Good Day in Yankeeville

Not only was Cervelli cleared to play baseball after his trip to the neurologist, but the Yankees won both games of their twin bill.
Well, OK. So it was really a split squad.
The point is they won the home game against the Phillies behind a nice couple of innings by Vazquez (a solo homer but four strikeouts) and the continued hot hitting by Cano (2-for-3 with a walk). And they shut out the Pirates in Bradenton with Aceves’ four scoreless innings, making him a worthy contender for the #5 spot in the rotation. Right now, here’s how I’d stack up the vying candidates:
It’s still very early in the competition, but that’s the order I’d go with. In reliever news, I had to laugh when Chan Ho Park was asked by reporters about having a sore butt (aka gluteus muscle).
“Is this big news?” he asked. Yes, Chan Ho. Everything having to do with the New York Yankees is big news, so you’d better get used to it.
Mo’s been scheduled to pitch in his first game, and it’s the home game I’m going to: March 16th versus the Astros. Very excited that I’ll be able to see His Majesty in person.
Back to Vazquez, he seemed very relaxed in his post-game remarks to the media today. He was asked about the difference between this time around with the Yanks and his 2004 stint, and he said, “Better atmosphere than the last time. Looser clubhouse. Looser guys.” Let’s hope the “better atmosphere” translates into “better pitching.”
Counting down until I leave on Friday for Florida. Yankeeville, here I come. Does anyone have any messages for the team? I’d be happy to deliver them.
Update: I spoke too soon. It wasn’t a perfect day in Yankeeville. Not after I read this. Oy.


  1. raysrenegade

    If Chan Ho Park thinks he has a tender tush now, wait until he blows a few appearances and the voodoo women in Little Haiti are casting spells on him.
    Seriously, did he not think about the media circus he walked into before hitting that dotted line.
    Sure he played in Los Angeles and played “investment banker” with one of his catchers, but in New York City, if Derek Jeter leaves a little of his dinner out on the plate….The New York Post critics comdemn the restaurant to Yankee fans wrath.
    Sigh, guess Park now wishes for the serene good old days in Philly when fans yelled at you for almost nothing, and made just as much sense.

    Rays Renegade


    i love spring training. they lose and i say oh well. it doesn’t ruin my day, i don’t take it out on the people around me, i am ok. they win and i am happy. except for worrying about cervelli yesterday, i’ve had fun. there is only excitement of the upcoming season. winning two games in a day is nice too.
    awesome, that you get see mo in his debut and meet my dad all on the same trip to florida! wish i could be there

  3. Jane Heller

    I think the writers are especially “sensitive” to butt injuries after the Pavano mess, Renegade. On top of that, everything is a big story in NY. If Park gets an ingrown toenail it’ll be on the front page of the Post. He sounds like he has a good sense of humor, though, so I’m sure he’ll get with the program.

    Losing a spring training doesn’t ruin my day, Barbara, but I’m much happier when we win, even when it doesn’t count. How crazy is that? (Don’t answer. lol) I’m really looking forward to meeting your dad on Saturday. Wish you could be there too! I hope he’s planning to come at 1:30 so he can hear the author of the book about Don Larsen’s perfect game. He might enjoy that. I don’t speak until 2:30.


    I like your rankings of the fifth pitcher. I’ve always thought Hughes should be a starter. As you presented a few days ago, Joba should be in the bullpen (backed up by his majesty, Mo!). Some of the other pitchers will make great 7th and possibly 8th inning relievers.
    So glad Robby Cano is doing well this early! I love Robby and I am glad to see him break out of his early season slump he usually starts with. Maybe Melky leaving woke him up to performing early and often! ( I will miss Melky. I hope he does well in Atlanta).
    Looking forward to Mo starting. Go Yankees! Kathleen

  5. Jane Heller

    I’m glad Cano is off to a great start too, Kathleen. He looks good at the plate and in the field – just very sharp. He even walked today – a miracle! I’ll miss Melky, but maybe not having his buddy around will help Cano focus more. I guess we’ll find out. Can’t wait to see Mo in a game!

  6. Jane Heller

    Didn’t I write a few days ago that there would be an A-Rod controversy, Cat? I feel guilty for jinxing the calm sea! Chan Ho’s butt was news, but apparently he’s OK and will pitch tomorrow. Maybe.

  7. ooaooa

    75 and sunny today! Mo came out to the practice field today and threw, in his own words, “34 pitches”. He came to the fence and talked for a few minutes to the 100 or so of us watching. He is a very articulate and intelligent man. He signed about 50 or so balls (including ours), none on the “sweet spot”. Inside, we got Chan Ho Park. We are up to 12 balls signed, 3 BP balls recieved and 1 bat. Not bad considering the security and tight rules around here. It was great seeing a well played game. The first pitch HR wasn’t encouraging but Javier was great after that. Cano is on his way to a great year. Kevin Russo is also doing well as is Ramiero Pena. Last game today and then back to the real world. After reading about a-rod, I must come clean. I had two shots of cortizone in my knees before I came down here. I to will cooperate with the Feds. Rumor has it Jeter signed with Steiner Sports and is not signing much of anything down here.

  8. scofid

    Let’s hope that Chan Ho Park doesn’t turn out to be a pain in the …! I was happy to hear the good news about Cervelli, and I am looking forward to his return this weekend. Javy definitely seems to be blending in well with his new teammates this go-around. Count me among the many who believe that this is going to be a huge year for Robinson Cano. As for A-Rod? The only certainty in life besides death and taxes is controversy about #13. Oy, is right!

  9. cheshirecat9

    Freaking Arod. I really hope there is nothing to this.

    I am happy for you that you are going to Spring Training Jane! Unfortunately Courtney and I cannot go. Everything is way more expensive then we thought it would be and I can’t justify all that money for one weekend. If anyone knows anyone who wants tickets to the spring training game this Saturday at 1pm against the Orioles please let me know! My email is

  10. Jane Heller

    I’m sooo jealous, John. Mo? I mean, Mo? Wow. Wish I’d been there. Sounds like you’ll be coming home with quite the haul. I hope you packed light. And I’m glad you’ll be cooperating with the Feds. I don’t want to read about you going before Congress and saying, “I’m not here to talk about the past.” Have fun today and safe travels.

    Cashman already told Chan Ho he’s made the team, so he’d better stay healthy, Scott! Very good sign that Vazquez is feeling more comfortable this time around. And let’s hope Cano just goes wild and has an MVP type season (which means hitting with runners in scoring position!). Holding my breath on A-Rod. Marc Phillipon’s comments today in the Times were encouraging. He insists that his patient is a “good, clean guy.”

    Oh no, cheshirecat! You and Courtney were looking forward to going. But I certainly understand the financial ramifications. It gives me a stomach ache to think how much we’ll be spending for six days, even though my airfare is being covered by the library where I’m speaking first. Have you tried craigslist for selling the tickets?

    I couldn’t take another blue sweater interview either, Jeff. If you remember, I was wearing the same color sweater that day and it would mean I’d have to dig it up and put it on.

    Just a few more days, Sue. Are you ready for your She-Fan close up? Send me an email when you get down there (I’ll be in St Pete on 3/15) and we’ll figure out how to meet on 3/17.

  11. Jane Heller

    I’ll do my best, Jenn. Should I throw myself over the railing, over the rest of the waiting crowd, and just pretend it’s a mosh pit? LOL.


    Yes, indeed Jane, it was a good day and great night in Yankeeland.

    Thank you to all those who said a little prayer for Siena, or at least didn’t pray for Fairfield. We needed all the help we could get and won in overtime after being down by 13 early in the second half.

    Now it’s on to March Madness followed by Opening Day. Thank God our company has a generous policy regarding vacation days.

  13. Jane Heller

    I’ll be thrilled to get to October, Paul!

    Congrats on Siena, jojovanb. I wasn’t following NCAA at all until your comment yesterday, so I was excited for you when I read the news this morning that they won!!!


    Had to tell you something I realized today when I was doing a word game.
    Main Entry: je·té
    Pronunciation: \zhə-ˈtā\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French, from past participle of jeter
    Date: 1830
    : a springing jump in ballet made from one foot to the other in any direction

    Doesn’t that just fit our amazing shortstop?

  15. ooaooa

    Forgot to tell who George Toma is. He is in the FOOTBALL Hall of Fame. He was the grounds keeper for Kansas City Chiefs and Royals forever. He also was the head field man for every Super Bowl up till he retired several years ago. He is now retired in Ft Meyers and is the “head consultant” to the field crew at the Twins complex, Hammond Stadium. He is known world wide for his expertise with sports fields. He is a living legend in the field of fields! jojovanb was very close.

  16. Elizabeth D

    Glad to hear Cervelli is OK; even I was a bit worried. I’m glad you’ll be able to see Mariano’s first spring game… that will definitely be exciting! When I first read Vazquez’s comments, I read, “loser clubhouse, loser guys” and I was like, OUCH, but then I read it again…

  17. Jane Heller

    Funny thing, Melissa. I actually thought of je-te (can’t put accents on here for some reason), the dance term, when I watched Jeter do one of his pirouettes at short. He’d be a great ballet dancer but I don’t see him putting on a tutu. lol.

    Thanks for filling us in, John. Since I know so little about football, George Toma’s name was unfamiliar to me. Very cool that he consults in Florida now and is still doing what he enjoys.

    HAHA, Elizabeth. For a second I wondered if I’d written a typo and said loser instead of looser! Yes, very good news about Cervelli. I hope he keeps his head out of trouble from now on!

    I think they need to be careful with Cervelli too, A.J., but I honestly don’t know how you protect a catcher/batter from getting hit again. It’s the luck of the draw. I will scream your message at Jeter when I see him!

  18. devilabrit

    one of those days where someone says … we have some good news and some bad news…. Cervelli, the good news and A-Rod the bad news…. although wins no mater when they are a good news… enjoy your trip…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  19. Jane Heller

    Yeah, good news and not-so-good news, Peter. It’ll be interesting to see how the A-Rod story develops. Obviously, I’m hoping nothing comes of it. Will do my best to enjoy my trip. Thanks!

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