How Did I Miss This?

If it weren’t for Diane, good friend of the blog, and her comment here yesterday about Lady Gaga, I would never have connected the singer to the Yankees. After Diane said her daughter heard Gaga mention Mo in an interview, I felt compelled to track down the evidence. Here it is.
I’m fine with her liking Mo. I’m fine with her being a Yankee fan. But please somebody keep her away from A-Rod. She’s just a little too much like that other pop singer he hung out with. Notice how both enjoy dressing as brides?
While I’m on the subject of A-Rod, I really hope he has a controversy-free spring training, followed by a controversy-free season, followed by a controversy-free playoffs and World Series. He was a huge difference maker last year when he came off the DL. I expect nothing less from the 2010 version. But he has to stay focused, stay healthy and stay a team player. In other words, I’d rather see him hugging Mo than Gaga.


  1. angelsgirl012

    interesting! I personally love her eccentricity and her music. She’s different and I appreciate that about her. It’s always good to see another female fan on board 🙂

    Oh.. is Kate not with A-rod anymore? Hmm that’s interesting lol i can’t keep up heh heh.

  2. Jane Heller

    I love her too, Mimi. I listen to Poker Face and Just Dance whenever I’m doing my “power walk.” They get me moving! And yes, A-Rod and Kate broke up after the World Series (good timing).

  3. cheshirecat9

    Ha ha! I like Lady Gaga too. Her music is okay, very catchy, but I like her whole crazy style. Also I believe she writes her own music too. It makes me happy she is a Yankee fan.

    Speaking of the Yankees doesn’t something happen on Thursday? I forget exactly…

  4. ladyjane303

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see Lady Gaga singing the national anthem before a game?
    Just want to send some good thoughts to Gene Monahan and my hopes for a full and speedy recovery. He’s as much a part of the Yankees as anyone, and will be missed.


    So, Lady Gaga is a real person. I’d heard references to her, but for some reason I assumed it was a group. My error. I should have known if it was a group would have been called Ladies Gaga or maybe Lady Gagas.

    I’m a little worried about Jane wanting A-Rod to hug Mo, but I think she’s talking about winning games, and not necessarily pda’s.


    My, my…so GaGa is googoo for Da Bomberz…just more to show that yanevaknow…as our two boys moved on & out from Snowville (i.e. Rockville), I lost touch with All That (okay: Pink I know, and Shakira too, but that’s about as far as I get)…however, still nice to see & hear that beisbol still “connects,” even with the Vamp(ire) Crowd…must be due to our sport’s late late show in the wee wee hours…but we’ve discussed that many times b4…and hey, if A-Rod needs a Man-Crush on Mo to make him go…well, whatever works…y’know, “21st Century Schizoid Man” — ? (that’s a King Crimson reference, BTW)…what-the-heck — sure beats kissing yer own muscles in the mirror, eh?


    You made my day, Jane. Thanks soooooo much!!! And I’m thrilled that many of those who write on your blog are also fans of GaGa. She’s really amazing – I hope more and more people who love music will see past the oddities and just enjoy her — she really is great!

    It really is amazing how fast A-Rod’s dating card shows up in the news. I think about how many ladies Jeter has dated over the years and how long it has taken for any of them to show up in the news. Just Jeter being politically correct, just like when he talked about “liking the Yankees”. Anyway, now that we know Lady GaGa is on board it will be even cooler to be a Yankees fan. My daughter will be so excited to read your blog when she gets home from college today. Thanks again!

  8. Jane Heller

    Sorry you felt the need to hurl, Mike. You must have a fragile digestive system.

    She’s definitely over the top with her “costumes,” cheshirecat, but I like her music. She really does take a page from Madonna’s book with the performance artist thing. And yes, I believe something wondrous is about to happen. What can it be?

    Oh, Gene Monahan. I’ve been thinking about him so often in the past few days, ladyjane. I just couldn’t bring myself to write about his illness once I read the Yankees’ press release about it. Due to privacy concerns, they aren’t going to spell things out, but their language said it all. He sounds very sick and I hope and pray he’ll be able to rejoin the team at some point. He’s been a huge part of the organization and I’ll miss seeing his reassuring presence in the dugout.

    Yes, Lady Gaga is a real person, jojovanb. LOL! You never know these days though. And yes, I’m not advocating that A-Rod and Mo get personal. I just like the idea of Alex blending with others on the team instead of making himself the story. And since I started this post with Lady Gaga and Mo, I thought I’d end it with A-Rod and Mo!

    I agree completely, Dave. A-Rod throwing his arms around Mo is a whole lot better than kissing himself in the mirror. Hope the snow is melting?

    You planted the seed for this post, Diane – just in case you thought I didn’t register every word you say. LOL. Thank your daughter too. I think one difference between Jeter’s girlfriends and A-Rod’s in terms of visibility is that A-Rod’s show up at the stadium to watch him and be photographed. Until Minka, we never really saw Derek’s ladies unless they were caught on some Caribbean island. Now that Lady Gaga is onboard as a fan, I think she should write a song about the Yanks.


    It’s great that the Lady is gaga over the Yanks (couldn’t resist!). She sounds like she gets baseball, which is great as well.

    My husband, also a Dave, was a big King Crimson fan back in the day!


  10. Elizabeth D

    I love Lady Gaga. Her outfits are incredible, and she’s a totally different, daring performer. But she should stay away from A-Rod, baseball players in general, and maybe people too. She’s insane, but someone whom you admire from afar.

  11. Jane Heller

    I hope you’re right, Paul. He’s not a monk, so he’s bound to be spotted at parties and clubs, but it would be very helpful if he’d focus on the game.

    I’m happy to have her as a fellow she-fan, Melissa. Maybe she’ll show up at one of her concerts dressed in pinstripes? She does like to dress up.

    She’s daring all right, Elizabeth. Some of her outfits crack me up, but I appreciate the uniqueness of them. And yeah, she’s probably insane. 🙂


    Okay, Jane…Diane…and all…you’ve shamed me into checking out Lady G. Armed with Borders coupon, ready to peruse the dwindling CD racks (you probably knew that digital downloads ain’t my style). Not quite the same as the Smokey & Miracles disc that I’m bouncing around to this aft, “…but if you got the notion…” [ahh, nevermind…]
    Melissa — thanks for that tip of the hat to King Crimson. Was afraid that it was another glob of my blog-spaghetti that slid down the wall. I’ve been reassured…
    And let’s DO hope that Javy V is getting a whole lotta reassurance this week. Anyone who knows anything about the Braves keeps saying that he was sensational in 2009…but that WAS the National League (sorry ’bout that). As King Crimson once put it, “I talk to the wind…my words are all carried away…”

  13. Jane Heller

    Haha, Dave. Did we make a Gaga fan out of you? No, she’s not Smokey Robinson, but you can dance to her. As for Javy, I’m really trying to think positively about his second tour of duty as a Yankee. But it’s…hard.

  14. bklyntrolleyblogger

    …feeling better now. Sorry Jane, nothin personal. I don’t even want to know about the people who’s music I do like. I’m wierd that way. I’m like…gimmie the song, save me the shtick.
    I didn’t feel right posting about Gene Monahan either. Gene Monahan has been there since the first day I started watching Yankee games. He’s as much a part of my baseball lexicon as anything/body. My Met heart is sad.

  15. raysrenegade

    I am not sure if listing her as an “out-of-the-closet” Yankee fan, or her admission of it even for Mo is a great thing to embrace yet.
    I still remember the rumor mill grinding Lady Gaga up not so long ago, wondering if the persona was hiding a true sexual identity or gender, but does it really matter anymore.
    Some might even conclude that any celeb showcasing their “Yankeeism” right now is in vogue with the afterglow of the Wrold Series Championship and maybe not totally an essence of Lady Gaga and the music or even a statement of fashion sense… or boldness.
    I will reserve Yankee judgment until she wears a one-of-a-kind Lady Gaga Yankee original, or is found leaning on Chad Gaudin’s billygoat chin hairs.
    I am betting on the second one………For Chad’s sake.. He needs good press.

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Very sad about Gene Monahan, Mike, but I know he’ll be in the best hands, medically speaking. Hopefully, his treatments will go well and he’ll be back tending to his guys.

    Lady Gaga and Chad Gaudin. Now those are names I never thought I’d see in the same sentence, Renegade! Too funny. Speaking of Chad, I’m hoping he’ll pick up where he left off last year and contribute from the pen, rotation, wherever.


    Hey Dave, check out my friend’s web site:

    POmpous and Opinionated Persons – Being the collected musings on music and pop culture of a few wizened observers ready to bloviate…

    You can even join in and post your own poop list. I never end up listening to enough new stuff to add to it.


  18. Jane Heller

    So true, Jeff. She was one of those people who wrote songs and nobody noticed and now? It’s all about the outfits.

    No, she’s not his type, Cat. I was just being a troublemaker. 🙂

  19. crzblue2

    When i was at the Roscoe’s Chicken and Wafles for the Dodger Caravan, I heard Lady Gaga was there but if she would have been sitting next to me, I would not have recognized her. Well, unless she wa sitting next to me. What a coincidence to get Lady Gaga and Barry Bonds at the same time the Dodgers were holding a Caravan there. Barry only made it to the parking lot and left after someone asked him to sign a ball in the sweet spot.

  20. crzblue2

    haha Jane. We could not beleive it that Barry picked that day to show up at Roscoes. The poor guy did not even make it inside the door. HE got mad once someone said that. since I am not much into the habit of asking for autographs (I would NEVER ask him!), I did not know that was a no-no.

    Hey! I meant to say that I would not have recognized Lady Gaga unless she was dressed in one of her outrageous costumes.

  21. Jane Heller

    I almost feel sorry for Bonds the way you describe the situation, Emma. What a day for him to show up at that place. I figured out what you meant about Lady Gaga. lol.

  22. irishsoxkid19

    Lady Gaga watches baseball? Or is she like everyother non baseball fan? Ok, they’re bandwagoners. I only say that because most Yankee fans I knw only like them because either their friends/relatives are Yankee fans, because the logo looks cool, becasue it’s NY or becasue they won so many World Series championships. That lady scares me!! She does!! I’m not kidding. I like her music, but when she was on the Grammy’s I was totally scared like a little kid who saw a monster in the closet.

  23. Jane Heller

    I don’t know the “Yankee fans” you’re talking about, Holly. The ones I know are as diehard as any other fans, including those who root for the Red Sox.

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