And The Winner of the #5 Starter Spot Is…?

As of this writing, the Yankees plan to announce their decision tomorrow (Thursday) – probably while I’m still asleep here in California. I’m sticking with my earlier prediction that their pick will be Huuuughes, but the point of this blog post is: I don’t care anymore! Just do it, Yankees, and get it over with!


The #5 starter drama has had about as much suspense as whether Granderson or Gardner will open the season in center field. I’m not saying I don’t care care. Of course I do. The Yankees are my team, and I want what’s best for them. I’m just expressing the fact that I’m not losing sleep over it, because it doesn’t rise to the level of sleeplessness.
When I was a kid, there were contest results worth staying up for. As silly as it sounds now, I used to love to watch the Miss America Pageant and try to guess who’d win.
And presidential elections had tons of drama.
Nixon-Kennedy Debate.jpg
When it came to baseball, I, like the rest of the country, was riveted by whether Mantle or Maris would break Babe Ruth’s home run record.
But Hughes versus Joba (or Aceves or Mitre)? Phffffff. Of more interest to me was that Javier Vazquez pitched six strong innings tonight…that Mo looked great in relief…that A-Rod was in an offensive groove and that Tex, Cano and Granderson made nifty plays in the field (Cervelli too). For the first time since spring training started, I had the feeling I was watching a team that’s ready to begin the season. I know I’m ready.


  1. A.J. Martelli

    I’m with you! who cares anymore?! And LOL @ not staying up for it. I’ll probably find out tomorrow through or something. Even if they make a decision now and it doesn’t work out, it’s not like they can’t go back and fix it. Say Hughes starts in the rotation and flops after a few games. They can give Mitre or Gaudin or Aceves or Chamberlain a chance.

  2. Jane Heller

    If you’re on the east coast, A.J., then you’ll know before I will. And you’re absolutely right about the decision not being irrevocable. If it’s Hughes and he falters, they can always insert someone else down the road.


    and i was just happy that i got in the car last night and got to hear yankee baseball. i couldn’t stop smiling. i didn’t care how much traffic i was in or that i took a bad route home. i couldn’t believe how much i missed baseball on the radio. i couldn’t believe how much joy it brought me. 10 more days and we can have baseball most days for months and month. joy is back! and javier sounding good was wonderful news.


    I also love listening on the radio, Barbara. On hot summer days, I’d rather be outside and we have outdoor speakers, so we sit by the pool and listen.


    She-Fan…as usual, you are The Last Word…if you, and Barbara and Melissa aren’t concerned, then it’s “What…Me Worry?” for me (cue the stupid grin)…!
    It’s great to get re-grounded in beisbol every day here, and away from the winter insanities of the NHL and March Madness. Too much, too much, too much…
    Miss America, eh? Guess the only non-sports competition I cared about was every Tuesday nite, when Cousin Brucie counted down his Top Twenty on WABC. I actually WROTE THEM DOWN on little pieces of note paper for a couple of years(!!), and they’re stuck away in some footlocker somewhere…a strange child…but you already knew that…!

  6. cheshirecat9

    I guess I am not too worried about it either. I am still holding out hope that Joba will get the job, but everyone seems to think it will be Hughes. I think Joba is a more colorful character. Also after spending years of messing with Joba (he’s a reliever, he’s a starter, he’s a starter who can only pitch three innings) it would seem like a waste to stick him back in the pen.

    Guess we’ll find out today.


    melissa, i do love the radio but i have to deal with a lot of static if it isn’t dark and good weather. by association i now have a fondness for static. i know i’m weird. outside speakers by the pool listening to the yankees sounds heavenly. i am glad you get to enjoy it that way. i usually have to headphone on so that the red sox fan doesn’t have to hear yankees or static!
    and somehow i got put in the category of not worried. i only wish. i am always worried. i was raised to worry about the yankees. this blog has had to talk me back from the ledge repeatedly. i am already worried about the opening series and being tortured in boston. i could list all of my worries but instead i will just smile because it’s spring training and it doesn’t count yet! barbara

  8. ladyjane303

    Sorry to disagree, cheshirecat9 – colorful character that he is (and isn’t that part of why we love him?), Joba is much more effective out of the pen. I say Hughes; I say let’s be happy that we have all these options. Bye, bye Chad. And 10 more days to go!

  9. Jane Heller

    Barbara, it really was great to be able to watch the game last night (I watched on MLB.TV but I also listened to it in my car courtesy of the MLB app). It made me realize that pretty soon – no, very soon! – our lives will be all about watching and listening on a daily basis…..and yes, there’s angst with that, but I’ll take it. I know you’re a worrier and I am too, but I will force us to look on the bright side no matter what!

    I love listening on the radio too, Melissa. When Michael and I lived in Florida several years ago, we would place our transistor radio in a corner of the bedroom on a clear night and be able to hear John Sterling all the way from New York. It was so thrilling!

    I remember Cousin Brucie’s Countdown, Dave. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat for them, but it was fun hearing which song would be #1. So you wrote them down? LOL. We all have our little “quirks,” don’t we?

    Yes, Joba is colorful, cheshirechat, but I still think he’s better suited for the pen. Remember 2007 and how great he was in the set up role? I agree the Joba Rules and all the restrictions that came with them were burdensome, but maybe they weren’t a waste after all. The Yankees had to at least try to see if he could be a starter. I don’t fault them for that.

    So right, ladyjane. We should be happy we have pitching options right now. As we learned with the Wang situation, injuries can happen in a flash and suddenly the rotation and pen are shorthanded. So the more the merrier. I wish we could keep Boone Logan in the pen. I’m not all that comfortable with just Marte as the lefty.

  10. Jane Heller

    So I see, Paul. I guess your long national nightmare is over! I think they’ll give him a very long look in the regular season.

  11. cheshirecat9

    Well Hughes it is. I hope Joba goes back to 2007 Joba now. I loved all that energy coming out of the pen. Remember when the very integrity of baseball was threatened by his fist pumps?

  12. Jane Heller

    I remember, cheshirecat, and I do hope he gets back to that high-octane guy who can come in for an inning (or two+, now that he’s been stretched out) and deliver.


    Oh Dave, that brought back memories. There were several years that during the week between Christmas and New Year’s I’d write a list from 1 -100 in a notebook and then listen to WABC as much as possible, because they would play the top 100 songs of the year. I’d try to fill in as many as I could.

    Hughes. I thought he was great out of the pen, but I do think Joba needs to be in there. I hope Hughes can do better as a starter this year.

    The baseball on the radio is better now that a local FM station carries the Yanks. For a while, they were an oldies station, which was good because when I fell asleep during the game, I’d wake up to some oldie but goodie. Now the station switched to country. The first year they did, that Tim McGraw song about Tug was very popular and I would always wake up to that. I suppose it was appropriate, but it also was sort of a creepy song to listen to in the middle of the night.



  14. Jane Heller

    So the Jays are still deciding about their rotation, Jeremy? Then you know the feeling – only more so. Must be weird without Halladay, but you guys have some good young talent.

    I think Hughes was the right decision, Melissa. I still remember the no-hitter through 7 innings in that first game against the Rangers before he got injured. Hopefully, given another chance, he can fulfill that promise.

    Glad your Yankee fan buddy likes the Hughes move too, Matt. I’m sure Joba was disappointed, but he can really help the club if he pitches like he did in ’07 out of the pen.

  15. Jane Heller

    Nope, he didn’t win it, Vig. But he’ll have a big role in the bullpen. Maybe even make some starts as the season progresses.

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