The Jeter Interview

After I saw Harold Reynolds’ sit down with The Captain via LoHud, there was no question what tonight’s post would be. If you haven’t seen the MLB interview, it’s worth a look. Does Jeter seem relaxed or what? During the season he answers questions with his standard cliches, but – except for repeating the “Bottom line, we just have to win” mantra – he had some interesting things to say. His remarks about Matsui were very heartfelt and made me wish the Yankees hadn’t let Hideki go. Waaah. And it was gratifying to hear him talk about the need to “stay hungry” after winning a championship. Of course, my favorite part was when Reynolds said Jeter was in good shape for his age and Derek’s retort was, “You’re in good shape for your age too.” (I’m paraphrasing.) All in all, a very pleasurable way to spend a few minutes.
I’m keeping this short because I’m teaching my Muse Madams writing workshop tonight. I’ll try to go easy while critiquing the aspiring writers in our group. I am not Simon Cowell after all!



    thanks for the link to the jeter interview video. i had not seen it before. it was another thing i would have missed without this wonderful blog.
    i have been saying, i’m ok with the off season, still in the glow of the world series, watching other sports, having a life that isn’t yankee obsessed but this week, i got the itch. i feel like an addict who needs a fix. i need the yankees. it suddenly feels too long to go until the season. i know pitchers and catchers are just weeks away but it still feels too long. i watched some caribbean league baseball because i needed a dose baseball. i need a yankee fix.


    I’m with you Barbara! I am sooo missing the Yankees and baseball. I smiled all the way through the Jeter interview. What a great guy Jeter is! The highlights of games made me yearn even more for Spring training to come and go so it is April 4! I will miss Johnny and Matsui. I just wanted to keep all the guys together. After watching the clip of Granderson, I hope someone in the Yankee organization teaches him how to run to 1st. He looked so awkward! But, I’m glad to hear he is a good guy, in Jeter’s opinion.
    Two months to go, then opening day! Kathleen

  3. angelsgirl012

    What’s with athletes and golf?! (ermm that wasn’t supposed to be a diss towards golfers……) But honestly though have you ever realized that almost every athlete answers “relax and play golf” to “what do you do in the offseason?” well probably except for golfers… I wonder what golfers do in the offseason! This is a wonderful blog topic hahahahhaa that has nothing to do with the Jeter interview at all! What am i typing? šŸ˜›

    Anyways thanks for sharing!

  4. Jane Heller

    Jeter doesn’t say much, but he has this cute, sly wit that comes out, Cat. I really enjoyed this sit down because I’m so used to just hearing sound bites from him.

    Barbara, I totally get how you feel. I think we can all relate. The Yankees are an addiction and we need our fixes! That’s why I jumped on the interview with Jeter. It was like a fix! I haven’t watched any Caribbean baseball though. You may be going through more withdrawal than I am. LOL.

    That’s how I felt after watching the interview, Kathleen: What a great guy Jeter is. He said such nice things about Matsui and Damon, A-Rod and Granderson, even Winn. You can tell he’s itching to get the season started, just like we are. I really liked when he was asked about playing the Dodgers here in CA. He said he thought it would be awkward to face “Mr. T,” but that he would try to beat the Dodgers anyway.

    Matt, I just got back from the workshop and it was a good one. The writers brought in pages they’d written and we had an interesting session critiquing their work. I’d be glad to sign you up, but be warned: we’re tough!

    It’s funny about the players and golf, Mimi. I remember a time way back when none of them played – or at least none of them talked about playing. Mostly, they said they hunted and fished in the off-season. Oh well. I guess golf became the hot sport.


    My first thought was “Wow! He has big shoulders!” Thanks for that Jane, it was great!

    I loved how he sounded like a fan when he said how he had to get used to seeing Torre in a Dodger uniform, but it was harder with Mattingly.
    His words about Matsui and Damon made me miss them more. I liked how carefully he picked his words about Winn.

    Kathleen, Granderson is wonderful. He’s done great charity work in Detroit and he is just a really, really nice guy. My friend’s son became friends with him, and she (a lifelong Tiger fan) keeps worrying that the Yankee fans won’t appreciate him enough. I reassure her we will and that he’ll fit right in with all the nice guys on this team.

    When they showed the clip of the last pitch of the World Series, I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Happens every time!!!

    Yes, we are addicts and it’s been a long winter. We’re waiting to hear those most magical of words “Play ball.”


  6. ladyjane303

    So glad you saw the interview. I caught it on MLB Network the other night and it brought a big smile to my face. As much as I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl, I’ll be glad when this weekend is over and we can get back to the business of baseball. Very interesting interview with Tony Dorsett on ESPN 2 the other day. The topic was aging running backs – Dorsett talking about how as they get older they have trouble accepting that their abilities aren’t what they used to be. Many of them let their egos get in the way and instead of accepting pay cuts and staying with their long-time teams (which he felt they should do), they move to other teams where they end up taking pay cuts anyway. And all I kept thinking was “Johnny…..”


    Well, it’s 10AM in the east as I type this (don’t know what drunk they use to keep time on this blog, but that’s what time it REALLY is)…and as of now, the snow is supposed to start…and keep snowing for 2 days…maybe as much as two feet…we AIN’T used to this down here! So that makes the Jeet interview an even sweeter treat, when spring seems light years away — thank you so very much again, She-Fan…
    We’ll just sit around, shovel, watch TV, shovel, prep the taxes, shovel…and then the Super Bowl. You know my preference (GEAUX SAINTS!), but we don’t have a dog in this hunt. And what I noticed, going to SI Extra (an e-mail thing they send out when you subscribe, AND GET THE YANKEE CHAMPIONSHIP PACKAGE!) is that they had some rare pix of the Manning family when the boys were little. There’s two pictures of Peyton Manning (the Colts’ QB) at the age of five, in New Orleans, playing baseball with his family…and guess what uniform shirt he’s wearing? Hint: it has navy blue pinstripes…so whaddya think…an omen for Super Bowl Sunday…!?

  8. ooaooa

    Wouldn’t we all be proud to have Jeter for a son? He is the definition of class. He will be a Yankee forever. Mark my words, there is a master plan in the Steinbrenner family for Jeter. He will either be a part of the Yankee ownership some day and/or he will either be the General Manager or Manager, which ever he wants.

  9. Jane Heller

    Melissa, I’m always surprised by Jeter’s size when I see him out of uniform. For some reason, on the field he looks smaller. Anyhow, the part about Torre and Mattingly was poignant and honest. And tell your friend we will take very good care of Granderson. No booing allowed!

    Ladyjane, when I first started reading your comment about Tony Dorsett, I thought you were referring to Jeter and when he should retire, and I was going, “No! Never!” But the truth is, that day will come and I hope he has the wisdom to know when to hang it up. But you’re so right about Damon. It doesn’t sound like he’s ready to face reality, even now. And yes, Jeter was very candid about seeing Donnie in Dodger blue. I’m sure the core four will all feel the same way.

    Cat, I’m sure you do love having Donnie and we’re grateful to you and other Dodger fans for treating him so well. But to us, he’s a Yankee. It would be like Sandy Koufax wearing another jersey!

    All that snow does not sound appealing, Dave. Right now we’re getting hammered by rain, so it may be headed your way in a few days. Keep the shovel out. So Peyton was wearing a Yankees jersey when he was a kid? The boy had good taste.

    I don’t doubt that the Steinbrenners intend for Jeter to remain with the organization forever, John, although I don’t even want to think about who will play shortstop when he retires, just like I can’t bear to think about a closer other than Mo. But I digress. I think you’re right and Jeter will become an owner in some way. He’s not building that big house in Tampa to go and live somewhere else.

    Thanks for the kind words, Joe (on behalf of Jeter too). šŸ™‚ I can’t believe the season opens with our teams facing each other. Talk about getting right into the action!

    I don’t go Cowell exactly, Paul, but my critiques are “strong,” as are those of Melodie, my partner in these workshops. Our goal isn’t to tear anybody apart, but to explain where they go wrong in the pages they bring to read. Sometimes criticism is hard for them to hear, but hopefully they appreciate it and learn from it.

  10. Jane Heller

    Be careful what you wish for, Emma. My workshop partner and I are planning to take The Muse Madams national and do our sessions by phone and email! And no, I’m not enjoying the rain. It’s flooding the streets!

    The workshop has been very enjoyable, gonzo. We started it last fall and found that people were helped by it. Lots of creative writers out there. The best place to find my book is on amazon. There’s a link over to the right.

  11. peggy3

    Hi Jane and fellow bloggers….

    DJ is just the best ..on and off the field. He’s definitely the face of baseball at it’s very best.

    I am missing baseball soooooooooooo much !!!! I love going to the games after work or rushing home to get there in time for the first pitch (the pre-game show too). I DVR when I attend games so I can watch anything exciting that happened over again when I get home. I watch all the post games interviews too. I’m in baseball withdrawal ….I love My Yanks !!!

    Regarding Mr. Cowell …the rumor is that Idol wants Howard
    Stern to take his place. How scary is that ??? lol Howard would make Simon look like a pussycat. I just couldn’t imagine Howard on the panel …pity the poor contestants.

    I’ve discussed some of the wedding ideas with my daughter ….she doesn’t want it all Yankee but definitely likes a lot of the suggestions. Thanks to everyone who contributed their
    ideas …

    Regards to Michael …I hope he’s feeling better. Wishing all a GREAT weekend (mine will be snowy …ugh !!) …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  12. peggy3

    Oh Jane …forgot to tell you that I finished “Lucky Stars”. Another fun book …familiar mother/daughter moments in it for me too… :o). I’ll be sending away for two more books next week. Thanks for getting me through my train rides …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  13. enternight

    Nothing separates a post from the others like a giant picture of Simon Cowell at the bottom. Well done, Jane. LOL!As for Jeter… he’s been busting reporters a little bit more this year, or so I think I’ve noticed. I mean, Jeter wouldn’t be Jeter without his face-of-the-franchise politically-correct answers, but I like seeing him snark a little bit.Later, =)

  14. Jane Heller

    Peggy, isn’t it amazing how we get right back into the routine once baseball starts? My whole schedule has to be structured around games, whether I watch live or record them. Howard Stern would be a funny judge. I can’t imagine being a contestant and having him rip me – talk about getting critiqued – but he certainly has an “edge.” Michael’s getting stronger every day, thanks. Santa Barbara has its annual film festival going on now, and I’m hoping we’ll actually get to see a film tomorrow. So glad Lucky Stars filled the bill for you. After my mother read it, she said, “You weren’t writing about me, were you?” And I wasn’t!

    You’re right, Ana. Jeter has been a little more flip with reporters than he used to be. He still avoids controversy at all costs, but he isn’t afraid to use snark on occasion. I like it too!


    Glad to hear Michael is better and may even get out to a film!

    Can you tell where my head is at?
    Saw this headline:
    Smith, Rice Frontrunners for Hall of Fame

    And I immediately thought “Ozzie Smith? Jim Rice?” Then read the first line.

    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice are virtual shoo-ins for election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  16. Jane Heller

    That happens to me ALL the time, Melissa. I read a headline and immediately go straight to baseball. There’s an anecdote in my book about how I saw a headline in the Times with something like “Tribe Protesting New Law.” I thought it was about the Cleveland Indians. LOL!

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