If I Lived In Tampa, I’d Be At The Airport

As everyone knows, this is the week that pitchers and catchers report. Sure, there are some players who came to camp early. But for the most part, Yankees will be arriving and if I were in Tampa I’d be staking out the airport.
Maybe I’d see CC unloading his luggage.
Or Andy hopping into his rental car.
Or A.J. practicing his pie throwing on some poor, unsuspecting passerby.
Maybe I’d see Jorge waiting for people to ask for his autograph.
Or I’d catch Cervelli hanging out with some very interesting looking friends.
The point is, if I were there I might see Yankees – lots of Yankees. After the long, long off-season, the sight of them would be very welcome indeed. I’m even psyching myself up for him. Yeah, it’s been a long off-season.
javier vazquez 5.jpg


  1. peggy3

    Hi Jane and everyone…

    I hope Valentine’s Day was filled with love and lots of good sweets…now it’s time to get down to business…SPRING TRAINING !!!! YAY !!!!!

    I would love to be the official greeter of each and every Yankee on his arrival in Tampa. Heck …I’d even carry the luggage. I’d do anything for My Yanks !! I can’t believe it’s FINALLY time for baseball again…how sweet it is….

    Cervelli’s two “friends” are from the play Rock of Ages…the guy on the left is Constantine Marulus one of the stars of the show who was also a top ten contestant on Season 4
    of American Idol. He had one of my favorite Idol performances when he did “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the show. Back to Rock of Ages…I went to see it last week and it was a blast. A fun show with good rock music and solid performances…laughs aplenty too. Loved it !!!!

    Have a great day all ….it’s almost BASEBALL …thank the LORD !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  2. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Oboyoboyoboy…it’s almost THAT TIME again!! I wonder who will be our next Pitching Surprise (in a GOOD way, please)…and may our young catcher(s) keep getting better…
    Thanx, Peggy3, for identifying the young rokstarz, and keeping geezers like me from making horribly wrong guesses (Van Halen? He’s got the T-shirt…Motley Crue? or just a motley crew?)…all I know is that with a name like Constantine Marulus, he’s GOTTA be Greek (as my wife reminds me, every Greek last name ends in “S,” except the ones that don’t).
    Now at last I can stop watching Olympic ice wrestling, or whatever comes next, and enuf with the Basketball Jones, college or pro…She-Fan (well, all you she-fans) has/have guided us back to the Promised Land!!
    P.S. Is there REALLY green grass and palm trees somewhere out there? Nanook of Maryland wants to know!

  3. Jane Heller

    I thought about using a pic of Swish, Jeff. But then I remembered it was mostly pitchers and catchers who were reporting, so I’ll save him for another time. Yes, a very exciting week!

    Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day too, Peggy. Don’t you think we should all be the official stalkers – I mean, greeters – at the airport? It would only be the friendly thing to do, since they’ll be leaving their families and embarking on a brand new season. Thank you for clearing up the identity of Cervelli’s “friends.” Since I don’t watch “American Idol” or know anything about Rock of Ages, you’re a big help here.

    Nanook, yes, there really are palm trees. I hate to tell you this, but it was in the ’70s here yesterday – finally – and I took full advantage knowing how bad it’s been back east. I, too, wonder about this year’s pitching surprise. I’m hoping it’ll be Vazquez and that he’ll put all my doubts to rest.

    Shucks, Austin. I have to be on a plane home on the 18th so I’m locked in on the dates. But I’ll give your Astros a wave on the 16th!

  4. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Its nice to feel some connection to the coming season and better weather. We’re supposed to get hit with another snow storm, though not extremely productive – we hope. Good call, Peg…I was going to identify the guys with Cervelli but you beat me to it. Cervelli is absolutely adorable – I hope he will be the guy they put in when Jorge decides its time to step down.

    My daughter was watching Lady GaGa on tv before and she made a reference to Mariano Rivera – we knew she was a New Yorker but now we know she’s a Yankees fan as well. My daughter was already a huge GaGa fan after seeing her in concert a few weeks ago but now she’s even more of a fan.

    Over the weekend I was out shopping and running errands and I can’t tell you how many people I saw wearing Yankees hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Its thrilling to know we’re almost there…and here’s to another W.S. championship. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

  5. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Thanx for the informality offer! What the hey, we all feel like we kinda sorta know each other, anyhoo…
    More Yankee Triva from The Triviot…been passing some of my Cabin Fever Hours watching a treasure trove of old Yankee World Series videos…and I mean OLD…as in ’40s and early ’50s…youse guys probably (?) knew that Mickey didn’t always wear #7…originally, he wore #6…BUT…
    something I never did know until seeing these old films…always thought that Yogi wore #8 (Bill Dickey gave him his blessing)…nope…originally it was #35…and Whitey? Well, of COURSE he was always #16…NOPE again…in the 1950 Series, he’s wearing #19!!
    Did any of what I just typed matter a fig to anyone…or am I just babbling away as usual…no matter…Nanook go out and chop away more ice now…byebye…

  6. Jane Heller

    I disagree that A.J. randomly throwing pies at people would be Milton Bradley-esque, Paul. Bradley has anger management issues. A.J. is just “playful.”

    It does feel like we’re 12 years old again, Mike. Baseball brings out the kid in everybody, which is part of what makes it so fantastic.

    Dave and Peggy, I’m glad you two are getting more familiar after all this time. lol. And Dave, yes, I think the cabin fever has finally gotten to you. Not that the subject of the uniform numbers of Yankee greats isn’t interesting. And not that you don’t need an escape from shoveling all that snow by watching old videos. But I liked your Babe stories better!

  7. Jane Heller

    Lady Gaga is a Yankee fan, Diane? I love it. And if she’s a Mo fan, all the better. Of course it’s possible that she knows about Mo from going to Metallica concerts, but either way I’m glad to have her onboard. Maybe she’ll sing the National Anthem with a little Poker Face mixed in. lol. I like Cervelli, but I’m not ready to anoint him as Jorge’s heir apparent. I need to see him for a full season of backup work. Sorry to hear there’s more snow coming. I hope it’s just a dusting.

  8. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Yes, She-Fan, that was rather boring…so, in honor of the Babe (and a left-handed belated tip o’ the cap to Valentine’s Day), enjoy this Babe story…
    “St. Louis might have been Ruth’s favorite town on the road. Things happened in St. Louis…Ruth was met at the [train] station by a bunch of fans and obliged them with autographs…He was still signing, still surrounded as…the [taxi] driver asked where they were going.
    “The House of Good Shepard,” the Babe boomed.
    Everyone in the crowd knew what that meant. The House of Good Shepard was the most famous whorehouse in the city. The people started chanting, ‘House of Good Shepard, House of Good Shepard’ as the taxi took off, Babe smiling and waving. He was greeted with equal hospitality at the establishment itself, where he was know to one and all. He…had a terrific dinner [and] the Babe availed himself of the product once, twice, ‘and I think he got a free one, one on the house’…they were back at the station for the nine o’clock train. That was St. Louis.”
    Sayyy…do ya think our redstate-bluestate buddy is familiar with that historic edifice??

  9. Jane Heller

    I like that one, Nanook. Can you imagine if A-Rod got in that cab and announced, “Take me to the Kit Kat Lounge so I can have a lap dance?” It would be on the front page of the Post! Times sure were different then. I’ll ask Jeff and see if he’s been to the House of Good Shepard (and availed himself of the product, as you would say).

  10. crzblue2

    Wish my beloved Dodgers were reporting early but it still SIX more days till they report.
    Not liking this trip to Taiwan either because of the distraction. Also we will have a split squad going there with Torre. On the other hand, Tommy will probably get a chance to manage again like he did at Vero Beach two years ago when Torre and some of the boys went to China.
    You will soon be in Florida watching your boys!

  11. Jane Heller

    I know how you feel about the trip to Taiwan, Emma. You just want “regular” spring training to start and get everybody together and healthy. I’m sure these overseas exhibitions are great for the sport but they’re a distraction, no question.

  12. angelsgirl012

    oh my i’m excited too! I love baseball i really do… you don’t know how much you’re in love with something unless it’s taken away then given back 😀

    ooh pictures of baseball players not in their uniforms! 😉


  13. Jane Heller

    I love pics of the players when they’re not in uniform, Mimi. I always think they look so much bigger than what we see on the field, especially Jeter. Every time I see him on TV in a suit, I think, How did he get so huge!

    Loved it, Melissa. And it did get me in the mood. My favorite part was the chorus of “Donnie! Donnie! Donnie!” Good work unearthing it.

  14. Jane Heller

    You don’t think AZ has retirees, Cob? Besides, the Yankees are an east coast team. Why would they move their camp to the west coast? No dice.

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