Time Out for Women’s Figure Skating

I know there’s spring training stuff to talk about, but I was more interested in the women’s free skate program tonight. First of all, can I say how much I love the “kiss and cry area?”
I guess baseball’s version would be the dugout.
The other thing I adore about figure skating is the terminology. I don’t really understand the difference between a triple Lutz 
and a triple salchow…
but they both look extremely difficult, and this would be me if I even attempted one.
And how about when Scott Hamilton sets up the suspense during a skater’s routine? “She’s about to try a triple Lutz triple toe loop combination, but she hasn’t been able to skate it cleanly all week. Can she do it here? Can she?”
I know his expertise is in figure skating, but I wouldn’t mind if the YES Network had hired him to fill Cone’s spot.
Back to the skating itself, Yu-Na Kim was perfection and deserved the gold. Congrats to her.
Yu-Na Kim.jpg
I wonder if she’d consider playing left field for the Yankees?


  1. irishsoxkid19

    Nice pictures. As for the kiss and cry area, yeah don’t knw if you heard, but Joanna (don’t know her last name) has suffered a tragedy. Her mother passed away suddenly a few days ago. As for Kim, she is an amazing skater and I’m sending my congratulations on breaking the record!! Haha, and it would be funny to see her as the Yankees left fielder!!

  2. dschaub@gpo.gov

    (grunt, snort)…Dear Miz Jane…
    Actually, I’m glad, in my left-handed way, to learn that you ladies are captivated by all that Figger 8 Blades of Fury stuff. We Manly-Man troglodytes have been wearing out our remote controls trying to find out where the ?@#$%! those mo-rons are showing the hockey games…what idiots on NBC sent Olympic Hockey to the nether regions for ICE dancing, and…CURLING? But I digress (listen carefully for the sound of knuckles dragging)…
    Yes, I know there’s some truly sad & warm human-interest stories that I’m missing…oh well (belch — sound of another beer can opening)…but can the U-S-A beat Canada twice on ice? Now THAT would be news!
    Hey, speaking of ice — that leads to snow — I’ve heard from Miz Diane, and she’s out on Lonk-Oyland, just buried in 2 feet of the stuff — so here’s a shout out to youse guys, please don’t kill yourselves shoveling — take lotsa breaks — and try to enjoy it!!
    Phil S. Stein (the former Nanook)

  3. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I’m not a big fan of the kiss and cry. Those women are so made up that it’s scary to see them up close!

    I normally don’t like the ice dancing, but this year’s was amazing. The Canadian couple who won were so graceful and beautiful.

    Can someone PLEASE tell NBC that we don’t need to see Mary Carillo ever again? Her stories about the Mounties and logging were SO lame. More sports, less crap!

    Paul, the announcers do a lot of Sterling-esque stuff. In one ski race they said the guy has lasted so long because he never gets hurt. Two seconds later – huge wipe out.

    The snow here is soggy and heavy. We have over a foot and it’s not supposed to stop until Saturday night! No work the last two days, no college classes for my middle son, and my high schooler has been off for three days! There’s a party at my house!

  4. Jane Heller

    Yes, I did know about Joannie Rochette’s mother dying, Holly. It’s been one of the biggest and saddest stories of the games. So happy for her that she won the bronze. What an amazing ability she had to pull herself together and skate so well in spite of the tragedy.

    So now I should try to fix you up with Kim, Jeff? Does this mean it didn’t work out with Erin? lol.

    I love the crying AND the kissing, Jenn. These skaters are so together when they’re on the ice that it’s great to see them reveal their emotions afterwards. Plus I think it’s funny how they talk to the TV and send messages to their friends.

    I heard the hockey fans were boiling mad at NBC, Dave. Their coverage has been maddening. I get set to watch a certain sport, then they say, “We’ll come back to it later.” There’s been no rhyme or reason for anything and I hate all the teases. Ah, the snow. Spoke to my mother in NY yesterday and she couldn’t remember a winter with so much white stuff.

    HAHA, Paul. John would be great doing skating! Great idea.

    Oh, Melissa, the over-the-top makeup and crazy costumes are part of the fun! I’m not a fan of ice dancing. Doesn’t seem like a sport to me – just an episode of Dancing with the Stars on ice. Yeah, the Mary Carillo pieces have been embarrassing. She’s a good reporter on Real Sports and the tennis broadcasts, so why she would agree to the ridiculous features I don’t know. As I said to Dave, NBC’s coverage has been one big head scratcher. I cannot believe how much snow you have! Glad you’re partying at least.

  5. Jane Heller

    I do agree that the Canadian pair skated beautifully, Melissa. So right. And they were “exerting” more than golfers. But a sport? Well, I guess I’ll defer to your Venn diagram, whatever that is!

  6. mel.tmottbg@gmail.com

    I don’t really see ice dancing as a sport either, but that Canadian team were just lovely.
    My son and some friends came up with a Venn diagram of what constitutes a sport. One circle was that it had to be a game – you have to say you are playing it. Another was that it took more exertion than golf. The third was that is was a competition. The intersection of the three circles constitutes a sport.

    He sees any kind of racing as an athletic competition, not a sport.

    Melissa (Still snowing heavy!)

  7. wirishrose81@yahoo.com

    Thanks for all the fun posts lately Jane. They’ve been keeping me entertained as I’m going a little stir crazy here in NY. Everything is such a mess…one of my friends ventured out and said some places looked like a war zone with all the power lines and trees down. I too, loved watching the figure skating. I used to be obessed (almost as much as I am about the Yankees) with watching it when I was younger and trying to get figure skaters’ autographs. I have to say this year that this was one of the best competitions yet…Kim is amazing, Mao’s triple axels were fabulous, and Joannie Rochette is truly inspiring.
    Hope everyone else impacted by the weather is staying warm! 🙂

  8. Jane Heller

    You’re very welcome, wirishrose. I can’t believe how much snow you’ve been getting in NY. It’s got to stop one of these days, right? I thought the women’s skating last night (and including the short program) was one of the best competitions too. There were so many talented girls. Kim had so much poise and she seemed to float on the ice. So graceful as well as athletic. Mao had a tough act to follow and did beautifully – just a few minor glitches. And yes, Rochette showed a lot of heart just being out there. I’m sorry it’s over!

  9. Jane Heller

    Exactly, wrigleyregular! When a skater is about to do a difficult jump, he does get louder and puts so much drama into his commentary. I’m on the edge of my seat. I think he’s great!

  10. angelsgirl012

    Korea is very proud of Miss Kim. I admit I’m not as passionately nationalistic as other Koreans but I’m proud of her too. She skated beautifully! In fact all three of the medalists did! I was very impressed with Mao and despite the whole “korea v japan” rivalry (in some ways reminds me of the Red Sox v Yankees rivalry.. in some ways it’s worse!) my mom and i love her! I don’t really take rivalries to heart anyways especially when it’s borderline crazy 😛

    I was personally happy for the 16 year old Mirari Nagasu (who lives about 30 minutes away from me) and Miss Joannie Rochette (who went through so much! The fact that she even skated was incredible enough). It was such an emotional medal ceremony for all three of them for they were all crying! (definitely for different reasons). I’m just thankful for a elegant and graceful show. Those ladies are amazing

    Yes i’ve been olympic crazy these past few weeks and now i’m sad that it’s almost over. I had such a great time rooting for the United States (and korea too ;D)


  11. Jane Heller

    Korea should be proud of Kim, Mimi. She had the weight of the country on her shoulders and yet she performed brilliantly under all the pressure. I don’t know how she did it, but that’s what makes champions. I share all your observations about the skating in general. It was sensational.

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