Jeter Likes The Yankees – – DUH

I know things are dull in Yankeeville right now, but I had to laugh when I went on YES’s web site and there was a link to an AP story with the headline: “Jeter likes Yankees’ chance to repeat.” The article, which consisted of about four sentences, said Jeter was working out in Tampa and told the reporter, “I like the team that we have.” How’s that for earth-shattering news?
My question is…What was Jeet supposed to say when asked how he likes the 2010 version of the Yankees and whether they’ll retain their title as champs? I suppose he could have said:
* “I’m picking the Mariners to win it all.”
* “I’m really mad that Cashman didn’t bring back Damon.”
* “I’ll be crossing my fingers that Nick Johnson doesn’t land on the DL on Opening Day.”
* “I haven’t gotten over how Javy Vazquez caved in ’04.”
* “I don’t want Granderson telling me what I can and cannot eat.”
* “I think A-Rod needs to get back together with Kate Hudson in order for us to win.”
Come on, YES web site. I look to you for actual Yankees updates. You can do a better job. You know you can.


  1. youcanhangastaronthisone

    * “Mariano’s never been really that good, so I don’t know how we’re going to close games out this year.”

    * “I’m worried about our fifth starter spot more than anything else.”

    * “I think Baltimore’s going to take the division this year.”

    * “I don’t know about our chances but Tim Lincecum asking for $13 million is ridiculous. No pitcher is worth that much.”

    * “Without Melky Cabrera, we just won’t have the same power production.”

    * “Joe Torre was the true reason we won all those championships. Somehow, we got lucky last year. I don’t even think we’ll make the playoffs this season.”

  2. theheirloom

    Slow news day? Wow. You’re right, YES needs to not scrape the bottom of the news barrel with days away from pitchers and catchers reporting in Tampa (and elsewhere for Spring Training).

    Speaking of news, Mark made it official: You’re #1 amongst Fan MLBlogs! Congrats! You also beaten Jeff and Allen in the process (oops, did I say that out loud?)!

    This calls for a new batch of bubbly, Jane!

  3. cheshirecat9

    * “The club house in the new place is nice, but it could be a little nicer.”
    * “Let’s hope some of Cano’s hits this year drive in runs.”
    * “I’m hoping for a little more production out of A-Rod this year.”
    5 more days until pitchers and catchers report! That should make YES’s and your job easier Jane.

  4. Jane Heller

    I love your suggestions, youcanhang! Yes, absolutely, he could have said all those things. Good work!

    Randy, I’d break out the bubbly, but Mark posted last year’s rankings in January so I already did. Thanks for the good thoughts though. I’m not a fan of ranking blogs, since they’re all so different, but it’s nice to know people read and enjoy mine.

    So you’re getting tired of the Damon saga, Joe? I haven’t checked the news yet this morning, but maybe he’s a Tiger by now.

    Cheshirecat, the Cano line is so true that I’m sure Jeter is thinking that one. Wouldn’t it be great if Robbie could hit with runners on base? Counting the days along with you….

    Jeter is the master of the non-answer, Jeff. No question. I was just surprised that AP/YES considered this a “story.” It’s a dead zone for everybody, I guess.


    Well well…not much to add to/comment on regarding Jeet’s non-speak (what a great politician he’d make)…but that IS great news about your blog rankings! Last one to know, as usual, but Congrats and Congrats Again.
    Now, what to do today with my 2 cents…ah, how about this…Jersey Bob called today (my 1st day back in the office after a week of Double-Blizz Cabin Fever)…told me a story that Willie Mays shared with Bob Costas on the MLB Network…he said that Mickey & Whitey were always “cut-ups,” and that during the ’62 Series, while staying at a big hotel owned by Giants owner Stoneham, they somehow managed to charge $5,000 for food/clothing/whatever. When Stoneham came calling for the bill, Whitey offered to bet him — if he could strike out Mays, who “owned” Whitey, then the bill would be scratched (double or nothing)! So, when the time came, Whitey threw “a spitter” to Mays, who struck out swinging. At that moment, Mantle jumped up and down in the OF and laughed. Mays was PO’d about it for years, until he found out the truth!!

  6. Jane Heller

    Welcome back to the non-snowed-in world, Dave! So glad you’re safe and sound. I love that story. Mickey and Whitey must have been a riot to be around. Can you imagine if a pitcher like Whitey threw a spitter to a hitter like Mays in this day and age? There’d be a congressional investigation!

  7. Jane Heller

    Joe, from that story it sounds like Damon to the Braves is a done deal, doesn’t it?

    I’m assuming the mainstream writers are tearing out their hair trying to find stories at this time of year, Paul. How many times can you speculate about which team win the WS and who did a better job of strengthening their roster during the off-season, blah blah? But this non-story about Jeter was the pits.

    Now there’s a story, Mike. How WILL we survive without Shelley? Or, more to the point, how will the AAA Yankees survive without him????

  8. raysrenegade

    I actually expected him to say” If we can swat back the Rays and Red Sox, then we have a great chance to repeat” . Sorry I wanted a little Jeter love since his mansion is going up in Tampa Bay (lol).
    But then again, you always want to hear what the “Captain” has to say in advance of the media explosion next week. He might be cliche’, but this time of year you should voice age old adages and cli9che’s and let the Managers’ make the headlines while you get ready to smack the cover off the ball again.

    Rays Renegade

  9. crzblue2

    soon there will be plenty of baseball news to cover that it will be hard to catch with it all. Last night while I was at the market, i saw all the baseball fantasy magazines! Woohoo! No more having to look at football on the cover of sports magazines.
    Really!? Damon to the Braves? Well, he will be reunited with D.Lowe.
    I’ve been in a rut on what to write about. Actually I’ve been working on another post but is not ready. In the meantime is my one year anniversary with the blog.

  10. kozmo

    Funny stuff, Jane. In a way, it also illustrates Jeter’s rather banal style. And jeez, what is next for YES, broadcasting paint dry between now and February 17?

    I am now writing at Bronx Baseball Daily, Jane, if you feel like popping over there sometime. To what degree I maintain The Heartland, I’m not yet sure.

    Five days until pitchers and catchers, Jane.

    Jason from The Heartland

  11. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Nice! Your posts always make thought bubbles explode above my head…It’s your own fault if I get verbose sometimes! : )
    But here’s how I take Jete’s words— ‘I like this team better than any of the 2004-2008 teams. More character on this addition (Tex, CC, Swish…some hungry kids..). We lost our way for a few years trying to solve all our problems with money (I’m not doing that today Jane…my ears are down) and it resulted in at times bringing questionable attitudes into this locker room. I think we have a good mix of fine men again…like Tino, Paulie and Bernie used to exemplify.’
    Now, you know as well as I, it’s hard to be that brutally honest with the media…..that depends on…(infinitum).

  12. Jane Heller

    Jeremy, I think Jeter already is married to the Yankees. His contract will be up at the end of the season, but I can’t imagine him in another uniform – ever.

    If it’s one thing Jeter’s good at, Renegade, it’s letting other people have the headlines. He keeps thing light and easy and always has. My beef here had more to do with the fact that his comment qualified as a “news story.”

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary, Emma!!!! Give yourself a big pat on the back for sticking with the blog and keeping us entertained and informed.

    Not true, Joe? Hm. It’ll be interesting to see what happens over the weekend in the continuing saga.

    LOL, Jason. Maybe they’ll do a story on paint drying. I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m excited about your writing for BBD. You’ll be such a wonderful addition to their group. But I hope you don’t give up Heartland. It’s so unique among Yankees blogs with your always articulate, knowledgeable voice.

    It’s my fault you get verbose, Mike? HAHA. Maybe Jeter really does like this team better than past teams. I know I do (with the exception of missing Matsui/Damon).

  13. joejoe146

    Multiples reports even said that nothing he hasn’t signed with anyone, yet. And, Mr. Castrovince of said that he hasn’t signed, and that he was in Hawaii last time he checked.

  14. Jane Heller

    I read that he was in Hawaii too, Joe. Clearly he isn’t sweating it! One way or another, he’ll have a job – and a few million.

    Good one, kaiser! I’m sure Jeter was thinking that. He just couldn’t say it. LOL.

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