It’s All My Fault

The other day I wrote a post about how there hadn’t been a single controversy swirling around the Yankees lately. I even listed possible scandals that might be just around the corner. Well, as most people know by now, the answer turned out to be #2: “An A-Rod Something.” From the New York Times…

Rodriguez to Meet With Investigators

Kathy Willens/Associated Press

On Monday Alex Rodriguez said he didn’t know when he would meet with authorities but that he intended to cooperate.

Published: March 1, 2010

TAMPA, Fla. — Alex Rodriguez said on Monday that he has been contacted by federal authorities seeking to interview him in connection with their investigation of the Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who is suspected of distributing performance-enhancing drugs to various athletes.

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In brief remarks issued in the Yankees clubhouse after the team’s workout Monday afternoon, Rodriguez said he did not know when he would meet with authorities but that he intended to cooperate.

Asked by reporters if he had ever been treated by Galea, Rodriguez responded: “I can’t really get into that. You’ll know within time all at the same time.”

General Manager Brian Cashman spoke to reporters after Rodriguez did and said he did not know anything about federal authorities having an interest in Rodriguez until he read about it in newspaper reports on Monday morning.

Cashman said he did not want to comment further until the Yankees “get caught up to speed.”

However, one person in baseball familiar with the sentiments of Yankees executives said they were distressed that Rodriguez had again been linked to the issue of performance-enhancing drugs and that they do not know where the matter will lead. In a s
tatement the Yankees issued about an hour after Rodriguez spoke, they said that they had “never authorized Dr. Tony Galea to treat Alex Rodriguez nor do we have any knowledge of any such treatment” and that they would continue to monitor the situation.

Rodriguez’s remarks to reporters lasted all of 61 seconds. But brief as they were, they thrust the Yankees back into territory they have become painfully familiar with in recent seasons. Jason Giambi‘s links to the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative case was a major distraction for the Yankees in 2005.

In 2008, Andy Pettitte was forced to hold a news conference at the start of spring training to address his use of human growth hormone, which had been first disclosed in theMitchell report.

And then one year ago, it was Rodriguez who held a news conference at spring training to elaborate on his use of steroids from a period ranging from 2001 to 2003.

By now, the Yankees have become used to this issue. But the fact that it is back again will undoubtedly rankle team executives, who have had to deal with repeated distractions from Rodriguez involving a whole assortment of subjects since he joined the Yankees for the 2003 season. In Rodriguez’s favor, of course, is that he is coming off a standout postseason in 2009 that helped the Yankees win their first championship in nine years.

During his remarks on Monday Rodriguez was asked whether the Galea investigation would distract him as he prepared for the 2010 season.

“This is about someone else, this is about someone else,” he replied in a reference to Galea. “Like I said, I’m going to cooperate the best I can and focus on baseball.”

Galea, who is based in Toronto, has been charged by Canadian authorities with conspiring to smuggle human growth hormone and other drugs into the United States. He has not been charged in the United States.

He has denied that he provided professional athletes with performance-enhancing drugs but said that he had used human growth hormone for the last 10 years and prescribed it for some patients. Among the more notable athletes he has treated are the golfer Tiger Woods and the swimmer Dara Torres.

So, digging deeper, just who is this infamous Dr. Galea?

For starters, if he’s really Canadian, then he explodes the myth that all Canadians are paragons of virtue.

Second, the Feds spoke to Jose Reyes about the guy and all Reyes said was, “He didn’t give me performance enhancing drugs. He just spun my blood.”

Which brings up another question: If blood spinning really works, then why did both Reyes and Xavier Nady, who had the procedure last year, end up having surgery anyway?

I don’t know whether Galea treated A-Rod and, if so, whether it was in connection with his hip surgery. I only know that I’d be hiding under my bed if the Feds said they wanted to talk to me. Of course, my impression of “Feds” is based on what I’ve seen of them on TV – an admittedly distorted view. But I bet they wouldn’t laugh at my jokes or engage in a debate over whether Hughes or Joba should be in the Yankees rotation. I picture them as very tall men with deep voices and bad skin – men who wear white socks and have guns in their ankle holsters. I think they would call me Ma’am and then grill me for hours without letting me eat or drink – not even a sip of water. I imagine that by the end of their “interview,” I’d be in tears, even if I did nothing wrong. But hey, that’s just me.

I really hope this A-Rod business goes nowhere and my blog post from the other day didn’t jinx anything.



    Well Ma’am,

    As I see it, Alex saying that he can’t comment now, is saying he at least has some relationship with the good doctor.

    Let’s hope it was long ago and far away, maybe even across a border.

  2. ooaooa

    We will be landing in Tampa about 9:30 am Wednesday. Although we are not going to a game Wednesday, I’ll stop by the clubhouse and quiz A-rod about the “spinning”. I know he is looking forward to seeing me. We’ll probably do dinner as well. I will report my findings. All is well again, Baseball games begin today!

  3. devilabrit

    imagine the Feds as the Johnson and Johnson types from Die Hard… bungling idiots… after that if A-Rod gets arrested or something then dont view as you jinxed them view as you helped all non Yankee teams.. 🙂
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. Jane Heller

    Jojovanb, I’m hoping he had the same kind of connection that Reyes had, since that “investigation” amounted to zero. Let’s hope.

    Yeah, John. Since you’ll be our man on the scene starting tomorrow, please get to the bottom of this. Go right to A-Rod and pepper him with questions. And then report back to us. We’ll be waiting. Safe travels and keep those seats warm for me.

    The Yankees are never far from some kind of controversy, Cat. This one sounds like it could be just the Feds spreading out across the country and talking to anyone with info. I’m not worried – for now.

    Bungling idiots, Peter. Now that’s a completely different image than the one I had for the Feds. I like it! A-Rod will be off the hook no matter what! Thanks.

    Sounds like there might be a lot of innocent bystanders in this one, Jeff. I hope that’s the case with A-Rod. He didn’t look particularly worried about it.

    It’s definitely a case against the doctor, Brian, but, as with BALCO, there were casualties among athletes. They’ve already interviewed Tiger Woods and several NFL players, as well as Reyes. So far, so good.

    I sure hope you’re right, Paul.

  5. Jane Heller

    Actually, A-Rod hasn’t made any statement about the doctor yet, wrigleyregular. Reyes was the one who talked about the blood spinning procedure.


    Joe was smart, arcade games should not result in injuries, and the team will have plenty of time all year to spend outdoors.

    Here’s Sweeny Murti’s take on today’s Field Day.

    I just wonder how it looks when millionaire players go to the manager or coaches to get tokens for skee ball.


    I’m just hoping this is a “big deal” because the reporters have nothing else to report about. They know if they put ARod’s name on it, the story will sell. The feds could be talking to lots of other players who don’t make the press – I hope.

    John, have a great time at spring training and say hi to all the guys for us!


  8. Jane Heller

    Arcade games. I don’t know, jojovanb. I was hoping for something a little more exciting, but I get the injury part. It’s just funny to picture these big strong athletes even playing skee ball!

    A-Rod has new company in this “investigation,” Melissa. According to the Daily News, Carlos Beltran is being questioned too. What I’d like to know is what about players on teams not named the Yankees and Mets?

  9. wetfeet

    I am now glad A-Rod is no longer a RANGER, happer yet the RANGERS are no longer paying a large chunk of his salary! I do hope for your Yankees sake nothing comes of this.

  10. mattpeas

    wasnt it about this time last year when the steroid allegations first came out? i doubt much will come of it. if other players are involved they could actually help this investigation instead of sweeping it under the rug, which very well could happen also



    You’re right about wanting to see the Yankees doing something a little more adventurous. In fact last week when you talked about possibilities for the Yankee outing, I considered mentioning skee ball, but decided against that because it seemed too mellow. (Full disclosure: I was also dissuaded because I wasn’t sure how to spell it.)

  12. Jane Heller

    Thanks, wetfeet. I’m sure you’re happy to be rid of his salary. The home runs couldn’t hurt though!

    Yes, it was almost exactly at this time when the steroid issue came out, Matt. A-Rod had a press conference in Tampa with his teammates looking on. This time it seems that the federal agents are in exploratory mode.

  13. Jane Heller

    HAHA, jojovanb. I’ve seen “skee ball” spelled two ways: as one word and as two, as you’ve written it. Just don’t ask me what it is, because I’ve never played it!

  14. Jane Heller

    I guess Canada has a few bad apples after all, Holly. Now let’s see how many players from other teams may have had dealings with him.


    To Jane and Melisssa…and Peggy, another avid reader…and anyone else out there who likes books. I stopped at Waldbaum’s on my way home from work to pick up something to make for dinner and there was a big table with books for sale. The first one I picked up was “Double Play” a novel by Robert B. Parker. It was only $3.99 (hardcover!!!) so I said “what the heck” and picked it up. Its got Ebbets Field on the cover but hey, it should be entertaining. In the meantime I hope A-Rod leaves the drama behind and just concentrates on baseball.

  16. Jane Heller

    A Parker mystery about baseball for $3.99, Diane? A definite bargain. Let us know if it’s good. I was sad when he passed away not too long ago. Very prolific writer.

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