Maybe the Yankees Should Sign Serena for LF

Here’s why.
* She knows how to win, having just tied Billie Jean King’s record for most grand slam singles victories.
Billie Jean. Open+Day+13+y9ifmWCcDWkm.jpg
* She’s not afraid of performing on the proverbial “big stage.”
* She hits with right handed power.
* She’s fiery.
* She plays hurt.
* And she’s a team player….or can be.
After watching her dismantle Justin Henin in the Aussie Open Women’s Final today, I think she could cross over into baseball with no problem. She’s athletic, moves well and loves to compete. Isn’t that what the Yankees are looking for in an outfielder? There’s just one problem: she’d cost more than the $2 million Cashman budgeted for. Oh, and we already have Randy Winn. Never mind.


  1. travelingbballbabes

    The Yankees should totally sign me to play left field! Thanks for considering me! I’d rock the house and totally sign for $2 mill! ; )


  2. ladyjane303

    How’s this for a contract negotiation – She plays (and wins) the Aussie Open (nice paycheck there) and then heads down to Spring Training, and we don’t have to pay her. Girl power in the clubhouse – I love it!


    Great idea! We’d have someone with glamour, and it would be fun to see her accessories each game. She could certainly get the team fired up when needed.
    How do you think she’d look with pie on her face? Because with her strength, you know she’d earn one!

  4. Jane Heller

    Do you have a good arm, Serena? And can you hit lefties and righties? OK, consider yourself signed.

    It would certainly rock the baseball world, Holly. The tennis world too!

    Mimi, I was planning to post a pic of Serena having the confrontation with that line judge, but I got lazy. LOL. You’re so right to bring it up. She would probably start bench clearing brawls!

    So you think she’d play for the Yankees without compensation, ladyjane? Actually, if she follows baseball at all, she’s probably a Marlins fan, living in FL. Or she likes the Dodgers, coming from Compton, CA. But I can totally see her loving the bright lights of NY.

    OMG, Melissa. Can you imagine how she’d accessorize the uniform? Girardi would have to make her remove the bling before every game. You’re so right about the pies. She’d probably hit walk-offs with regularity.

  5. Jane Heller

    But at least you gave it a shot, Mike. The difference is Giambi wore the thong for luck, or so he said. Serena makes “fashion statements.”


    Can’t you just see her kicking dirt all over the umpire? And then stomping over and kicking dirt on the other ump?

  7. Jane Heller

    You got that right, Paul. She’s more CC’s size. And she would be a great enforcer in a brawl.

    Melissa, I can picture her walking over to an umpire, the ball in her hand, and threatening to shove it down his throat! And then she’ll say in the press conference that it was no big deal. šŸ™‚

    Yup, Cat. The fiasco with the line judge is exactly what I’m picturing. Winning the Australian Open yesterday was a step toward erasing that bad behavior, but she’s lucky she wasn’t suspended.

    Roger is my fave, Vig, so I’d love to have him on the Yankees any day.

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