I’m Flying to Florida….Why?

Actually, this radar shot of Florida’s “Treasure Coast” doesn’t look that bad. But they had 11 tornado warnings today with plenty of flooding and heavy thunder storms and more predicted for tomorrow in Orlando….where my plane is supposed to land.
As anyone who’s read the She-Fan book knows, I’m a huge coward when it comes to flying, so I’ll be in panic mode if we land in a storm. On the other hand, the people on “Airplane” made it out alive, remember?
Even the Yankees-Braves game in Tampa tonight was rained out, so we were deprived the pleasure of seeing A.J. pitch. And what’s all this about Jeter having the same flu that took down Joba and others? Can’t they use this in the clubhouse and dugout?
Or how about these?
All I know is:
I want to get to Orlando in one piece.
I want the sun to come out on Saturday for my talk at the library in Stuart.
I want the sun to stay out during my week in Tampa.
I don’t want to hear the word “rain out.”
I don’t want to hear the words “Jeter was scratched from the lineup.”
I don’t want to hear the words “A-Rod lied to federal investigators.”
I do want everything to go smoothly on this trip, so I can post happy videos with the She-Fan Cam. Think good thoughts for me, please????


  1. A.J. Martelli

    Jane I wish you the best for your trip. I know it’s pretty nasty weather in Florida, at least it was today. My school’s baseball and softball teams traveled to Florida for a tournament. One of the softball players had “Tornado Warning…” as her Face book status before. I hope it just clears up and you have a fun trip. I hate when weather affects baseball, there’s nothing more irritating than that!!!


  2. Jane Heller

    The words “tornado warning” are freaking me out, A.J. But I’m hoping the bad weather will have passed by the time I land tomorrow night. The rest of the trip should be great. What could be better than seeing the Yanks, right?

  3. ooaooa

    Oh yee of little faith! If you recall I told you I informed all the important people in Tampa you were coming. This included the Weatherman! Fear not, blue skies and warm days await your arrival. Don’t forget the Cheese Steak in Clearwater and try the cheeseburger at Outback at Steinbrenner. Maggiano’s and Mitchels at Westshore Mall are good dinner spots as is Cheesecake Factory at International Mall near the airport. Enjoy!!

  4. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Oh, how we wish you well as you wing it to the east…
    May your wine be smooth, cool, and ree-freshing…
    May you enrapture your audience with pearls of well-chosen words of wisdom, before they flock to bookstores to buy all manner of your works, suitably inspired…
    May the Yankees welcome you like a long-lost little sister, treating you to pictures, hits, and victories galore…
    May the weather gods smile upon you — it will rain and blow nasty things here & there, but not where you are…
    And…may your trip back home be pleasant & uneventful.
    Oh yes…and my favorite quote from ‘Airplane’ was, “I speak jive…!!” Can you tell?

  5. cheshirecat9

    Have a great trip Jane! You will be fine and the sun will shine for you. I look forward to some good videos of the people you meet down there.

  6. ladyjane303

    Deep breath – all will be fine. Bring them some chicken soup to battle that flu. Safe trip and have a great time. Looking forward to videos.

  7. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Have a great time in Florida! I’m so jealous you’ll get to see our boys play. Who is suppose to pitch when you are there? Hopefully Jeter is well.
    Now on to Joba. The Great One, Mo of course, was so correct about Joba! He only has one or two good innings and then pthththth! Hopefully the front office agrees.
    Look forward to the She-fan Cam and your reports to those of us still stuck in the snow in Upstate NY! Kathleen

  8. Jane Heller

    John, your restaurant and food recommendations are duly noted and I thank you for them -and for alerting the “important people” of my arrival, especially the weatherman. Somebody on Twitter last night said his plane was diverted from Orlando to West Palm Beach, so who knows where we’ll end up tonight!

    That line from “Airplane” always cracks me up too, Dave, and I love that it was Leave It To Beaver’s mom who said it! Thanks for all the good wishes – and for sending pics from your Florida trip.

    Thanks, cheshirecat. I really wish you and Courtney could have made it down to Tampa, but hopefully next year. In the meantime, I’ll try to report the goings on.

    Lots of deep breaths, ladyjane. I started doing them right after the alarm went off at 5:45 this morning – ugh – and again while Michael is driving us down to LAX for our flight. If chicken soup will help our Yanks, I’ll bring some!

    I’m not sure who’s lined up to pitch for the games on 3/16 and 3/17 when we’ll be there, Kathleen, but I do know that Mo is supposed to make his first appearance in the 3/16 game. I hope they play Enter Sandman – even if it’s the second inning!

  9. Jane Heller

    It may be early, Jeff, but you’re right. When I’m seeing the games in person I can do my own play by play! And you can be sure my home run call won’t be “See ya!”

  10. raysrenegade

    I talked to the Thunder Gods about 3 pm and they told me you will be spared Tornadoes, but will get some wind and rain.
    But it will be beautiful on the East Coast of the bump known as Florida for Saturday, which is perfect for your events in Stuart.
    They also told me they are trying to make a deal with the Sun Gods to give you warmth and blue skies during the next week, but are having trouble with the Rain God’s Union.

    Rays Renegade


  11. kozmo

    Jane, have a great time in Florida. I hope the weather is more amenable for you than it has been the last couple days. I was really disappointed that the Thursday night game was rained out, for it was the first time in a few days that I had the chance to tune in. Oh well.

    Hope all is well.

    Jason from The Heartland

  12. Jane Heller

    I do need some help, Paul. We landed in Orlando and it’s raining with some vicious lightning. Make it stop!

    I wish you were coming to spring training, Jenn. It’ll be great to see Sue in Clearwater on Wednesday but it would be fun if you were there too!

    I’ll do my best to knock their socks off at the library, Mike. I’ll be talking about this blog and all the baseball friends I’ve made here.

    The Thunder Gods are in evidence right this minute, Renegade, but thanks to you they didn’t mess with my flight and I’m en route to Stuart now. I look forward to seeing the Sun Gods tomorrow!

    Yup, Brady, I got here safe and sound. And Jeter better be all better by Tuesday, when I’ll be hoping to see him at Steinbrenner Field.

    Hey, Jason. I was sorry that game got rained out too. And today was another washout. But everybody promises good weather from here on. Really looking forward to seeing AJ pitch on Tuesday. Hughes too.

    So your weather’s crazy too, Holly? As long as there’s baseball I’ll be a happy camper.

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