Do We Have To Open At Fenway?

Now that the #5 starter thing has been dealt with, I started thinking ahead to the Real Thing – the moment when the Yankees actually kick off the regular season. I got so excited until I reminded myself that we open at Fenway….and then my stomach turned.
Won’t it be snowing in Boston? 
Or, at the very least, won’t it be too cold for the ESPN Sunday Night extravaganza? Speaking of which, I guess most people have already seen ESPN’s commercial featuring Swisher. I watched it today, courtesy of River Ave Blues.
Okay, the truth is I prefer to ease into The Rivalry instead of jumping right into it. We should be playing Baltimore first, or maybe Toronto, since they have a retractable roof. And let’s face it – having to listen to Red Sox fans chanting “Yankees suck” isn’t my idea of a great time.
redsox fans.jpg
Plus, the Sox usually beat us early in the season, and if this upcoming series is true to form they’ll sweep us. Yeah, I know. We’ll return the favor in August and September, but still. Isn’t there any way the Yankees can wriggle out of this date with destiny? Here’s what I was thinking…
1) We get a note from the team doctor.
Dr. Stuart Hershon could simply say the team has a headache.
2) The series really does get snowed out.
The weather has been crazy this year. Anything’s possible.
3) The Red Sox players go on strike and refuse to play.
They did it in 2008 when the coaches weren’t getting paid as much as the players for their trip to Japan.
4) The grass at Fenway is invaded by gophers, and the holes would pose an injury risk.
5) Bud Selig, acting on the advice of his special committee, suddenly decides to realign the division and put the Red Sox in the AL Central.

I’m out of excuses. Anybody else have one?



    Jane … I totally agree … I love the rivalry, same with the Cubs-Cards … BUT NOT THE FIRST SERIES OF THE YEAR

    Let’s ease into the season, get a few games (aka wins) under our belts before diving into the rivalry

    Jay (

  2. Jane Heller

    He’s becoming quite the TV guy, Ana. I bet we see him as an analyst on ESPN when his playing career is over….Or maybe as the star of his own sitcom. I can see it now….The Nick Swisher Show!

  3. Greg

    #6) Since it is Easter, Alex Rodriguez will be in Church all day

    Just so you know, I hate the Yankees Suck chant too.

    I hate Sunday night games too. Haha. Hopefully, though, this will mean that we will have 1 less Sunday night game in the Summer. Nothing like working at HOT, SUNNY, Day games, and aside from Marathon Monday, some Getaway Thursdays, Sundays are the only Fenway days games during the season. Gah!

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  4. Jane Heller

    Exactly, Jay. Starting the season there is too much too soon – for my poor nervous system! And think of Granderson. This should be quite an experience for him.

  5. Jane Heller

    Greg! Long time. Hope all’s good with you. Your #6 won’t work because the series would still go on without A-Rod. We need an excuse that would exempt everybody from playing. The Sunday night games must be really tough for you at this time of year. Too chilly to buy anything except hot chowdah!

  6. Jane Heller

    I don’t even think “Joba in the 8th” is a certainty, Mike. Do you? The way Girardi was talking today, it sounded like that contest is open too. Chan Ho Park has been terrific.

  7. youcanhangastaronthisone

    lol you can’t seriously think that Chan Ho Park is going to be setting up Mo Rivera. Seriously. I just looked up his stats. He’s pitched ONE inning for New York in spring training. I mean. I don’t know why I’m upset but I am. And as for you, cat, you can have him!


    i totally agree. i want to enjoy opening night and not have the red sox pressure, yankees suck chants and other craziness. we don’t do well in the beginning and mariano isn’t good in the beginning especially against the red sox. i was in london last april and woke up sick thinking mariano just blew a save to the sox. when i found an internet cafe, i found out it was true. i love the excuses especially get them out of our division. it would make for a lot more peace in my household. i would not be heckled at work.
    it could snow. it was 60s yesterday and it is snowing now (seriously) but that just postpones things it doesn’t give us a happy opening series. it’s only good if we win two of three and i doubt that. but as my dad says, expect the worst but hope for the best. barbara


    I hate the whole rivalry thing. The media has hyped it up so much. A few years ago, I was so disgusted by it I decided to go to a high school baseball game and watch some good old fashioned baseball.

    I won’t get to see this game as we’ll be doing a marathon return drive from South Carolina to NY in one day. But we’ll probably be able to hear part of it on the radio on the way. However, if I’m driving, I may need to be singing (any playlist suggestions, Dave? Something to sing along to so I don’t fall asleep!). I’ve already told you how I like to fall asleep to baseball.

    I just can’t wait for that series to get over, so the “real” season can begin. And I just can’t wait for opening day at the new Yankee Stadium: to hear roll call, and hear the fans, and see the facade.


  10. ooaooa

    It could be 55 degrees and clear or 25 degrees and windy and cold opening night. Only MLB would hedge a bet like that!
    Remembering back to your Dental experience last year, I took your experience to another level this week. Had to have a Prostate biopsy the other day and I had a nice conversation going with the Doctor (female) about the weather and I mentioned how cold it was in Tampa when I was there to see the Yankees a few weeks ago. BIG MISTAKE! After about seven or eight samples, “pings” as I called them, I was informed that she is a Red Sox fan. You can only imagine what immediately went through my mind. She assured me she was a professional and even though the next “pings” may be more uncomfortable it had nothing to do with my Yankee Fandom! Fortunately, the Technician in the room was a Yankee fan and he told me, “don’t worry, I’ve got your tail”! This kind of thing could only happen to me! I usually try to evagilise whenever I meet a Sox fan but I kept pretty quiet till the procedure ended.


    Wow…so many comments ALREADY…think you boyz & girlz are fired up for MORE BEISBOL?!?
    But it does s-u-k that it has to be in Hosehead Paradise, right off the bat…look at it this way…like Jane sez, we usually get beat, maybe even swept…but the pressure is on THEM…esp. with ALL their new faces…more than us…
    Just hope & pray that nobody’s arm (or any other body part) gets a serious snap, crackle, or pop…I’d like my Rice Krispies to be fresh in the bowl for better weather, pleez…
    Loved the Swish ad…getting REAL tired of Neil Diamond, like I did for John Denver down here in Bal’mer (and thank god I’m NOT a country boy, either)…
    Lastly — OK, Melissa…here’s a quick list of some fun drivin’ songs that maybe you can find & play on your way…
    * DRIVE MY CAR – Beatles
    * CRUISIN’ — Beach Boys
    * ON THE ROAD AGAIN – Canned Heat
    * LIFE IS A HIGHWAY – Tom Cochrane
    * ROCKIN’ DOWN THE HIGHWAY – Doobie Bros.
    * RADAR LOVE – Golden Earring
    * TRUCKIN’ – Grateful Dead
    * ON THE ROAD AGAIN – Willie Nelson
    * CRUISIN’ – Smokey Robinson
    — and my personal fave — gets me bouncin’ outa my seat:
    * LET IT ROLL – Little Feat
    There ya go…by no means comprehensive, but they should get ya from here to there…!

  12. rrrt

    How exactly would they all get a headache at once? Hmm. Anyway, the worst part of the opening Sunday night game is having to listen to Jon Miller et. al. on ESPN. They totally annoyed me last year. Though I guess it’s a small price to pay for having your team be the current WS champs.
    As long as we’re talking about car songs, how about “Little Red Corvette” by Prince? On second thought, I’m pretty sure that song is not exactly about a car.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts


    You are right Jane, I do like the baseball, it’s the hype and overkill and drama of it all. Puh-leese!

    Thanks for the suggestions Dave. You’re a Little Feat fan as well! I always like “Six Feet of Snow” because that is a driving song – just don’t want the six feet of snow out my window.

    I have a story about “Radar Love.” Several years ago, my son asked me what the song was from the ’70s that had the words “When I get lonely” in it. I thought for a second, then started singing “Radar Love.” He still can’t get over the fact that I could name that tune so quickly.


  14. Jane Heller

    Sorry, Cat. Chan Ho is staying with us for now. But we did give you back Jamie Hoffman!

    Youcanhang, Park is guaranteed a spot on the team and Girardi has indicated that the 8th inning is wide open right now. He could try different guys out – Robertson, Park and, of course, Joba. I don’t think he’ll name Joba as the setup guy until he proves he’s regained his 2007 form.

    HAHA, Mike. They should definitely bring in Bill Murray if the gophers get into the grass. He’d know what to do. Love that movie.

    Barbara, it must be doubly intense for you whenever the Yankees play at Fenway. And you’re right about Mo. He doesn’t do well (or should I say “as well”) in the month of April. It’s such a circus when we play these games. My nerves are shot just thinking about them. That said, I can’t imagine not watching. 🙂 Is it really snowing?

    I don’t hate the whole rivalry thing, Melissa, because the games between the two teams are very entertaining, for the most part. So I do like the baseball part. It’s all the rest – the hype, the chants, the hysteria. I see Dave has provided you with a soundtrack for your trip!

    Oh, John! I can’t help laughing at your story, despite the pings!!!! I’m glad you toned down your evangelism and let the doctor do her thing. But isn’t it weird how we find ourselves in such “vulnerable” positions only to have a Red Sox fan in charge? LOL. Hope all is well and everything’s normal. That’s the most important message.

    Dave, the pressure may be on them – the Yanks ARE the world champs, after all – but it never feels that way to me. Not when we play at their place. I could never be a professional athlete. I’m much too big a wuss to march into enemy camp and play at my best. Thanks as always for the musical suggestions.

    I bet you wish the Yankees and Red Sox would just knock each other out, Jeff. LOL. Then you wouldn’t have to hear about the rivalry ever again!

    They would get a headache, Sue, by just thinking about opening the season at Fenway – a blinding, nausea inducing migraine!

    More animals in sports. Great idea, Jenn. I got a big laugh when that squirrel was jumping around Yankee Stadium. (The “rally squirrel,” people were calling it.) But on second thought, I wasn’t wild about the Lake Erie midges in Cleveland.

  15. crzblue2

    I wish we were playing the Jints but that we open at home but instead my bums are going to Pittsburgh. Yankees might as well start with the Red Sox.
    The Beach Boys! Also get yourself the Baseball CD of songs. I found it at the library so I made a copy. I also have a Cd from our organist Nancy Bea which I play the morning of Opening Day while I am getting ready to head to Dodger Stadium.

  16. Jane Heller

    So you wouldn’t mind getting right into the Dodgers-Giants rivalry, Emma. Well, different strokes. I, on the other hand, need time to prepare myself for Yankees-Red Sox.

    Ugh. The armageddon stuff. That’s what gives me the stomach ache, Paul. The games themselves are very compelling, but the rest is just overkill.

  17. Jane Heller

    I’m so sorry I missed you too, Austin! We were standing right next to some Astros fans before the game on 3/16 and they were telling us about the team this year.


    Because we were talking about the weather, I thought of this. Last night I saw the beginning of an Argentine soccer (futball) match. I wanted to show you guys the video of the day they cancelled the game due to rain. The field was like a lake with a little grass and the ball would only roll 2 feet or so. But instead, I found footage of the crowd during the replay of the game, which actually makes a Boston/Yankee game look quiet. This particular match was a similar rivalry. The crowd passes big flags overhead. Notice all the confetti and stuff on the side of the field that they’ve cleaned off and the streamers going onto the field. It’s crazy!


  19. Jane Heller

    That was some “flag” they were passing around, Melissa. Crazy is right. Our games are tame in comparison.

  20. bklyntrolleyblogger

    again…sorry I’m late. But I thought Nick was more of an In-the-Moment kinda guy. I’m surprised he wasn’t gettin down with some Sweet Caroline. Not used to seeing him so serious.
    I too would prefer for this rivalry to start somewhere further into the schedule. I guess it’s Selig’s way off starting the season with a fireworks show. Or so he might think. No disrespect to the Yanks….but give Opening Day back to the traditional season Opener…Cincinnati.

  21. Jane Heller

    I hope for baseball’s sake it’s a good series, Mike. I just have to get myself geared up, I guess. For some reason, it feels too soon to be jumping into the rivalry.


    My brother said he understands why they have this series first, but why not wait a month in, when they players have gotten better and in a rythm. Errors, nerves, that’s not what you want to see in this rivalry, you want to see them both at 100%. Especially when by the end of the series the yankees lets say are 1-2 and the Bosox are 2-1; that’s not exciting in the standings. Let’s all call Selig ;D

  23. Jane Heller

    I guess the answer is TV ratings, Dan. Yankees-Red Sox are big business for ESPN. I agree with you and would rather see us play at 100%, not to mention have the weather be warmer, but such is baseball life.

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