Life in Paradise

I’d be in a better mood today if it hadn’t been raining for five days straight, with a forecast for more. At this point I think my hair is growing these.
My street is open, but there’s a creek that overflowed, and rocks have slid down the hillside. It’s not as bad as this, but it feels like it.
Here’s the radar for this afternoon.
Not a whole lot of breaks in the action. The local weather guy sounded really excited at the prospect of all the rain turning to snow tonight up in the hills where I live. Seriously. If I wanted snow, I would have moved somewhere else.
During all this rain I frittered away some time by browsing other Yankees blogs. For example:
* LoHud has a profile of the 2010 Baltimore Orioles.
* River Ave Blues dissects a stat known as wOBA.
* Zell’s Pinstripe Blog makes the case for retiring Joe Torre’s number.
I have to admit: I can’t get worked up about any of it. I don’t care about the Orioles right now. I don’t need to know what a wOBA is. Whether Torre’s number is or isn’t retired doesn’t make my pulse race. Is it the weather that’s causing my lack of interest? Or is it simply the fact that I want the Johnny Damon situation resolved? I can’t really move forward until I know if he’s coming back or, if not, where he’s going. So please, Cashman and Boras, put me out of my misery already. I’m pretty sure that if you guys announce a deal, the sun will finally come out here in California and it will feel like paradise again. Thank you.


  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    I hope the rain stops soon out on the West Coast! And maybe Damon will get resigned, I just had some thoughts myself about this whole thing in my blog. Another great post, Jane!

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

  2. Jane Heller

    So you’re getting hit too, 23gonzo? These storms keep coming and coming. We just had an hour of hail. It was so loud I couldn’t believe it.

    It’s a funny thing, Mike. When I lived in NYC and worked in book publishing, there was a huge snowstorm one winter. I put on my boots and walked 40 blocks to my office – only to find the office was closed because of the storm. I thought, What wimps. Now I’ve become one. Sad, right? I believe you about Damon. I do.

  3. cheshirecat9

    I just tried to read the Rive Ave Blues post about the wOBA stat. Like every time I try to read about a stat I get three sentences in and lose interest completely. Stats just don’t interest me at all. I still don’t really understand what slugging percentage is. I am sure it is not that complicated, but I just can’t stay awake long enough to get through reading what it is.

    Are you getting mud slides Jane? I saw on the news that Los Angeles is having some big problems because of the rain. Try and stay dry!


    Dear Mrs. Noah —
    Yes, it certainly sounds biblical out there…last year it was Fire Fire Fire, now it’s Flood Flood Flood…what next…a plague of locusts? Seriously…we hope that you and all the SoCal-ians are surviving okay…at the very least, gawd what a mess…Michael may have to row the boat ashore toute suite!
    Just for some idle passing of time for TruBlu Yankee fans — here’s a little brain teaser — if Joe Torre’s #6 did get retired, then doesn’t that mean that (along with Jeet’s #2) that EVERY single-digit Yankee number will be retired? And at least one of them TWICE? Okay, maybe that’s obvious — but what players are associated with what numbers? See if Blogville can answer that one quick & easy…

  5. peggy3

    Hi Jane and Fellow Baseball fans…

    Dave …in hopefully quite a few more years (not too soon) we will have TWO #42’s …. Jackie & Mo. I can name every number and player since I’m at so many games and see them all the time. They #’s don’t stand out as much in the new Stadium as they did in the previous one tho’. I really love the new place but I hate the whole Centerfield area….Monument “Cave”, the restaurant and the bleachers ..looks like a prison because it is much too stark and needs some coloring ..maybe paint the seating blue or do something with the back walls. I personally love the elevators …I’m out of the game in less than 2 minutes when it use to take much longer to go down the ramps after a game at the old place. My heart misses the old Stadium but my body loves the amenities in the new one (especially since the body is growing older..haha).

    Jane….I hope the rain stops and you get to dry off a little. Last time I was in Cali it was all brown because you hadn’t had rain in ages. Maybe this time when I come out in June for the game I’ll see lots and lots of green. I wish I could say the same for my wallet … lol

    I also wanted to let you know I’m reading “Name Dropping” and really enjoying it. I love the humor ….has me laughing out loud sometimes. I thought I’d only do that with Janet
    Evanovich books but you have me chuckling in public too. So what if I look a little crazy on the train …the hilarious read is worth it … :o).

    Last but not least I’m with you on Johnny D. Let’s just sign him and get it over with because I think I’d miss seeing him in that #2 hole. The lineup as it is today must give a pitcher nightmares so imagine adding J.D. back in the fold? Besides ..I always love hearing Johnny in the post game interviews because he usually brings a smile to my face when he speaks Damonese especially when he tries to say Tex’s name. What a hoot !! Have a good day to one and all …

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  6. peggy3

    Jane …

    I’ve been to the 92nd St Y for various concerts. I was a lunch mother for 5 year olds for nine years. It’s not easy but it sure can be fun. I only had to do 45 minutes a day but I certainly enjoyed the time and always was guranteed a good laugh at every lunch session with one of the stories I would be told by one of those little people. Art Linkletter was definitely right when he said that “kids say the darnest things” (wow ..I am aging myself …ART LINKLETTER !!!! haha)

    I’ll be looking forward to green and lush in June …AND…seeing YOU too !!!!

    Go Yankees 2010 !!!

  7. Jane Heller

    Cheshirecat, I have the same problem you do whenever I TRY to read about stats. They make my eyes glaze over but also I completely lose interest. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so bad in math or because I prefer the human element of the game. Do I really need a stat to tell me who hits well with runners in scoring position? I can see it with my own eyes when I watch the games! As for the rain, we had another dose this morning, but I haven’t been out to check my road yet. It’s had minor slides throughout this monsoon, so I’m hoping for the best today.

    It’s very Biblical here in California, Dave. If it’s not one natural disaster it’s another. That’s what makes it so exciting – not. I’m not even going to try to answer your brain quiz (see my comment about math to Cheshirecat). Numbers make me nuts. I only know that I DON’T know if Torre’s number should be retired. I haven’t decided!

    Nothing whatsoever of interest there, Jeff. Who makes this stuff up? It’s so ____ boring.

    Peggy, by the time you come out here in June the weather will be gorgeous (except for the “June gloom” when it’s foggy in the morning and burns off by noon). After all this rain, everything will look green and lush instead of the brown we had with the drought. You’ll think you’re in OZ. LOL. I’m so glad you’re enjoying “Name Dropping.” My sister is a preschool teacher at the 92nd St Y in the city and I sat in during her classes to research the heroine’s job. It was a blast. I love when Damon speaks Damonese too!! LOLLLLL! I always turn to my husband and say, “Did you understand him?” I still think he can play and want him back, no two ways about it.

  8. Jane Heller

    That’s what got me about observing those kids at the Y, Peggy. They were hilarious. You never knew what was coming out of their mouths – perfect for fiction. And I’m right with you on Art Linkletter. I remember that show and how funny the kids were. We’re old, my friend. No two ways about it. Looking forward to seeing you too. Maybe we should bring our canes and walkers to the game. LOL.

    Do you consider that a blockbuster, Paul? If so, congrats to the Mets!


    Oh Jane, I feel so badly for you. I would be more than depressed if I had to deal with that many rainy days in a row. I have to see the sun at least every other day or I start to feel down. Even if its cold here I’m pretty okay as long as I get my share of sunshine. Buck up, girlie, I’m sure sunny days are right around the corner.

    And speaking of sunny days, I also agree with the re-signing of Damon. He’s a very positive personality on the team and he is quite often productive. I just hope we can sign him for 1 or 2 years.

    Now, onto other sports. I went to the N.Y. Islanders hockey game last night with my sister-in-law. The team runs a blood drive every year and the first 150 people to attempt to donate get 2 free tickets. My daughter came with me to the drive so she and a friend are going in early February. Its so nice of the Islanders to do this. I go every year. Of course, I also donate as frequently as possible even when there is no gift involved. And I encourage all who can donate to do so. It takes like 20-30 minutes out of your day, you can potentially save up to 5 lives and it doesn’t cost you a penny. How often can you say that about a charitable donation? Okay, I’m done. Later

  10. Jane Heller

    I’m the same way with the sun, Diane. That’s why I moved here! Standing under a lamp just doesn’t cut it. LOL. It’s now raining again, harder than ever, so those mushrooms are really sprouting out of my head. Clap clap clap to you for donating blood at the Islanders game last night. Very worthy cause and good job by their organization to do it every year. (My husband is a Rangers fan, but even he would applaud a blood drive!)

  11. crzblue2

    Reading your post, I was remembering reading Tommy Lasorda’s book “I Live for This!” He had me laughing on the train. I got some funny looks. Name Dropping ha? Maybe is time to read another of Jane’s books.
    Good point on the blood donation. My friend Roberto who runs the blog VinScullyismyhomeboy had to have like 6 blood transfutions during the Christmas holiday. He is back now from the hospital posting. I have another friend from work that if it wasn’t for the blood tranfutions (she got about 7) she got, she would not be alive today so give the gift of life, give blood!

    Sorry Jane, What were you saying? Oh yeah the rain. I love the rain but I think I had enough and now I have a earache. I want to go home and just curl up with a book but first I got to finish working on the W2 project. Once the rain stops, I got someone coming over to fix a leak in my balcony that it seeping to the living room.

  12. Jane Heller

    You’d probably get a kick out of “Name Dropping,” Emma. It was another one of my books that was supposed to be a movie but didn’t get produced. Sandra Bullock was our choice for the lead. Oh, well. Maybe someone else will pick it up and option it. I know people here who love the rain, but even they are saying, “Enough!” It’s pouring right now and I can’t stand it. Sorry about your leak. I keep waiting for the drip drip drip to start.

  13. heartruss

    Jane, it seems that everytime I go out it’s raining. When I look outisde it has stopped. Go figure.
    I have had enough of the rain. I was lucky that I bought some Burberry rain shoes last year. I thought they were a luxury item since it doesn’t rain in sunny California. I have gotten loads of compliments on them but I am just happy that my feet stay dry. They are worth every penny I paid for them.
    I am wondering what they are planning for Mr. Damon. I read somewhere that the rumor is that he might retire.

  14. raysrenegade

    We might have to rename that region “South Seattle” for all of that rain action.
    But the good part is it is bringing some great natural rain and possible great grass for the Arizona MLB Spring fields……or at least a FREE carwash with acid rain rinse.
    Seriously, I can see a possibility of retiring Joe Torre’s jersey number, but it might take until he is totally out of the game. Only reason being they might not want to bring him back since he is managing that Brooklyn team that gave the Yankees fits for so many moons. But ti would only be fitting that one day his number is out there in Monument Park right next to Derek Jeter’s or Mariano Rivera’s.

    Rays Renegade


    Hey Jane! Back on the DRY East Coast – phew! I was in San Fran most recently and I dont think I’ve ever seen so much rain in my life! I’m thinking – four days in sunny CA…NOT!!! Don’t know how you’re coping. Oh yeah – sorry – you’re wielding an axe. Anyway, try to stay out of trouble with that, okay?

    Also – some musing re retired numbers. I think we’ve taken that whole thing a bit too far. I for one will be sad when there are no single digits left. Also – we all expect baseball to be around 100 years from now, right? Does this mean that everyone will be wearing numbers like 67, 84, 96 etc? That’ll be really crazy, and I for one (as a baseball purist) won’t like it. Of course I’ll be dead by then, but I still won’t like it. Also, can numbers be unretired after some period of time? I mean we’re gonna be pushing 3 digits soon…ugh.

    And – you are SOOO right – Monument Park is a major dropoff from what it was in the old Stadium. It feels like a parking lot out there, or like an alleyway between a couple of buildings. You know what I think would be cool? What if there were some kind of plexiglass in front of it in lieu of the CF wall, for like a 20 ft stretch, so you could see the 3 monuments – so that visually it would be kind of like the original Stadium, but only without having them on the field?

    Finally, I love the scoreboards in r. center and l. center, but I was hoping they would replicate the ones in the original Stadium, like what you see in the background in the Larsen perfect game, where the numbers are lit. The numbers manually inserted is quaint, a la Fenway, but it isn’t Yankee Stadium. Bring back the old ones, I say.

    That’s it for now…John (There’s No Place Like Home…)

  16. Jane Heller

    Cat, I went to the movies this afternoon and it was pouring. I came back from the movies and it’s STILL pouring. Crazy, right? I wish I had a pair of your Burberry rain shoes. I read that article about Damon’s possible retirement too, but I just don’t see it. I still think he’ll made a deal with the Yankees.

    Renegade, it’s totally like Seattle South here these days. I don’t know how people can take never seeing the sunshine. It’s so depressing! But I’d rather be talking about baseball than whining about my weather, so on to the Torre conversation. I don’t think the Yanks will retire his number. Certainly not while he’s still managing the Dodgers and not until he makes a return appearance at the Stadium, which may not be anytime soon.

    Welcome home, John! Sorry your trip to CA coincided with this El Nino business, but such is life. I agree so wholeheartedly with you about retiring numbers. It’s become almost a given that fans want their favorite players to have their numbers retired. But is Paul O’Neill really in the same category as Ruth and Gehrig? Not in my opinion, as much as I loved him as a Yankee. I’ve heard others say the same thing about Monument Park. I’ve only been to the new Stadium once, so I really can’t weigh in. I do remember loving the new scoreboards but I’m with you on bringing back the old numbers system. In the meantime I hope all our rain isn’t headed your way.

  17. midwestpinstripes

    I’ve been typing and erasing for the past hour. After seeing your most recent blog about the actor Jeff Bridges (name, sp?!) I just have to know, are you missing a conjoint twin that was separated from you at birth?! My husband Michael (haha, seriously though does he hate being called ‘Mike’ like my husband does?) bought me your book from ‘barnes & chernobyl’ . . .as he likes to call it. . . for christmas this year. I have literally been savoring your every word, laughing, crying, re-living your journey of the 2007 season. I must say, its relieving to know that I’m not the only female to dream of the yankee’s. As my auto-spell check reminds me that I should end this before I start rambling on even more , I’ll raise my glass of cheap red wine to the most kick @$$ she-fan there is, CHEERS JANE!

  18. Jane Heller

    Wow. What an amazing thing to say, midwestpinstripes. I’m so flattered. Seriously. Of course we were separated at birth! (My husband doesn’t hate being called Mike. He answers to everything. LOL.) Please thank your hubby for buying the She-Fan book. I love that you related to my adventures and enjoyed reliving the 2007 season with me. I’m raising my glass of wine right back at you and hoping we’ll have lots to discuss on this blog during the 2010 season. You kick *** too!

  19. midwestpinstripes

    Truly floored at your response!. Can’t wait to talk ball with you in the up-coming months! Thought I was going to be shunned as the ‘old news blogger’ . . DUH JANE IS THE BOMB-DIGGITY a.k.a the Bomb-Shell Bronx Diva! Love how real you are, my best regards to you & your Michael =)

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