You Go, Twins!

Those Minnesota Twins are funny the way they surprise you.  For years everybody griped about how cheap they were; how they wouldn’t pay their star players to stick around. Not anymore. Joe Mauer is sitting pretty right now.
His eight-year, $184 million contract extension is downright Yankee-ish. I’m glad the Twins decided to pony up for a guy who’s not only a batting champ and MVP but a superior defensive catcher – not to mention a hometown boy. Throwing him into the free agent market would have looked something like this.
Can you imagine the feeding frenzy that would have taken place if he’d become a FA? I’m still recovering from the endless speculation about Halladay before he finally landed with the Phillies. As for the Yankees’ own contracts-to-be-dealt-with, I don’t really care if the front office waits until after the season to negotiate with Jeter and Mo. Those two will be Yankees for their entire careers. They just will be. Neither wants to go anywhere else. Neither has Scott Boras for an agent. Neither is losing sleep over how to pay their electric bill. Jeter took the subject off the table at his first session with the media at spring training, and Mo is busy looking stunning in those Canali ads.
So I don’t worry about our two homegrown Yankees. If Joe Mauer gets to stay with the Twins, the Yanks won’t be parting with the faces of their franchise….Not unless they want me to deal with.



    musings for the day–less than two weeks and i can hardly wait. although it is nice to go to bed and not have to worry or wake up and have to run downstairs to hear the news and possibly have to have the day ruined with the wrong kind of news.
    i love that this blog shows me that i am not the only crazy one who likes to watch spring training games. previously i was told i was the only crazy one.
    if you don’t know what to do in the next two weeks, here’s an idea. route for kentucky in the ncaa basketball tournament. every year they win the tournament the yankee win the world series. seriously. go wildcats

  2. thefreak

    That deal is all and good now. Lets just hope for the Minnesotaians that it sticks. They don’t need another A-rod in Texas contract. You might know that guy. He plays 3rd for some team in NY. Something about trading him away because they couldn’t afford the contract they gave him.

    So hang on to you hats kiddies, Joe Mauer could be a yankee com 2013

    ……..just saying


    Hurrah for the Twins! I was so glad when I read this news.

    Any of you remember the SATs?


  4. ladyjane303

    Thanks for mentioning those Mo/Canali ads. I’ve used the word “stunning” myself to describe them. Look forward to seeing them in the paper all the time. If anyone missed the YES Yankeeography on the 2009 season, it’s so worth the 90 minutes of your time. Great sound bites, great memories and more than a little nostalgia for Johnny, Matsui and Melky.
    Re: yesterday’s post – Should I bring a sleeping bag to Dodger Stadium in June šŸ˜‰


    I agree. Congratulations to both the Twins and Joe Mauer.

    Now, could someone who has seen a larger version of the Canali ad confirm for me that it’s a baseball glove under Mo’s arm, and not a purse/European Shoulder Bag like the guy in the car insurance commercial?


    You’re right about Kentucky and the Yanks. I’ll root for Kentucky, since my school went out in the first round, and I’ve already flushed my brackets down the toilet. But the good news is the Yanks don’t have to count on the Wildcats. They’ve also won in a lot of years when Kentucky didn’t make it to the Final Four or even the Sweet Sixteen.

    For the record, I had Siena losing to Duke next week.

  6. Jane Heller

    Barbara, if it’s one thing you can be sure of from this blog, it’s that you are not the only crazy one!!!! Before I wrote the she-fan book, I used to wake up depressed after a Yankees loss the night before. Now I let it go once the game is over and try not to dwell on it. I’m not 100% there, but I’m much better. I just try to laugh at myself and it helps. So does screaming at my TV while the game is going on. LOL.

    If the Twins spent all that money and trouble to keep Mauer, Mike, and Mauer himself expressed an interest in staying in Minneapolis, I have a hard time picturing him opting out or getting traded or whatever. I think he’s a lifer in Minny, just like Jeter is a lifer in pinstripes.

    Yup, I think it’s good news for Twins fans too, Melissa. They lost Santana and Torii Hunter and God knows who else, so it must be an up for them to keep Mauer. Too bad about Joe Nathan though. Losing him for the season has to be tough.

    Oooh, ladyjane. I swoon every time I see one of those Canali ads with Mo in them. The ones I see are in New York Magazine and I just love them. You won’t need a sleeping bag in June, even if the Yanks-Dodgers games take forever. They’ll be so much fun that no one will care how long they are.

    Lots and lots of Yankee fans are coming out in June, Cat. Unlike me, they already have tickets! I always wait until the last minute and end up paying for it, but such is life. Can’t wait.

    When I was writing the post, Jeff, I kept thinking that Pujols will be the next big contract. How much will the Cards cough up and for how long? Should be mighty interesting.

    No man purse for Mo, jojovanb!!!! That’s a glove in those Canali ads, although he’s quite the chic dresser. Remember at the parade after the World Series when he was wearing that scarf around his neck? Looked like cashmere to me. Sorry about Siena – my condolences – but now the pressure’s off and you can throw yourself into baseball.


    Wow…a posting about the Twins…now you’re forcing me to admit to some other parts of my Strange Beisbol Life.
    When I turned 50 (sadly, long ago now), my dear wife did what she did for me at 40…sent me to a Fantasy Baseball Camp. (Un)fortunately, the only one available was an “All-Star” camp in Ft. Myers, co-hosted by the Red Sox and the Twins. Guess which team I opted to join in with! They were great guys…the Twins, like Blyleven, Dave Boswell, and Mudcat Grant…and we also had one old Yankee, Jim Spencer! They used to love shouting down the Hosehead half of the dining hall as we would, with “1918!” We had a ball, won the camp championship (coached by Bill “Spaceman” Lee), and my wife got to meet a lot of young Twins, including your ‘Secret Source’, She-Fan…Doug Mienkewicz!
    So I have a soft spot for Twinkies, too, and all their devoted loyal fans…their play-by-play guy, Dick B, was the pitcher on my team…and we wish ’em well…
    P.S. Barbara, that UK-Yankees connection is stunning… but at least when/if my boyz go down in flames (the last men standing from the ACC), I’ll still have a compelling reason to watch!!

  8. ladyjane303

    For all of us going to the Dodger games, I was reminded this morning that the Captain’s birthday is on Saturday June 26 Won’t it be nice to celebrate with him?!

  9. Jane Heller

    You went to Twins fantasy camp, Dave? That’s cool, even if it wasn’t the Yanks. Lots of good players you got to meet, including Dougie!!! (You even spelled his name right.)

    How perfect, ladyjane. Let’s all sing “Happy Birthday” to the Captain on that Saturday. Maybe he’ll tip his cap to us!

    Apparently not, Paul. I’m glad for all of them that they were able to keep him.


    Yeah, I was a Twin for a week (hiding in a Blue Jay jersey), and it was Big Fun. One highlight was meeting a little-known guy named Frank Quilici — he was the backup 2B-man in ’65 when they lost the World Series to L.A. — wasn’t he a manager later? — and got to play a lot due to an injury to the starter, Bernie Allen. For some reason, I KEPT SCORE of the first two games, both won by the Twinkies, stuck it in a homemade scrapbook, and showed Frank (he got several hits). Hey, it was the first time in six years our Yanks weren’t in it, and I was a baseball geek…but so glad…you never know in life…he got a BIG kick out of it, and passed the scrapbook around to teammates!
    Jim Spencer was a great guy, too…he bounced around MLB awhile before donning our pinstripes, but was a backup first baseman for us in ’78, and he LOVED being a Yankee. Shockingly, Jim had a heart attack and died just days after the camp. Andy and I went to his funeral, since he lived locally in central Maryland. They had a Yankee cap on his coffin. It was very moving…more proof (as if we need it) to savor each & every day.

  11. Jane Heller

    Jeter and Mo better stay Yankees, Emma, even when they’re too old to play!

    Dave, you have the best baseball stories. And I do remember Frank Quilici as a good utility player. Sad about Spencer dying right after fantasy camp. How sweet about the Yankees cap and the fact that you were able to go to his funeral.

  12. rrrt

    Good to see Mauer staying a Twin, but I hope such a long-term deal doesn’t come back to haunt them. I always think it seems risky to sign a player in such a physically demanding position as catcher to an eight year deal. And isn’t he 27 now? Will be in his mid-thirties by the end of the deal – not exactly a spring chicken anymore.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  13. Jane Heller

    It’s risky for the Twins, Sue, but I also think it was the right thing to do. The Yankees held onto Posada and he’s no spring chicken. Sometimes teams just have to take a leap of faith on the guys who’ve been there for them, even catchers.

  14. theheirloom

    As grateful for the sons of Carl Pohlad to pull this contract off, I do fear that the 20-percentile salary piece (20% of all salaries is considered “dangerous” for a MLB ball club) will not be backfilled with a proper revenue stream from the Upper Midwest market. Though the Twins sold 2.4 million seats in the new ballpark so far for 2010, additional revenue must come from somewhere else.

    What will exacerbate the salary/revenue mix is when Justin Morneau heads to the table with the Pohlads and Bill Smith on the other side. Watch how that will transpire…

    Still, I’m happy Mauer is staying right at home.

  15. Jane Heller

    Oh, no, Randy. Don’t even think about Morneau just yet. Take some time to smell the roses! Mauer will be a Twin for a long, long time and that’s a great thing.

  16. dj2jd5jm7

    I am SO happy Mauer is staying with the Twins! My 4 1/2 year-old Mauer fan is very pleased also. This way he’ll get to see him play in person =) I really think that he may be the only other player of the current times (besides Jeter) to play his entire career with the same team. It makes me sad that it is that way these days. Someone asked why he didn’t hold out for “Yankee” money; I say b/c he is truly a great guy, a Minnesotan, and has loyalty rarely seen lately. I makes me happy to see there are some men who play baseball purely for the love of the game. It’s one of the reasons I am such a Jeter fan.

    I read a year or so ago that Morneau threatened to no longer be friends with Mauer if he left the Twins. Maybe Mauer will say the same thing when Morneau’s contract is up. Ha, ha.

    Dave, I actually got to meet Frank Quilici at a Twins autograph party a few years back. He was so friendly and kind. He was a manager, wasn’t he?

    I’m heading to AZ for Royals Spring Training tomorrow (couldn’t make it to FL this year). It’ll be my first time to Spring Training for any team. I am SO excited. I get to see them play the Dodgers! I am seriously ready for some baseball. Not much longer ’til April 4th…

  17. Jane Heller

    I’m very happy for your little Mauer fan, dj. It’s great to see a guy stay with a team for his entire career. So you’re off to Arizona for your first spring training? How fantastic! Have a wonderful time and report back to us!

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