i think the team is just in a hitting slump-they can’t wait to get outa FL. i’m not worried.
    best thing for me is Tex has been hitting well from both sides. i know he did last year in ST, but he did hurt his wrist in the first week of april. i predict he will have a good first month

  2. Jane Heller

    The Yankees sure haven’t had much offense this spring, Mike. Not the way we’re used to. But you’re right about Tex. And Cano has been a nice surprise, so maybe he’ll have the kind of season we’ve been waiting for. Fingers and toes crossed.


    It’s nice to have a good pitcher that I could still legitimately have a crush on. Some of them are younger than my kids! (I remember watching a game a few years ago and there was a very young pitcher in. They took him out for a reliever and I turned to my husband and said “It must be his bedtime.”)

    If we’re bringing back pitchers, I vote for Guidry!



    Went to see the high school production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” last night. Wow, we have a lot of talented kids with good voices in our school!
    I almost had to interrupt the show however. One lyric says “Happy ending is near, long as I’m here with you.
    Who care if there’s no booze, or that the Yankees lose?”

    I wanted to stand up and shout “I DO!!!”


  5. Jane Heller

    LOL about the crush-appropriate pitchers for us, Melissa. I can only feel maternal toward Boone Logan. HAHA. And Guidry would be a great one to bring back. I bet Gator could still get hitters out. Maybe. If that’s really in the lyric – “Who cares if the Yankees lose?” – then I would have booed for sure!

    I’m hoping Hughes will get a real shot too, Scott. He seemed to revert to his throwing-a-lot-of-pitches persona last night against the Phillies, and that won’t work in the regular season if he has to come out in the third and tax the bullpen. But experience can only help him adjust.

    I always think Moyer is done, Paul, and then – as you say – he surprises us. He certainly made the Yankees offense look weak.

  6. scofid

    I was listening to an interview with Kyle Kendrick yesterday, and he talked about how much he admired Jamie Moyer growing up in Washington state when Moyer pitched for the Mariners. Still, I do think it is time for Moyer to step aside and let the younger guy have his day in the sun. Regardless of Hughes played against the Phillies, I am glad that he was named to the starting rotation. Now, I hope Joe stands by his man, and doesn’t let the 5th spot become a revolving door with Aceves, Mitre, and Chamberlain. Not too much longer until Opening Day! 🙂


  7. devilabrit

    As good as it is seeing Moyer have a game like that, I think he’s going to last till maybe August in the rotation and be moved to the pen to finish the year out, I think this will be his last year. It does leave room for thought about ‘Your as old as you feel’, maybe he felt 24 again….

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  8. Jane Heller

    Lasting until August would be great for you guys though, Peter. You can always pick up somebody late in the season if you need backup. And yes – he does make you feel as if age is just a number!

  9. travelingbballbabes

    This is going to sound so wrong, but my favorite part about Moyer is that he talks and smiles like a Muppet (no teeth). It just endears him to me. Who doesn’t love Kermit?

  10. Jane Heller

    I never noticed that about Moyer, Serena. I will have to pay closer attention to his teeth (or lack of them). LOL.

  11. theheirloom

    Jane, I swore that after being demoted to the bullpen for the postseason Moyer would be retired by now. Unfortunately, he’s trying to become baseball’s George Blanda (or Minnie Minoso who sometimes shows up in a White Sox uniform at same odd age beyond his prime). I don’t get it sometimes…

    But, I wouldn’t give him 24, though. Maybe 32…

  12. Jane Heller

    Leave it to you, Melissa, to unearth the evidence about Moyer and his teeth. Lol!! You’re the best.

    Okay, maybe not 24, Randy. I was just picking Phil Hughes’ age. But he’s still pretty impressive to be throwing that well at 47. Minnie Minoso!! Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a LONG time.

  13. Jane Heller

    OK, Austin. Let’s say 44 is the new 27 in honor of your upcoming birthday. When is it in May, btw? I’m a May baby too – May 2nd.

  14. Jane Heller

    I wish Coney would come back to the YES booth, A.J. He was so good as an analyst – funny and straightforward. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if he could still pitch too.

  15. angelsgirl012

    aww i love old people 😀

    My grandpa is 93 years old and lives in a convalescent home and whenever I visit it’s nice to see him with his friends and such 🙂

    Yogi is looking good too! I love Yogi Berra!

    Hey Jamie Moyer is lookin good I say he has a couple more years in him 😉

  16. Jane Heller

    Yogi is such an inspiration, Mimi. I think the young players get such a kick out if him. I know I do. And let’s hear it for your grandpa! May he keep keepin’ on.


    That Whitey Ford joke is really funny because I said the same thing to my mom, that maybe the yankees will try to get the oldest team possible and bring back Whitey Ford XD
    Great post.


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