Oscars More Interesting Than Yanks-Twins

And that’s saying something, because last year’s Oscar show was a crushing bore. But I liked Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as co-hosts.
And since I’d seen most of the nominated films and performances (the exceptions being “Avatar” and “District 9”), I had a rooting interest. For example, I was cheering when Mo’ Nique won Best Supporting Actress for “Precious.”
Sandra Bullock has always been a favorite of mine, so – despite Meryl Streep’s amazing turn as Julia Child in “Julie and Julia” – I was glad she walked off with the Best Actress Oscar for “The Blind Side.”
Jeff Bridges was great in “Crazy Heart” and was a lock to win Best Actor. When he did, I know everybody in Santa Barbara was happy since he’s been a local here for many years and is a very likable, down-to-earth guy.
And finally, a word about Best Director/Best Picture winner Kathryn Bigelow for “The Hurt Locker.”
Would the movie have been my choice to take home the Oscar? No. (I was in the “Precious” camp.) But how cool is it that Bigelow is the first female Best Director ever? I’m officially anointing her a She-Director.
OK, I admit I also watch the show to see what everybody’s wearing. If A-Rod really is dating Cameron Diaz, his eyes must have bugged out of his head when he saw her in this dress.
As for today’s Yankees-Twins game in Fort Myers, let’s just say losing 11-0 is never fun for me, spring training or no spring training. I get that Igawa still has work to do if he wants to pitch in the bigs. And Gaudin sure didn’t impress anyone. Mitre, on the other hand, has inserted himself into the discussion about who will be the #5 starter. If he keeps putting up scoreless innings, he could bump Hughes and Joba. What I’m wondering, though, is where are the Yankees’ bats? Going into the second week of camp, I wouldn’t mind seeing the offense start to heat up. I mean, can’t we beat somebody 11-0? I do love blowouts, just not when we’re on the wrong end of them.


  1. ooaooa

    78 and sunny in Ft. Meyers. Nice complex outside but cramped inside. Got to talk to George Toma again this year. Does anyone recognize the name? He’s in Hall of Fame. My wife got Harmon Killebrew and Girardi before the game. She also was given a bat by Yankee minor leaguer Jon Weber. She can’t figure why he just handed it to her after he hit bp with it. It was not cracked and appears used only that round of bp. It will be fun getting that home. Girardi had Donte with him and he and his son did what Dad’s do with their sons, played catch a couple of times before the game. On the field, and the field was beautiful (George Toma), Mitre was great and Cano continues to look like he is ready to explode. The rest of the Yankees headed for Ft. Meyers Beach early. Nothing to feel good about during the 2 + hour drive back to Tampa. Did Maggiano’s again for the Sunday special “Italian Pot Roast”. Fantastic! Michael would love it.
    Home and away games today, split squad. We are staying at home game. Joyce is going home Wednesday.

  2. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I enjoyed the Oscars and it was good to see a woman win best director.

    But I had a much more exciting experience on Saturday. I was down in Baltimore with one of my best friends, who is another she fan. We went to the Babe Ruth birth place museum. It was charming and low key and we had a great time. BUT, what book was on the shelf in the gift shop? Non other than “Confessions of a She Fan”! I was so excited to see it! You have hit the big time Jane.


  3. ladyjane303

    Although I enjoyed Steve and Alec, and was moved by Kathryn Bigelow and Sandra Bullock’s acceptance speeches, I thought the Oscars were a bit of a snooze. Great dresses, though (J Lo and Demi Moore in particular impressed – Vera Farmiga close, but her hair could have been better). Cameron Diaz and A-Rod?! How did I miss that one? And speaking of snoozes, couldn’t agree more on the Yankee bats – maybe still taking a winter hibernation. Oh well, you know what they say – bad rehearsal, great show.

  4. Jane Heller

    Nice temps, John! Keep it warm for me, please! I don’t recognize the name George Toma, but getting Killebrew is sweet. And good luck trying to get that bat through security at the airport. LOL. Sounds like I’m missing everybody when I get to Tampa. No Joyce? Won’t be the same.

    My book was at Babe’s place, Melissa?????? I’m freaking out. I was there in ’07 while I was traveling for the book and loved it. I think there’s even mention of it when I write about going to Baltimore for that first series against the O’s. Wow. Thanks for telling me. I wish you’d taken a pic of it there!

    I didn’t mind the snooze-aspect, ladyjane – maybe because the show starts at 5 here on the west coast so it was over by 9 and I wasn’t trying to keep my eyes open. I could have done without the homage to horror films (what was the point) and John Hughes could have been included in the “dead people montage.” Also, if they wanted to shorten the show, why bring on Neil Patrick Harris for that musical opening? This wasn’t the Tony Awards! Maybe I didn’t like the show as much as I thought, now that I’m thinking about it again. LOL. A-Rod and Cameron were spotted at a CAA party a month or so ago – “canoodling.” No idea whether it was a one time thing or not.

    Paul, Mo’Nique makes me want to change my name to Ja’Ne.

  5. jojovanb27@hotmail.com


    George Toma is a grounds crew wizard, but I confess I can’t remember where he worked. I’m pretty sure he was in Kansas City at some time, and my brain says he started in Baltimore. Pride goeth (or cometh) before the fall, so after I hit submit, I’ll look up Mr. Toma to find out how close I came.

    I’m on a brief hiatus from baseball because my full attention has been needed this weekend to keep my alma mater on a path toward the NCAA Tournament. Anyone interested in saying a short prayer for Siena can catch the MAAC championship game on ESPN2 tonight 7PM eastern. If you happen to have allegiance to Fairfield, please no praying allowed (or aloud).

  6. Jane Heller

    A grounds crew wizard, jojovanb? How did he make the Hall of Fame? I’ll have to look him up too. Ah, the NCAA Tournament. I’m so focused on baseball I always forget how wrapped up the rest of the world is in college basketball. Good luck to your team!

  7. mhugill@verizon.net

    I don’t think the Yanks have been that impressive and my husband reminded me that last year they weren’t impressive and were only mere mortals until after the all -star break. I am hoping that’s it – hibernation and a bit cold and rusty.

    I thought the oscars were a snooze fest for sure.
    I watched it though and am dragging today.

    And for we girls – Cameron looked the best she’s looked in well, forever. She normally looks like she just rolled out of bed, which I imagine the men love. She looked good so maybe A-Rod is doing her some good and classing her up.

    Thankfully Mo-nique’s dress was long because I hate seeing her hairy legs.
    Sandra looked fabulous.
    charlize Theron – wth were you thinking?
    Although my husband said her dates hands would have worked in place of those horrific fabric flowers.
    And the best of all – that little gal with the knives and forks and other kitchen utensils on her dress….Carey Mulligan.
    I told hubby that she probably has them on her dress because she doesn’t use them to eat anything with……tee hee

  8. jojovanb27@hotmail.com

    I went home for lunch and caught a little of today’s game on YES. Joe Girardi gave some insight into split-squad procedures that many of you spring training attendees may already know. Basically, team veterans aren’t asked to make long trips on a split squad, but to be fair to everyone the veterans are asked to make a few trips. Both Derek and A-Rod traveled today, and Joe indicated Bradenton is a relatively short trip.

    Joe was happy with Javy’s outing. They also talked about Michael Kay “playing hurt” but I’m still maintaining my five-day old New Year’s resolution, and therefore can add no additional comment.

  9. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I had planned on taking a photo of me at Babe’s house to send you and would have taken one of the book on the shelf for certain. BUT, my cell phone battery, which I thought had been charged, had died. And I thought I left my charger home. When I got home and was taking stuff out of the suitcase, I found it. RATS!
    I was so excited when I saw the book, I said “OH MY GOD LOOK! THERE IS JANE’s BOOK!!!”

    PS Having just gone to that part of Florida in Jan. I think Bradenton is only about an hour drive from Tampa.

  10. Jane Heller

    Peg, you’re so right about Cameron’s customary just-out-of-bed look. That’s why I really liked her hair/dress last night. I didn’t know about Mo’Nique’s legs until I watched the Barbara Walters special, which comes on after the Oscars here in CA. Euwww. Agree on Sandra and Charlize. But did you see Sarah Jessica Parker? What was up with that bad spray tan, not to mention the wasp-nest hair and ugly gown?

    I caught a little of the game today too, jojovanb. How refreshing to see the Yankees hitting. And yeah, the vets get to choose their road trips. The exciting news for me was that Mo will pitch in his first game on 3/17 – the game I’m going to!

    Aaaargh on the cell phone charger, Melissa. Oh, well. Just knowing the book is there is cool enough. Thanks so much for telling me, otherwise I wouldn’t have known. Signed Ja’Ne.

  11. angelsgirl012

    I am such a Movie and Awards show junkie I have to leave a long comment on this blog post, despite the fact that I have yet to watch many of these wonderful movies (just watching these people/movies win make me want to skip school and do nothing but grab a tub of carrots– i said carrots 😀 that alone should excuse it all!– and watch movies until dawn). LOL

    1. I’m so glad Sandra Bullock won she did such an amazing job in The Blind Side. Her acceptance speech made me tear up! Much love to her! I loved her in Miss Congeniality and Hope Floats but was getting a bit tired of her chick flicks 😛

    2. Believe it or not I only watched 10 minutes of The Hurt Locker… it’s a long story lol I am determined to finish it sooner or later! I hope it’s sooner! Congrats to Ms Bigelow for winning Best Director! Way to represent!

    3. Lastly, I have to say I became an instant fan of Christoph Waltz the first time I ever heard him speak. He’s so incredibly charming and very handsome too. All this admiration yet i haven’t seen his performance in Inglorious ******** yet.. is that weird? Ahh shoot! He’s captivating what can i say? Or I just don’t have the guts to watch the movie……… It’s the former. Definitely.

    Oh dear, this is worthy of a blog post! My apologies



  12. Jane Heller

    No apologies necessary, Mimi. I love long comments! And I could do another blog post on the Oscars, so I never mind talking about them. I’m a Sandra Bullock fan too, and am glad she won, even though Meryl Streep was fantastic as Julia Child (she’ll have more chances to win in the coming years, while Bullock might not). The Hurt Locker isn’t the easier movie to sit and watch, so I’m not surprised you were interrupted for whatever reason. I think it’s hilarious that Inglorious you know what was censored here. HAHAHA. Christopher Waltz was incredible in the movie and deserved to win. Very charming guy.

  13. davidelvis2010@hotmail.com

    Steve and Alec made a great combination for the Oscars. I love the fact that at least I got to see a woman win the best director awards. The Oscars always bring out the best in film entertainment and this one did not disappoint. – Jordan

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