Too Many Cobwebs

I didn’t pull into my driveway until 3 am Eastern Time this morning after the flight back from Florida. I’m on Pacific Time now but walking into walls. So I’m just saying hi and wishing I could have stayed longer at spring training and seen more Yankees games. Can we use today’s blog as an open thread and people can chime in about whatever they feel like? Will Nick Johnson be the #2 hitter? (Looks like) Will Hughes be the #5 starter? (Not sure). Will Granderson play left with Gardner in center? (I think so) Will the Yankees repeat as World Champions? (Uh-huh) 
Later, everyone – when I’m more coherent!


  1. wetfeet

    Jane a little tip about traveling into different time zones. I spent 15 years traveling all over the world. When you get on the plane, set your watch to the time zone you are traveling into, and from that time on, until you leave that time zone, never and I mean never, think what time it is where you came from or the time zone you are traveling into next. Live only in the time zone your body is in now. Mind over matter, it works. Also sleep every minute possible while you are on the plane.


    Poor Li’l Ol’ “Plane Jane” — jet-lagged again, tummy turning from too much (or not enough?) Black Cat Wine… (hey, if I’m goin’ cheap, then it’s Thunderbird for me — What’s the price? Four bits twice! What’s the action? Satisfaction! Now THAT’S cheap wine!!!)…
    And now you’ve left this valuable Blog Space available for any Nutty Squirrel to leave a comment…uh-oh…
    No, nuttin’ to add to the current deployment controversies…not that I usually do, anyway…but with space to burn, how about a choice Yogi Story…
    One cold April night in Detroit, say about ’60 or ’61, it was Whitey’s turn for a start. Now, as Whitey aged, he liked to have the trainer whip up a special liniment to rub on his shoulder for those cold early-season nite starts, but Whitey & the trainer put this stuff in a roll-on deodorant bottle. No need to label it, Whitey knew what it was. And it was pretty hot. And sticky. Remember Atomic Balm, boyz? Sumthin’ like that.
    Well, the stuff does its stuff. Whitey goes out there and pitches a nifty shutout, giving up only a handful of hits. So he’s the focus of attention for the postgame press.
    Along comes ol’ Yogi. Now, Yogi’s kind of a cheapskate, and a notorious mooch. His locker is near Whitey’s. Yogi didn’t even bother to bring any deodorant on this road trip. But, hey, here’s a bottle of roll-on…and Whitey’s busy, anyway…so, just a roll here, and a roll there, and…
    Yogi closes his arms and walks away. Ooh…that stuff is HOT! WOW!! So he goes to open up his arms…but it’s STICKY too…and his hairy hairy armpits are…glued together!! YOW!!
    Next thing you know, Yogi is writhing on the floor in the altogether, screaming & squirming like it’s “Animal House” and he’s doin’ the gator. The trainer has to come to the rescue, and cut between his arms with surgical scissors!! Needless to say, no more free deodorant from Whitey…!

  3. crzblue2

    Histerical story about Yogi Dsh!
    Sleep tight Jane! I am sleepy myself. With a daily commute of 4 hours, come Friday I am tired. BUT I am also very very happy, thank you very much! The title of my latest blog is “He gets a perfect game, I get a perfect ball!” Woohoo!
    When I get home I will play the video with Sue!


    Love the Yogi story!

    I’ll chime in and say the weather has been beautiful here the past few days. Last night, I watched the game (your boy Colin Curtis came through again!) and fell asleep in the fifth inning. Is there anything more relaxing than baseball?

    I just love listening to the lull of the game. I tend not to fall asleep during important or tight games, but when nothing important is on the line . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  5. Jane Heller

    I can’t stay quiet for an entire 24 hours, Paul. It’s just not possible. So I thought I’d stop by to see how everybody’s doing. I may just stop by your blog next. Beware.

    Good advice, wetfeet. I do try to adjust to whatever time zone I’m in. But this particular trip home was a bear because it involved a drive to Orlando from St Pete to get to the airport, then another two hour drive to Santa Barbara after landing at LAX. But a good night’s sleep tonight will fix me right up.

    Dave, that story about Whitey and Yogi was absolutely priceless. I just cracked up picturing Yogi hopping around with his arms stuck to his body. LOL!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    You have a four hour commute, Emma? That’s harsh! But it probably gives you time to read, which would appeal to me. I’ll have to check out your blog and find out what’s making you so happy.

    My boy Colin is a star in waiting, Melissa. What a spring he’s having. When I read about his latest homer yesterday, I cheered big time. Maybe we’ll see him get called up during the season. Sure hope so. And I agree completely about baseball being relaxing (when it’s not an important game or we’re ahead by a lot). I’ve been known to be lulled to sleep by the sound of an announcer’s voice (in a good way).

  6. Jane Heller

    I just did go to Emma’s blog, Melissa, and you’re right. Wow! Without giving her story away….well, I’ll just say she sure got a wonderful surprise that any baseball fan would love.

  7. angelsgirl012

    Ahhh Florida 🙂

    I didn’t go to any spring training games and i don’t think i am going to go to any because of school but i’m glad you got to catch some! Is Florida humid or what? whew~ This cali girl loved the sunshine but the humidity just killed me. Although I want to go back some day!

  8. Jane Heller

    I think you’re right, Cat. The switch to daylight savings time only added to the time adjustment. Hopefully, I won’t be dragging myself around tomorrow.

    Right, Total Bases. Go Red Sox. Except this is a Yankees blog.

    You would have loved Florida over the past couple of months, Mimi. It was on the chilly side and not humid at all. It’s the summer you want to avoid, but I don’t mind the humidity so it’s all OK with me there.

  9. TotalBases

    lol. I am going to Dunedin to see Sox-Jays. I have not seen the. Yankee’s yet.
    As Yankee’s fans, what do you think of the Vazquez deal? I think it must have been tough to give up Melky.

  10. Jane Heller

    I can’t speak for all Yankee fans, Total Bases. But I’ll miss Melky’s arm in the outfield, as well as his playful personality. He had timely hits too. Do I think the Yankees should have kept him? No. Not only was his work ethic suspect, but we needed a reliable 4th starter – someone who could take his regular turn in the rotation and give us lots of innings. Vazquez will solve that problem.

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