Happy Birthday Cervelli – Not

No, Cisco didn’t get shot in the head on his 24th birthday today. But he took a shot in the batting helmet, thanks to a stray fastball from Jays pitcher Zech Zinicola. (Who names their kid Zech? Sounds like Yech.) What a bummer to be handed the position of Yankees’ backup catcher, only to suffer a concussion in spring training – his second after getting hit during winter ball in Venezuela. I’m just glad he was able to walk off the field.
Cervelli seems to be the victim of a Spring Training Curse. It was two years ago around this time that he broke his wrist in a collision with Elliot Johnson of the Rays.
Hm. “Jays” rhymes with “Rays.” Maybe Cervelli should stay away from the “A’s” too. In any case, I wish him the best. I hate seeing guys go down this early in the season. Hate it. Of course, the most stomach churning early season injury belonged to Jeter.
Who can forget when he dislocated his shoulder on Opening Day of 2003 against the Jays – the Jays again! – and we Yankee fans held our collective breath? We approach each season with so much anticipation and hope, so when a player goes down before we know it, it’s difficult to swallow. At least for me.
What else is there to say about today’s 9-1 loss to the Jays? I’m always happy to see A.J. pitch, even when he’s working on his newfangled changeup and isn’t particularly effective. Albaladejo, on the other hand, is quickly reminding people why he kept getting sent down to Scranton last year. Just not good, Dejo. But how about Boone Logan? He hasn’t given up a run yet and is becoming my favorite new Yankee, along with Colin Curtis, who had another hit today – a ground rule double.
Speaking of offense, Granderson hasn’t had a hit yet as a Yankee. Not that he doesn’t have company. Posada, Tex and Swisher are hitless too. I know, I know. It’s only a few days into ST, for God’s sake. I’m not panicking. Really.


  1. raysrenegade

    I am thinking this kid Cervelli should not catch during Spring Training on even numbered years. Last two even-numbered years he has gotten blasted at the plate.
    Great catcher, but sometimes certain teams get a book on you and test you, but to get beaned by a guy named Zech? I will have to pray for him when you meet the Pirates if one of the Indian pitchers is on the mound…..
    Seriously, the kid just has bad luck in the Spring. But this time at least it is a concussion, which takes time to shake the cobwebs out of your skull before the Yankee medical staff will give the thumbs up so he can get back to work.
    He got up on his own power, which is a great sign.

    Rays Renegade


  2. Jane Heller

    Oh, Virginia! You must have been so upset about Cervelli. And yes, he needs you. Why aren’t you by his side right now?

    Yup, bad luck, Renegade. He’s very feisty so he immediately said, “I’ll be playing in a couple of days.” Not so fast. Girardi said he’ll be examined by a neurologist first, then have more tests. The concern is that this concussion came so soon after the last one. But you’re right – he got up and was talking and seemed OK. Whew.

  3. ooaooa

    Let me first say it appears tha Yankee pitchers, with a couple of exceptions, got the wrong memo. They think they are at spring break not spring training! They throw a little visiting team BP and head for Clearwater Beach!
    Yesterday was more comfortable temp wise but baseball wise it wasn’t pretty.
    I have been here both times Cervelli has been attacked and yesterday was scary. One thing that may have gone unnoticed was that Joe Girardi was on the ground next to Cervelli in an instant. He also was next to Colin Curtis (he is the talk of the camp so far) when he fouled a ball off his leg, in a flash. I have never seen a MLB manager out of the dugout as fast as Joe.
    Goose Gossage signed a lot yesterday as did Michael Kay and Ken Singleton. Cervelli signed a little as did Pena but not in our spot.
    Off to Ft. Meyers in a while. 70’s and sunny today.
    Joyce, the tombstone Yankee fan from 2009, says hi. This is her 33rd straight Yankee spring training. She is real sharp and could give you much book material. Maybe titled “The Orginal She Fan”!
    As Michael Kay said to me yesterday, “see ya”!

  4. arthur.kathleen@gmail.com

    Concussions are scary, but I’m glad they are resting Cervelli after all the attention concussions have gotten in the NFL. Luckily for us, baseball isn’t usually as violent (which is a miracle since they are all walking around carrying bats!). As ooaooa noted, Joe is fast on his feet. I would go as far as to say that Joe is the most fit, best – in – shape manager in the MLB. If we lose both Posada and Cervelli in a game, he could still catch for us! Maybe he could transfer some of that get up and go to the rest of the team! Kathleen

  5. Jane Heller

    I did see Girardi get to the field fast, John – both with Cervelli and Curtis (I can see why Colin is the hot new thing in camp). So it’s up in the 70s and sunny today? Hooray! Hope Ft. Myers is fun. And please say hi to Joyce if you see her again. She was such a character. Maybe she’ll still be there when I arrive.

    Concussions are scary, Kathleen, and according to the article I read today in the Times, Cervelli has bit hit in the head TEN times already! Yeah, Joe is fit, but he said he could probably catch a high school game, not a major league game. Too bad, right?

    Yeah, two concussions so close together isn’t great, Peter. I hope the Yankees will be cautious with him. They’ve got a guy from the Brewers, Rivera, so he can take over for now.

  6. Jane Heller

    His parents must have been hungover, Paul.

    I hope the rest of his birthday was better too, Ginny. Like maybe somebody gave him a cake?

  7. MLB Critic

    It’s fine line between trying hard to make a team and being over ambitous for some younger players. Zinicola I think has been around for 3 years now, never made the bigs with the Nats and was probably over throwing in an effort to get to the bigs with the Jays. Cervelli should be okay, he tough and it was probably more the shock than anything.
    – MLB Critic

  8. Jane Heller

    Makes sense, MLB Critic, for a pitching wanting to impress and make it in the bigs. My concern about Cervelli is that it’s his second concussion in a short period. But I’m sure he’ll be OK.

  9. Jane Heller

    Thanks for the heads up about the Sony Reader, Cat. My publisher alerted me recently that the e-book version of “She-Fan” is now an e-book, so it’s available on Kindle and all the other ways people download print material. Kind of amazing, right?

    I guess getting hit in the head goes with the territory of being a catcher, Jeff. I sure wouldn’t want the job!

  10. crzblue2

    that is awful Jane! And two head injuries before the regular season is underway? Poor guy! I thought about Virginia too when I read that.
    We got rainout today but we ende up at a youth museum where they had a Cactus League exhibition.

  11. dtigger

    It’s becoming a danger in this game, because pitchers think they can just hit a guy if they want to, because nothing will happen to them. Well, thats not what happened last year to Youk when my Porcello hit him and then kicked his butt!
    Haha, as you can see I’m not a Youkillis fan…
    P.S- I used to write “Thoughts of a Teen-Fan” but now I write this new blog. Check it out-

  12. Jane Heller

    Dusting players off the plate is fine with me, Brady. Pitchers need to pitch inside and, occasionally, retaliate when one of their guys gets hit. But throwing at a batter’s head is not acceptable! Will check out your new blog.

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