Yanks-Phillies: Not Exactly Must-See TV

OK, that was harsh. I’m sure it was more fun if you were actually at the game. (John, we want a full report.) And it’s always enjoyable seeing the prospects and trying to guess who has a major league future and who doesn’t. That said, the first two-thirds of the game were a bit of a snooze. CC got his work in. Halladay looked as sharp as ever. The Yankees didn’t send Jeter, A-Rod, Granderson or Tex on the long, arduous journey to Clearwater (doesn’t it take all of 20 minutes to get there???), so our “A-list” consisted of Swisher, Posada and Gardner, each of whom seemed rusty, and Cano, who got the first hit for the Bombers. Nick Johnson was scratched because of back stiffness. I woke up with back stiffness too, but it didn’t stop me from blogging, did it?
Oh, Nick. Nick. Nick. Please don’t go all Pavano on us. I’ll chalk this one up to spring training fragility, but try to stay healthy, OK?
Among the Baby Boomers, Melancon did a nice job, striking out two. Boone Logan (really love that name) looked good on the mound. And my boy Colin Curtis got another hit. Actually, the kids staged one of the Yankees’ signature, late inning comebacks in the 9th, but the Phillies rebounded in their half off someone named Arias and won 3-2. The good news is it’s spring training time – finally. Today’s contest wasn’t the 7th game of the World Series, but I’d rather be watching baseball than just about anything else.


  1. irishsoxkid19

    Wow, seems like the Yankee team that they sent was slacking a bit. Glad baseball is back. About time too. Doesn’t every player have issues now? Seriously, first Dice-K, now Johnson? Must be an American League East thing.

  2. Jane Heller

    I wouldn’t say the Yankees were “slacking,” Holly. The Phillies weren’t scoring either. It was just one of those early spring training games where everyone’s dusting off the cobwebs. I was disappointed not to see more of the regulars in Clearwater, but I hope they’ll play when I get to town.

  3. ooaooa

    One word for game yesterday COLD! 49 degrees and 30mph wind. We stayed 7 innings. I got Cano and Melancon to sign balls. My wife got Nick Johnson and Cano gave her a practice ball. CC wasn’t sharpe, Halliday was as usual. Gardner made some nice plays. He belongs in centerfield. Colin Curtis is already turning heads. You will like the seats. Row 13 near Yankee dugout. Reggie signed along section 104 about 45 minutes before game. He has a bad attitude. Pena walked by me and asked how our dinner was Wednesday night. I was impressed he remembered me. Yogi has shrunk another 2 inches. He is now smaller than his bobblehead look alike! Clearwater is a nice place. Great people and great phiily steak sandwiches. Ate at Maggiano’s last night near Westshore Mall. Great place. Girardi, Kurechan and Gammons ate there Tuesday. Steinbrenners now own a Residence Inn near Westshore. No longer have Raddison near the bay (now Comfort Inn)
    Weather for today mid 50’s and still windy. Bought a Yankee pullover yesterday. Off to see the Jays in a few hours.

  4. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    Thanks for the report John. How cool that Pena remembered you!

    I feel like all is right with the world – in the online NY Times, all the stories under the sports heading on the front page were baseball related.

    I’m not concerned about Johnson and his back. It’s the first spring training game. This is the time of year when they are working out kinks and stretching stuff after the winter. A little tightness + cooler weather + an unplanned reaction in a game = injury, so they always will be over cautious.


  5. ladyjane303

    Apparently Nick Johnson’s back problem was the result of his wearing the wrong kind of shoes to take BP. It’s the details that’ll get you every time.

  6. Jane Heller

    I can’t believe Pena remembered you, John. That’s so sweet! Sorry about Reggie, but I’m glad you got others to sign or hand out balls. And thanks for the tip about the Italian place. We went there last year and didn’t spot anybody, but we will definitely go back. Sounds like I should pack my winter clothes. Brrr. Hope it warms up. Have fun today against the Rays. Should be a fun game with Hughes and Joba pitching.

    I wouldn’t be concerned about Johnson’s back, Melissa – if it were someone else’s back. But with his history of injuries, I just hope history doesn’t repeat itself and he finds himself with lots of small nagging things that keep him off the field. And yes, isn’t it wonderful to see baseball taking back the ink?

    I think winning a WS last year was the best thing that ever happened to Swisher, Jeff. Who knows what he’ll do this year (or for the rest of his life, for that matter), but 2009 turned him into an A-lister, like him or not.

    Yeah, I guess he got a cleat caught in the batting turf, ladyjane. Such a klutz. Glad he didn’t suffer anything worse than a stiff back – like a dreaded LISFRANC. Gasp.

  7. yankeefaninthe805@yahoo.com

    Nick Nick Nick……

    I hate to say this as a DIE hard Yankee Fan but we are already getting snap shots of the furture when it comes to
    Nick jacked up Johnson! The biggest move the Yankees didn’t make in the off season that will show during the season is not keeping Matsui! I have heard all the reasons why they let him go but at the end of the day he still is a BIG time hitter in the clutch, how quickly we forget game 6 of the WS! Godzilla showed the World that he still has plenty of Fire!!! Let me get this straight…Cashman let’s Matsui walk because he is getting old yet you bring in Nick who isn’t even proven and is just as hurt as Matsui!!!
    UNREAL!!! Any word of Musti being held out of Spring Training yet???

    Lesson for Cashman: If you ever find yourself lost in the woods and a pack of Bears approaches you….Always feed Papa Bear 1st…. not the Cubs!!!

    Papa Bear being: Matsui Cub: Johnson

  8. thefreak

    no no no Jane. Do not put Nick in the same category and Pavano. Cashman new damn well that Nick has a balky back. So why should Nick pass up the opportunity. Isn’t that why they got rid of him the first time? So if he is out 1/2 the year on the DL, then Cash can rest easy knowing that for a couple of million extra, he could’ve kept Matsui. AT LEAST we already knew how to work him thru the year. Or dare I say …..*gulp* DAMON!

    I don’t forsee myself being an N Johnson supporter this year. And don’t even get me started on him batting in the 2 hole. YES he gets on base……… but his slow *** can’t even break up a double play. And we all know (insert sarcastic tone here) how good Tex is in the month April. Not to mention, Tex isn’t the fleetest of foot either. They are no Mickey Rivers thats for sure.

    Ok, I’m taking off my cranky pants now and putting on my happy pants. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YANKEES!


  9. Jane Heller

    Yankeefaninthe805 (are we neighbors?), I know how you feel. I wasn’t necessarily opposed to letting Matsui go, given his bad knees and limited role as a DH, but I didn’t get the idea of replacing him with Johnson, who gets on base but spends so much time on the DL. But what’s done is done and we just have to hope for the best with Johnson. AJ had a complicated injury history too and he was able to stay healthy the entire season. So maybe it’ll be OK with Nick.

    I don’t think blood spinning works on stiff backs, Mike, but what do I know?

    You do have your cranky pants on today, Mike! LOL. I feel your rant, really I do. I’m watching the game now and Joba is getting his *** kicked by the Rays, so my happy pants are not on.

  10. wetfeet

    Jane if you were missing a little pop in the bats you could have checked out the RANGERS 13 TO 3 win!

  11. yankeefaninthe805@yahoo.com

    Yes we are neighbors. Miyuki is my wife!

    Can we please move Joba back to the pin and admit that he should of been left there!

    Players I’m watching:

    Robby Cano he needs to have a break out year!! Still waiting for him to step up his game!! He has the tools to be really special!! Let’s Go Robby!!!!

    AJ and Posada. These guys have to get it together this season! Don’t know and don’t care what the issues are but for Yankee Universe please figure it out!!!

    Curtis, I hope people realize we gave up Jackson and let Damon walk because of Curtis. He struggle to say the least last season against left handed pitchers. Yeah he hit a lot of jacks….I guess it’s the case of the glasses being half empty or full.

    Andy, I hope you can work your magic for another season until Cliff comes to the Bronx next year!!!

    I’m so fired up for the season!!!! Let’s Go 4 train!!!

  12. Jane Heller

    Oh, cool! Say hi to Miyuki! I just watched Joba’s interview after he came off the mound and I really think the flu took something out of him today. He lost weight, was weak, didn’t make excuses but he wasn’t himself. Let’s see what happens in spring training. He can always go back to the pen. Cano is off to a great start. Made a really nice play in the field and has had a couple of hits so far. I agree totally; he has the ability to be really special. AJ and Posada have discussed their “relationship” and are determined to work together, so I don’t worry about them. And while I think Granderson will press in the beginning as many do with a new team, he’ll be fine. Will we miss Damon and Matsui? Absolutely. But this team is solid. We will repeat!!!

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