Sure Wish I’d Seen Granderson’s Circus Catch Today

There was no TV coverage of Yankees-Tigers in Lakeland, but by all accounts Grandy’s over-the-shoulder grab of Miguel “I’d rather party with the White Sox” Cabrera’s deep fly ball to center was sensational. Maybe they’ll show highlights tonight, but in the meantime I went browsing for what many consider to be the greatest circus catch of all time – and found it.
With any luck, Granderson will treat Yankee fans to a lot more heroics. He was great at the plate today too – two singles and a walk. Maybe the Yanks should play the Tigers every day. Well, unless Joba is pitching. Yeah, he’s “working on things.” It’s spring training. Time to try new pitches, tinker with mechanics, not worry about the stats. I get it. But six runs over 2+ innings? Now that I’ve become a convert and decided he should be in the pen, why not just put him there and get it over with?
I also would have liked to have seen Damon in a Tigers uni, but he didn’t play because of a problem with his toe. 
And I missed getting a glimpse of Phil Coke’s new look. Apparently, he has gone from this…
…to this.
Yeah, I know. That’s Jayson Werth. I couldn’t find a shot of Coke with all his facial hair. One of these days…
Congrats to Tex for hitting his first homer of 2010. May there be many more to come, preferably during the season opener at Fenway. 


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I watched the clip 3 times…..Aahhh, the Pole Grounds! *sigh*
    I’ve never heard that particular audio of it. cool!
    Glad to hear you finally converted and committed Joba to the pen. It’s where he really belongs. Besides, with Hughes’ larger body of minor league work, I thinks he’s better prepared to start and be the 5th guy. I’m not listening to Acevez being the 5 guy stuff.
    That’s your toe…isn’t it?

  2. Jane Heller

    Great catch by the ball girl, tangoeco. I posted it a few months ago and everyone enjoyed it. Just amazing.

    HAHA, Kaiser. I figured you’d like seeing Willie. It’s fun to hear him talk about the catch. And people often forget how important the throw itself was in that game.

    Yeah, I converted the other day, Mike, after Mo was interviewed on WFAN and said, “If I were the manager I’d use him as the 8th inning setup guy.” And no, it’s not my toe!!!!

  3. gmd0813

    Check out the Yankees website – they have a picture of Coke from the back – the hair is definitely longer!

  4. wetfeet

    You will love Granderson I had him on a fantasy team last year, he was one of the highest point men in the fantasy leage. Granderson can and will do well in all parts of the game. You can tell he loves to play baseball!

  5. Jane Heller

    Just checked it out, gmd0813. Definitely longer. The best part of that pic was Tex rounding the bases after his dinger.

    He does seem to love the game, wetfeet. And he seems like such a terrific guy. I’m excited to have him, believe me, and hope he thrives.

  6. ooaooa

    To use Dorothy’s famous quote, “there’s no place like home”! Long juourney home yesterday with weather delays in Atlanta. We had a great week even though it started out no warmer then back in CT. Getting to see the same people each year is neat. People at every park are friendly. To sum up the Yankees this past week I would say Joe is taking everything slowly. We didn’t even see Pettitte at any point. Joba is becoming a concern. He is pitching himself into the bull pen or AAA. Aceves and Mitre are pitching well. A-rod looks lost at the plate. Cano and Swischer look ready. Jeter is Jeter. Posada looks comfortable as well. Overall, I think Yanks will be solid. Hope your flights are good!


    Hiya, She-Fan…
    Thanx for that sweet treat that never gets old…well remember seeing that catch and wondering how was it POSSIBLE — sure it helped that the Polo Grounds was a true “diamond,” and 480 feet (!) to dead CF, but who else has ever made such a catch? Only Jim Edmonds, to my memory, when he was an Angel…and that too was a fan-tastic one!!
    Yes, I believe Grandy will be quite The Show for us, altho’ he is likely to be eating a lot of Special K cereal, so to speak, at the same time…sorry about Joba the Hut, perhaps to be Joba the Mutt soon, but there’s still hope…
    Hey, I read a report by that rated the Most Expensive Sports Tickets in the USA & Canada…Yankees were “only” #15, with a $73 avg. price, $23 parking, and $6 for a beer…of course, we’re the ONLY baseball team on the list…all else are NFL, NBA (Lakers are #4, with $93/$15/$7.75 respectively), or NHL…and as bad as our Washington Dead-Skins are (at #12), the #1 WORST is the Dallas Cowboys…and that’s always nice to say, no matter how you say it, when you live where I live…!!


    I think perhaps Joba needs adrenaline to pitch. When he first came up, I’m sure it was pumping every time he got on the mound. Now maybe he needs the extra jolt from coming in when the game is on the spot. And really, what veteran can get too excited about spring training?
    Mariano is sort of like that. If he comes in just to get work and the Yankees are ahead by a lot, he often gives up a run.

  9. Jane Heller

    Your dad was so right, Jeff. He was playing shallow, so the fact that he even caught up with the ball, much less gloved it and then made a great throw, was amazing.

    Welcome home, John. Glad you made it back safe and sound with all your loot! We really enjoyed your daily dispatches, and I hope I can do spring training justice when it’s my turn to report. I wonder if the distractions are affecting A-Rod at the plate or if he’s just off to a slow start. Maybe by the time I get there he’ll have it together.

  10. Jane Heller

    I remember that Edmonds catch, Dave. And didn’t Carl Crawford (not a CF-er but still) make a great one in the all star game? Love that the Yankees are “only” #15 on that list. LOL. Philly has the greatest infield ever, according to SI? I’m sure plenty of people begged to differ! I mean, seriously!

    Mariano is definitely more effective in the traditional closing situations, Melissa. In fact, I hide my eyes when he comes in with a lead, just to get work in, or even in tie games. I think Joba might need adrenaline, which would mean he’d be better when the game is on the line, but more worrisome was that Girardi said he had run out of gas. I know it’s early in the season, but really?

    He’s not ruined, Paul. Stop it!


    Melissa — and Jane —
    Thanx for your comments of encouragement from yesterday’s posting. Won’t bore the others, but it WAS truly appreciated…
    Saw some blather on from Philadelphia, posing the question “Is This The Greatest Infield Ever?” They mean the new Howard-Utley-Rollins-Polanco infield…and not only did many people beg to differ, but some contrasted it to the Yankee infield, “with its 3 future Hall-of-Famers.” Oh, how I liked the sound of that!!!

  12. raysrenegade

    Hopefully our friends at MLB Advanced Media(Mark) can throw out the idea during either the season or the off season to maybe introduce or induce a MLB.TV/Radio special Spring Training only package that we would play something like $ 29.95 for the entire 30-odd days of the Grapefruit/Cactus Spring Training schedules, and we would at least get the radio broadcasts for every game.
    I know I would pay the extra $$$ without a second thought.
    You know I have no pull with, but they do love your Yankees.

    Rays Renegade

  13. Jane Heller

    I’d pay to listen to/watch every game too, Renegade. I don’t know why some games aren’t available for radio or TV and others are. Must be a contractual thing. And yeah, the Yankees probably have pull with MLB but I sure don’t!


    If Cano learns to hit with men on, which I am confident he will, I think it likely that this infield is a FOUR future-hall-of-famers infield. That is, if ARod isn’t hiding anything else that will keep him out. (Yikes! I hope that isn’t a jinx!)


  15. dtigger

    Granderson made so many great catches in Detroit. He made the catch in June of 07′ robbing Willie Mo Pena of a HR at Comerica Park, and then the May of last year when Grandy robbed Grady Sizemore of a HR. Man I miss him. He was my favorite player.

  16. Jane Heller

    No jinxes, Melissa. It was bad enough when I posted that there were no controversies. Don’t you start! lol. Wouldn’t it be great if Cano had a big season with runners on? If he could knock ’em in, I’d bat him fifth in the lineup.

    I bet you miss him, Brady. If I were a Tigers fan I would too. Don’t worry though. We’ll take good care of him.

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